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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Painting Contractors

Hiring a reliable painting contractor is the best way of preventing decorating nightmares and get the quality you expect at a fair price. When hiring a painting contractor, here are a few things you should know. Common questions about working with professional painting services How do I keep myself from being ripped off? Even though the majority of professional painting services are dependable, there have been cases of some customers being cheated. To keep yourself from being ripped off, you should be cautious about contractors that go door-to-door soliciting business, demand a considerable down payment or the full amount before starting work, use scare tactics or high-pressure sales strategies, or do not supply a written contract. You must not be rushed into making a choice. Allow yourself enough time to verify a contractor’s credentials, insurance certificate, and references. How much will I expect to pay for painting services? This varies greatly from company to company. Most painting works are quoted at a fixed price, for certain services or deliverables. Some may charge by the hour, where you might pay between $50 and $70 hourly. In most cases, a minimum fee will be charged, usually to pay for 1.5 to 2 hours of labor. Quite often, prices can be negotiated, particularly if you have used their services in the past, whether for painting or for another kind of work. To get a good deal, do a comparison of quotes from several painting contractors Tampa. Should I work with a licensed painting contractor? Many states, including Florida, do not give a license particularly for paint contractors. It does, however, requires that all those working in the construction

industry, which include painters, use a license. Using a licensed contractor ensures that the one painting your property has acquired relevant education and training and has passed a written exam. To validate the license standing and the business’s history, call the licensing authority in your city or county. Do I have to use an insured and bonded company? It is wise to do so. The painting company you hire must have adequate liability insurance to cover work-related damages and workman’s compensation insurance for job-related injury or health risks. A bond will cover you if the contract terms were not accomplished by the contractor. A bond is required to provide financial coverage for any paint job which will cost you in excess of $500. Be sure to confirm if the insurance and bond of your contractor are valid prior to them starting work. To know more about painting contractors in Tampa, tap here.

Frequently asked questions about hiring painting contractors  
Frequently asked questions about hiring painting contractors  

Using a good painting contractor is the most effective way of preventing decorating nightmares and get the quality you want at a reasonable...