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We can learn the english in a fun way that is listen to music. We have to search the music with the nivel that we have and the key is listen the same song more than once time because the songs can help in grammar, pronunciation and listening. First we have to set a small objetive that is which area we want to improve for practice More. Second we can organize our time and listen the music at places that we feel Confortable . Is not a matter that we cant undestand all the lyric of the song, the important is hear the pronunciation.

In the lyrics sometimes we can found new expressions that we can said and use in our daily English ; this is an advantage . When we cant undestand any word the best way for know the meaning of the word is search in the dictionary for this way we can undestand the mean of the song. Be careful because sometimes the lyrics have contractions that we can use only when we write but for talk is totally incorrect . In conclusion the music can help us in differents ways for have a good english. Other things that we can do is sing alone, make a music study group or sing karaoke in this way we can practice all the aspects that we need in the english but always we have to repeat this process.

La nutrición debe ser variada, completa, adecuada, equilibrada y suficiente hace referencia a los nutrientes que componen los alimentos y comprende un conjunto de fenómenos involuntarios que suceden tras la ingesta de los alimentos, es decir: la digestión, la absorción o paso a la sangre desde el tubo digestivo de sus componentes o nutrientes, y su asimilación en las células del organismo. Mi plato debe ser con ¼ de carnes, ¼ de cereales,

¼ de verduras, y en el postre frutas. Es importante beber un vaso de leche al día.

NUTRIENTRES: Un nutrimento o nutriente es un producto químico procedente del exterior de la célula y que ésta necesita para realizar sus funciones vitales. Los nutrientes son cualquier elemento o compuesto químico necesario para el metabolismo de un ser vivo. los nutrimentos básicos son el oxígeno, el agua y los minerales necesarios para la vida de las plantas. Proteínas, Glúcidos, Lípidos, Vitaminas. Macronutrientes: son las proteínas, carbohidratos, grasas. Micronutrientes: son las leche, verduras, frutas, cereales, carnes, grasas, azúcar.

• We think that the conference was very interesting because it talk about things that happen in the daily life of the secretary that in our future and now we can take this advantages . We learned differents things from this conferences and the people who talked in this conferences gave us differents tips but we think the most important tip was always trust in God because he can make the imposible things in posible. • One of the topic that we talk here is the nutrition and we mention this because is very true sometimes we dont eat correctly and more in this time that we are study


code: 18/22 4º secretariado A reyna julisa valiente rossana perez ramirez

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