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Volume 1 Issue 1

Better Life Optimum Outcomes Magazine

In This Issue: Najoli Nugget Connectedness Herman Jumba Najoli talks about the Decade of Connectedness Better Life Every Day The Magic of Talent Book Review Book Review Review of "Quest for Light" Quick Quotes Vision Ali, Hill, Zarlenga

January 2010

Najoli Nugget | Better Life Every Day | Book Review | Quotes Najoli Nugget The Decade of Connectedness By Herman Jumba Najoli, MA This has been the decade of social networking - myspace, facebook, you-tube and many other media created avenues through which people interacted at many levels. My vision for the coming decade is that there will be even greater connectedness. Connectedness should therefore govern our thinking and actions in every aspect of our lives. Connectedness is the state of being joined, linked or fastened together. In mathematics, connectedness refers to various properties meaning, in some sense, “all one piece”. As we step into a new year and advance closer into a new decade, our vision should be to bring all the dimensions of our lives into one coherent piece. Connectedness brings order and synergy to the people, things or events that are associated together in that relationship. Connectedness entails new thinking in terms of relatedness and relationships which will be the springboard for the advancement of greatness in people. In this edition of BLOOM, I’d like to share with you some pre-determined key result areas for connectedness. Key Result Areas for Connectedness 1. Connectedness to true spiritual roots Spirit is essential in the pursuit of a better life. Our souls should prosper as we endeavor to help others develop their personal potential. Our first quest in connectedness will be a solid relationship with God. It will be essential to have a commitment to faith. The winds of social change are blowing in all sorts of directions and it will be impossible to navigate them without a solid connectedness to true spiritual roots. Our entire intelligence, consciousness and sentience must be inspired by our spiritual development. This will be the key to vibrant and effective living.

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2. Connectedness to one another and to family In December of 2003, my wife and I created what we call our nuptial values. These values were an off-shoot of our marriage vision statement. While we have encountered tremendous success based on this vision, we sense a need for even deeper connection in 2010 and beyond. Human connection will need to go beyond online chat rooms and blogs to real community. Community starts with an individual and extends to the family, then to society. Connectedness to society will be discussed later under the idea of connectedness to people who matter. 2010 will be the year of one-on-one connection and investing time with family.

3. Connectedness to our unique individual visions In the new year and decade, you will need to demonstrate a commitment to your personal vision for life more than ever before. If you have never concretized a solid personal vision for life, this is the time to do it. Significance in life will be a direct function of your personal vision for a better life. My wife has a powerful vision for the coaching industry and her place within it. Her vision is so concise and specific in terms of the end results of her coaching. It ties in so well with my personal vision of empowering others. While we are joined together matrimonially, we also recognize that we are unique individuals with personal paths that are custom-tailored according to our intrinsic make-up. Our goal is to empower each other to pursue our personal visions extensively. 4. Connectedness to our joint destiny and family legacy 2010 will be the year of understanding and grasping of our place in the human family and its destiny. More than ever before, people will start contributing at a higher level to the well-being of others, regardless of their individual differences. This will be manifested in many facets like volunteering for greater causes, community activities, travel and many others. Family will take center-stage in the activities of individuals. There will be more connectedness and oneness within the family unit. 5. Connectedness to the people who matter in our lives Great social and professional relationships are essential for the realization of one’s personal destiny. We will associate with good thinkers, thought leaders and idealists with a passion for better life. I envision productive gatherings of visionary thinkers at coffee houses, bookstores, city squares, college campuses and many other places. This will be a huge avenue for the development of robust ideas which will greatly enhance the lives of so many people. Groups for personal and professional development will sprout and mushroom all over the place. This will be an unbeatable year for those who embrace the joy of teamwork with like-minded individuals. Success and significance will be theirs for the taking. Better Life Every Day The Magic of Talent One of the basic things that I’ve come to learn is that it takes more than talent to live a productive life. Being talented is a critical component of the productive life but it is not the be all and end all. Talent is never enough. Talent alone just doesn’t cut it. I know that’s a shocking statement given the title of this treatise. Let me clarify: talent is powerful but it’s not enough. To gain the full power of talent you must understand the magic of TALENT.

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I’ve learnt this in many ways in my own personal life. One of my main talents, I’ve come to learn, has been in writing and developing ideas. I can come up with acronyms and ideas in a flash that illustrate things that empower people in many different ways. However, I haven’t been able to unleash this talent for the benefit of those that appreciate it fully. While there are many factors that come into consideration, it is still an indicator that talent is never enough. Another of my talents has been running (I’m from Kenya. What else would you expect!?). But you see, running is not my passion. Put me in a 100 meter race

with a tortoise, a millipede and a chameleon and I will come in last, completely out of breath and barely able to stand! Talent is just not enough! So, what makes talent work? Here are thoughts on the magic of TALENT: Thinking cultivates talent Its one thing to have talent and it’s quite another to know how to exploit that talent. It’s the quality of thinking that separates talented achievers from talented underachievers. Learning how to think at a higher level is key to maximizing your talent. Attitude sustains talent Denis Waitley is fond of saying that the winner’s edge is in his attitude. Attitude shines and it is the key to maintaining a successful pursuit of one’s real talents. A great attitude will enable you to achieve so much more than you ever dreamt possible. Leadership elevates talent Talent can enable you to soar from obscurity into the limelight but it takes leadership to keep you in the limelight. Having a leadership bent and a mind for what it takes to stay at the top is key to utilizing talent efficiently. Your leadership skills will elevate your talent. Excellence magnifies talent A solid commitment to pure excellence is the foundation for the magnification of one’s talents. Doing everything with excellence creates room for you to extend your talents. Excellence also sets you apart from the crowd because most people are used to mediocrity. Nature nurtures talents Nothing is more natural than a person’s talents. The key to being able to develop your talent is to stay natural. Don’t be a cheap copy when you can be original! Your nature actually sets you apart and makes you a winner. You’ve got to stay connected to the essence of who you are as a person. Trustworthiness secures talent A lasting legacy comes from lasting qualities. Developing a reputation for trustworthiness enables you to secure the use of your talents. People want to be able to trust that you will deliver. The key to that is in being truthful and honest with them. Talent is never enough. It takes TALENT to realize the fullness of talent! To read more about keys to living a better life, go to To learn more about Herman Jumba Najoli and the Better Life Company, visit the website at: Growth is not permanent One of the most important things that must be grasped in life is that growth is not permanent. Many times we set a goal for accomplishment and once that goal is attained we sort of settle into a feeling that we have arrived. Best

example of this is the diploma mentality. Most people stop learning and growing once their degree, diploma or certificate in whatsoever they are pursuing. The end result of this is that they slowly start losing most of what they had learnt. The key to continuous improvement in life is a commitment to never-ending personal growth. here are some growth keys for a better life: 

Generate a passion for growth within yourself Personal growth is not easy. It takes a special commitment to maintain consistent growth. The key to this is to make a personal decision for continuous growth. You have to decide that no matter what you will carve out time for your growth.

Read widely with a desire to expand your knowledge Leaders are readers. In order to stay ahead of the pack, you must do what the pack doesn’t do. Few people read on a daily basis. What you do daily will decide who you become permanently. You have to read and listen to audio books daily.

Omit useless activities from your daily agenda Personal growth goes hand-in-hand with time management. In order to develop yourself you must learn to discriminate wisely amongst activities. That’s the key to maintaining focus. Activity doesn’t necessarily equate to productivity.

Wear a whatever it takes attitude I was watching Tiger Woods play golf on the final day of the 2007 Buick invitational which he won by two strokes for his seventh straight PGA tour win. Tiger has committed himself to continously improving his game. Nobody wears a whatever it takes attitude better than him.

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Treasure the company of others that are growing Who you become in five years depends a lot on who you associate with today. Find people that are growing and share in their growth. Your environment should consist of people that are going in the same direction in which you are headed. That is the key to achievement.

Hammer-out a lifestyle of growth Developing a lifestyle of growth is not easy. Once you set your eyes on growing, all sorts of obstacles will try and prevent you from attaining that goal. You have to “chisel” out a pathway of growth in your life.

Embrace these keys to growth and you will definitely attain more than you ever thought possible! Best of luck :-) To read more about making every day the best day of your life, go to:

Book Review BOOK REVIEW Quest for Light: Inspired Teachings for Releasing Divine Insight into Your Life By Herman J. Najoli (Better Life Publishing, 2005) In Quest for Light, Herman Jumba Najoli provides an array of insights that empower people and motivate them towards realizing their very best potential in life. Drawing upon his life of faith, Herman uses biblically sound ideas to enlighten on what it means to live a prudent life, how to discover your identity, developing the courage to do exploits, keys to productivity in life and many other crucial areas of personal development. In keeping with a similar style from The Road to Arrival and Battling for Your Prophetic Destiny, Herman obviously loves lists, alliterations and acrostics. Each chapter contains at least one list of things to do, key points to recognize or a series of principles to know. One example of a list of practical ideas is in the elements of prudence: 1. Knowledge. 2. Understanding. 3. Caution. 4. Teachability. 5. Wisdom. 6. Discernment. Quest for Light is a book for the times. People are seeking answers in life and this book endeavors to provide direction. The strongest point of Quest for Light is driving home the point that true light in life comes from the knowledge of the word of God. Herman quotes immensely from scripture and shares his ideas with a biblical worldview. With Quest for Light Herman leaves behind a well-defined set of footprints that can help people at all levels of life gain divine insight for understanding the seasons of their lives. Readers will be rewarded with an abundance of knowledge for investing their time in Quest for Light. Quotes Vision

“ Champions aren't made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them: A desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last-minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill.” ~ Muhammad Ali “ Cherish your vision and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements. ” ~ Napoleon Hill “ To come to be you must have a vision of Being, a Dream, a Purpose, a Principle. You will become what your vision is.” ~ Peter Nivio Zarlenga Contacting Us For more information on Herman Jumba Najoli, MA, please visit our website by clicking here. In our effort to become your new content provider, portions of

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