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Solution Selling Deck –Training Session 2 Presentation for internal use only


The competition - who they are and how do we differentiate against them

The partnership between ACI and IR • Internal and external resources

How to price it

Success cases we can use as reference


4 September, 2012



The Competition Outlook

Myth – Prognosis products are only for BASE24 Prognosis can only be used with BASE24 “classic”

•This is untrue because:

• PSM is available for BASE24 and BASE24-eps • PSM is available for Proactive Risk Manager (PRM) • PSM is available for Money Transfer System (MTS) • PSM is available for Postilion • PSM will be available for Retail Commerce Server (RCS) and other ACI


16 February 2011 9/4/2012



PSM – Against the competition






ATM/POS Transaction Analyzer

Insider Technol ogies

Reflex 80:20


Aptra Vision/ Gasper

Wincor Nixdorf





Operations (Openview)

16 February 2011 9/4/2012

Realtime info


Built for ACI

Easy UI customiza tion

Live/Historic Comparison


Simultaneous Monitoring

Developed for Payments

Monitors PRM and MTS

Competition – A little deeper

Competitor Comparison Company


Key Market




ATM/POS Transaction Analyzer

BASE24 customers

Attractive Dashboards

Difficult to Customize UI No troubleshooting ability No Real-time data drill down

Insider Technologies

Reflex 80:20

BASE24 customers

High level of functionality

Rudimentary, hard coded UI Multiple data views not supported


Aptra Vision/ Gasper

BASE24-atm, BASE24eps ATM Customers

Number 1 ATM monitoring

Attached to a single vendor Complex customization Difficult to implement

Wincor Nixdorf


BASE24-atm, BASE24eps ATM Customers

Tight integration with Wincor Nixdorf ATMs

Attached to a single vendor Complex customization Difficult to implement



BASE24-eps on IBM platforms

Out of the box best practices

Aimed at small & mid size companies


Operations (Openview)

HP NonStop

Solid infrastructure manager

HP provides a cobbled solution for ACI customers, Openview is a part of this

16 February 2011 9/4/2012



The ACI/IR Partnership – what does it mean to you and where to find help

In the Details Prognosis revenue is split between ACI and IR as follows: •

License: 45/55 (ACI/IR)

Maintenance: 45/55 (ACI/IR)

Services: the company that performs the services receives 90%, the other

receives 10% •

Preferred pricing method is PUF • Pricing below 75% ILF may not be approved

Signing the contract on ACI paper (preferred method): •

Services estimates are completed by ACI staff with input from IR

Level 1 support calls are handled by ACI (24h support across the world)

One vendor for all the customer’s contracts, one customer manager

Sales are compensated on 100% of the contract

ACI receives maintenance revenue

Signing the contract on IR paper •

Sales compensation is only calculated on the 45% that ACI receives from the license

ACI does not receive maintenance revenue

4 September, 2012



Where to Go for Help – ACI Within ACI: •

Product / Partnership / Pricing questions: Marina Brown

Services: Work with your local services representatives. Any questions they may have will be worked out with their US counterparts and IR, before proposing final bid to the customer

Marketing: Michael Grillo and the following resources: • ACI Communities (Prognosis) •

Documentation - Infolink

4 September, 2012



Where to Go for Help - IR

Your IR counterparts:

CĂŠsar Pizarro Territory Manager, AmĂŠricas Integrated Research

Jay Horton Director - Key Accounts Integrated Research

t: +1 (303) 390 8758 f: +1 (303) 390 8777 e:

t: +1 303 390 8712 c: +1 303 324 3099 e:

4 September, 2012



Prognosis Pricing

Payment Infrastructure Solutions Retail Banking Payment Testing

ASSET for BASE24/BASE24-eps

Payment Communications

ASSET for PRM Communication Services (ICE/ICE-XS)

Communication Services (ICE/ICE-XS)

Web Access Services (WebGate)

Web Access Services (WebGate)

Web Access Services (WebGate)

Enterprise Security Services (SafeTGate)

Enterprise Security Services (SafeTGate)

Enterprise Security Services (SafeTGate)


Payment Service Management

Prognosis for BASE24/BASE24-eps

GoldenGate Prognosis for MTS

Mobile Payment Alerting


Prognosis for PRM Mobile Fraud Alerting

Token Manager for Mobile



Communication Services (ICE/ICE-XS)

High Availability

4 September 2012

Wholesale Banking


PST Enhancements for Infrastructure Cross-Sell

• In order to increase the cross-sell ratio between core ACI products and its

Infrastructure supporting products, ACI automated the cross-sell process within the PST. • When selecting BASE24eps, PRM or MTS in the PST, ASSET and PSM modules are automatically added • They can be removed, but if removed, a dialog box will appear requiring entry of reason why ASSET or PSM was removed. Note: Upcoming changes of PST to Salesforce pricing not reflected here 4 September 2012



The Prognosis Pricing Process in the PST

Bundles for BASE24 and BASE24-eps support. Currently DEG based pricing. Planned transition to transaction based pricing for Transaction Insight and ATM Manager

Bundles for PRM support. Tiered pricing, based on the total number of PRM active accounts (if a customer has Debit, Credit, AML, etc – take the total of all accounts monitored). Pricing based on currently available PRM account report.

Individual Prognosis modules. Only available for existing Prognosis customers and if additional needs are not covered by bundled products

9 May 2011



User Stories

ACI Prognosis Wins



$209,000 $41,000

$84,000 $400,000

These wins are all SNET!!

USER Stories

Complete User Cases Attached in Appendix of this Presentation: •






4 September, 2012




4 September 2012



ACI Payment Service Management powered by Prognosis User Experience

ANZ Presentation for ACE America 2011

About ANZ

Among top four Retail banks in Australia. Top ten listed company on the ASX.

The largest company in New Zealand by assets. The largest Australian bank in Asia. Providing a range of banking and financial products and services to more than 5.7 million Retail customers, over 300,000 Commercial customers and in excess of 12,000 customers who

use Institutional products. Employing more than 40,000 people worldwide.


Transaction Insight • Transaction Insight provides complete insight into transaction performance, availability and response time both real-time and historically. • There are two analysis engines included, a grouping/statistical engine and a rules engine. • The grouping engine provides statistical views of the real-time transaction data across multiple dimensions. The views can be used to detect and resolve transaction processing problems such as excessive response times, denials, reversals and stand-ins across any dimension including the card issuer, card BIN and terminal. • They can also be used to maximize business performance and profitability by reporting volumes, response times, average transaction values, total transaction value etc. across any dimensions including merchant, interchange partner, terminal and entire network. • The rules engine can catch transactions that meet user defined criteria, including operational problems, issues affecting customers, or fraudulent transaction

activity. • When an exception occurs, the transaction is instantly forwarded to the relevant business group for immediate action or further investigation. 21

Scope of Monitoring

POS Devices


Transaction input

Multiple Communication Carriers


GUI Benefits

Key Benefits of a GUI Interface •Information is available via a single screen •Data can limited based on job requirements (i.e. Tailored Web View for POS and ATM’s areas) •Reduces the needs to run system commands to establish system health and availability •Increases audience scope 23

ATM & POS Monitoring

Key Benefits for monitoring •Ability to monitor in real time for BASE24 POS / ATM transactional events •Ability to monitor in real time for ATM / POS approval and declines rates •Impacts are seen in a time flow sequence – which allows for faster diagnostics of events when incidents are experienced • Minimises the requirement to run BASE24 commands against production machines to establish approval rates and application health checks 24

Post Change Monitoring

Key benefits post change •Stream lined views to establish success of the change •View can built in advance to perform post change verification •Decline and approval codes can be assessed in real-time to minimise business days impacts 25

Denied Transaction Analysis

Key Benefits for analysing declined transactions •

Whether its being declined at an issuer or acquirer level

Reasons behind decline to be able to establish root cause of issue

Establish stand in criteria and amounts 26

Interchange Diagnostics

Key benefits of interchange Monitoring •Interchange availability and performance is available at a single glance •Performance is tracked across three distinct timeframe which can be scaled (e.g. Aprv % set at 10:00 Aprv %1 set at 10:05 Aprv %2 set at 10:02 •Volumes can trigger threshold alerts based on known transaction expectations 27

Drill down Capabilities

Benefits of drill down capabilities •Investigate down to a BIN level •Analyse at a granular level – calls are normally generic in nature and the further details that cab sourced improve restoration timeframes •Fraud attempts can be monitored and addressed 28

Time Frame Comparison

Key Benefits of Time Frame comparison •The ability to trace back to when an event happened – this minimises investigation timeframes as there is a logical start point •Compare approval and decline rates to a defined period to establish trends •Time comparison is a scalable field which can be tailored per view 29

ACI Payment Service Management powered by Prognosis User Experience

TSYS Bill Logan – presentation for ACE America 2011 13 April 2011



About TSYS

The worlds largest 3rd party processor of association-branded cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express)

Process over 350 Million accounts.

Perform over 7.1 Billion authorizations each year

Peak volumes of over 1240 transactions per second

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How TSYS Utilizes Prognosis

Here are the items we will cover 1.

How we use the out-of-the-box tools to monitor our systems


How we have developed additional tools using the Advanced

Development Interface

Š2011Total System Services, Inc.Ž Confidential and proprietary. All rights reserved worldwide.


How TSYS Utilizes Prognosis

Prognosis Modules TSYS Uses 1.

Performance Manager


Disk Manager


Automated Operations


Automated Analyst


Application Development Interface

Š2011Total System Services, Inc.Ž Confidential and proprietary. All rights reserved worldwide.


How TSYS Utilizes Prognosis

Š2011Total System Services, Inc.Ž Confidential and proprietary. All rights


How TSYS Utilizes Prognosis

Out Of The Box Monitoring: •

CPU Utilization

Process Utilization

Disk Space

Disk I/O

TMF Transactions

Pathway Configurations

Spooler Utilization

Database Replays

©2011Total System


How TSYS Utilizes Prognosis Application Development Interface

Monitor Base24 logs

Integrate transaction data with system resource data to provide capacity planning reports

Monitor authorizations, generate alerts when a threshold has been reached of transactions not authorized on the primary node.

Import NDM data and provide reports of transmissions

Extractor / Replicator Monitoring

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How TSYS Utilizes Prognosis Prognosis Relationship

Integrated Research has truly partnered with TSYS.

Listened to our suggestions and created enhancements to the software based on them.

Provided to support to us and helped resolve issues with other vendors products.

©2011Total System Services, Inc.® Confidential and proprietary. All rights reserved worldwide.


ACI Payment Service Management powered by Prognosis User Experience

Speedway LLC Robbin Gaugler Credit Analyst/Technical Liaison PRESENTATION FOR ACE AMERICA 2011

13 April 2011



About Speedway

• Speedway has 1300 convenience stores and manages credit for 250 others • Speedway processes proprietary fleet and prepaid cards as well as bank and fleet cards on Base 24 • Processes over 60M transactions per month

13 April 2011



How Prognosis is used at Speedway

Speedway uses Prognosis as it’s Operator

13 April 2011



Customized Code for Monitoring Fallback at our Locations

Fall Back Reporting Database FBR1622Day Threshold FBR1622Night Threshold FBR24Day Threshold 13 April 2011


FBR24Night Threshold FBR815Day Threshold FBRFranDay Threshold 41

Prognosis Transaction Surveillance

Populate the user defined fields with total dollar amounts for NAC groups specified by Speedway. The following NACS group mapping will be implemented: USER-FIELD1 FUEL - codes 001-099 + (ptlf.auth.retl^sic^cde '=' "5542“)Outside purchases only. USER-FIELD2 TOBACCO - codes 410-419 USER-FIELD3 PREPAID CARD ACTIVATIONS; code 533 USER-FIELD4 GENERAL MERCHANDISE - code 400 USER-FIELD5 GENERAL ALCOHOL - codes 480-489 USER-FIELD6 GENERAL DELI - codes 490-499 USER-FIELD7 GENERAL FOOD SERVICE - codes 500-509 USER-FIELD8 GENERAL DISPENSED BEVERAGE - code 430-439 USER-FIELD9 Future Speedway use. USER-FIELD10 Reserved for card exclude list flag. Maintain a list of card numbers that are excluded from TSV rule processing to avoid “false” triggers.

13 April 2011



Proprietary Fleet card Risk Management

13 April 2011



TSV for Bank Card Credit

13 April 2011



Current Initiatives

BASE24 – POS CARD AUTHORIZATION FILE (CAF)RECORD UPDATER Speedway requested assistance from Integrated Research to develop a solution whereby fraudulent card usage will result in automatic card disabling. The solution will search the Base24-POS CAF (Card Authorization File) for a specific PAN(Primary Account Number) and disable it so that no further transactions will be approved by the Base24 Authorization module. The process can also be executed from a PROGNOSIS Automated Analyst or Threshold process. This allows Speedway to develop PROGNOSIS TSV rules that when exceed they can “disable” a PAN number from use, thereby limiting Speedway’s liability.

13 April 2011



Statistical analysis of Fraud Reductions

Bank Credit Card Verified Fraud Summary (Prognosis) 2010 Totals

32% recovered

2011 YTD

35% recovered

2009 Charge Backs as a % of Sales - Amount Charge Backs as a % of Sales - Transactions

04 September 2012





0.017% 0.018% 0.014% 0.008% 0.008% 0.009%


Prognosis 2  
Prognosis 2  

Second presentation for the course