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Julisa Hernandez

Gresham HS • Integrated Media Dept • Graphic Design • Mr. Cook



This portfolio represents four design pieces that i worked on in graphic design2 the projects shown are done from using illustrator, photoshop.


GD2 First Initial Last Name

Line Art Illustration p4 Pen tool Silhouette creation p7 Ipod Illustraiton p6


Photo MontageName p5

Julisa Hernandez GD2


Line Art Shoe

DESCRIPTION This project that is desplayed here was done using Illustrator. Using the pen tool to outline the shoe & details, you after fill it in with the color you chose


GD2 Julisa hernandez

Photo Montage

DESCRIPTION The idea of this assignment was to get pictures of hobbies & insterest of thing we enjoy on mine i added pictues of things that i liked to watch I also added music that i like, It�s mostly about things I like to do on my free time.

Julisa Hernandez GD2


Ipod Illustration

Silhouette creation

On this project we got an Ipod picture then used the pen tool to out line the Ipod we also used different shape tools for the little details on the Ipod.

I picked out three Images of my choice using the pen tool I out lined eatch one individually filled them in with black at the end of this they looked like a shadow of three people jumping in the air.



GD2 Julisa Hernandez


Julisa Hernandez GD2


Gd2 portfolio template jhernandez  
Gd2 portfolio template jhernandez  

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