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January 2014


January 2014

A magazine by students from Grade 9 ...

... Jonas



speaking or international school. Sometimes students do speak fluent English, but have not been to an English speaking school, so need assistance and time to get used to reading and writing in English. It is very challenging to arrive at a new school and have to pick up a new language, as well as getting used to everything else.

Welcome to the new year and to this magazine which was produced as part of our English work in EAL (English as an Additional Language).

Becoming skilled in speaking, reading and writing in English is not easy. At AIS, we are proud of our EAL students and their achievements.

The students have been busy writing features and interviewing interesting people in order to have this magazine ready for the new year.

Inside this magazine, you will find reviews, articles, interviews and puzzles, which we hope you will enjoy.

We think this is a good way to show off the skills of EAL students and let the AIS community know what we do in EAL.

Have a great 2014!

In the EAL department, the students do not have English as a first language. Students may be learning it as their second, third or even fourth language. Students come to the EAL department to develop their English skills when they arrive at AIS if it is the first time they have attended an English

Ms McCulloch EAL teacher.


Contents page 1: welcome!


page 2: Contents!


page 3/4: Interview with Mr.Todd!


page 5/6: Movie review: Gravity!


page 7/8: Interview: Vanguard!


page 9/10: Movie review: Fight Club!


page 11/12: Turning point interview!


page 13/14: Album review: Circus Two!


page 15: Trampoline!


page 16/17: Hockey!


page 18/19: Basketball!


page 20/21: Belgian Facts!


page 22: Quiz!


page 23: Puzzle!


page 24: Answers!


Interview Jonas Zolobaila interviews Mr.Todd about his experiences as a teacher.! Mr.Todd has taught in many places. Now he is in Belgium. English, is the subject he teaches now. He has also taught couple of other subjects. Today Jonas caught up to him and he is going to tell us about teaching.

! Jonas: Good afternoon Mr.Todd! ! Mr.Todd: Good afternoon Jonas. ! Jonas: How long have you been a teacher for and where have you taught ? !

Mr.Todd: I’ve been teaching 12 years. I started teaching in London, then moved to Abu Dhabi, then Dubai and finally Antwerp.

! Jonas: What subjects have you taught, and which one do you like the most ? !

Mr.Todd: I’ve taught English, geography, and EAL, I like all my subjects , each one is interesting and maybe in the future I’ll try new subjects like business or maybe other subjects.

! Jonas: What do you find interesting about teaching ? !

Mr.Todd: Each day is different, each class is different there are likes, dislikes, what interests and motivates them.


Jonas: What cultural differences have you experienced in schools in different countries?


Mr.Todd: In the Middle East, I spent 3 years working with the ministry of education in the national education system, so all students were Emirati and all teachers were also Arabic from different countries, so it was important to be culturally aware and to adapt the lessons to make them appropriate for the local culture.

! Jonas: What are the most challenging aspects of being an international school teacher? ! Mr.Todd: Sometimes, although you have been working with a student on a plan for progress, they might not get to complete that plan due to moving somewhere else.

! Jonas: Where you were younger , what did you like and dislike about school ? ! !1 ! 3 !

Mr.Todd: I liked a lot of things in school, but I mainly liked English. I disliked that for the first 3 years we had to stand in assembly

! Jonas: Do you like living in Belgium, or do you prefer living in some other country? ! Mr.Todd: I enjoy living in Belgium and I find AIS to be a very friendly place to work. ! Jonas: Do you think you will stay in the international system, or return to national system?

! Mr.Todd: Who knows what the future will bring . ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

4 !2

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


The Movie “Gravity” Wow, the movie ‘Gravity‘ totally blew my mind. I can’t believe it took them four and a half years to make it. I was really impressed when I saw the movie. It looked so realistic, and at some point it even made me sad. The movie was planned very well and the story line is also very good. It isn’t really realistic in real life wise. They had to change the story once , so they were under a lot of pressure meanwhile making the movie. But I totally didn’t expect the graphics to be that good.


It was made in 2013 by Alfonso Cuaron in United States. The movie was very expensive and took a really long time to make. They had to edit each scene and make it look realistic, so I think the editors did a very good job on this movie.


Ryan Stone (played by Sandra Bullock) : she is the main character and a medical engineer in space, on her first space shuttle mission. During the film, she was thinking a lot about her dead daughter when she thought that she is going to die. In a lot of the times, she was panicking quite a lot for example stressing, breathing really hard and wasting her oxygen.


Matt Kowalski (played by George Clooney) : loves vodka and country music. Talks about the past stories really often. I like how during the movie and the dangerous moments, he kept calm and didn’t panic too much as Ryan Stone did. He was always telling her to calm down and stop panicking.


So Ryan Stone is on her first shuttle mission with Matt Kowalski. The Mission Control from Houston warns them about a Russian missile strike on a defunct satellite which caused a chain reaction. The mission control tells them that the mission must be aborted. Unfortunately, after couple of minutes the signal with the mission control is lost and the shuttle collapses. 5

After they find each other and go to the shuttle. Shocking news were that the whole crew are dead.


Then they have to survive and go to the International Space Station, Unfortunately they are attached to a rope, and when they get there, Kowalski doesn’t grab on anything as they reach it with high speed and he floats out to the space. Ryan Stone is holding him but he detaches because he doesn’t want her to go with him. After that she manages to get to Earth with the Chinese Space Station.

! I loved all the special effects in the movie. The collapse of the space shuttle, and all the space stations looked as it was filmed in real life. During the movie, I was sometimes scared that something will happen at some point, and some scenes made me sad for example that Kowalski detached because he didnt want her to die. During the whole movie, Ryan Stone was low on Oxygen, so that made me feel scared that she could die at any point and wondered how would she get the oxygen. Sometimes she thought about her daughters death during the critical moments like the journey to earth. I’m really into watching movies about space and the space stations, because I find it really interesting and amazing how people are living in space and floating in the air.

! !

I recommend it to the people who are into space stations and disasters, as the movie is full of space technology and really tense moments. There isn’t really any age limit, but the people who don’t like really bad disaster and hard survival films, shouldn’t watch it, but thats only my opinion as I find this movie a bit sad.


Rating: Out of 10

8.5! 6


Who is Marie Sophie?!

! !

Marie Sophie is the mum of Hippolyte, and I am going to interview Marie Sophie Verbist about her experiences working for Vanguard. ( Before she worked at Jp Morgan in England(London).!

! ! ! Hippolyte: Why did you want to work at Vanguard?! ! !

Marie:! Because Vanguard is one of the leading firms intern of asset-management and especially fundsmanagement in the United States. It established their first European headquarters in Brussels. I was the first European employe to work for them.!

! ! ! ! ! Hippolyte: What was your position in Vanguard? ! ! ! Marie:! !

I was a marketing executive responsible for selling institutional funds to institutional clients for mainly: pension funds, Banks and insurance companies throughout Europe. With the focus of: Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Hungary, Austria and Island.!

! ! ! Hippolyte: Could you describe a typical working day?! ! ! Marie.! !

Either I was in the office to make some call to potential clients or current clients and to write reports and attend meetings attend sails meeting or I was on the road meeting with disclaims and tiring to sell them our funds. Also organising events such as conferences and other meetings with clients and some of or portfolio managers coming from the United States.!

! ! ! ! !

7 6

! ! Hippolyte: What was the niche market?! !

Yes at that time index funds were a niche market especially in Europe while to day most of the portfolios are compost of index funds. It was not as common as to day.!

! ! ! ! ! ! Hippolyte: What is an index fund?! !

An index fund is a fund that is very, very close following the index such as the standards and the poor 500 in the United States of the MNCI Europe representing the European shares/markets for the MNCI.!

! ! ! Hippolyte: What is a longterm trader?! !

A longterm trader is someone investing in some assets for the longterm, meaning: ten, fifteen twenty years. He shouldn’t be selling and buying shares or assets on daily bases or even on monthly bases. He should do a reallocation of his portfolio once or twice a year meaning by that looking at his portfolio if the asset classes are still in the same proportion as in the beginning. As an example if you decided to invest fifty percent of your portfolio in shares and fifty percent in bonds at the end of the year the same portfolio may be worth seventy percent in shares and thirty percent in bounds. That’s because the value of the shares went up. So at that time you need to reallocate your portfolio meaning you would need to sell some shares and buy some bonds to have the same allocation as you decided to have in the beginning.!


! ! ! !

Fight Club originates from the book with the same name by Chunk Palahniuk. The initial budget of the film was $23 million but by the start of the production the production got increased to 50 million dollars. But they didn’t have enough money to finance the movie. After tree weeks of filming the agency gave another $16 million.!

! ! ! ! ! !

Fight Club is a 1999 American drama film based on the 1996 novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk. The film was published by 20th Century Fox and directed by David Fincher and stars Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, and Helena Bonham Carter.The movie is about 139 minutes long. !

! ! ! !

I give fight club a rating of 9/10!


Edward Norton plays the main character. He is un happy about IMDb gave a rating of his job as a traveling automobile employee. and forms a "fight 8.8/10 Club”,Tyler Durden the soap maker, played by Brat Pitt. The narrator (Edward Norton) becomes involved in a relationship with Tyler and a dissolute woman, Marla Singer, played by Bonham Carter. The narrator suffers from a lac of sleep. He attends a support group of Testicular cancer after fooling them into thinking that he is a fellow victim. At the support group he finds the emotional release that relieves him from Insomnia. He becomes addicted to attending those support groups and pretending to be a patient , but the presence of another impostor, Marla Singer, disturbs him, so he negotiates with her to avoid their meeting at the same groups. “She ruined it all.” His sickness continues and he hallucinates people and friends.!

! ! ! ! ! !

The idea of making this movie was just great. An automobile employee that has Insomnia and that attend support groups to be able to sleep again. He is sick of telling lies to car crash victims that own vehicles from the company he works in. Tyler is in a love hate relationship with Marla because Marla also loves the narrator, but he thinks she is crazy for taking drugs. At the end, the soundtrack really fits with the movie. Lose My Mind from the Pixies, it really brings all the tension you had during the movie to an end.!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


! !

This movie should not being seen by kids or teens under 12. It uses strong languages and explicit images of a guy with half of his face open, punched by a member of a Fight Club and sexual contend. The plot may be unclear to them and they could learn bad impressions of this movie.!

! ! !

This movie should be seen by teenagers or adults. Because they can relate from their lit experiences. The people that work at an automobile factory they can feel the same feeling of being underpaid and left out. Or having a huge lack of sleep due heir jobs.!

! !

I really like this movie it entertained me from the beginning to the end. You have to think while watching the movie. After the movie ended i felt entertained but i also felt like a learned something about the world, about big company’s controlling your life as a little employee. You are a pupet with string for them the control you.!

! ! ! !


! ! ! Interviewing Gilly Hickman about her balletschool (Turningpoint)!


Gilly Hickman is the owner of the dance school Turningpoint. I decided to interview her because I have not heard of manny people owning a ballet school and I wonder what this is all about.!

! How did you start your ballet school? !

I took over a ballet school, I was already teaching there. The lady that was running it asked me if I wanted to take over. And I said yes.

! How do you get people too know about your ballet school? !

Mostly word of mouth by the children or the parents that pass it on to people they know might be interested. I also do do local advertisement in our local magazine.

! Why did you choose to run a ballet school? !

Because I was a ballet dancer and I love to work with children and I love to teach. Then I thought, why not have a ballet school?

! Is there a lot of competition out there or are you one of the only ballet schools here? ! There are loads of dance schools out there but not near me, so there is not so much competition out there for me.


How long have you had your ballet school and are you planning on keeping it for a long time?

! I have had my ballet school for eight or nine years and it is still going strong. ! What would you rate your job from 1 to ten? ! Probably a ten. !

Why did you chose a ten for your job is it because you find it exciting or you like working with the people you are with?


I chose this score because I absolutely love teaching children and love the people around me. Also of course I love dancing! 11

! Do you do ballet shows or any other interesting events? !

We do a show every year and a half, this is exciting for the children. We have also done charity days for make a wish. If we are asked to do a competition we also do that.

! At what age where you thinking to have a ballet school and why? ! Around my mid thirties.

Is it hard to get your ballet school known out there?!


Yes this is quiet difficult because only the moms can recommend me and I only have a little bit advertisement.

! Why did you choose the name TurningPoint? !

Because you have points in ballet and you turn on them, and I thought that might be a good name.

! Is there anything you would like too add? !

No, I just really love my job and hope it continues for a really long time.




! ! ! !

! ! Circus two review (Dubstep Album)! ! ! ! !

! ! !

! ! !

Circus two is a dubstep album which has loads of nice rhythms and amazing drops that dubstep fans will enjoy. There are various dj’s in this album such as, Flux Pavilion, Roksonix,Cookie Monsta, Funtcase,McMash clan and Doctor P. these are the dj’s that dominate the album. This album was released in 2013. ! !

! ! ! ! ! !

UKF is a London based record label.

You can buy this album on iTunes, Free Record Shop and also on The cheapest thing to do is to buy it on Amazon(this is an mp3 file, you don't have to worry about late shipping) this costs about nine dollars(six and a half euros). If you love loads of variety in your dubstep then this is the album you might be interested in.! ! 13

I am reviewing this because I believe this album should be heard by all the dubstep lovers out there. Why would all the dubstep fans enjoy this? Because there is loads of variety in dubstep styles to please everybody that loves dubstep. !


There are too many songs to review all of them so I decided to review four of them two that are my favourite and also two that I am not keen on. First I will talk about the ones that I like a lot these are Swing and Yow Momma. First I will talk about Swing. Swing is a mix of swing music and a hard dubstep drop that you will love. Yow Momma is a very different song, from the first second you realise this is a dubstep song, this song has one of the most powerful drops on the album.The two song I do not really like are Acid Ridim and Jump Back. Acid Ridim is one of the songs that I think should not be on the album because this does not sound like dubstep. Jump Back is a rap dubstep song, this is not really the style of dubstep that I like, and the drop is not that powerful. when i heard this I thought to myself, why is this in this album it sound like rap,not dubstep.!


In conclusion I feel that they have priced it at a good amount (although there is a wide amount of prices). Almost all songs go together and almost all the songs have a strong beginning and end. I recommend this to all dubstep fans, because this has a lot of variety of styles that can please all the dubstep fans.!

! ! ! ! ! ! !



The Ups and Downs of the Trampoline.

! ! ! ! ! ! Here you see me (Jarod) jumping on a double mini trampoline doing a barani (forwards flip with half turn).

Jarod De Maertelaere explains


Jarod De Maertelaere will explain the trampoline experience and some rules, information and about the competitions in trampoline.

! !

Trampoline is an actual sport that you can do in clubs. They have different types of trampolines as I will explain later; these are not the trampolines that you have in your back yard. These are rectangles and they throw you much higher than your classic round trampoline. There are even rules for example here are a few of them, there are a certain amount of jumps you have to do to win (in these jumps you must performs a trick for example a flip). These tricks are evaluated on the execution. There are also lines on the trampoline if you go outside the back or front line of the trampoline then you lose points, but the side lines are safe. In the competitions there are also people at the sides of the trampoline just in case you do fall off.


There are loads of places to do this sport, although not many people do it. If you search up on the Internet you will find loads of places. ( I jump in Gym Harop brasschaat) The price depends on how you are planning to do this sport, wether you want to do it for fun or professionally. Professionally costs more because you need the proper sport wear and also more training to improve. If you’re planning to do this for fun this is cheap, because then you only have to pay for going to the club and not for all the sport wear.


Trampoline is an Olympic sport. But not many qualify; there are only twenty people that can do the actual Olympics. People often say that this looks dangerous, but actually if you know what to do when you fall then this isn’t so dangerous at all. If you haven’t followed lessons and you try crazy things like flips and things then you might fall and hurt your self. If trained this happens less. But sometimes you can’t help when you fall for example I saw someone do a triple backflip and break their leg on the landing because he landed on the blue side with the metal under it.


You don’t really need to be fit because when you are in the air there is a point of rest. Eating healthy always helps in every sport, because you have loads of energy and can jump for longer.


For me this sport is fun because it feels like you are flying. The trampoline bounces you so high. I have been doing this sport since 2006 and still enjoy it. I don’t think I will ever quit this sport only if I have to, in my old age. When I am too old to jump I would like to teach this sport.

! !


! !

Hockey, on a field?! Hippolyte Van Marcke writes about his experiences with field Hockey.!


That was my first question when my mother enrolled me into Field Hockey. I only knew ice Hockey at that time. Hockey is my favorite sport because I’ve been playing it for over seven years now. It’s a tradition in our family to play field hockey. When I got old enough to play it I was put in a team. Heracles was my first team then I moved to Beerschot three years later. I was about eight years old that's the age when you’re allowed to play games (matches). For me it was amazing to be able to represent my club as a five year old.

! !

! ! ! !

You will need a stick. Not a wooden stick that you get in a forest but a hockey stick with carbon inside it. Every stick is different there are goalie sticks they are very light but are not able to be shot with. You have defensive sticks they are heavier to stop the shots and then you have a midfield/attacker stick they are usually more expensive because they contain more carbon (before carbon they used wood but wood it very heavy) Than you need your uniform consisted of: socks, t-shirt and shorts. That depends in what club you play (Antwerp red white and Beerschot purple and white). If you are a goalie you will need very different gear.

field Hockey Goalie gear.

In Hockey you compete at your own level, which means that if you are a very skilled full player you can represent your country in the Olympics. If you’re a bit less talented you can play for your province. The players in provincial only compete in Belgium but if you want to play internationally you have to be provincial first. If not very gifted but still talented than there is the first team of your club. They play against all the first teams in the same division in Belgium.

! !

Hockey is not a sport for cowards. You have to get physical (don’t be scared to push) to play it well. If you get knocked on the grass you’re expected to get back up and run after the ball. !


To be a top player you need to have: speed, control over the ball, stamina, and balance. You need to have a mouth guard to protect your teeth because a Hockey ball comes really 16


Milena(Australian field Hockey player) got hurt in a field Hockey game, that they lost against Holland In the 2012 Olympic finals.

Facts about the game fastand with one bad touch on the stick the ball could fly strait in your face. If you ask any sports dentist where the worst teeth or jaw injuries come from, I’m sure that seventy percent of them would say hockey. An other example of an injury. My sister was running for a penalty and was protecting her with putting her hockey stick in front of her body. She got scared because she opened her stick so the ball flew up to her ear and she got badly injured. ! !

! !

Hockey is still a growing sport every year there are at least five hundred new members that join a Hockey club in Belgium. The rules are changing as the game is progressing. Football (Soccer) is the most played sport around the world. Hockey is more expensive to play than football so it will be slower at becoming more famous than Football.

The Belgium hockey team after they won in





• H o c k e y u s e d t o b e played on real grass and in mud.

• If you bleed you are still welcome on the field.

• There are records that show that hockey was played 200 years BC

• T h e n a m e “ H o c k e y ” originates from England.

• You are not allowed to touch the ball with your feet.

• You may only use one side of your stick unlike with ice hockey there you can use both sides.

• There are two different pitches one on sand and one on water.

• The best male hockey team is Germany.

• The best female Hockey team is in the Netherlands

• The goal posts are a lot smaller than in Football.



Jump! Bounce! Dunk! !

Jonas Zolobaila writes about his enthusiasm for the popular sport of basketball Basketball is a team sport where two teams compete with each other. Each team has to have twelve people In it, and there should be five people In the court in the same time. The teams have a coach who tells them the tactics and controls them. The teams score by shooting the basketball into the basket. If you shoot close to the basket, you get two points. If you shoot further away from the basket, you get three points.


The most famous basketball player for me is Michael Jordan. He is now 50 and he doesn’t play anymore, but when he used to play he was the best. He won many championship’s and his main team was “Chicago Bulls”.


I got involved in basketball when I was about seven. I saw people playing it a lot in my school and outside of school. Once, I thought of trying it, and when I tried it, I started to really like it. So I started playing it more often and then joined a local basketball club.

Basketball doesn’t really cost anything. You only need to buy a ball and to have a place where you can play . If you want I enjoy basketball because when I watch to feel more comfortable while playing basketball, you can buy basketball shoes. it on the TV, I think its really impressive and cool how the professionals play it. They are usually pretty expensive. Also I like the moment when I make a shot, because then I feel like one of the There is a lot of basketball leagues like NBA (National Basketball Association). professionals. It is played in the USA. NBA is where Basketball is sometimes a dangerous all the professional teams compete sport. A lot of players get injured, like against each other. At the end of the season there are playoffs. The best team Michael Jordan did a couple of times. I haven’t been injured seriously, but I had wins. There are also a lot of other some back and knee problems because leagues like the European League. of it. When you play basketball, you There is also AIS basketball teams for all have to be careful with what you are ages. Such as U12 , U14, JV, Varsity. At doing. You can injure others, or injure yourself. the start of the year there are tryouts to see how good you are and if you make it. I think I will continue playing During the season there are games, basketball, I know I wont get into a practices and at the end of the season, There is a big tournament called NECIS, really good team, but I am tall so I like to have the advantage over other people where all the teams close by come and to get the rebounds and block. compete.






! ! !


Euro League


Michael Jordan!!



Facts about Belgium 1. Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, but also the capital of European Union and houses the headquarter of NATO. That’s why Brussels is called the “Heart of Europe”.


2. Belgium produces around 220,000 tonnes of chocolate every year. That means, 22 kg of chocolate is consumed per person per year or 61 grams per day on an average. The world’s biggest chocolate selling point is Brussels National Airport


3. Brussels has 138 restaurants per square mile.


4. Belgium has a population of 11 million.


5. Luckily Belgians don’t eat all of that chocolate. The Brussels’ International Airport is the World’s biggest chocolate selling point.


6. Nemo33, in Brussels, is the world’s deepest swimming pool, reaching 35 metres in depth. It is a practice ground for scuba divers.


7. 80% of billiard players use Belgian-made balls.

! !


8. After US, Belgians are the most enthusiastic collectors of discount coupons in the world.

! 9. About 150 liters of beer is consumed by one Belgian per year. ! 10. The largest number of comic books are produced in Belgium. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Fun Do you really know the school? 1)


Who runs the library?

A. Mr. Carl. B. Mr. Todd C. none of these

! 2) Who is the IGCSE coordinator? !

A. Mr. Carl B. Mr Todd C. Dr Mehra 3) What was the first building built on the AIS campus?


A. The old gym B. The Kasteel C. The new gym

! 4) What is the newest building on the campus? ! A. The old gym B. The Kasteel C. The new gym


5) What is NECIS stand for? A. North European Council Of International Schools B. Northwest European Council Of International Schools C. Northeast Europe council International School


6) How many students is there in AIS?


A. 410 B. 616 C. 295

! 7) What was the highest number of students ever been ? ! A. 983 B. 629 C. 460

! 8) How many nationalities are there at a A.I.S? ! 22!

A. 36 B. 14 C. 33




Answer page! ! ! ! 1) Mr. Carl 2) Mr.Todd 3) Kasteel 4) New gym 5)The Northwest European Council Of International Schools 6) 410 this year. 7) 629 8) 36!

! ! 2) Across! ! Nationality! ! BestofBoth! ! Down! ! NECIS! ! Cafeteria! ! Griffin ! ! ARCH! ! Homework! ! EAL


The Stew  

Grade 9 EAL student created magazine

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