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Top 20 WordPress Plugin I Just can’t Do without babanature

May 27, 2013 Wow!!! WordPress have truly made website creation and blogging a lot easy than it used to. You do not need to possess any coding skills or go to the best web design school bef ore you can actually use wordpress. T here are millions of beautif ul themes and plugins that are already there f or you to take f ull advantage of , to make your blog practically anything you want.

I remember creating my f irst ever website with pure html. Yes! and the website took me up to f ive days to complete the desktop view and additional 6 days to complete the mobile version of the website. Today, you can create a website or a blog f or just 5minutes (tops) using wordpress. Must Read: How To Stand Out From The Crowd, As A Blogger Plugins really do help our blog to look more prof essional and appealing, don’t you think? Plugins are great f or your blog because they make you achieve what you’re actually looking f or, but too much plugins can cause more harm to your blog/ website than good. I am not here today to tell you the disadvantages of plugin but to discuss with you, my best WordPress plugin which I f eel every bloggers should have and use. If you’re a blogger and uses WordPress, there are some plugins that is a must to have if you’re making your blog more users f riendly and sociable

My Best Top 20 WordPress Plugin I Just can’t Do without

Without taking much of your time, let’s just start with the top 20 plugin list every bloggers should have, Shall we?

Google XML Sit emaps: I put this little plugin f irst because it’s supposed to be the f irst plugin any blogger should install. It allows search engines to better index your site 3x f aster than it would normally do. How this little gem works is; it sends notif ication to all search engines every time you create new content. Now tell me how awesome is that?

Akismet : Love by many hated by all T his plugin as helped me f ight so many spam comments since I started using WordPress and I must say that i am loving every bit of the plugin. T his plugin actually identif ies comment that are spam and sends them to the spam section of your comment. T his plugin is trusted by WordPress, that’s why they made it a def ault plugin

Growmap Ant i Spambot Plugin: As much as Akismet is watching my back f or any f unny comments, I still need to tighten up the security. T his plugin add a little check button below your comment box and anybody who’d like to leave a comment on your blog will have to “tick” it to prove that they are human.

Clean-Opt ion: Ok! If I have not recommended any plugin f or you, I’ll recommend this little gem. What can this plugin do? If you uninstall a wordpress plugin, that plugin will still leave traces and some of its parts which in time will overload your databases and eventually slows down your site. T hat’s where “clean-option” comes to play. Clean-option will completely uninstall your wordpress plugin and f ree your database f rom clusters. T he big part is, it gives your blog a healthier lif e.

WP :

Must Read: My Top 5 Video Editing and Screen Caption tools For Bloggers T he images you use in your blog post can cause your blog to slow down if not optimized properly and we all know that nobody likes a slow blog. T his plugin actually reduces the size of your images by running them through and making your blog f aster than usual. If you want to make your blog as f ast, I’ll recommend you use this.

WP-Opt imize: whether you like it or not if you are using wordpress blog, you will always have some broken tables especially if you are using commentluv plugin f or your blog. T his plugin cleans your “post revision”, repair your “databases” and many more with just a click. T his plugin is one of the most recommended plugin any good f riend would recommend to you

MobilePress: T he online world is being dominated by mobile users and as a wise f ellow, it is good to take advantage of these steps. Mobilepress will make your blog more mobile f riendly and to make it more f un, it is 100% customizable and f ree to get. So if you’re trying to get the most out of your mobile users, I’ll recommend this little but most powerf ul plugin.

W3 Tot al Cache: When my traf f ic went up, I almost got kicked out by my hosting provider, and then Google advised me to use a caching plugin to reduce my blog load. I tried W3T C and like a miracle my CPU and all other processes reduced and my blog became even more f aster than usual I love this little plugin because it has all what can optimize your blog just the way you want. Hey! If you’re not using this, I’ll advice you start thinking about using it now.

WP Ext ernal Links: Do you know that you can actually get penalized unknowingly by making all your external links a do-f ollow? If a blog is being black listed and you give that blog a backlink juice, it’ll af f ect you. T his plugin can protect your blog f rom being penalized by making all your external links a no-f ollow. What better way to protect your blog then this?

All In One SEO Pack: Seriously, I don’t really know what SEO is actually all about till I read it here at my blog . Even if I don’t know the f ull details of what SEO is truly all about or how to implement it on my blog, I still have this little plugin which do help me with all my seo stuf f s. And if you ask me how do I know if it’s working? I’ll say, because it runs automatically

Limit Login At t empt s: With the recent rise in wordpress hacking attacks, it is best to protect your blog with any means necessary. T his plugin actually limits login attempts. T he plugin alerts the admin via email that somebody has attempted to login to his admin panel. One other good thing is it bans ip automatically af ter multiple f ailed attempts. So I’ll advice you to get this plugin if you

don’t have one yet to help protect your blog.

WordPress Securit y: Must Read: Enabling Commentator’s Gravatar On MobilePress I love securing my blog both manually and automatically. Like the wise would always say – Prevention is better than cure. WordPress Security helps in accessing your blog and telling you where need f ixes against hackers. It gives warning and always stays on guard.

FeedBurner FeedSmit h Ext end: if you are planning to use f eedburner as your blogs main f eed, then this is the best option I’ll recommend. T his plugin makes it easy to automatically redirect your f eed to f eedburner without stress or errors. Like if you type eed, it will automatically redirects you to my f eedburner f eed. Now tell me how awesome can that get!

Cont act Form 7: T his plugins helps you to create a perf ect contact f orm f or your blog. you can bend the plugin just the way you want it; like adding new space, adding radio button and many more. Every blog needs this pluging.

Comment Luv: Every bloggers’ f avorite. T his plugin makes your blog more sociable and attracts even more comments to your blog. How does commentluv work? It visits the site of the commentator while they type their comment and retrieve their last blog posts which they can choose to include at the bottom of their comment when they click submit (authors own words).

ShareThis: T his is one of the best social sharing plugin I have laid my hands on. It does practically everything you are expecting f rom a social sharing plugin. T his little plugin can monitor your social sharing activity, knows and suggest when to share your post, it has hovering bar and it has even more f eature that will make you say wow!!!

nrelat e Relat ed Cont ent : Keeping a low bounce rate while we f ight f or traf f ic is what every bloggers are doing. If your blog bounce is above 90%, you will have some little problems with search engines and it will also put your blog in harm’s way. What better way to reduce your bounce then to use “nrelate Related Content”. T his plugin shows some related post below or above your blog post. I’ll say that this is the perf ect tool f or you. Check below my post and see what I am talking about

The Slide by SimpleReach: When you’re making comment on most blogs (like mine) and you scroll down the blog, suddenly a “Recommend T his For You” slides out f rom the right, this little plugin is responsible f or that. T his plugin reduces bounce rate by showing your readers and comment lovers a slide out recommended post. I would totally recommend this plugin to all that have not started using it

WP-PageNavi: T his plugin changes the old <- Back | Next -> pattern by adding numbers instead. If you are looking f or a plugin that will allow your readers to navigate your blog swif tly and reduces your bounce rate, you should try this little plugin. Plug-in are great f or your blog but my advice to you is to minimize the way you use plug-in because too much of it will cause harm to your precious blog. Note: All plugins i mentioned in this post are f ree and they can be f ound at wordpress plugin directory Must Read: Top Reasons You Are Not A Successful Blogger Are you using any of the above plugin mentioned? Do you use some awesome plugin that are not listed here? Please, f eel f ree to drop your comments using the comment box below. Do you have comments, questions and thoughts that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d like to share with us? Please do drop them by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated. Was the post okay? Please do click the like button, share us and recommend us to f riends because youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll never know who among your f riends might be in need of inf ormation like this. Do not f orget to subscribe to our f eed f or your latest updates on the go.

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Top 20 wordpress plugin i just cant do without  
Top 20 wordpress plugin i just cant do without