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CONTACT INFORMATION Colombian E-Mail: Skype: julio.gutierrez05 Mobile: +57 301 60038240




International Relations, Universidad del Norte. Barranquilla – (2007 - 2011). Photoshop Management, Virtual Course – (2009). Dreamweaver Management, Virtual Course Microsoft Office, virtual Course – (2009).

Part A: General Information AIESEC Experience Please indicate all positions (incl. Internships, CEED, etc.) held in AIESEC. Keep the key responsibility description to two lines. Year 2008

Position Exchange Manager


Talent Manager


“RSCate” - Project Manager (OCP)


Internal Communications Coordinator



LCVP Communications

Executive Board

Key responsibility and accomplishments -Support EPs in their matching processes by providing them with training and mentoring. 4 matches and 4 realized (4 life-changing experiences), contributing to the 23 OGXs of that year. Set talent promotion strategies to attract the right talent and design and execute a Rewards and Recognitions Program. Result of this campaign we attract 150 students. To lead along with my team the creation of a PBoX based on CSR issue. As a result of this, we consolidate a project during 2008, which in March 2009 at ILC was nominated as one of the best CSR Projects in IGN Lead the internal communication strategy of the local committee. Results: -AIESEC Uninorte virtual space (wikis) in platform creation --Identity Creation and Consolidation Lead communications processes (brand management, external & internal communication, marketing,) in the LC. Results: 253 Applicants with the expectation of having a leadership XP during the second recruitment, 1 Media Partnership (the first one), 49 Effective Media appearances during the whole year, 1 GCP at National Level Give the strategical direction (along with my EB team) to the local committee, having as a result: Top 1 LC AIESEC in Colombia (for fifth time), Top 2 LC in IGN, 50 Xs. 8 X+LRs, 36 LRs

Conferences Please the three most important International, National or Regional Meetings/Conferences you have attended in the table below.

/2008 / / National Planning Meeting / / Bogota, Colombia / / Delegate – Planning tool for EBs delivered from MC /

/ 2009 / / National Congress / / Medellin, Colombia /

/ Delegate – Project Management Knowledge acquired due to the focus of this conference. /

/ 2009 / / Train the Trainer / Regional Training Conference /

/ Cartagena, Colombia / / Delegate/Facilitator – Tools for Agenda Management, Deliver effective sessions facilitate for TRs Advanced and LRs /

Julio Gutiérrez – MC Applicant

Areas of Experience 3 main areas where you have had the most experience.

Conferences Have you done a coaching and mentoring training? And have you attended a Train the Trainers Seminar? (If yes, please specify when and where, if no, when are you planning to do so?) During 2009 my LC has been godfather from two extension groups, so as EB I have had to coach them in some of their processes including a Planning, and I have received mentoring training since mentoring is one of AIESEC Uninorte’s induction strategy and finally I have attended a TtT Seminar in Cartagena, Colombia.



Exchange Management

Strategic Management

Describe briefly your experience

As LCVP Communications and internal communication coordinator, I have created communications strategies to increase our organization performance. As Executive Board, I have worked creating strategies to improve the quality of our exchanges as well as the quantity of them, also working in international cooperation agreement with some LCs from Brazil and also working in the biggest international cooperation made for an LC: 100 Xs India Project. By being Project Manager running a new project and by being Executive Board, I have worked in different processes related to strategic management, since incubating an idea, until execute it and replanting; all this setting priorities and creating strategies to ensure and achieve the objectives.

How does this benefit you in the MC? As MC is fundamental set communications strategies in order to have an effective communication with LCs, among the team and with the stakeholders, so thanks to this experience I’m able to increase our results. As I have been always working in exchange and supporting those processes, I have wide understanding of them, as well as how increase quantity and quality of them and also a clear knowledge about global supply and demand.

Thanks to this experience, I have developed strategical thinking; furthermore I have learnt strategies to make an effective planning, an effective tracking and at last but not least to become initiatives and ideas into a reality.

Julio Gutiérrez – MC Applicant

Part B: General Questions 1.

Why have you decided to apply for MC VP of AIESEC in Switzerland in 2010-2011?

At first I have to tell during these years, AIESEC has become in one of my PASSIONS; I joined the organization almost three years ago, and I consider my time is still not over: I can still develop myself and develop other people, also I consider it is time to be out of my comfort zone and be part of a new reality and that’s the opportunity I find in the MC of AIESEC in Switzerland, as well it suits with my professional background taking into account I’m studying Internal Relations, so this INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE will be amazing for my PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

3. What are the three professional priorities and one personal priority you will have as MC Member to be achieved during the year to help AIESEC in Switzerland to be more successful and sustainable on national level? Please argument your answer.

PROFESSIONAL PRIORITIES Strategic Direction for Leaders with Culture of Excellence: As National Body, MC should facilitate, coach, train and develop tools to help LCs to increase their performance, in my point of view, the most effective way to empower leaders (in this case EBs) to achieve goals and to execute the strategies since MC are done is to focus on them, working closer. Quality and Quantity in LRs and Xs Stages: Since these stages are the most impactful ones, it is fundamental MC always keep in mind them, as well we have take into account Leadership Roles are the one that develop the quality of the other stages, and for Exchange to deliver an exceptional service with our stakeholders. Customized Coaching and Training for LCs: Since AIESEC in Switzerland has LC’s with different realities, it is fundamental to approach them by working their weaknesses and improving their strengths and due to the difference of their realities, a customized coaching and a customized training will fulfil their necessities.

Julio Gutiérrez – MC Applicant 2. What are the three most important personal developments you have made through and outside of your AIESEC experience? Consciousness for my environment and people around me - Thanks to AIESEC, I have realized that each one of our actions makes an impact around us (bad or positive) and it is within us, as humankind, to be part of the problem or part of the solution, before I did not consider what was the reach of my performance.

Team Work as one – Being part of a group is not the same of being part of a team, work in team not only in AIESEC but also at work and university has helped me to discover that when people gather together and work as one in synergy, overachieve results is inevitable.

Self-Confidence – Before joined the university, I was really insecure about my own abilities, I had to ask to different people if what I was doing was fine. However, due to the different experiences I have passed in AIESEC and University, I am conscious of my abilities, competencies and skills, now I feel more confidence of the actions I plan, execute, etc.

PERSONAL PRIORITIY Emotional Intelligence Development: In order to have an exceptional performance as MC is fundamental for me, to develop my emotional intelligence deeply, as to me, this is the key to succeed and also this will make me able to help all entities and to support the other’s development.

Julio Gutiérrez – MC Applicant

Part B: General Questions 4. What is the current role of the Swiss MC? What should be the role of the MC? What, do you think are the reasons why this gap exists?

Current State Management and governability: MC is advising LCs in the problems they have day by day, especially MC Coaches. Coaching and Training: MC is developing initiatives and plans to increase performance, however LC are not being enough empowered, and most LC do not have numeric goals for being effectively coach. Connecting: MCs exposes National GCPs, nevertheless there is no connection of national activities with international initiatives and there is no local plan aligned to national plan.

Ideal State

Gap •Low empowerment and commitment in LCs •No complete Plans at LC level •No integral LC coaching strategy from MC •There is no a long-term national Plan •There is no much synergy among areas •No a clear Knowledge Management Strategy

MC should be a national strategic body which enables LCs to drive sustainable growth through balanced: Management and Governability: Advise and recommendations in administrative and operative actions and processes and national representation. Coaching and Training: Develop tools, plans and initiatives and empower LCs to increase their performance. Connecting: MC should advise LCs how to approach external environment as well as connect them with global and national reality .

5. What do you think should be the National Focus Areas for the year 2010 - 2011? Explain your choice.

Leadership Development

•Leadership Roles are needed to be a focus groups who work on, since they the ones who create and implement strategies, working along with them we will cause a “domino effect”, this will ensure the empowerment of them so it will be a better performance.

Strategic External Relations and Smart Positioning

•One of the main works for the next term should be ICX raised, MC revenues Diversification and 60th Anniversary, thus it is needed to work in a integral strategy of external relations and communications which allows AIESEC in Switzerland to have more results.

Exchange Competitiveness

•Quantity is not only the focus we need to consider, there are other factors like Quality and effective processes, and those three elements are the one which make exchanges competitiveness, and at national level strategies need to ensure the growth, quality and effectiveness of exchanges.

6. What are the 3 key elements crucial for the MC to deliver an effective national conference? Why? A Well Prepared Conference Team (OC and Faci Team): Taking into account, the conference team delivers the messages, trainings, tools and coaching, it is important to have people with the right skills and competencies in order to surpass people’s expectations, and also for the logistic side with the OC, due to depending on logistics sessions can be delivered by facilitators easily or difficultly. Useful, Proper and Dynamic Content: A really good conference demands an exceptional content, which adjusts, at first to LC needs and fits with the external environment (trends) are shaping the world and the country, also this content should be delivered in a dynamic way in order to be more attractive. Communications Channels between delegates and Conference Team: In this case I have to say that I refer communications before the event it is important to set the real expectations of the conferences as well as the preparation of that one according the needs; in the conference, when the agenda is running in order to receive feedback and know what is on delegates mind and finally after the event, to receive once feedback about logistics, agenda, sessions, etc.

Part B: General Questions

Reconnect Campaigns

7. With over 10'000 Alumni across Switzerland, what initiatives can be put in place in order to leverage on this network for the benefit of our members/organisation? Product Portfolio for Alumni

The main initiative for Alumni during next term should be AIESEC in Switzerland 60th Anniversary, This could be a integral strategy and initiative to engage, attract and reattract Alumni to the organization through campaigns like “I want to meet you again“, Alumni Talk Shows in national conferences and their involvement in LC and National activities.

Part C: MCVP Questions 1.

What are your first and second preference areas of the MCVP positions ? Please make a SWOT analysis of your first preference choice. STRENGTHS -Global Peak Realizations Trend


Julio Gutiérrez – MC Applicant

Follow -Increase on OGX Raised -Effective Incoming Exchange Delivery time -Good Coaching and strategies to focus on results and reduce gaps from MC.

OPPORTUNITITES -Initiatives such as Olympics Campaign and Targeted Recruitments. -DT and ET are the fastest growing pools. -GCPs around the world -Outgoing Exchanges New Products for Universities. -Growth Sectors in the country

-Smart Country Partnerships

AIESEC in Switzerland 60th Anniversary

National and Local involvement

Central Event & Local Celebrations WEAKNESSES -Gap between EPs Raised and Matched and realized -TNs low raising – No enough Pipeline for 2010 -Realization rate for MT EPs is really low - There is no strategic planning (Decrease on Exchange Realizations) -No Clear synergy among ER&X – X&TM

THREATHS -Companies are still reducing their budget, and don’t want to invest unless it is necessary. -Other Organizations and programs offering exchange to students. -Misunderstood of AIESEC Core Product

- Global EP/TN Ration Increase.

Julio Gutiérrez – MC Applicant

Part C: MCVP Questions

2. What are the 3 main initiatives you want to see AIESEC in Switzerland implementing next term in your selected areas of work? How would you envision success in one-year time?


OGX Competitiveness Program – it is time to develop a high quantity and high quality of OGX Product Development for Universities and Students. Matching Manias TM – X Synergy Campaign National Exchange Campaigns and Projects adapted to LCs needs which will increase the number of exchanges and the quality of them through initiatives and customized training programs.  eXplore Program – Program which will consist in different campaigns which will allow LCs to explore ET/TT EP Pools. ER-X Synergy Campaign International Cooperation Programs (CEEDers, Projects, etc.) with target and strategies countries which we can build partnerships.0

TALENT MANAGEMENT Integral Leadership Development Strategy focused on NST, EB and Middle Management Empowerment Program for middle management and NST Talent Development Programs Proffesionalization – To have a more strategic area at national level and high potential members, education cycles and program should be proffesionalize by looking for long-term relationships with potential learning partners which can strength our procceses with knowledge. Talent Management Processes Documentation – Work smarter not harder

At the end of the term, with the success of this initiatives we may see not only a high quantity but also high quality of Exchanges, Leadership Roles and Exchanges + Leadership Roles; we will see this in the quality and empowerment of the membership of AIESEC in Switzerland, clean and clear proccesses which are documented, also the performance of AIESEC in Switzerland is recognized in the global network and in the country.

3. How should AIESEC in Switzerland position itself towards students and there through promoting OGX?

In order to be the first choice for student and increase Swiss Outgoing Exchanges is mandatory to get a clear positioning, so it is important to implement smart approaches and strategies, at first through the participation and attendance of Academic Events where students’ presence is high, also Career days are the perfect opportunity to engage with them and to promote each one of opportunities AIESEC offers specially Exchange Program and finally by creating and reinforcing sustainable relationships with Careers coordination offices and University Alumni Offices.

Careers Coordination Offices University Alumni Offices

Sustainable Relationships

Smart Positioning Career Days

Academic Events

Participation , Attendance and Involvement

Julio Gutiérrez – MC Applicant

Part C: MCVP Questions

4. How would you position AIESEC in Switzerland with companies in order to increase exchange? And what type of new products would you develop on a local level to meet their needs? The most effective way to position AIESEC in Companies to increase exchanges is exposing the impact AIESEC has, exposing AIESEC’s impact in this case, the impact it has done in Switzerland, it will have credibility and companies will feel the necessity to approach us, we get through two strategies.

•Alumni Engagement 60th Anniversary •Recognized positioning through results Strategy

Partnership Relationship Management

•Establish Sustainable Relationships •Connect with Partners networks

Nevertheless, it is also important to know with what kind of products people is going to offer to companies, to fulfill their needs at local level we can develop: ICX Projects that attack growth economy sectors and develop their competitiveness and H4TF stage, which means, we could offer our alumni as a desired employer.

AIESEC in Switzerland recognized as the first option to activate leadership

5. In which way can AIESEC in Switzerland ensure that more members go through a complete AIESEC experience without lowering the amount of experiences in exchange and/or leadership? Complete and Quality AIESEC Experiences requires strong and well-structured Talent Management Processes (we have to remind most TM processes concerns everybody and not only TM area), however we have to focus in some strategic processes reinforcing them as well:

Talent Planning

Talent Induction

And also it is important to take into account those one in Exchange Stage: EP Follow up Programs and Returnees Reintegration Programs will make easier not only to have complete AIESEC XPs but also to increase the number of X + LRs.

It is necessary make EBs aware that it is fundamental to plan and define which profiles are needed for LCs

Developing minimums of knowledge and activities that must happen in the process, we will ensure a high retention rate

Talent Allocation This is one of the process which along induction ensures the retention, so we must create strategies for having the right person in the right activity

Talent Tracking and Pipeline Management To manage smart our talent and provide them the right opportunity in the right moment, it is crucial to track our members and their plans

6. Critically evaluate the diversification of the MC revenues. What would be the approach from your area to this topic? There must be more diversification, main revenues come from few resources, which make the financial sustainability weak, since those sources are unstable and they have a high risk of not being there year by year (i.e. the national grant), also the main revenues are not coming from core activities of the organization, in fact to have a clear and strong diversification they should increase. It is strong recommended to create National Exchange Products: on the hand of ICX to sell to big companies, and on the hand of OGX, to create OGX products for LCs and sell them to universities in order to create long-sustainable relationships. Furthermore, Exchange performance is needed to increase, so the strategies and plans should be focused on it.

Part C: MCVP Questions

Julio Gutiérrez – MC Applicant

7. Define the key actions that Exchange, Talent Management and External Relations/Finance need to take together at local level to increase performance Taking into account the core activities we execute the two fundamental actions these areas should implement together are:

External Relations Strategy External Relations Area, most of the time has much charged, and in order to Recruitment get more results we need to reduce it and supporting: Finances can be in This is a process where cross-functional and synergy is needed, since each charged of Fund-raising activities, as well TM of Learning Partners Allies, one of them has responsibilities which are important in the whole process, Exchange with Relations with coordination programs in universities. next we will find the ideal state of the process.

ER Strategy


Recruitment Talent Management Lead Talent Planning Execute Talent Marketing Selection

Exchange Global Demand Analysis Exchange Prom in and outside LC Selection- SRB

ER •Alumni Management •TN Takers •University

Exchange Coordination Programs

TM Learning Partners

Finances FundRaising

Induction They worked through the whole process. Finance: Budget Management ER: Incomes, Relations with Universities.

Part D: International Applicants 1. What is your reason to apply for AIESEC in Switzerland? Since I joined the organization, one of my dreams has been being MC abroad, because for me this opportunity is challenging and wonderful, however when was the time to decide in which country I was going to apply, it was confused at the beginning but then I found this application, and I began to research about the country and the organization there, and I found AIESEC in Switzerland has a great potential they have not explode yet, and for me to be part of the explode of that potential will be an excellent development opportunity, a opportunity that I’m sure is going to change my life.

Part D: International Applicants 2. How will you deal with cultural differences? Please give an example of your past where you had to deal with a new culture. Cultural shock and differences are definitely the most exciting part of met a new culture, and be in a new country, nevertheless, it is fundamental to deal with it by being prudent; it is important to keep in mind, it is a new culture and there are some aspects I will have to learn and by being Open-mind; it is also about to share knowledge.

Julio Gutiérrez – MC Applicant 3. What contribution do you think your country background will make to AIESEC in Switzerland in 10/11?

One year and a half ago, I worked at the international cooperation office of my university as International Students Assistant, there I have to support the international students with their visa procedures and support everything related to accommodation, etc. During that time I had to work with different cultures and had to deal with the cultural difference but also learning how things were in my city and culture.

4. How would you describe Switzerland and its people? I would describe Switzerland as diversity and democratic country; last days I have read about Switzerland and I have found with the mix of cultures we can found there giving to the country unique cultural traditions and style, this is what I like the most of Switzerland, also it is a country with high standards of development due to the effectiveness, professionalism and hard work of its people. I’m pretty sure this will give me a complete development and will challenge my world view.


The best word to describe my country and AIESEC in Colombia is PASSION, we always work with passion and committed, during these moments AIESEC in Colombia is evolving and has realized the impact AIESEC is doing in much countries must be bigger than already is (X goal for 2010 is 1001 X), this allow me to think our work (as AIESECers) it is not enough and we must increase our impact and change more lives and this important message is the one I want to spread in AIESEC in Switzerland: “we already have a lot work to do and even more positive impact to make”

Julio Gutierrez_MCVP Application-AIESEC in Switzwerland  
Julio Gutierrez_MCVP Application-AIESEC in Switzwerland  

This is my Application for being Member Commitee in AIESEC in Switzerland