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JumpStart  NewsleUer                         July  2010

“Teachers open  the  door,  but  you  must  enter  by  yourself.”  -­‐-­‐-­‐  Chinese  Proverb Welcome  to  Gallaudet!

Signers program.  

I will  wait  unLl  the  next  newsleUer  to  share  more.   You  can  always  email  for   any  quesLons  you  may  have.  

You get  a  true  “JumpStart”  on   your  Gallaudet  experience  this   summer  being  involved  in   Academic  Success  or  the  New  

Have a  great  summer!   Darian  Burwell Director  of  Student  Success  

The program  is  designed  for  students  like  you  who   want  to  improve  their  signing  skills  or  learning   strategies  in  English  and  Math.  You  will  also  have   the  opportunity  to  learn  more  about  Gallaudet,   Deaf  Culture,  and  Washington,  D.C.  

JumpStart Staff

Who will  be  here  during  JumpStart?  We  will  have   instructors,  peer  counselors,  staff,  and  a  graduate   intern.  We  are  expecLng  over  30  new  signers  and   academic  success  students.  We  also  have  about  40   family  members  coming  to  the  Family  OrientaLon   Program.   I  want  to  thank  our  graduate  intern,  Elicia  Varnado   for  coming  up  with  this  idea  for  a  newsleUer  for   you.  She  felt  it  was  important  that  you  have   something  to  read  before  you  arrive  and  when  you   come  on  July  19th,  you  will  receive  a  weekly   newsleUer  with  program  news  unLl  August  25th.  


Maria Waters Faculty  Coordinator

Taye Akinola Program  Coordinator/ Graphic  Designer

Jimmy Gardner Program  Assistant

Stephanie Johnson Program  Assistant

Rachelle Se)ambrino Program  Coordinator

Elicia Varnado Graduate  Intern

We asked  some  of  last  year’s  JumpStart  students  about  their  experience.  Here  is  their  advice  to  you: Richard Camacho New Signers Be  paGent  with  yourself Learn  with  a  good  aKtude Make  new  friends   The  JumpStart  program  will  help  you  prepare  for  the  collegiate  environment  

Fernandes Contreas Academic Success   JumpStart  introduces  you  to  Gallaudet’s  diversity You  will  learn  a  lot  

Ganna Turovets Academic Success Enjoy meeGng  new  people Learn  about  the  history  of  Gallaudet  University

Estrella Martinez New Signers As a  new  signer,  this  is  a  step  ahead  in  your  life  if  you  are  willing  to  learn Classes  are  enjoyable Be  ready  for  the  collegiate  environment JumpStart  helped  me  with  the  skills  to  be  independent.   You  will  learn  not  only  ASL,  but  also  about  Gallaudet’s  culture   You  will  make  new  friends,  of  course!



Student OrientaLon  Schedule Monday,  July  19 9  a.m.  –  12  p.m.        


ARRIVAL DAY/RegistraLon          




Student Academic  Center  (SAC)   (MulLpurpose  Room)

12:30 p.m.  –  1:30  p.m.  

Welcome Lunch  for  students  and  families  (no  charge)   Welcome  Presenta>on

1:30 p.m.  –  3  p.m.      

Residence Life  Policy/Alcohol  &  Drug   EducaLon  Program

3 p.m.  –  3:30  p.m.  

Student Panel Sharing  Students’  College  Experience

3:45 p.m.  –  4  p.m.  


  4  p.m.  –  5  p.m.          


Campus Tour GeEng  to  know  the  campus    

5 p.m.  –  6  p.m.        



Tuesday, July  20 8  a.m.  –  9  a.m.         9  a.m.  –  10  a.m.         10  a.m.  –  12  p.m.  


Breakfast Meet  your  Peer  Counselors American  Sign  Language  (ASL)  Screening  &  English  and  Math  Placement  TesLng

12 p.m.  –  1  p.m.     1  p.m.  –  4  p.m.     4  p.m.  –  5  p.m.  

Lunch ASL  TesLng  &  English  and  Math  Placement  TesLng

5 p.m.  –  6  p.m.  


Costa Rica  Study  Tour/  Point  System  

If arriving  before  July  19th,  email 4

Family OrientaLon  Schedule Monday,  July  19/Arrival  Day 9  a.m.  –  12  p.m.  

ARRIVAL DAY  and  RegistraLon    

Student Academic  Center  (MPR)

12:30 p.m.  –  1:30  p.m.     2  p.m.  –  3  p.m.    

Welcome Lunch  for  students  and  families  (no  charge)    

3 p.m.  –  3:30  p.m.    

First Year  Study  Tour  Costa  Rica  PresentaLon

3:30 p.m.  –  4:30  p.m.  

Personal Discovery    

Program Overview,  meet  the  faculty  and  staff

Tuesday, July  20 9:30  a.m.  –  10  a.m.    

Academic Advising/Tutorial  Services

10 a.m.  –  10:30  a.m.    

Office of  Students  with  DisabiliLes

10:30 a.m.  –  11  a.m.    

Business Services  (Meals,  Safety)

11 a.m.  –  11:30  p.m.    

Residence Life  (Residence  Halls)

11:30 a.m.  –  12  p.m.    

Student Accounts,  Financial  Aid

12 p.m.  –  1  p.m.  

Lunch on  your  own

1 p.m.  –  1:30  p.m.    

Office of  the  Ombuds

1:30 p.m.  –  2  p.m.    

Hearing, Speech  and  Language  Services

2 p.m.  –  2:30  p.m.    

Student Health  Services

2:30 p.m.  –  3:30  p.m.  

“Leing Go”

3:30 p.m.  –  4  p.m.    

Wrap Up  and  EvaluaLons QuesLons/Need  help? Maria  Waters,  First  Year  Experience  Faculty  Coordinator,  SAC  1241  or  (202)  651-­‐5802  (Voice)


JumpStart Welcome Newsletter  

Welcome newsletter for JumpStart 2010

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