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Welcome to our August 2010 edition of Jump Magazine. Well, it’s almost class time again for the kiddos. A store clerk spoke with lots of animated talk when she said it was almost time for school again. And, I thought to myself about what went on in the summer with her family. Did they do things together? Did they let the summer just slip by and presto! it’s already time to go back to school? My kids did not grow up with a lot of name-brand things or going to ballet or little league or many activities that some families get involved with. It was just too far away to take them and we barely got by. But, we did lots of things together in the summer. I remember once making rock people and animals out of pebbles/rocks that we found ourselves. I remember having lots of kids over to play. We lived, and have always lived, “out in the sticks,” and we love it. All of them, even now, love the woods, the wildlife and they still have fun outdoors. Investing in a few acres is what we have done and are doing to this day. The point is, you don’t have to have a lot to do a lot with the family. We take short little trips, called Road Trips. Next month, I will fill you in on the last Road Trip we took to Falcon Dam and Lookout Point, then Zapata. Hey, go there. Take the family and send us your pictures!! Happy “back to school” time.


ON THE COVER: From Alamo TX Jakob Age: 9 with his JUMP coloring page.

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Okay, so the summer is almost over and we let our kids sleep all day long and stay up till the wee hours of the night. If your children kept their regular school sleeping schedule, then this article is not for you. Summer is relaxing and kids have a way of talking us into “just one more hour, Mom.” Or, “c’mon, Mom, it’s not like we’re going to school or anything…” Well, August is upon us and now we need to wean our kids off their stay-up-all-night schedule. We must make sure that they get enough sleep to make it out of bed early and get to school and stay alert all day long. So, how can we do that?

nine—that’s 9—hours of restful sleep to do their best in school. The NHLBI Director, Dr. Claude Lenfant states: “We want parents of young children to understand that adequate nighttime sleep is important to children’s health, safety, and performance, and we would like to see children establish a good night’s sleep as a lifelong habit. The beginning of the school year is a perfect time to start them on a schedule that allows for enough restful sleep each night.” May I add that this applies to children of all ages, including teens, who are particularly fond of staying up late. Then, they can’t get up in the morning and feel lethargic and cranky!

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute advises parents that most children need at least

The NHLBI has the following tips for parents. 1. Set a regular time for bed each night and stick

JUMP • 5

to it. 2. Establish a relaxing bedtime routine, such as giving your child a warm bath and reading a story. 3. Make after-dinner playtime a relaxing time; too much exercise close to bedtime can keep children awake. 4. Avoid feeding children a big meal close to bedtime. 5. Avoid giving children something with caffeine less than six hours before bedtime. 6. Set the bedroom temperature so that it’s comfortable—not too warm or too cool. 7. Make sure the bedroom is dark; if necessary, use a small nightlight. 8. Keep the noise level low.

going to sleep, try using increments of 30 minutes until you get your children to bed at the scheduled time. There is still time for us to implement a gradual schedule. Soft music, at bedtime, sometimes soothes children and they are better able to fall asleep faster. It worked with my own children. The NHLBI has named Garfield the Cat as its “Star Sleeper.” For a 48-page Fun Pad, with sleep messages, games and puzzles, visit http:// or order it online at Or, write the NHLBI Health Information Network at P.O. Box 30105 Bethesda, MD 208240105. BJR

If you are having trouble sticking to a set time for JUMP-MAGAZINE.COM

NATURE QUOTES Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.  ~Les Brown You must have long-range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short-range failures.  ~Charles C. Noble

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. ~Anthony J. D’Angelo, The College Blue Book Don’t live down to expectations.  Go out there and do something remarkable.  ~Wendy Wasserstein

My life is my message. Mahatma Ghandi Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out. ~Art Linkletter Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.  ~Henry Ford Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion.  You must set yourself on fire.  ~Arnold H. Glasow If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.  ~J.M. Power Great ideas need landing gear as well as wings.  ~C.D. Jackson

Life’s problems wouldn’t be called “hurdles” if there wasn’t a way to get over them. ~Author Unknown Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. ~Author Unknown

God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow in them. ~Author Unknown JUMP • 6


Two-hundred thirty (230) Alaniz family members attended a first-ever reunion at the VFW Post in La Joya, Texas. Joining them were relatives on the Rodriguez side of the family. The Alaniz's came from Plainview, Lockney, Lubbock, Humble, Pasadena, Longview, Irving, Dallas and from Wichita, Kansas to attend this two day event-which was held on July 2nd and 3rd, 2010. Most of the Alaniz's in attendance were from the La Joya, Mission and McAllen area. Celebrating a heritage that can be traced back to the 400's A.D., a dance was held on Friday Night and informational sessions were held on Saturday. Kids, young and younger, danced to The Twist, The Limbo and a host of other fun dances, which Armadillo DJ (Billy Perez) greatly hosted for this event. Carlos Guzman was a special guest and entertained us with his great voice and music.

We wish to thank the Rodriguez (Delfina Rodriguez) great nephews and neices (Meli, Huero and Families) for celebrating with us. Irma Alaniz Crockett’s family from Irving and Premont were also special guests. And, Cousins Jesse and Violeta-from Wichita, Kansas and the Miguel Alaniz family, thank you for being here, too! The Alaniz Family tree is not complete, but we are on the right tract. We have discovered that we are of Lipan-Apache ancestory and we are tracking information on a Jorge Mariano Washington-Eyers. We may just discover that one of our ancestors was part of the American Revolution! What Fun! On August 14, 2010, a time capsule will be buried in La Joya. For more information, contact Betty (Alaniz) Ramirez at 956 240 3255. The next Alaniz Reunion is planned for July 5th and 6th of 2013.

Petra Alaniz Garza, Daughter of Santos Alaniz

ALANIZ FAMILY GENEOLOGY *Highlighted lines tie in the direct connection from the past to the present.

Cristobal Antonio Abad Solis Vela Married Maria Marcelina Bernarda Flores Bermudes Child: Antonio Abad(o) Solis (1750-1803)*married three times. Wife #1: Maria de los Santos Cervantes Vela in 1770. Their Children: Segundo 1774, Francisco1772, Maria Lucia1773, Francisco J.1775, Antonio1776, Petra 1777, Agapito 1779, Maria Ines Olaya1781, Juan1781, Maria Guadalupe1794, Pedro, Juana de Dios, Juan Miguel1781, Maria De los Santos, AND Candido (1774) Married Wife #2 Petra Hinojosa Solis (Porcion 90).  Children: Maria Eduvijes Solis Hinojosa Married Martin Washington Children: Roldan Washington Solis Librada Washington Solis1856 Married Luis Solis Salazar (son Serapio Solis) Petra Washington Solis Married Husband #1: Chino Burkhart? Husband #2: Jose Maria Alanis (Jose Maria Alanis’ Father was Vicente Alanis Lopez (100% Lipan Apache). Vicente’s parents (100%) Lipan Apache) were Miguel Alanis and Antonia Vela Longoria)  Children of Petra Washington Solis and Jose Maria Alanis: Jacinto Alanis Washington Delfina Washington Solis Victor Alanis Washington Married Delfina Rodriguez Children: Santos, Luis, Victor, Guadalupe (Lupe), Manuel,Jose, Sipriana, Angela, Delfina Delfina and Jose died young. We were celebrating the lives of the following brothers and sisters: Santos Alaniz Married Sara Olvera-Children: Santos, Enrique, Luis, Natalia, Aurora, Bella, Petra, Miguel, Valente Luis Alaniz Married Otila Salinas-Children: Luis Jr., Arturo, Jose, Ricardo, Maria, Otila, Juanita, Manuel Victor Alaniz Married Eva Garza-Children: Margarito, Frank, Delfina, Victor Jr., David, Olga Guadalupe Alaniz Married Alicia Garcia -Children: Betty, Wallace, Mable, Mary Manuel Alaniz Married Delia Perez-Children: Lee Roy, Gloria , Manuel, Linda, M. Yolanda Angela married Jesus Arjona-Child Jesse; 2nd Marriage: Alfredo Rodriguez-Children: Victor, Tanila. Sipriana married Pedro Gonzalez-Children: Pedor, Irene, Ignacia. 2nd Marriage: to Encarnacion SepulvedaChildren: Josefina, Jose Enrique, Maria, Jesus, Guadalupe, Encarnacion, Jr., Angelita, Santos.

McAllen Wushu School and the USA Wushu Team A few weeks ago, five members of a well-known martial arts academy, McAllen Wushu School, participated in two of the largest and most respected martial art tournaments in the country, the 2010 USAWKF Nationals and the International Wushu-Kungfu Championships. The three-day event took place from July 16 to 18 in San Jose, California. Only four out of sixty students in the school were selected to tryout and compete for a spot on the USA Wushu Team. Their names are Paulina Lerma, Andres Hernandez, Manuel Lerma, and Jaime Hurtado, along with the school’s Head Coach, and former champion

JUMP • 10

Felipe Corona. Training for this event began six months ago in January. For this young group of athletes, making it to the top meant a whole lot of work and determination. “Everyone who is a part of the athletic community understands what a big deal it is to make it to the top in a tournament of this caliber, especially because it only occurs every two years. These kids are the perfect example of what disciplined children can accomplish,” says Lina Madrid, McAllen Wushu School owner and President. “Of course, they are also very lucky to have such an excellent coach and martial arts roe-model. Their coach, Felipe Corona who is a seven times national champion in his native Mexico, re-entered the competition race after eight years. Even after all the time passed, he surprised the school with a gold medal for his empty hands routine. Paulina Lerma, a fifteen-year-old varsity track runner and straight A student, managed to win two gold medals for her spear routines despite an aggravated knee

injury she had been dealing with all summer. One recent induction into the team is eight-year old Jaime Hurtado. Another straight A student that placed top ten in the nation in his very first national competition. A more familiar name is that of twelveyear old Andres Hernandez, featured in the News Channel Five segment called “Kids You Should Know”. He, who is McAllen Wushu School’s first and highest ranking student, placed top five in the nation and brought home a silver medal for his straightsword routine. Finally, Manuel Lerma, who was featured on News Channel Five for representing the country and ranking fifth in the world at the 2008 World Wushu Games in Bali, Indonesia, made it into U.S.A. Wushu Team that will represent the United States at the Pan-American Wushu Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina this October. It is important to emphasize that these are national rank-

ings recognized by world sports federations including the International Olympic Committee. The competitors did not only have to rise above the heavy competition from their counter participants, but they also had to gain the favor of a ten-judge panel which consisted of celebrity hosts such as Zhao Qingjian (2008 Olympic Wushu Gold Medalist) and Dominique Saatenang (Prince of Cameron). Nevertheless, McAllen Wushu School represented the Rio Grande Valley splendidly and we thank them for that. Our affectionate congratulations go out to the parents for their great effort, we love to know that there are parents out there that are still willing to support and encourage their children on such a large scale. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP MANUEL COMPETE IN THE PAN-AMERICAN GAMES, PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AND SEE HOW EVERYONE CAN BE A PART OF THIS!


Pinkalicious, by Victoria & Elizabeth Kann Where to find it at McAllen Library: E kann Review by Patty Gonzalez, Children’s Assistant

This picture book is about a little girl who likes to eat pink cupcakes. She eats so many that she turns pink. Her mom takes her to the doctor who diagnoses her with a rare and acute case of Pinkititus. Pinkalicious is told to eat green food to restore her complexion. She takes the doctor’s advice and eats all the green food she can find in the fridge. She stuffs herself with Brussels sprouts, olives, spinach, and artichokes and the next thing you notice, Pinkalicious has returned to normal. This book has boldly colored illustrations and is a fun read!

He Forgot to Say Goodbye, by Benjamin Alire Saenz Where to find it at McAllen Library: Y F Saenz Review by Kate Horan, Assistant Director for Public Services Ramiro Lopez and Jake Upthegrove live two different lives. Ramiro, or “Ram,” lives in the Mexican-American working class barrio of El Paso and and has a brother with a drug problem. Jake is a rich boy with anger management issues at home and school. What do they have in common? Neither boy has met his real father. Ram and Jake strike an unlikely friendship that helps each one to become less of a loner as they move toward adulthood and its complicated choices. Told from each boy’s perspective in short chapters, this novel is a realistic tale of how hard it is to become a man.

Don’t Buy The Bull, by Cassandra Toroian Where to find it at McAllen Library: 332.6 Tor Review by Kate Horan, Assistant Director for Public Services If you’re tired of the rat race – work all day, pay bills – and worry about your financial future, this is a book for you! There’s a lot of advice out there, but, says author Toroian, it’s time to stop believing the wrong, outdated myths we’ve been told and time to start on the path of financial stability according to a new set of rules. She debunks 23 financial myths in plain language anyone can understand. A frequent guest on CNBC and Fox Business, Toroian has helped many Americans get their finances back on track!


JUMP • 12


It’s Back to School – Time to Get Organized! By Dr. Ida Acuña-Garza, Executive Director for Research and Training, Abriendo Puertas, Inc. – parental communication initiative, Texas A&M University.

School is just a few weeks away from starting up again. For students it can be a sad time because the days of sleeping late are over; but it can also be an exciting time to see school friends again, meet new teachers, and get into the routine of school activities. For parents, it can be a blessing or a curse because a new home schedule and routine will need to start again. Parents, now is the time to really think through the process of the school schedule and plans for helping your child get organized, stay organized and succeed in their school work. Here are a few ideas for you to consider: 1.Begin now talking about the home routine schedule. Answer the following questions in your mind first and then share your ideas and plan with your family: a.What time will everyone have to get up in the morning to make sure they get ready, eat a good breakfast, and leave home with plenty of time to arrive in school? b.Will your children ride the bus to school, join a car pool, or will you drive them? 2.Set an evening routine. Make sure each child prepares everything they need for the next day the evening before. Have them set out clothes/uniform they will wear, shoes, socks, back pack with school supplies, textbooks, lunch money, etc. so that all they have to do is get ready, get dressed and pick up what they need without having JUMP • 13

to look for anything. 3.Parents, make your expectations well-known. Set an afternoon routine. You expect your children to come home, eat a nutritious snack, and begin their homework. You decide when television or video game time is permitted and stick to that schedule! You expect for homework to be completed at a decent time, and still allow ample time for play time, bath time, and time for you, parents, to review homework before bed time and lights out! 4.About those nutritious afternoon snacks…research shows that high protein, high energy snacks are best to keep energy going into the evening so that kids can keep working. Snacks such as cheese and crackers, peanut butter, fresh fruits, juice, milk, fresh vegetables with dip or dressing, nuts and snacks like trail mix are best in the afternoon when your children get home from school. The more of these snacks that are pre-prepared and ready-to-eat that you have available, the better. For example, a fresh orange or apple is a great snack. The orange will require more preparation than the apple which can be picked up and eaten. If you cut the orange up in quarters or if you prepare orange sections, your children will be more apt to eat it than if they have to prepare it themselves. You can prepare snack packs with any of these snacks and have them ready for the week. It will take time on your part but when you consider

the health and energy of your child it is well- worth the time and effort. Spend a Sunday evening preparing snacks for the week and have your children put them in plastic snack bags for themselves and store them in the refrigerator. 5.Talk to your children about the importance of education every chance you get. Dream with your children about their future careers. Ask them what they want to study in college. Remember, college is NOT optional! High school graduation is NOT optional! Tell your child that you expect them to take school seriously, do their best, and work toward making good grades, graduate from high school, and continue to technical school or college; but that you EXPECT them to be successful. Mention that if they have a problem with a course or subject you will help find tutoring or assistance to help them. 6.Spend time with your children at the public library. If your child needs to prepare a research paper or project, don’t just “drop them off” at the library. Go in and help if you can. If you cannot help, then go in and read something for yourself. Use the public computers or even read a magazine or the newspaper while you wait for your child. Your public library is one of the best community resources families can have. 7.Plan on going to registration with your child. Yes! Even your high school students need to know that you want to be

informed about their classes and meet their counselor. 8.Spend quality time shopping for school supplies. Start saving now and take advantage of sales on school supplies. Use this time to talk about how proud you are that they are progressing through school successfully. Again, do not forget to state your expectations for them. Make the conversation positive and help them look at the experience as an adventure in learning. 9.Set a time and day of the week as a Family Reading Time. Turn off the television, radio, and video games and have everyone in the family read something for an hour. Each can read something of their choice or one member of the family can read to the rest. One hour of quality reading time with your children will help develop a love for reading and understand that books can take you to other lands, to experience emotions, and to help your imagination soar! 10.Lastly, monitor your child’s school work throughout the year. Do not let a two weeks go by without talking with their child about their experience and work in school. Call your child’s teacher or counselor and offer your help in being part of the school team of professionals – from the principal to the counselor to the teacher to yourself – to help your child have a successful school year! Good luck! JUMP-MAGAZINE.COM

¡Es tiempo de Regreso a la Escuela – Tiempo de Organizarse! By Dr. Ida Acuña-Garza, Executive Director for Research and Training, Abriendo Puertas, Inc. – parental communication initiative, Texas A&M University. El regreso a la escuela está pendiente. Para algunos estudiantes puede ser un tiempo triste porque se acaban las mañanas de dormir tarde; pero también puede ser un tiempo animado pensando en ver sus amigos de escuela otra vez, conocer nuevos maestros, y lanzarse en la rutina de las actividades escolares. Para los padres, el regreso a la escuela puede ser una bendición o una aflicción porque requiere que se inicie un nuevo horario y rutina de escuela. Padres, ahora es cuando tomar el tiempo para pensar bien la planificación del horario de escuela y ayudarle a sus hijos organizarse, mantenerse organizados, y lograr el éxito escolar. He aquí algunas ideas para su consideración: 1.Empiece ahora platicando con sus hijos sobre la nueva rutina de regreso a la escuela. De respuestas a las siguientes preguntas en su mente primera y después comparta sus ideas con su familia: a.¿Qué hora tendrán que levantarse cada mañana para asegurarse que tendrán suficiente tiempo para prepararse, comer un buen desayuno, y salir de la casa con tiempo para llegar a la escuela a buena hora? b.¿Como llegaran a la escuela sus niños? ¿En el autobús de la escuela? ¿Con vecinos? ¿Los llevara usted? 2.Establezca una rutina cada tarde. Enséñeles a sus hijos como preparar todo lo que necesitan para el día siguiente la noche antes. Pídales que arreglen su vestuario o uniforme, sus calcetines, zapatos, mochila con sus herramientas escolares, libros, dinero para comer, etcétera, para que solamente tengan que levanJUMP • 14

tarse, arreglarse, vestirse, levantar su mochila y irse. 3.Padres, comunique sus expectativas. Establezca una rutina para cada tarde. Usted espera que sus hijos llegan a casa, que tomen el tiempo para comer un antojito nutritivo, y que empiecen sus tareas escolares. ¡Usted decide cuando se permite ver la televisión o jugar juegos de video y debe ser firme en esta decisión! También usted espera que la tarea se complete a tiempo, permitiendo oportunidad para jugar, bañarse, y para que ustedes, los padres, puedan revisar la tarea antes de la hora de dormir y cuando las luces se mantienen apagadas. 4.Tocante esos antojitos nutritivos…las investigaciones dicen que antojitos que son altos en proteína y energía son mejores para mantener la energía continua en la tarde cuando los niños siguen utilizando sus mentes. Antojitos como queso y galletitas saladas, mantequilla de cacahuate, frutas frescas, jugos, leche, vegetales frescos con adereza, nueces y antojitos como una mezcla de nueces, avena, y fruta seca son los mejores en la tarde cuando sus hijos llegan de la escuela. Por lo tanto, si estos antojitos están disponibles y listos para comer es mejor. Por ejemplo, una naranja o manzana son un buen antojito. Sin embargo, la naranja requiere más preparación que la manzana la cual se puede comer de inmediato. Si corta la naranja en gajitos o en secciones, sus hijos serán más acertados a comerse la naranja si ellos mismos no tienen que prepararla. Usted puede preparar bolsitas de antojitos y tenerlas listas para la semana entera. Le costara tiempo y

esfuerzo de su parte pero cuando considera la salud y energía de sus hijos vale la pena hacerlo. Tome su tiempo un domingo por la tarde preparando antojitos para toda la semana, y pida a sus niños que los guarden en las bolsitas de plástico y guárdelos en el refrigerador. 5.Platique con sus hijos sobre la importancia de una educación cada oportunidad que tenga. Sueñe con sus hijos sobre sus futuras carreras. Pregúnteles que quieren estudiar cuando lleguen al colegio. ¡Recuerde, ir a colegio no es un opción, es una necesidad! ¡La graduación de la preparatoria no es una opción, es una necesidad! Dígales a sus hijos que su expectativas es que consideren la escuela una tarea seria, que le echen ganas, logren buenas calificaciones, que se gradúen de la preparatoria, y sigan su educación en una escuela técnica o en la universidad. Su expectativa para ellos es que logren el éxito. También asegúreles que si tienen problemas con alguna materia, usted les ayudara a encontrar tutorial o un tipo de ayuda para ellos. 6.Pase tiempo con su familia en la biblioteca pública. Si su hijo/ hija necesita preparar un reporte o proyecto de investigación, no nomas déjelo en la biblioteca. Entre usted y ayude si puede. Si no puede ayudar, vaya y póngase a leer algo para usted. Utilice las computadoras, lea una revista o el periódico mientras que su hijo acaba. Su biblioteca pública es uno de los mejores recursos comunitarios para las familias. 7.Haga planes para ir a la matriculación de la escuela con su hijo/hija. ¡Si! Aun sus hijos que ya están en la preparatoria necesitan saber que usted quiere

mantenerse informada sobre sus clases y conocer a la consejera. 8.Pase tiempo de calidad comprando las provisiones y herramientas escolares. Empiece a ahorrar para tomar aventaja de los especiales de venta en todo para el regreso a la escuela. Utilice este tiempo para decirle a sus hijos que está muy orgullosa de ellos que están llevando sus estudios bien. Una vez más, no se le olvide declarar sus expectativas para ellos. Haga la conversación positiva y ayúdeles a agradecer las experiencias escolares como aventuras en el aprendizaje. 9.Establezca una hora y día de la semana como la Hora Familiar Para Leer. Apague la televisión, la radio, y los juegos video y ponga a todos en la familia a leer por una hora. Cada uno puede leer algo que les guste o un miembro de la familia puede leerles a los demás. ¡Una hora de tiempo de calidad leyendo con sus hijos ayudara a desarrollar un amor al leer y al concepto que los libros nos pueden llevar a otros mundos, para sentir emociones, y ayudar que resalta la imaginación! 10.Últimamente, monitoree el trabajo escolar de sus hijos todo el año. No deje pasar dos semanas sin hablar con sus hijos de la escuela y como van con sus clases. Llame a los maestros de sus hijos y ofrezca su apoyo siendo parte del equipo escolar de profesionales –desde el director de la escuela hasta la consejera hasta la maestra, y finalmente a usted –para ayudar a sus hijos lograr el éxito escolar. ¡Buena suerte!


Security First Credit Union President, Mr. Al Beltran, Blanca Hinojosa, Coordinator of Marketing and Betty Ramirez, Publisher of Jump Magazine . Security First C. U. joined Jump Magazine in collecting over 15 lbs. of crayons in observance of Eart h Day. These will be melted down and given to children, in the area, who are hospitalized or ill.

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2 pounds new or redskin potatoes, whole 1 teaspoon salt, divided 1/2 pound bacon 3/4 cup finely chopped onions 1/4 cup olive oil 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 1/4 cup red wine vinegar 2 tablespoons horseradish mustard Freshly ground black pepper to taste Cover the potatoes with cold water, adding 1/2 teaspoon of the salt to the water. Bring to a boil and cook just until tender. Drain and allow to cool. Coarsely chop potatoes and place in a large bowl.

These are great ribs from the grill -- tender and tasty. 6 pounds spareribs (pork ribs) 2 cups catsup 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice 1/2 cup brown sugar, firmly packed 1 tablespoon prepared mustard 1/2 cup onion, finely chopped 1/4 cup butter 1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce 1 clove garlic, minced 1/8 teaspoon Tabasco sauce In a large pan, cook the ribs in boiling water 45 to 60 minutes or until tender. Remove ribs from pan and drain.

Fry the bacon in a skillet until crisp, remove from skillet, drain and crumble. In the same skillet, sautĂŠ the onion until golden, remove from heat and drain onion on paper towels. In a small bowl, combine the onion, bacon, olive oil, mayonnaise, vinegar, mustard and remaining 1/2 teaspoon salt. Mix well, and pour over potatoes. Toss gently. Add pepper to taste, Chill for several hours or overnight before serving.

Meanwhile, in a medium saucepan, combine all remaining ingredients. Simmer uncovered for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Place ribs on oiled grill over medium heat. Grill ribs as desired, turning and basting frequently with sauce. Refrigerate leftovers. Makes 4 generous servings. recipes courtesy of JUMP • 16


Clouds are the sky’s way of moving water from one place to another. Water on land or in the ocean evaporates, turning from a liquid to a gas called water vapor. The water vapor rises, cools, and then turns back into a liquid, forming tiny droplets. Enough of these droplets make a cloud. When the droplets come together, they combine to form bigger droplets. When they get big enough, they fall to the ground as rain. Or, if it’s very cold, they freeze and come down as snow or sleet or hail. Meanwhile, the wind may have blown the cloud a long distance from where its water started. You can tell a lot from a cloud’s shape, size, and “texture.” We put clouds into categories based on their shape, how high they are in the sky, how big they are, how they formed, how fast and in what direction they’re moving . . . and so on. Sometimes clouds are very unruly. They appear to be a little of this and a little of that.

Besides moving water around from one place to another, clouds play a very important part in maintaining Earth’s temperature. Scientists need to understand better how clouds affect climate. Current weather satellites give scientists a lot of important information about clouds, but they don’t show anything about how the clouds are built top to bottom. Cloudsat is a space mission to study clouds, taking 3-D images of them using advanced radar technology. It was launched April 28, 2006. Cloudsat is orbiting Earth, flying in formation with two other satellites that take cloud measurements using different kinds of instruments. Cloudsat measures how much liquid water and ice are in the clouds at what heights, and how these factors affect the clouds’ ability to reflect or trap the sun’s energy. Data collected by all three satellites is combined to give a better understanding than we have ever had before of how clouds work and how they affect climate all

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JUMP • 18


Display your child’s artwork using these personalized star magnets. Kids will be proud to have their artwork hung for all to see.

: Items needed

the at star or cut fl n e d o o W ” 3 • rd stock (use a star out of ca tern) cookie cutter

for the pat

e ribbon • 5” Decorativ (1” wide) ny color) • Craft paint (a pens • Glitter glue n write names o • Markers (to stars) • Scissors • Hot glue gun ision) (parent superv rge magnet (as la g n ro st ry e V • ar) behind the st as you can fit

Paint your star the color desired and let dry. Using a contrasting colored marker, write the child’s name and any other words on the star. Ideas: “My Artist Did This” “ A Masterpiece by” “— Did This” “Look What — Did!” If you mess up on the lettering, just repaint over the star. Using a glitter glue pen, draw a thin line all around the outside edge of the star and let dry. Take your piece of ribbon and fold it in half length-

wise. Starting at the end of the ribbon, cut at an angle toward the folded edge. You should have a “V” shape cut out of the ribbon. Repeat for other end. Fold the ribbon in half. Slightly angle the ribbon so you will see both pieces (see photo). Add hot glue on back of star with edges showing below the bottom of the star. Hot glue the magnet on the back of the star. Date the back of the magnet with the marker.



JUMP • 20


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JUMP • 22


1. What did the male raindrop say to the beautiful female raindrop?

12. Why did the tornado get arrested?

2. What do raindrops get if they go to an event that is cancelled?

13. Where is a tornado put in jail to be punished?

3. What is the most popular game played by tornadoes?

14. How do lightning bolts flirt?

4. What is the most popular sport played by raindrops and hail stones?

15. How easy is it for wind gusts to talk to each other?

5. Where do lightning bolts go on dates?

16. What type of music do lightning bolts listen to?

6. Where do hail stones go on dates?

17. Why do tornadoes move so erratically?

7. Where do wind gusts go to on dates?

18. Why were the watermelon and pumpkin jealous of the pea?

8. What do clouds want to be when they grow up? 9. Where do clouds go to the bathroom? 10. In the summer desert heat, what did a dust devil say to the over-talkative dust devil? 11. How do high and low pressure systems greet each other?

19. Famous quotes from clouds: -”To condense or not to condense, that is the question” -”Let the wind be your guide, always follow the wind” -”Be sure to stay in shape” -”If you gotta go, you gotta go”


JUMP • 23


Joke from PG: 23 1. I’m falling for you 2. A sun check 3. Catch my drift 4. Diving 5. To cloud 9 JUMP • 24

6. To hell 7. To Chicago 8. Thunderstorms 9. Anywhere they want 10. You are really blowing a lot of hot air 11. A high says “Hi” and a

low says “Hello” 12. For speeding, theft, vandalism, assault and murder 13. In a high pressure cell 14. They electrocute each other 15. It is a breeze

16. Rock and Roll 17. They are dizzy 18. There is no category called watermelon or pumpkin size hail



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“My kids and I were exporing the woods on a Sunday afternoon and captured some really cool animals who were doing the same. My daughter said I should run back home and grab my camera. I’m glad I did. The animals were more cooperative than most of my human subjects.” - Ramsey Ramirez JUMP • 30

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