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5 Best Free Ways to Advertise Online

To increase your business/website visibility online the best method is to advertise. Of course, we have many form of advertising, Television advertising is one of the advertising method but it is too expensive. Magazines/radio is can be consider but it is still not feasible as it requires cost to it. This is a road block especially if you are a new comer. What you earn from the sales of advertisement campaign might not be able to cover your advertising fees. To counter this, there are Free Ways to Advertise Online that you don’t need to spend a penny to increase your traffic to your blog. All you need is an Internet connection and you are on your way to start your advertising campaign.

Free Ways to Advertise Online #1 – Submit Your Site to Free Classification Like a physical yellow page, Internet has it’s own version of it. There are many free online classification and regardless of what field you are in, you can register your website onto the classification. There are people searching through the classification for the particular services/product. Get your product listed and they will find your business/website easily.

Free Ways to Advertise Online #2 – Write Article and Submit to Article Directory Writing Article is a good way to promote your business/website. You could write a review of your product. You could lists down the pro and cons of the product and let your potential customer to have a review on them and decide. Post your article to your own blog and at the same time, submit this to online article directories. By doing this, you will kill 2 birds in one stone where it will help by people able to find your article and SEO optimization. There are people who search for review for product/service through article directory and they can easily find your articles if you submit to it. Aside from that, the search engines lover articles directory and with you submitting this, it will help your site to rank higher on the search engine. That will be increase your website visibility to public.

Free Ways to Advertise Online #3 – Traffic Exchange Here is another Free Ways to Advertise Online where you find other website with same niche with your field and request for a banner traffic exchange. This method might takes time as it needs communication between you and the other potential website before you can make this happen but once your set this up, this results will be massive. You will see the traffic coming in from your partner website. This method is a win-win situation for both your partner and yourself as it also helps you to rank higher as this is one of the criteria for search engine to find you. Take note that you could setup more then one traffic exchange in order for your business/site to get more exposure.

Free Ways to Advertise Online #4 – Active in Forum Forum is another great way to advertise and promote your business/website. Here is what you can do. You can participate and conversation in the forum that is related to your niche and put your website URL link on your signature. If your comment is good, people would want to check out more on you and they can go to your website with your link. This action

will drives traffic to your site. But bare in mind NOT TO SPAM anyone at anytime else it will destroy the yourself reputation in the forum.

Free Ways to Advertise Online #5 – Running Contest Another Free Ways to Advertise Online strategy is to run a contest and give away prizes. You can organize a contest of “most share person will win prize” on your website and promote it on social media. This is a proven advertisement method that can help you to drive massive traffic to your site. Joining the contest is free so why not give it a try? This is a normal thinking by an online surfer. By using the social media, the exposure of contest will become viral and people will join for freebies You have just witness the 5 Best Free Ways to Advertise Online. The Internet is an extremely great tools to gives your website/business more exposure and taking advantage of it will definitely give more traffic and revenues to you.

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5 best free ways to advertise online  

To increase your business/website visibility online the best method is to advertise. Of course, we have many form of advertising, Television...