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Top 7 Tips for Blogging Success o luwaseun babajide

Blogging has become an essential part of online marketing strategy. One of the best strategies to attract a potential customer is to start blogging along the line of your business of f erings. While a f ew people can set up a blogging system and create the blog posts f or their business ef f ectively, most people are not creative in doing so.

Must Read: Best Ways Of Getting More Web Traffic And Backlinks To Your Blog Today, a lot of expert bloggers have f illed the cyberspace with their super-attractive blog posts on dif f erent niches. And, you really need to be extra-creative to compete f avorably with such blog pros. So, bef ore you rush of f to build your own blogging system and start creating blog posts, you need to ask yourself the f ollowing questions; 1.

How Do I make my own blog posts stand out f rom the rest?


How can I make my blogs compelling enough, so that readers can yearn f or more?


How can I raise the number of readers eventually and ultimately build a loyal f ollowing?

You need to answer these vital questions bef ore going into blogging. T his is the only way to guarantee successf ul blogging. Luckily, you don’t need to tease your brain in order to unravel the answers to these questions. T his article is entirely dedicated to powerf ul tips f or successf ul blogging and you would def initely f ind all the answers to these questions in this post. You will f ind tons of blogging tips and tricks in this post that would help build your prof ile and generate more businesses f or you. Here are the best 7 tips and tricks f or successf ul blogging;

Tip # 1: Choose a Blogging Plat f orm When getting started with blogging, the f irst step is to choose a blogging platf orm. Usually, the f irst thing that would come to mind is the list of f ree blogging options out there which includes WordPress, TypePad, Tumblr and Blogger. All these f ree options provide versatile design templates or themes at no cost. Subsequently, customizing your own blog becomes an easy task. If you think you would require additional help in order to use these f ree blogging tools, you will f ind lots of helpf ul resources such as online video tutorials. WordPress in particular has created a prof ound tutorial f or using its blogging tool. So, anyone can take advantage of such resources to hone up his or her skills in using the blogging system.

Tip # 2: Int egrat ion is Essent ial If you have an existing website, it is very essential to integrate your blog with the website. T his is an essential SEO strategy. When you do this, you are attracting the attention of both organic and secondary search engines, as long as your contents are valuable and highly inf ormative. Alternatively, you can simply embed the links to your main website on your blog, including links f rom authority websites. However, ensure that the links (especially external links) are relevant to the central theme or main keyword of your website.

Tip # 3: Specialize on a Niche When it comes to creative blogging, one of the best ways to be successf ul is to choose your niche of specialty. Instead of blogging just on any subject, choose a particular subject and create powerf ul posts in line with your chosen niche. T his is another secret to attracting the attention of search engines positively. Also, it is the f astest way to build a loyal and targeted f ollowing.

Tip # 4: Writ e about Somet hing You have Passion f or Must Read: Why Trying to Make Money Online Can Be Dangerous to Your Health If you truly want to stand out with your blog posts, choose a topic you are passionate about. You will f low naturally and produce irresistible contents when you choose an area of your passion. If there is no passionate tone in your blogs, readers will detect it too soon and would look elsewhere. T his is the reason why so many blogs f izzle out too soon. For instance, if you are a programming guru, write inf ormative posts in this line, f ocusing on helpf ul tips, ‘how to’, emerging trends and more. Integrating some graphical and video samples would also be very helpf ul.

Tip # 5: Provide Value If you produce shallow posts just like many bloggers out there, your blog will f izzle out too soon. Readers are only attracted to valuable content. Ensure that a reader will leave your blog/ website f eeling f ulf illed and satisf ied with the quality of inf ormation he or she explored – this is what real value is all about. It is this type of content that compels a visitor to come again and again.

Tip # 6: Don’t Lose Sight of Market ing If you are launching a blog/ website with the intention of leaving it to ‘chances’, such blog/ website cannot outlive 24-hours. You need to consciously market your blog in order to attract the right audience. T here are varieties of ways you can get the message out there about your blog. One of the ef f ective strategies is to comment on other bloggers’ posts, especially the posts in line with your niche. T his will attract tons of pointers to your own blog/ website. You can also leverage the social networking sites to spread the word about your blogs. However, you need to be very tactf ul when marketing on social networking sites. Avoid using sales pitch. Remember, such sites are purely socializing platf orms and people are more interested in making new f riends and socializing. Whichever strategy you choose, just ensure you are spreading the word about your blog.

Tip # 7: Give Room f or Int eract ion Don’t just end your blog posts without any call to action. Ask your readers to leave comments and share the post if they f ound it interesting/helpf ul. T hese are great ways to initiate interactions and to engage people on your blog site. Also, it is an easy way to build a community and establish loyal f ollowers. Also, don’t f orget to ask readers f or their own inputs. People love it when you ask f or their inputs and contributions. Subsequently, they will pref er to stick with you and help share your posts.

Must Read: How To Enable Google Plus Comment Box On Blogger Blog Okay guys! it looks like i have said so much about so much, now i’d really love some interactions and contributions f rom you guys. Let’s make this post as lively as ever Do you have any comments or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Or do you have any other thing to add up? Please do by using the comment box below. remember that your comments, contributions and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated. Did you enjoyed the post? why not click the like button, share us and recommend us to f riends because you will never know who among your f riends might be in need of such inf ormation. and do not f orget to subscribe to our f eed f or your latest updates on the go. Don't Miss Any Post Again. Subscribe To Our Feed And Be Updated Enter your email address below:

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Top 7 tips for blogging success  
Top 7 tips for blogging success