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REMINGTON BROWN COMPUTER WHIZ I felt that this separation between topics really made this piece easier to read



For many people at EHS, computers seem to always be down and technology is the last thing people really want to care about. However, for Freshman Remington Brown (16), computers are a lifelong passion and escape. It’s just like any sport or hobby-when someone has a love for what they do it doesn’t seem like work at all. Remington has a unique personality for technology that only a few people have. In the time Remington is working on finishing a new computer project, he says, “Whenever finishing a piece, it feels like I accomplished a lot.” For a lot of people, that can sometimes be hard to say.


So people begin to ask the question, what exactly does he do? The answer to that is Remington buys and constructs his own personal computers. This way he can experience technology and get to see how computers work, from building them from the ground up. When he buys the different parts, he puts all of the components together to form a computer. By doing this process, Remington becomes more and more familiar with how to put a computer together. Remington said, “I’m definitely pro (computers). I don’t believe that technology can be too advanced.” Remington has always been interested in building and maintaining computers ever since his elementary years. When he was awestruck at the sight of how cool technology was, Remmington said he felt like he wanted to take it further and further. Eventually this turned into a passion for him: to build computers and see how a computer actually

Very Good outline of Remington computer to construct. Next,

works. As a result, Remington has become more knowledgeable of technology, and preps himself for a future of involving computers. Hopefully, Remington will be able to use his computer skills now to gain a good paying job in the future. With the solid support of his dad, Remington has no regrets or friction about his passion.


Although it seems to most people if it would be a haul to do something as complicated as building a computer, it really isn’t as bad as it would seem, Remington explained. The process in which Remington builds his computers starts from a really basic idea. First Remington decides what he really wants to do with the computer such as gaming, working, or being really fast and responsive. Once a decision is made, he then digs into research on the components. This way he can be able to make a clear and precise decision that will help him make the best possible choice of a new

Remington gathers ideas and makes a clear cut decision what type of computer parts to buy, not to mention he usually buys it all himself. After all the parts and shipments (usually from online) come in, it’s time to put the parts together. Remington acquires everything needed to set up his new computer in his own room, and gets started on the project. Inside of Remington’s room, he has a huge TV screen that is connected to his computer Remington jokingly explained, “It Photos by Adam Schott

helps to know what you’re doing.” Seeing as how computer work can be a complicated process, Remington expects to take advanced classes at EHS that will help him further his general knowledge. Being able to do math, science, and relatively all subjects helps result in a vaster knowledge of everything. One class Remington said that he was particularly interested in is becoming a tech intern.

LOOKING FORWARD In doing this, Remington can ultimately be involved in exactly his area of expertise. Although the skill of knowing how to work with computers matters, it doesn’t matter as much as having a passion for it, being

a straight “A” student doesn’t hurt Remington at all. Although computers seem to be his topic of interest, Remington also has a keen feel for business management. Remington said that it was another possible career choice for him. He explained, “I will definitely go to college, probably locally, and probably pursue the business management that goes along with computers.” Going to college for Remington makes pursuing a career field with computers a much simpler process than without it. In ten years from now, Remington hopes to be either working for a big time company such as Intel, Dell, HP, or managing his own personal business. Whatever choice or road taken, Remington’s bright personality is sure to intrigue many people, and inspire his future work. In a field of perceived complication, Remington wants to be successful and not let people tell him otherwise about his dream. Every time he gets on a computer, Remington knows that the world and every tool he needs is only a click away.

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February 28, 2013

carterwilliams sportseditor

The Kneel Down

It might be a little pointless to waste 100 million dollars on a guy and then not use him in crunch time. This might be a little out of date, but really it is going to go down in Denver sports history. There is “the drive” that John Elway led to beat the Browns in the playoffs, where he went almost 90 yards in less than a minute and a half to score the game winning touchdown, and then there was “the kneel down” where Peyton Manning had 57 seconds on the clock from the 20 yard line in a tied game against the Ravens in the Photo by Carter Williams playoffs.... And the Broncos knelt down and took their chances in overtime. By Senior Trent Sieg (13) spots class- and teammate Austin Ekeler (13) as Ekeler does a set in the weightroom. Both Sieg and Ekeler’s hard work paid the way, the Ravens won the Super off as they signed to play at division I and II colleges respectively on national Bowl, as much as it kills me to say. signing day. That drive could have been historic. There was nothing to lose because if it doesn’t work out, the game still goes More towards the front into overtime. My personal feeling is that it had a lot to do with Head and possibly get an opportunity adamschott Coach John Fox. Fox is a great coach staffreporter to become a premier tight end. and has done great things in both On February 6, seniors all across Although Sieg hasn’t received a Carolina and Denver, but he has never the country signed with colleges scholarship, he has a chance to earn had a great quarterback. He has had that have been picking, scratching, one. Sieg said, “The program is going Rodney Peete, Jake Delhomme, and and fighting for the chance to get the right way and it feels like the right Tim Tebow, all of which were good, them to come play college sports fit.” Sieg said being close to home was but none of whom could be relied on for their programs. At EHS, a total also a factor that really helped sway in a downfield, throw the ball playoff of five seniors signed to play college his choice. Sieg said he looks forward situation. I really don’t know what to sports including Austin Ekeler, to getting started in the fall, preparing think at this point. I love John Fox, Trent Sieg, Britten Abbott, Carter for and awaiting his college career. but he might not be the right guy for Division II Western State signed Williams and Paitton Heltenberg. the job to coach a guy like Manning. Signing with division III Augsburg Ekeler to a scholarship. While at College in Minnesota to play football Western, Ekeler looks to be playing Probably the biggest roller coaster was Williams. Abbott chose to sign as a running back and possibly play with the JuCo NJC in Sterling, where a key role in the Mountaineers’ story of a sports figure in history. he will play as an outfielder. Abbott offense as early as his Freshman year. I’m going to assume that the person has played a key role in the success of Although there were many choices reading this knows the majority of Eaton baseball, helping add two state for Ekeler, he said, “I fell in love this story because it would take all titles to the trophy cabinet. Heltenberg with the atmosphere.” After visiting day to give all the details. Basically, also signed to play volleyball at JuCo and having many conversations with the Heisman runner-up was inspired Iowa Lakes in Iowa. Heltenberg has the new coaches, Ekeler felt really to play by the death of his girlfriend helped the Eaton program by adding confident about his decision. Being and grandmother. He doesn’t win a golden volleyball to the school. able to play early on and become the Heisman, and then plays terribly Of these seniors, most notable a big contributor, will certainly in a blowout loss in the National are football players Ekeler and sieg be one of Ekeler’s main priorities Championship game. Come to find who were the only two who signed going into fall camp. Both Sieg out his girlfriend didn’t even exist. He claims that he was the victim of with division I and II colleges. After and Ekeler look forward to getting their successful careers at Eaton, their football season underway, a hoax. A lot of people would say he they look to go on and play college continuing to maintain their hard was in on it for the publicity. I think football while receiving a good work and passion for the sport. he is being honest for a few reasons, All of these seniors played key roles but either way he is a moron, just a education. Division IA Colorado State University, signed Trent Sieg in their sports at Eaton, and look different kind of moron if he was on as a prefered walk on. He will to continue the Eaton tradition of indeed in on this. The thing that look to be used as a long snapper, excellence at the next level of athletics. makes me think he wasn’t in on it is

Signing day sends five seniors to college athletics

Manti Te’o

his faith. He is openly a very religious Mormon kid. Almost at the level Tim Tebow is open about his faith. I don’t know the rules specifically, but I do know that the Mormon religion has very strict dating laws, and meeting a girl online and starting a long distance relationship might be the way to go for a kid that is struggling with growing up and remaining faithful to his religion. Now, the fact that he fell for this “girl,” was lead on for a year and a half, and still didn’t sense anything was fishy about it is beside the point. He really hurt his NFL draft stock with this. Teams are going to look at this guy and see a good, not great, linebacker that could have been a top 10 talent with his leadership qualities. I see him dropping to the late end of the first round in April simply because his intangibles obviously aren’t what teams thought they were. If I am an NFL team, I’m saying, “Okay, you’re a little naive, but tell me why you didn’t go to your dead girlfriend’s funeral? Or why you dated a girl for a year and a half without meeting her and told people you had met her? Or even why you didn’t find it strange when she couldn’t meet you after you played Stanford, the school she said she goes to? Or why you still refer to her as your girlfriend sometimes?” It is a little mind boggling. That poor kid. Can you imagine the rookie hazing he is going to face. Get ready for an NFL locker room, Manti. You may have been a big deal in a college locker room, but you aren’t going to be in an NFL locker room. He better be ready to be verbally abused to the max. I can’t even begin to imagin the jokes players are going to make. They already are bad to rookies.

Let’s not look up to athletes

The great Sir Charles Barkley once famously said “I am not a role model.” Barkley was a great NBA forward and never had any legal issues and was not known for causing trouble within an organization. Barkley simply meant that he wasn’t who kids should be looking up to and idolizing. He was telling kids to look up to their parents and not him or other athletes. Athletes today take that to a whole

new level. So many athletes make headlines for DUIs, assault charges, domestic violence, or even, murder, and sexual abuse or even non-criminal acts like having illegitimate children. Who could I be talking about? I mean, we all know of a select few. Josh Brent of the Dallas Cowboys who had a DUI car wreck that killed his best friend and teammate Jerry Brown Jr. Former Nugget and current Knick J.R. Smith who openly flashed gang signs during games. Plaxico Burress of course is in this group, but he shot himself in the foot on that one... Or the thigh. Most notably Orenthal James Simpson and his murder, robbery and kidnapping charges. He didn’t actually kill her though. I can’t leave out Michael Vick and his prison sentence for dog fighting. None of these guys are looked up to as upstanding citizens, that much is certain, but what about the ones we do look up to that you may not know about. How about Superman himself, Dwight Howard of the Lakers. Howard was a number one pick, dunk contest winner, freak athlete, olympian for team USA gold medalist team, and most ironically, given five public service awards. It is hard to believe that such a great guy has 6 children with 4 different woman in the span of 5 years. Lets look at the incredible Christian and NFL poster child for humility and hard work, Ray Lewis. He has been in headlines for years with his incredible play on the field and openly giving all his glory to god as a dedicated Christian. He is probably the most respected person in the NFL, and has been for years. There is no way that he was acquitted for a double murder two nights after the Ravens last Superbowl win in 2000. Well, guess what... He was. How about the inspiring Oscar Pistorius, who became the first paralympian to become an Olympian for South Africa. Right now, as we speak, he is going through South African court for the murder of his girlfriend, and it is speculated that it was a premeditated murder. He claims that he thought she was an intruder in his home, so he jumped right to shooting through his bathroom door. Even if he was innocent, the Police on the scene found PEDs in his bedroom, so he isn’t who we all respected either way. I’m not saying that you need to stop respecting all the athletes you look up to, I’m simply presenting the facts so that you know to check the athletes before you fall for their hype.

Kate Upton- Cover of SI swimsuit edition

Lets call it like it is... Wow... Just wow. Guys, if you haven’t seen it. Go check it out right now.

2 redREPORT Immigration students ask for in-state tuition adamschott staffreporter

Over 3 million students graduate from U.S. high schools every year, approximately 900 thousand of whom are from Colorado. For all kids, achieving a higher education is an opportunity that can help lead to a more prosperous life. However, for some students who are undocumented immigrants, the future can become a little fuzzy. This is where the ASSET bill comes into place to help undocumented high school students get into college. Senate Bill 33, or the ASSET bill, was debated and in the senate on February 22. The bill passed on a voice vote and is expected to pass to the House. The ASSET bill will allow undocumented students, who currently pay out-of-state tuition, to pay in-state tuition provided they can meet certain criteria required. These requirements are very simple and would open the door up to a lot of students looking to go to an in-state college. The first requirement is that these students must have attended a Colorado high school for at least three years. If they don’t go to a Colorado school, then the criteria is already killed. This brings up the second requirement, which warrants that the students must earn their GED in order to receive the benefits of the bill. That seems simple enough to understand, right? The third criterion demands students to be admitted into an instate college that they have applied for. Being admitted into the college shows that they have the possibility to achieve, and have been given the opportunity. The fourth and final criterion requires that students are moving through the immigration system and must seek lawful presence as soon as possible. Many high school students will receive benefits from this and will have a much greater opportunity than without the bill. All Colorado schools will be affected by the bill, in particular, a Weld County school— Eaton High School. EHS has approximately 5 to 15 undocumented students who

would be affected by the bill. School Counselor Marcy Sanger said, “It’s exciting. If passed, the bill will bring opportunities to kids who want them.” This will give illegal immigrants the right to go to college and pay in-state tuition. Also, Sanger said that “these students are very bright and could make a difference. This is really great and makes things possible.”

These students are very bright and could make a difference. -Marcy Sanger

Student Leticia Lopez-Varela (13) expressed her support for the act, saying that she feels that it should pass. Although Lopez-Varela has her papers and is documented, many of her friends don’t have their papers. Lopez-Varela said, “So many people that don’t have papers are really smart that can do something good for the U.S.” She said many people become affected in negative ways because they can’t receive a solid opportunity. Another part of the ASSET bill, the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act), has been a topic of debate for 3 three years. This was another proposal by Sen. Orin Hatchand and Sen. Richard Durbin to give illegal immigrants a chance to succeed in today’s society. The act would have allowed undocumented students conditional legal status and eventual citizenship provided that they meet the following requirements: they must have been brought to the USA before they turned 16, they must be younger than 35, they have to have lived in the US continuously for five years, they must graduate from a US High

school or obtain a GED, they must have good moral character with no criminal record, and they must attend two years of college or enlist in the military for two years. The DREAM Act, however, failed in 2010. Even though this bill has many positives going for it, there are still bad effects that could come from implementing this bill as well. Although selection of kids who aren’t legal seems obvious, being undocumented is still the biggest problem. Many people feel very strongly in opposition to illegal immigrants because they haven’t earned their right to become American. Supportors, however, advocate that they were brought by their parents, and have an American background. Even though they have been influenced by American ideals, they still are considered illegal. Also, the possibility of these students receiving an education and then returning back Mexico takes away any benefits that would come from giving them the chance at an education. Even with the college education, the lack of necessary paperwork means that they are hard pressed to find a job to meet their education in America. The United States would be allowing immigrants to raise taxes and debt totals, only to increase the economy of Mexico. Another point to confirm is that some of the immigrants may have a very bright future, but for some others it’s a different story. Marlenne Ferman (13), a student of student at Eaton, however, has very good grades and does look to have a promising future if it weren’t for her undocumentation. Ferman said, “The ASSET bill is a fair option for those who live in the state in which they are going to College or University.” Coming out of college, Ferman wants to go to NJC to get a certificate as an emergency medical technician and after, go to UNC to get a major in psychology. This bill makes it more attainable for her to reach her goals. Even though this bill may only make a difference for a select few, it can still make a difference in the future for those who hope go further into College and in the world.

February 28, 2013

Jones’s advising class displays the card sent to them from Heifer International. From left to right Anna-Mette Boll, Aarika Bookhamer, Luis Maldonado, Sylvia Renfroe, Jose Rios, Dylan Ethridge, Tony Aguirre, Jake Nelson, Cynthia Garcia.

Advising class gives back reecekothe opinioneditor

An Eaton Junior advising class worked together to give back to society and help those who are in dire need. Last semester, Deirdre Jones’s advising class put aside their pocket change to donate nearly $200 to Heifer International. The Heifer project provides families in third-world countries with the means to make a living. Heifer operates under the principle of “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.” With this in mind, Jones’s advisees purchased three flocks of chicks to give to families in need in poverty-stricken countries. The families then raise a flock of chicks in order to provide eggs, meat for their diet, and more chicks to help another family get started on the road to financial independence. “The neat Great Quote for the thing about Heifer,” Jones said, “is that thereceive article the feel familiesofwho the assistance from Heifer must agree to then help another family. It’s an exponential thing. People helping others.” With these flocks of chickens, a family who was living in poverty can now feed their children eggs and poultry, and the gift is renewable because a portion

of the chickens will always be kept to reproduce. The families receive training from the Heifer Project when their flock arrives. This small act of kindness goes a long way to break the cycle of poverty for people who struggle on a day-to-day basis. The Heifer program offers many animals that may be donated at will--something as small as seeds for crops all the way up to larger animals such as cattle may be purchased and given to the people. Heifer has created a program so that animals can be purchased in place of giving Christmas gifts to a person who already “has everything.” The person will receive a Christmas card from Heifer saying, “A flock of chicks has been donated in your name to a family in poverty.” The advising class wants to continue to donate next year so that many more people can be helped. Next year, their goal is to raise enough money to earn a larger animal such as a heifer or even a water buffalo. Dylan Ethridge (14), who took charge of counting the money each week said, “I can’t believe we were able to help three families earn a living...simply from our throwaway change. It just goes to show that a little kindness can go a long way.”



May 13, 2013

A gay athlete? Let’s look at the facts... carterwilliams sportseditor

NBA playoffs

Front and back view blueprint of the new stadium. Construction is set to begin in June and will be done before the first football game in late August.

EHS to add new stadium press box by first football game in fall adamschott staffreporter

It’s late in the fourth quarter of the football game, the score is tied and Eaton has the ball. The timer continues to pass showing every stride, and then in a lean towards the finish then.....boom she has the state record. Look at that nice picture of the EHS staff on the bleachers. At Eaton High School, the home section box office is currently ready to undergo renovations and modeling in order to make it look more attractive, and improve the stadium’s overall condition. Many people feel that it is time for a change, and that it will make the stadium look a lot better, explained Athletic Director Steve Longwell who came up with the original design. By remodeling the stadium, the coaches will be become more comfortable, announcers will have better conditions to work in, and access will be much nicer. Once everything is all said and done, this project will finish in at a total of $129 thousand as told by Longwell. A special person in particular, who helped Longwell out with the planning and development for this box office improvement plan, was sophomore Tim Been. Longwell insisted that one of the members from the Computer Aided Drafting class taught by Logan Lacy help him

on this project. Been was so far ahead of the class that he was the obvious choice to help work on the project. Been explained, “I wasn’t surprised when I was chosen to do the project since I was the furthest in the class.” After working hard at the projects design, Been finished the developmental plans and created a spacey office with enough room for the coaches and announcers. Once Been was given all of the dimensions and standards for what the box office should look like, he went on to finish the project. Been explained confidently, “I just did what I did best, and be awesome.” Been said that he enjoyed it very much because it reflects who he is and his areas of interest. After high school and college, Tim described clearly that he plans on becoming an engineer. By doing this project, Been was able to get more involved and better at what he enjoys doing. “Anyone who plans on construction should take this class,” Been added, “It’s a bountiful amount of fun.” All of these improvements will be made over the summer out of the way of student athletes and sports, and done with the supervision and construction of Growling Bear. They are a local contracting company in Northern Colorado, who will use lots of help from their workers and

subcontractors to finish the project according to plan, and on time. Longwell explained, “I’m really excited about the project. If people have been inside [of the box office] they know it’s outdated and needs to be replaced.” This total project will be expected and planned to be finished around August 1, just in time for football season. When this project is all said and done, the total cost will be split into three different parts: A press box layout in the front of the stadium, storage rooms in the back of the stadium for Track and Field equipment, and a back wall of stands where there will be a support system. One part that Longwell insisted that might not be finished in the project because of accessibility and back wall problems, are the stairs leading to the office in the back. They may or may not be there depending on how the project lays out. By splitting this process up into different segments, Longwell and the contractors will be able to make decisions based on how the needs are met. If a problem comes up, they will have a flexable budget. This project has been much needed, Longwell said, “It’s time for an update. It’s necessary not only for football, but for Track and Field and all events that take place inside of the stadium.”

Let’s go over what it takes to make the playoffs in the NBA. Eight teams from each conference make the playoffs. That is 16 teams... and there’s only 30 teams in the league. Over half of the league makes the playoffs, which is a total joke. On top of that, only three eighth seeds have ever pulled off top-seed upset, and the only team to ever go past the second round after the upset was the 1999 Knicks, which really shouldn’t count because they had injuries to Marcus Camby and Patrick Ewing during the season. Basically, the first round of the NBA playoffs is worthless. It does not narrow down who the best teams in the league are because upsets never turn into a huge run toward a championship. What needs to happen is get rid of at least the seven and eight seeds, and maybe even six seeds. The only first round matchup that ever is a Blueprint provided true test of who the better team is, rather Athletic Directer than just by an upset is the five-six matchup because usually their records are similar. Steve Longwell I Seriously, we don’t need seven games and to know Interviewed that the 66-win Heat are better than the managed 38-win Bucks. Keep the five-six to get. matchup as the only first round matchup, THE SAMEseries. and makeNOT it a quick three-game

WITHOUT IT What’s with the Rockies?

Well it’s baseball season, and I prepared to cringe through another season of the dreaded Rockies who could not have had a much worse season last year. Then, management claimed to be all in for winning, which I didn’t believe at all to say the least. On top of that, they hired Walt Weiss as their manager after firing Jim Tracy, who I did not think was the problem. I thought the problem and still think the problem is in the front office and ownership. I wasn’t so sure. The highest level of coaching he has done was at Regis Jesuit High School, where his son plays. This to me was the next bone head move that has made the Rockies who they have been the past few years. Then on opening day, Weiss had a chance to prove himself as a manager. Wilton Lopez was pitching in the eighth inning and had a great inning. At that point the Use Better Quotes Rockies were up, 4-3. Weiss had a chance to prove that he was worth managing a big league team by sticking with Lopez in the ninth because he had the hot hand. Instead, he called the pen and sent in Rex Brothers, who gave up the tying run, sending the game into extras, where the they ended up losing in the tenth inning. One game isn’t a big deal, but when your team is fighting for a .500 record, those games matter.

Since then, however, Weiss has managed the Rockies to a well above .500 record, with ridiculous batting stats, and not too bad of starting pitching, particularly because Weiss has managed the pitch counts of the pitchers. This Walt Weiss project might actually work out.

Gay athlete or financial crisis?

I debated even writing about this because of the heat I could get from it, but then I figured, “I’m a senior. This is the last thing I’ll ever write for the Red Ink. So may as well go out sturing up emotions and causing people to rethink this so called “Pioneer” in sports. Let’s look at some facts. Jason Collins, 34, an NBA center, and I mention that because unless you are a big NBA fan, you don’t know who he is, has come out as an openly gay, active athlete in an American major sport. President Obama called him and gave him praises to the “Pioneer of gay athletes” and NBA Commissioner David Stern has shown a great amount of respect for Collins. I’m not intolerant or anything, I just found this story a little fishy for a guy who is 34 and going to be a free agent this summer, and probably wasn’t going to be signed this summer. I found out that Collins was engaged and married to a woman for nine years, while playing in the NBA. On top of that, Collins averages 3.8 rebounds per game in his 13 year NBA career. He also, like many athletes, has lost a great amount of his NBA earnings to bad investments. Also, quoted his twin brother, Jurron, who also played in the NBA, as saying he was “Utterly shocked” when he found out. Now, if an openly gay athlete doesn’t get signed by a team this summer, the NBA will be labled as an intolerant league, regardless of whether or not he has the talent to be on an NBA roster this late in his career. He’s been a player on the bubble his whole career. Someone will without a doubt in my mind get signed by a team this summer, and at least receive the veteran’s minimum of $1.35 million, plus an enormous amount of endorsements, simply because he is the first to come out. All of this while he hasn’t had a relationship with any male, and was married to a woman for nine years. Does this guy sound gay to you? Because he doesn’t to me. Sounds like a way to get out of financial trouble. On top of it all, it’s a little humorous that the country is blindly applauding this mediocre athlete, who was married to a woman, and at the same time running the 25 year old virgin athlete, who has produced playoff success, out of the country. Good game America. Deuces

May 13, 2013

NOT what I originally had, my editor changed it. Controversy, for a hard topic.

S p e e d deadly factor at crossing Losers to the back of the line adamschott staffreporter

With every day at Eaton High School that goes by, one thing that is on everybody’s mind in the whole entire school around 11:25, is the sacred lunch time. This is the time where those who have been starving ever since first period, those who are simply hungry, and those who need to get homework done release into a relaxation time. However, that is not the case sometimes because of the 35 minutes that makes kids rush to cut, speed back to school, and class on time. As a result, this leads many upperclassmen and social people to cut the line. Let’s not be unrealistic; almost everybody cuts the line, and many people think about it. If you cut the line, then you will get your food faster, eat quicker, talk longer, and get to class sooner. Really, cutting usually seems the best way to go in order to have a better lunch. The only people who have an excuse, and who get fuller lunches, are those in clubs that have meetings and need to get started right away, those with sack lunches, or those in CAT. Tucker Morrell (15) explained, “Considering that I’m one of the people that cut and will do it, it’s wrong--but necessary to have enough time.” Unfortunately the kids who are at the end of the line get the short end of the stick with about 10 to 15 minutes to eat. Although they have enough time to shovel down a plate of food, they don’t have a good amount of time to leisurely visit with friends, get homework done, or get in touch with a teacher. Lunch and cutting affect everybody including teachers, and time can become an issue during lunch. When someone is cut in the lunchline, what is a person supposed to do? Really they have only three solid options. The first option is to call the cutter out and ask them to peacefully resolve the problem by going to the back of the line. However,


it isn’t that likely for a freshman to take on a senior, or anybody for that matter. The second solution to do is to go to an adult supervisor, Rick Kaufman or Mark Naill to get help. By going to an adult, this removes the doubt that someone has in getting their lunch late. However, Vice Principal Kaufman explained, “Very rarely do students bring this to attention. If there is a problem, students must come to an adult to deal with the problem.” Students who want to stop getting cut by other people must take action against this problem. The third, and most often picked solution, is to just try and cut the cutter again in another area of the line. If kids had more time to eat their lunch, then cutting wouldn’t be a problem. All of these common solutions aren’t completely effective in solving the actual problems though. Are there any ways to get rid of this problem so that everybody can have enough time to eat, socialize, and have no reason to cut the line? For starters, the simple solution is to just make lunch longer so everybody has enough time to eat. This way the kids who are at the back of the line are able to get their food with absolutely no time constraints or restrictions. If the lunch period grew longer, then people wouldn’t feel like they have to cut as severely in order to get their food in time. When time becomes an issue, people will cut whether or not the teacher is looking. But the real question is where this time could come from. It’s not like you can just make time come out of nowhere. The first possible solution is to cut into advising class. It seems extreme, but that is a feasible area that could be cut down. The next solution is to cut down passing period time. Eaton has a significantly long passing period for kids to get to class. Although it is long if you get to class really on time, as far as hanging out, it doesn’t really have an effect un-

less someone has a chill teacher, or off period. The last proposed solution even more extreme, is to make lunch longer by making school longer as well. However, Kaufman explained, “This would cut into bus routes and pose quite a few problems.” I’m not saying these are the only ones, but they are possible options. I enjoy advising and passing time just as much as they next guy, but some people feel they would like lunch longer as well. Now it doesn’t have to be a full on hour of lunch, even 15 extra minutes would help a lot if any. There is one last factor that I feel could strongly influence the amount of time students have to eat, without cutting into time anywhere else. This idea is to simply have a teacher get to the lunch check out station much sooner before the bell rings. By doing this, the kids who get out of class early or who have an off period are able to get their food sooner, leaving an empty line. The true problem is the backup of having to go through one teacher when everybody gets there all at the same time. Teacher Gino Maio who takes numbers for lunch payment at the computers explained, “People [students] don’t think about it [cutting] because they always do it.” If there is disbursement between when kids getting their lunch, then it will be much more efficient. Rather than taking on one massive group of people, it will be much easier to have evenly spread groups receive their lunch. Although this depends on how soon the cooks are ready, Maio also explained, “two to three minutes makes a big difference in a lunch line.” This just looks to be the most feasible solution to start off with because it doesn’t change the schedule, has no negative effects besides finding someone to do it sooner, and will look to make the line shorter. If the line is short there is no reason to cut to get your food much faster.


for a tragedy to happen. I have taken it upon myself to initiate the change mandatory that will prevent such accidents from occurring in the future. It is quite apparent the intersection of Highway 85 and WCR 85 possess a great threat to unsuspecting drivers. The speed limit approaching the intersection leaps from 35 m.p.h. in town to 65 m.p.h. just past the interLimit must be low- section. For an intersection without a light, ered at Highway 85 it is extremely difficult for drivers and WCR 76 intersec- crossing in either direction to gage the tion before more acci- right spacing and speed of oncoming traffic and cross safely. dents occur. After discussing the matter with the Mayor of Eaton, Scott Moser, he reecekothe opinioneditor said that, “We have been working with It was like any other day on that fate- the State of Colorado to help us come up with some ideas for this area.” ful evening last fall. Since Highway 85 is a state highI was merely driving home from a rather uneventful Cross Country way, the Town of Eaton cannot take direct action with the speed limit. practice with my sister. He agreed that the intersection Only that day was different. At the intersection of Highway 85 and WCR is problematic and went on to ex76, I waited to find an opening in the plain that it will take a long time to get the speed limit traffic while cars started changed or a light piling up behind me. I was merely installed because After looking back of extensive state and forth trying to be driving home regulations. careful, finally an openfrom a rather Moser said ing in the chaotic traffic that a traffic light came. As I uneventful cross with a railroad arm nervously eased across country practice would cost the the first two lanes of with my sister. town a $1,000,000 Highway 85 and began which is a third of to cross the next two, I the annual budget. suddenly saw headlights The state also out of the corner of my requires that a trafeye. fic study be done Time passed slugbefore any action gishly in slow motion can be taken. as I turned to look, all The Town at once exploding glass Manager, Gary was everywhere and my Carsten, said the Chevy truck was violenttown is currently ly jolted slamming our doing a $60,000 helpless bodies around study and developing a traffic plan like Jell-O. In a flash two vehicles were totaled that will be done in August. He also agreed that the intersection and four people were almost killed. The nature of the collision spelled is dangerous and said his daughter casualties, however, MOSTmiraculously Feasibleno was in an accident at the intersection one was severely injured few Ias well. solution beyond that Ia feel I applaud the town for taking acsuperficial wounds. really wasthatproud I thank God everyday my sis- oftion, but it is extremely frustrating coming withve- that something as inexpensive and ter and the two people inout the other hicle were not injured or worse, killed. reasonable as changing the speed limit Since that time I have talked to hasn't already occurred as a first step. I can tell you from personal exothers who have had a close call at this intersection, there has been a car perience that slower speeds probably train crash and I saw another accident would have prevented my accident almost identical to mine, and these are from happening at all. If buracracy costs our town a perjust the accidents that I am aware of. There is no doubt that it is just son’s life it will be one life too many. a matter of time before people lose If you are concerned, speak up and proceed with caution or avoid that intheir lives. Therefore, I can't stand by and wait tersection all together.



From top clockwise: Tyler Falk (13), Michael Cardona (14), Tucker Goodwine (15), Cassie Maack (13), Natalie Brummet (15), Hanna Karas (13), Korth, Ariana Brown (14), Tia Jones (15), Estin McGraw (14), Andrew Stout (14), Trent Sieg (13), and McKyler Korth (13).

May 13, 2013

Students ace Shakespeare’s Midterm adamschott staffreporter

In the theatre, the lights suddenly go down and everybody quiets. The curtains begin to open, revealing the actors and the play that is to be unleashed. This is a chance for actors to portray their talent and skill, while seniors give their last high school performance their best shot. All the preparation and time spent from 6:30-9:00 P.M. three days a week, leads up to these moments in the play. Then suddenly the play begins. Eaton High School’s Production class performed a rendition of  A Midsummer Night’s Midterm in April  Thursday April, Friday, and Saturday to the nearly full crowd in attendance. This play consisted of four students studying for a Shakespeare play, in which lovers fall in love with the wrong people, but end up returning back to their true lovers. Overall, the audience appeared very entertained, although some members of the audience seemed confused because of the Shakespeare drama. However, director drama teacher at EHS, Kendra Hixon said, “This is one of the smoother ones [plays]. It went just fine.” The play focused on four students played by Tucker Morrell (15), Molly Adams (15), and Trevor Foos (14) who are studying for a Shakespeare midterm. However, when the

Photos by Norma Loya

Knowledge Bowl buzzes to State tanneralm staffreporter

With their hands poised above the yellow buzzers, Eaton’s six-person knowledge bowl team elbowed its way through the brightest minds in Northern Colorado to earn its way to State meet at Colorado College in Colorado Springs April 18 and 19. According to former knowledge bowl coach, and school board member, Don Cadwallader, this is the first time in over twelve years that the Eaton knowledge bowl team has gone to state. In order to make it to State, Eaton had to beat out highly esteemed teams such as Platte Valley and Frontier. Team adviser Fred Kinney said,

students get puzzled about the play, Kyle, played by Adams, leads the study session. While they continued to study, the stage came to real life with some entertaining interaction between the students and the actors. The play is set in the woods, with lovers Hermia and her lover, Lysander, played by Cassie Maack (13) and Tucker Goodwine (15), plan to run away; however, Demetrius played by Caleb Johnson (14) wants to marry Hermia. Yet to complicate matters, Helena, played by Hayley Miller (14) is in love with Demetrius, although he’s not in love with her. These actors did a superb job of really getting the conflict down. In a plot to get the lovers together, Oberon, the King of the Fairies, played by Tyler Falk (13), instructs his half-beasthalf-human helper, Robin, played by Michael Cardona (14), to drug the sleeping lovers. When Cardona appeared on stage in his hairy legs, hooved feet, and horns, the whole crowd burst into laughter. Robin messes up and puts the potion in the wrong person’s eyes causing lots of chaos and wild confusion. One of the funniest scenes, after intermission, took place over a student dispute over a cookie which ended in Foos tackling Morrell. The two end up giving each other half and they go right

back to preparing for their test. Part of the play was dedicated to the goofy actors who are to perform for the King’s wedding. This scene featured McKyler Korth (13) as Pyramus, Andrew Stout (14) as the Wall, Britten Abbott (13) as Quince, Trent Sieg (13) as the lion, and Estin McGraw (14) as the Flute and Thisbe. When this group begins their comedic play, an especially funny part comes when Pyramus the goof ball is turned into a donkey-showing his true personality. The fact that all of these actors, EHS tough guys by day, were wearing tights made a hilarious sight to behold. Overall, this was the most amuzing part of the play, showcasing funny personalities, slow motion exits, and Andrew Stout’s comedic self-injury. In the end all turns out well when the potion is used correctly, and the lovers fall in love with whom they truly love. This play was very well presented and showed Shakespeare in a very good way. Hixon explained, “This gave our seniors a final closure, and passed down a lot of the theatre rituals down.” As far as future performances the theatre students present their final performance of the year with Thursday Night Live on May 9. Article says four students are mentioned, but only lists three. Missing Haley Morrell (13).

ALREADY Happened before Paper came out

“It’s a big honor to get to go to state.” He said the kids competed very well all year long especially considering the team had no seniors on it this year. Eaton was not the only name from the Patriot League to appear at State; Estes Park and University also made it to the State meet. Team captain Avery Jones (14) said, “I am so proud that we made it to State. It’s incredibly edifying to know we’re on the right track.” This year’s State members are Jones, Ian Spooner, Erin Carney (14), Trevor Alm, and Zane Cooper (15). The state meet was held over the

course of two days. The team scored 88 points in the first day and 68 the second. The team’s shining moment was the second round, scoring high in the written round, scoring decent in the oral rounds and raising a few places due to their effort in these categories. The written rounds carry more weight than the oral round per point, due to the fact that they are less common than oral rounds. The Eaton knowledge bowl team, led by adviser Fred Kinney, has accomplished something not done in over twelve years--going to state in knowledge bowl. The team hopes to do well next year and make it to state once more.

Photo by Avery Jones

Eaton’s State knowledge bowl team poses on the steps of Colorado College at Colorado Springs. From left to right: advisor Fred Kinney, Erin Carney (14), Avery Jones (14), Trevor Alm (15), Zane Cooper (15), Ian Spooner (14).

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