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Understand How Hereditary Qualities Involves The Depressive Disorder Gene We knew from long that the genetic study has no role in depression and   that   depression   is   a   lifestyle   disorder.   But   now   it   has   been proved by the scientists that depression can be the cause of genetic association from relative. Julio Licinio is known for doing the best of research in the mind and brain health sector. This ideology of genes involved in cause of depression is been proven by many researchers now.

Following are   the   points   for   you   to   acquire   knowledge   on   how depression and genetics are connected.  The researchers have found out that amongst all the cases of depression 40 percent cases are due to genetic link.

 Siblings and   the   offspring   of   the   parents   who   are   in   to depression   have   more   chances   of   acquiring   it.   Genes   and environment of the child both factors are involved together. A child if has seen a parent in depression, for him its natural to acquire that behaviour. For him it will be just normal to be on bed for hours.

 The research papers also say that women have 42 percent more chances of acquiring the depression in comparison to men. So this means gender also has role in depression.  Scientists   have   linked   serotonin   also   to   depression.   It   is   the chemical when secreted in your body makes you feel good about life.   If   in   less   amounts   in   your   body   you   might   get   panic attacks, mood disorders or you can become just quiet.

 Although not   a   proven  theory  but  many  of   the  scientists   say that it is not the work of one gene which makes the person get in   to   depression   or   any   kind   of   bipolar   disease/   anxiety disorders. It is the functionality of combination of genes which results in to the anxiety behaviour in a person.

 The statistics of  research says that if any of the parents had depression or is suffering from depression there are 25 percent chances of the child getting the same. The statistics is due to the   study   on   bipolar   disorder   families   and   other   depression based disorders in various families.  Although   nothing   is   proved   yet   and   hence   there   are   various antidepressants which are given to the patients with history of depression   disorders.   The   condition   of   the   patient   is   then checked   based   on   the   antidepressant’s   work   on   every individual. Hence it is a trial and error method to know which drug will actually work. One of the drawbacks here is that every patient   has   different   requirement   and   hence   will   require different medication and doses. 

The research is still on in knowing the best remedy of the depression as it has various stages and types. It is still to be proven how many genes can cause this depression and which are those genes. But all you need to know is that may be in your vicinity or in your close family   someone   might   require   help.   Your   knowledge   on   the depression in the child or the siblings due to parents might help in early diagnosis. Visit our site for more information: Youtube:  Dailymotio: Quora:­Julio­Licinio­To­Live­A­ Rational­Sound­Life Imfaceplate:­information­ about­dr­julio­licinio Pinterest: Facebook:  Wordpress:­licinio/  Blogger:  Twitter: 

Understand How Hereditary Qualities Involves The Depressive Disorder Gene  

Julio Licinio with their team have found out that amongst all the cases of depression 40 percent cases are due to genetic link.Scientists ha...

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