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Planning the front cover image Agency Name (Name of your school Magazine)

Majestic Marylebone



Camera height/angle/distance Mid shot. Level Location

Study room/Classroom/Common room


Indoor room using room lighting. If flash is required ensure camera is at least 1.5 metres away to prevent over exposure.

Mise-en-scene (incl. props, costume)

Simple, modern attire. Folders, pens and sheets of paper.


Common room display boards. Props to include folders, pens. All to be smartly dressed and smiling but with no eye contact with the camera. Happy environment, work environment, silent, calm

Attempted connotation Planned denotation

Happy environment, work environment, silent, calm

Contingency (in case of model absence/weather) Use a replacement model. Weather will not affect as it is indoors. Alternate angle Thinking points: Rule of thirds, White background shot Comments:

High camera angle

Front cover planning  
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