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“Water, love and Pisces�

Swimming in the water, she looks for you, She needs a partner to follow in the blue. Graceful and filled with tone of emotions, She will search the deepest of all oceans.

She needs love, support and protection, But hardly gives you her affection. Mystery is from her nature biggest part, Therefore is like a maze to reach her hearth.

Gentle and curious, her love is a bless, But getting to know her is really a mess. Life has deeper meaning for the Pisces, So like a puzzle she connects all pieces.

Romance and dreams fly in her emotions, Like scintillating light off the waves in the ocean. Summer storm, going from the warmth of a welcome rain, Through clashes of thunder and lightning, then she calms again.

Like the wonderful world of the deep blue, Magic and mystery she looks in love with you. Swimming with the currents, following her stream, Loving HER is a challenge and a beautiful dream.

Water, love and pisces  

Just a poem I wrote about a girl I loved!

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