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Answers For Many worried Mothers Whose Children Are Suffering From Dyslexia The mothers of the dyslexic kids know the pain to teach them a single word. It is a real struggle for them to make the confused soul understand the basic learning. Julio Licinio, the famous psychiatrist and the professor of Psychiatry Department of State University of New York Upstate Medical University of Syracuse in New York recently expressed his view on dyslexia. According to him, there are many myths which need to be busted regarding this disorder of learning. Here are top 5 myths by Julio Licinio about dyslexia believed by the parents which can harm their kids. There is no such thing called Dyslexia: “There are many times when I met parents who are scoffed at the idea of dyslexia. It is very disappointing,” said Mr. Licinio. This is one of the most impactful psychological conditions among children which are closely related to the neurophysiologic divergences of the functions of brain. Dyslexia Depends on The IQ: This is one of the most damaging myths regarding Dyslexia. There is no relation between this disorder with intelligence. Dyslexia is a learning problem where kids face problem in reading or writing a single letter. There are many children with undiagnosed dyslexia who think themselves dumb and worthless. Dyslexia Will Cure With Time Automatically: According to Julio Licinio, there are many people who think that dyslexia will outgrow with time. If the child is facing problem in reading or writing in first grade then there is high chance that he will still face the problem in his eighth grade as well. Most of the time, the sufferers don’t share with the parents just to avoid embarrassment.

Medicine Can Cure Dyslexia: It is sad but true that there is no medicine for dyslexia; till date. As per the study more than 40% of the dyslexic kids have the Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD. There are some medicines which can help to settle the attention issues in ADD, but they will not definitely help in reading, writing and spelling. Dyslexia Is an Eye Disease: In dyslexia, many kids just reverse the letter while writing. If they continue to do so even after 2 years of guidance and instruction, then it can be a sign of dyslexia which is a language processing disorder.

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Answers For Many worried Mothers Whose Children Are Suffering From Dyslexia  

Answers For Many worried Mothers Whose Children Are Suffering From Dyslexia