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A Message From the JUMP! Team  Dear Friends,    A  new  year  is  well  under‐way,  and  a  lovely  spring  is  rolling  into  Beijing!   And  we  at  the  JUMP!  office  have  already  been  extremely  busy  –  coordinating a remarkably successful HaitiRise Campaign to support relief  work  after  the  January  quake  in  Haiti  (see  our  Spotlight  On  section  for  details),  running  a  slew  of  JUMP!  Schools  Programs  across  Asia  (details  throughout this issue of Ubuntu), as well as making a number of important  and exciting organizational changes.      There  comes  a  point  in  the  maturing  of  every  young  organization  to  reevaluate  structure  and  direction  –  a  sort  of  adolescent  “finding”  of  oneself,  if  you  will.    As  many  of  our  readers  know,  JUMP!  is  quickly  emerging  from  the  infant  stages  of  organizational  development,  and  thus  we have been undergoing this process of change and growth, and “finding”  ourselves.  The first notable change we’ve made is to our newsletter.  Our  new  newsletter  is  called  “Ubuntu,”  and  will  from  now  on  be  released  quarterly.    Ubuntu  is  an  ancient  African  word,  originating  from  the  southern  Bantu  languages,  which  describes  the  interconnectedness  of  community.  Ubuntu will contain the same sections as our old newsletter,  but will also highlight more thoroughly JUMP! Schools Programs we have  been running, and organizational matters that we feel may interest to our  readers.    In  addition  to  revamping  our  newsletter,  we’ve  welcomed  some  new  members  to  our  office  and  community.    We’d  like  to  take  this  space  to  welcome a particular new member of our community, Gervais Lavoie, who  has agreed to join our Board of Directors.  Welcome to JUMP!, Gervais.  We  would also like to send out our greatest appreciation to Meredith Wen and  Alexis Dan, who have dedicated countless amounts of time and energy to  JUMP!’s development.  THANK YOU.    This issue of Ubuntu will emphasize JUMP!’s new direction in focusing on  developing  and  perfecting  our  JUMP!  Schools  Programs.    We  feature  a  number  of  program  recaps,  highlighting  the  extent  of  JUMP!’s  work  throughout  Asia.    Our  Spotlight  On  section  will  feature  a  review  of  our  HaitiRise  Campaign,  which  ran  during  January  and  February  this  year.   And with regards to HaitiRise, we have included a number of relevant links  providing new information on aid work in Haiti.  Check out our JUMPing In  With  section  to  get  to  know  one  of  JUMP!’s  newest  staff  members.    And  don’t forget to glance through the Experiential Education Activity Planner  for a cool new activity!    As always  Love and Light,  The JUMP! Team 

A handful of the 80 student leaders from Chinese International School, who organized the largest Global Issues Network Conference ever! The JUMP! trained CIS student leaders hosted a record 650 + participants at their school in Hong Kong. What a bunch of ROCKSTARS!

A Bit of Inspiration for the Spring “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear  is  that  we  are  powerful  beyond  measure.    It  is  our  light,  not  our  darkness  that  most  frightens  us.    We  ask  ourselves,  Who  am  I  to  be  brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?   Actually,  who  are  we  not  to  be?  You are a child of the Earth.  Your playing small  does  not  serve the world.    There  is  nothing  enlightened  about  shrinking  so  that other  people won’t feel insecure around you.   We are all meant  to shine, as children do.   We were born to make manifest the glory  that is within us.  It’s not just in some of us; it’s in  everyone.  And as  we  let  our  own  light  shine,  we  unconsciously  give  other  people  permission to do the same.  As we are  liberated from  our  own  fear,  our  presence automatically liberates others.”     ‐ Marianne Williamson,   A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of a Course in Miracles 

THE VISION: JUMP! envisions a world where young people fulfill their true potential as individuals, community leaders and global citizens.



This year,  during  the  2010  Vancouver  Winter  Olympics  JUMP!  partnered  with  Young  President’s  Organization  to  create  the  experience  of    a  life  time!    The  program  was  a  collaborative  effort,  focused  on  creating  stronger  relationship  bonds between YPO Members and their children.  We used the “Olympic Spirit”  as  inspiration  for  this  week.  YPO  Members  from  around  North  America  and  their  children  came  to  Vancouver  to  explore  what  it  takes  to  be  an  Olympian  and  experience  it  first  hand.  The  program  included  viewing  a  number  of  Olympic  events,  meeting  with  Olympian  guest  speakers,  an  interactive  Paralympics experience, global leadership discussions, sightseeing and a whole  lot of fun!   


As highlighted in the November issue of our newsletter, this year, JUMP! had the  pleasure  of  working  with  a  wonderfully  talented  group  of  students  at  the  Chinese International School (CIS) in Hong Kong, throughout their preparations  to  host  this  year’s  Global  Issues  Network  (GIN)  Conference  (March  19‐21,  2010).      Our  work  with  students  at  CIS  included  two  JUMP!  Leadership  Training  Programs  –  one  at  the  end  of  October  and  one  at  the  beginning  of  March  –  in  preparation to host the GIN Conference.  JUMP! also participated directly in the  GIN Conference as a keynote speaker.  In our first program with CIS, we worked  with  20  students  who  were  primarily  responsible  for  organizing  and  coordinating the Conference.  In our February program, we worked with 80 CIS  students,  all  of  whom  played  important  leadership  roles  at  GIN  –  from  managing logistics, to facilitating break out group discussions, and executing a  self‐designed experiential learning activity with all participants at GIN.    We would like to congratulate all the students at CIS for running an amazingly  successful  GIN  Conference  in  Hong  Kong  this  year!    Your  hard‐work  and  dedication to global issues education is truly inspiring! 


A recent addition to our JUMP! Schools repertoire, Global Nomad is a stream of  programming  that  aims  to  prepare  International  Baccalaureate  students  for  their  annual  week‐long  travel  trip.    This  program  emphasizes  community  building,  leadership  while  traveling,  and  the  important  differences  between  being a traveler and a tourist.      This year, we have run the Global Nomad Program at Beijing City International  School (April 15, 2010) and the International School of Tianjin (April 26, 2010).   Both groups of students were well‐engaged and eager to be traveling.  We wish  them safe travels as they explore new areas of China! 


As part of standard International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years (MY)  Programme, MY students participate in learning described as Areas of  Interaction (AOI).  The focus of AOI is to help students find areas in which their  studies overlap with each other, as well as discover ways in which their studies  apply to the real world.  

IS Bangkok students learn to trust each other  through “Sherpa” at Leadership Retreat, run  April 4‐6  

This year, students from nine different international schools in and around  Beijing convened at The Courtyard to celebrate the Areas of Interaction by  working together to create action plans for their schools to address important  global issues related to the theme of survival.   The  schools  that  participated  in  this  year’s  AOI  Festival  included:  Western  Academy of Beijing, International School of Tianjin, Tianjin Experimental High  School,  Beijing  International  School,  Beijing  City  International  School,  No.  55  Middle  School,  World  Youth  Academy,  Changchun  American  School,  and  Shanghai World Foreign Languages School.    JUMP! had a great time working with such motivated students, and would like  to  recognize  every  student  who  participated  for  their  hard  work  and  commitment  to  solving  global  issues.    We  hope  to  see  you  at  next  year’s  AOI  Festival! 


In addition to running many specialized programs, JUMP! has also been running  a  number  of  JUMP!  Schools  programs  for  Middle  and  High  Schools  around  Beijing.    2010 JUMP! Schools Programs have included:    Beijing City International School – JUMP! Into It (February 26‐27)  Western Academy of Beijing – Sports Team Navigator (February 28)  New International School of Thailand – JUMP! Out of the Box (March 1‐2)  Western Academy of Beijing – JUMP! Into It (March 12‐13)  Western Academy of Beijing – JUMP! Out of the Box (March 26‐27)  International School of Bangkok – JUMP! Into It (April 4‐6)    We would like to appreciate all our participants, and thank you all for helping  us create amazing JUMP! experiences! 



EMPOWER. INSPIRE. ENGAGE.  SPOTLIGHT ON: HaitiRise  The devastation caused by the earthquake that hit Haiti on January 13 was  catastrophic.  The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere was struck  by  a  disaster  that  could  overwhelm  even  a  wealthy  nation.    Hundreds  of  thousands  of  lives  were  lost,  and  millions  of  homes  destroyed.    In  the  aftermath  of  the  quake,  aid  workers  from  around  the  globe  rushed  in  to  help pull bodies from the rubble and heal earthquake wounds; millions of  dollars were donated to support relief work.    Amid  the  constant  reporting  of  chaos  and  death  tolls  and  amounts  of  devastation,  JUMP!’s  connection  with  Haiti  was  thrown  into  sharp  focus.   Hearing about Haiti in the news, our thoughts quickly turned to the Open  Space  Conference  between  Haitian  and  Dominican  youth  that  we  participated in last summer.  We worried about the members of the JUMP!  community,  on the ground  in  Haiti.    Needless  to  say,  the  earthquake  that  devastated  Haiti  jerked  our  heartstrings  more  than  a  little.  In  a  flurry  of  brainstorming  and  planning,  the  JUMP!  team,  and  members  of  JUMP!’s  Beijing  community    created  a  two‐week  long  fundraising  campaign  to  support  the  work  of  Partners  in  Health  in  Haiti.    And  thus  was  born  the  HaitiRise campaign.      The campaign ran for from January 22 to February 4, was comprised of a  variety  of  events,  and  enlisted  the  assistance  of  a  number  of  businesses  and individuals around Beijing.  The first event in our HaitiRise campaign  took  place  on  January  22,  2010,  at  local  bookstore  and  café,  the  Bookworm.  This event was a general information night to help attendees  understand  the  historical  context  of  poverty  in  Haiti,  and  how  that  background was the greatest contributing factor to the destruction caused  by the Jan. 13 earthquake.     Following the initial, kick‐off information event hosted by the Bookworm,  JUMP! collaborated with LumDimSum to plan a nearly two‐week‐long “Eat  of Haiti” voucher sales fundraising effort as part of HaitiRise.  Participants  in  this  event  purchased  an  RMB200  voucher  to  be  used  at  a  number  of  locations  in  Beijing,  including  Hatsune,  Kagen,  Kagen  Tepanyaki,  Karaiya  Spice  House,  Meat  &  Wine  Co.,  Sadler  Ristorante,  Invito,  Punjabi,  Oden,  Grange,  Seasonal  Tastes,  Zen5e,  Metro,  Scarlett  Wine  Bar  &  Restaurant,  SALT, All‐Star Sports Bar & Grill, and Tamarind.  Half of each voucher price  was  then  donated  to  the  HaitiRise  campaign.    Eat  for  Haiti  voucher  sales  raised  an  amazing  RMB175,600  for  HaitiRise.    The  final  HaitiRise  event  was  generously  hosted  at  local  restaurant,  Hatsune,  and  included  live  music from local DJ’s Patrick Yu and Jeff Hinson, and a silent auction with  donations  from  various  businesses  and  individuals  of  the  Beijing  community.        In addition to running fundraising events and activities throughout Beijing  to  raise  money  to  support  aid  work  in  Haiti,  JUMP!  has  also  created  a  stream of presentations to be given at no cost to interested schools.  The  presentation  focuses  on  highlighting  the  historical  causes  of  poverty  in  Haiti, and how extreme poverty exponentially amplified the effects of the  Jan. 13 quake.  Please contact if you are interested in  bringing a JUMP! HaitiRise presentation to your school.   

In the end, the Haiti Rise campaign raised an amazing 430,095 RMB, which  was  donated  directly  to  Partners  in  Health  (   However, raising money to support relief work in Haiti is not the only or  even main goal of Haiti Rise. As an educational organization, JUMP!’s focus  throughout  the  Haiti  Rise  campaign  has  been  to  educate  participants  on  long‐standing issues in Haiti, aside from those created by the earthquake.   This  month’s  newsletter  features  several  contributions  from  JUMP!  community members who have worked extensively in Haiti.   

Partners in Health Partners in  Health  (PIH)  is  a  health  care  provider  based  in  Boston,  Massachusetts.    PIH  operates  in  12  different  countries  around  the  world.   The aim of PIH is to “care for patients, to alleviate root causes of disease,  and  to  share  lessons  learned  around  the  world.”    In  every  county  they  work  in,  PIH  strives  to  give  local  nationals  the  means  to  attend  to  the  medical needs of their communities themselves.      Partners  in  Health  operates  within  the  framework  of  five  fundamental  principles:  1)  access  to  primary  health  care,  2)  free  health  care  and  education  for  the  poor,  3)  community  partnerships,  4)  addressing  basic  social and economic needs, and 5) serving the poor throughout the public  sector.  In operating under these principles, PIH is able to address the issue  of accessing healthcare in poor and developing nations, as well as the issue  of poverty itself in a given area.      For  more  information  on  Partners  in  Health  and  their  work  in  Haiti  see:   



EMPOWER. INSPIRE. ENGAGE.  HaitiRise: Haiti Update  The following information is taken from different websites.  Compiled by Frank Cohn 

Haitians are praying that each day is a sunny day. The Red Cross is  coordinating an operation to provide more emergency shelters for 1.3  million of people before the rain starts. Already there are 60 agencies on  board with this movement.‐Agencies‐ Increase‐Efforts‐for‐Haiti‐Earthquake‐Survivors‐Before‐Rains‐Arrive‐ 90760369.html    Only 400 transitional houses have been built, which are made of wood.  Many people will not benefit from these houses since the majority of  people living in Port au Prince are renters, and only those who own land  may legally construct new houses. To avoid possible land disputes and  chaos, the Red Cross and other relief‐based organization spend much time  trying to find proper owners of lands then reconstructing collapsed homes. pBjzXaAmmk4_OtAD9FDJV880     Nearly 700 residents from Martissant, one of the poorest communities,  have been employed in the Food Project. This project operates as part of  the Haiti Stabilization Initiative funded by the US government. After cite  Soleil, Martisant has become the second most dangerous community in  Port au Prince – occupied by thugs and convicts. More than $422 million of  US aid goes to support small programs such as these to ensure security  and stability of the country. Security is vital to both residents who are in  need, and to aid workers in Haiti. Meanwhile, the chief commissioner of  the Haitian National Police stated that there is an investigation on the way  to understand how 4300 prisoners escaped the National prison. pBjzXaAmmk4_OtAD9F0VJMO0    School re‐opened in Haiti early in April, three months after the devastating  earthquake.  Many children were panicking and struggled to stay in class.  A number of schools were able to open doors at this point. It is estimated  that 38,000 children died in the January earthquake, which also killed  1,300 teachers and education personnel.  The Minister of Education  indicated that school will continue until August to ensure that all pupils  complete the school year. CategoryId=200     An anecdote:  The CEO of Royal Caribbean intends to explore other sites in  Haiti. It is the only cruise that travels to Haiti and docks at Labadie in Cap  Haitian.   Representatives from Royal Caribbean met with the Minister of Culture to  discuss ways that would facilitate more tourists visiting the Citadelle and  also the possibility of building a new school in the area for locals.  Royal  Caribbean has already donated $1 million dollars to help with the recovery  efforts. 

Message from the Board  “The  ultimate  measure  of  a  person  is  not  where  they  stand  in  moments  of  comfort  and  convenience,  but  where  they  stand  in  times  of  challenge  and  controversy.”  ­Martin Luther King    People are brought together in powerful ways during times of crisis and need. As a sense of shared humanity boils to the surface, people are driven to action. After the earthquake hit Port-Au-Prince on January 13th, neighbors came together to help one another, while strangers dug through the remains of fallen buildings for hours to save strangers. Simultaneously there was the outpouring of support from communities across the globe who began to take big and small steps to help those impacted by the earthquake. The Beijing community took a big step. Throughout the two weeks of the Haiti Rise campaign, the Beijing community rose up and demonstrated a tremendous sense of solidarity with those affected by the January 13 quake in Haiti. The Haiti Rise events coordinated by the JUMP! Foundation and Lum Dim Sum successfully raised over RMB 430,000, which has been be donated directly to Partners in Health ( As a friend of mine commented, “RMB 430,000? Yes, that will save some lives.” As the chairman of the JUMP! Foundation, I am incredibly grateful of how our community has come together and shown strong commitment to helping those affected by the quake in Haiti. Yet, while the funds contributed by Haiti Rise will go a long way towards helping many Haitian families recover from immediate effects of the January 13 earthquake, this is just the beginning. The Haitian people will rebuild their shattered nation for years to come, and will require partners who are committed to the long-term development of Haiti. It is importance that we remain aware of, involved with, and committed to Haiti. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of and supported Haiti Rise. Your continued support will be most significant to those in need. Matthew Carberry Chairman of the JUMP! Foundation



EMPOWER. INSPIRE. ENGAGE.  JUMP!: How does JUMP! fit in with your studies at Quest? Dalla-Longa: Well, at Quest, I’m completing a Bachelors of Arts and Science, with a specialization in leadership and experiential education. Originally, JUMP! just seemed like a cool way to fulfill my experiential education requirements – get to travel to China and experience something new. Furthermore, I had met Justin previously and just knew that it would be a good experience getting to work with someone with so much energy and enthusiasm. Working with JUMP! over the last three months has exposed to me all the different components of running the foundation. I have been able to find out exactly what my interests are – to challenge myself, narrow down my focus, and figure out what my strengths and weaknesses are. Working with JUMP! has exposed the possibilities for, what I would call, a relatively new form of education, the “missing link” in education perhaps. And, really, JUMP! has shown me how my line of study can be realized in a professional setting. JUMP!: Could you tell our readers more about Quest?

Adrienne facilitating program at Western Academy of  Beijing, March 12‐13 

JUMPing in with: Adrienne Dalla­Longa  For the past two months, JUMP! has had the utmost pleasure of welcoming Canadian-born Adrienne Dalla-Longa into the JUMP! office and community. Dalla-Longa has been interning with JUMP! to fulfill the experiential learning component of her undergraduate education at Canada’s first liberal arts college, Quest University Canada. We JUMP! in with Adrienne to gain a new perspective on experiential education, youth leadership, and working with JUMP!

JUMP!: Could you tell us a little bit about your background? Dalla-Longa: I was born in Calgary, Alberta Canada, but have lived on both the east and west coasts of Canada, as well as some places in between. I consider myself a true “Canadian baby,” if you will. Currently, I call Squamish, British Columbia home. JUMP!: How did you find out about JUMP? Dalla-Longa: I first heard about JUMP! through connections at Quest. My academic advisor at Quest, Toran Savjor, was one of Justin’s [Bedards] early mentors. Toran knew I was looking for an internship relevant to my studies to fulfill the experiential learning component of my education at Quest, so he recommended I look into JUMP!. JUMP!: So what was it specifically that attracted you to intern with JUMP? Dalla-Longa: I was really attracted to the philosophy and fundamental principles behind JUMP!, because they align very well with my own philosophies on education, especially in the area of providing youth experiential education. I saw a lot of similarities between JUMP! and Quest and thought it was the perfect fit to further my education as well as have fun!

Dalla-Longa: Quest is Canada’s first private liberal arts and science university with an interdisciplinary focus. It is guided by three philosophies. First, is integrated learning, which breaks into two streams of thought – one, that cocurricular activities are as important as academic life; two, that experiential education is part of the degree requirements, because it’s important to learn things that can’t be taught in the classroom, and it’s important to recognize that learning. The second founding philosophy of Quest is an international perspective – Quest recruits students from all over the world, and provides their students with opportunities to travel and study abroad as well as provides a broad international focus within the classroom. The third philosophy of Quest is intimacy. Quest is purposefully a small university, so that those who are part of the community have the opportunity to make personal connections with each member of our community. JUMP!: What is your view on the kind of experiential education the JUMP! provides? Dalla-Longa: Personally, I believe that moving forward in a globalized world, it’s no longer enough to know everything about just one thing, or to have a comparatively narrow point of view. I think experiential education offers the ability to develop the skills required to think outside the box – collaboration with others, learning to ask questions rather than just repeat answers. JUMP!: What has been your best experience working with JUMP? Dalla-Longa: The people. From the people I’ve met of the JUMP! Team, they’re all those “hidden gems” people are always looking for. Each one is so talented in their areas and so passionate. It’s refreshing to see that people can be like that and love their job. Also, the students I’ve facilitated, and being able to offer them something that wasn’t available when I was in school. It’s been great to see them take what JUMP! gives them and run with it. JUMP!: What are you future plans? Dalla-Longa: First plan that comes to mind is finishing my degree. This next year is going to be an exciting one. I’ll be studying Italian in Florence this summer, then moving to Wales to study outdoor leadership. Then, I’ll be returning to what I believe is my favorite place in the world, Squamish, to finish my final semester at Quest. After that… I have no idea. I hope it includes JUMP! again someday. But right now, I’m loving not knowing where my degree will take me! JUMP! would like to thank Ms. Dalla­Longa for all she has contributed! 

THE VISION: JUMP! envisions a world where young people fulfill their true potential as individuals, community leaders and global citizens.



JUMP! Facilitator Allison Baxter demonstrates how to be a Jedi!  

BACKGROUND: The  intention  behind  Jedi  Knight  is  to  promote  teamwork,  trust,  cooperation,  community  building,  and  most  importantly  communication  skills.  We  hope  that  you  will  use  our  instructions  as  a  guideline,  and  we  look forward to hearing educators’ and students’ creative modifications of  this game.      SETTING THE TONE:  Our learning intentions for this activity are to: a) facilitate communication  between participants, b) highlight communication difficulties and effective  strategies  for  improvement,  c)  develop  leadership  skills  including  taking  initiative, teamwork, critical thinking, and personal reflection.    PLAYERS:  Jedi Knight can be played with a number of participants, ranging from four  to thirty.    WHAT WE USE:  An  open  rectangular  space  of  approximately  20m  x  10m,  divided  lengthwise  into  two  halves  by  a  line  (line  on  gym  floor,  piece  of  tape  or  cones).  Two blindfolds.  Two soft balls – dodge balls work best!     .   

ACTIVITY OUTLINE:  We  begin  the  activity  by  randomly  separating  the  group  into  two  teams.  Each team standing on opposite ends of the rectangular playing area. Each  team  must  elect  one  Jedi  Knight  who  is  blindfolded,  given  a  soft  squishy  ball (referred to as the “Jedi Orb”), and moved to the middle of their team’s  side  of  the  rectangle.  The  rest  of  the  team,  the  Jedi  Counselors  line  up  across  the  end  of  their  side  of  the  rectangle  behind  their Jedi Knight.  The  objective of the game is for each team’s Jedi Council (the people not blind‐ folded)  to  work  together  and  use  effective  communication  to  direct  their  Jedi Knight to hit the opposite team’s Jedi Knight with the Jedi Orb.    If a Jedi Orb is accidentally thrown outside of the playing area, it must be  retrieved  by  one  of  the  Jedi  Counselors  and  returned  to  the  rectangular  space, nearest to where it was thrown outside the playing area.    The  game  has  a  number  of  rounds,  each  round  begins  with  1  minute  of  planning  time  followed  by  3  minutes  of  playing  time.  The  round  is  complete when 3 minutes is up or when one of the Jedi Knights is hit with a  Jedi Orb. When the round is complete, each team selects a new Jedi Knight,  and the game continues.        DEBRIEF:  The  experiential  education  cycle  relies  on  a  process  of  reflection  to  transform  a  task,  game  or  activity  into  experiential  learning.  Reflection  serves  to  integrate  a  new  experience  with  past  experiences  by  allowing  participants  the  time  to  examine  what  they  saw,  felt,  and  thought  about  during the activity.     When we facilitate Jedi Knight we ask students to first break off into their  teams  to  discuss  and  respond  to  questions  posed  by  the  facilitator,  and  also to discuss their observations of their behavior as a team. Some of the  basic  debrief  questions  for  this  activity  are:  What  communication  strategies  worked  well  for  your  team?  Did  people  listen  to  each  other?  Why? Why not? What did you learn about the way that you communicate?  Did you see any similarities from your team’s behavior in this activity, to  your team’s behavior on the court/ in the classroom/ in other areas of life?  What did you learn from this activity that you could use in another area of  your life?   

We hope  you  will  be  able  to  put  this  experiential  learning  activity  to  good  use!  Please feel free to share any stories relating to Jedi Knight or any feed­ forward you have regarding this activity! Email: 




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Length of Program: 5 days Dates and times: June 21 – June 25 (daily 8:00am – 5:00pm) DAY CAMP ONLY Program Fee: RMB 3,870.00 This five-day long day-camp aims to expose young learners to new concepts of community and personal development, while presenting them with fun and dynamic activities. Daily adventures and challenges will take place at various cultural and historical sites around Beijing. This day camp allows participants to develop goal-setting and reflection skills, as well as explore issues that affect the community and environment around them. Participants will be accompanied by two trained JUMP! facilitators in their adventures around the city. This experience is only open to 12 applicants.

JUMP! EMPOWER - Adventure Camp (Age 13-15) Length of Program: 5 days Dates and times: June 21st – June 23rd (daily 8:00am – 5:00pm) DAY CAMP ONLY June 24th – June 25th (overnight @ Miao Liang Environmental Education Center) Program Fee: RMB 4,540.00 Designed for teens, this week-long program emphasizes personal development and community leadership skills. Students will explore cultural sites around Beijing, discuss environmental issues facing the world today, and participate in a day of service within the city. Additionally, participants will partake in a two-day outdoor education trip at Western Academy of Beijing’s Miao Liang Environmental Education Center. Participants will be accompanied by two trained JUMP! facilitators in all their activities. Facilitators accompanying participants on wildreness adventures will be Wilderness 1st Aid trained. This experience is only open to 12 applicants.

JUMP! ENGAGE - Adventure Expedition (Age 16-18) Length of program: 7 days Dates and times: June 21st - June 23rd (overnight @ Miao Liang Environmental Education Centre) June 24th – June 27th (adventure expedition trip) Program Fee: RMB 6,979.00 This program is designed to be an intensive adventure leadership program for teens that explores adventure leadership, environmental stewardship, global issues, and authentic cultural engagement. During this program, participants will explore and engage in personal discovery and development, team building, problem solving, and basic wilderness survival skills. Additionally, participants will be challenged to learn how to engage authentically with Chinese culture, and to integrate environmental and global issues into their everyday lives. The emphasis of this program is to give participants the opportunity to engage with other students interested in developing their leadership potential, as well as engage with the greater community around them. This program will include a three-day trekking trip, departing from the Western Academy of Beijing Miao Liang Environmental Education Center. Participants will be accompanied by two trained JUMP! facilitators in all activities. Facilitators accompanying participants on trekking expedition will be Wilderness 1st Aid trained. This experience is only open to 12 participants.

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