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Active Lists Of Google Plus Communities and Hash Tags You should Know babanature

June 17, 2013

Ahhh… Google plus! Google plus!! Google plus!!! By now you must have known that Google+ is one best social network to get some good amount of web traf f ic, right? In case you still don’t know, you can read my previous post to know how you too can get some reasonable amount of web traf f ic to your blog using this awesome social network.

On my last post I really did said some cool things which many f ind new and interesting. Some of my blogging f riends even asked me to drop some of the active communities I usually hangout (share and submit my posts). I don’t want to hide anything f rom you guys, T hat’s why I write this post f or most of you who’d love to join these active communities. Must Read: 3 Proven Methods Of Getting Traffic Through Google Plus My today’s post is not going to be too long or too short but it’s going to be in between . I am just going to drop some of the Google plus communities I love visiting that brings me some good amount of traf f ic to my blog. I will also talk about how you too can search f or community(s) based on your niche incase the ones I drop is not in your niche (f ield).

Lists Of Google Plus Communities You Should Join

T he communities I am putting down are very active communities and they also have rules that govern them. So please, do read their rules bef ore dropping your links so you won’t look like a spammer and please also make the communities as lively as possible by participating in their discussions. Must Read: 5 Reasons That Shows You Are Also A Lazy Blogger Bloggers World Blogging Blogging 2 Bloggers y Blog Guest Blogging Bloggers Blogging For Business Blogging f or Beginners Blog Tips Blog Community Bloggers Hub Bloggers Network My Blog Guest T hese are some of the communities i visits anytime i have new post to promote. I would have added more but i don’t want the list to be endless and pain in the butt . T he communities i mentioned helps me get some good amount of traf f ic and as well as f aster indexed of my newly published posts aint that great?

Some HashTags You should Know

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Generating or using hash tag is not dif f icult but using hash tags that are ef f ective enough to bring you some reasonable amount of traf f ic is what’s what . Some good hash tags i never f ail to use are listed below: #bloggingtips #blogger #bloggers #wordpress #howto You can add me your own hash tags that are working f or you using the comment box below. Note: If you are posting and don’t know the hashtag to use, just leave it blank and Google will automatically hashtag the post f or you but based on your blog title. If your title doesn’t have any tag worthy words, they’ll leave it blank as well. Hope you understand? Remember that all the communities and hash tags mentioned here are ef f ective and highly 100% recommendable. So please be sure to use them well and f ollow the rules as possible and see how traf f ic will start f lowing

Over To You: Must Read: Google Plus Comment System For WordPress Blogs Let’s make this post as lively as possible; what do you think about Google plus community? Are you using it? Are you not using it? Please do let us know by using the comment box below to provide the answers. Do you have comments, questions and thoughts you’d like to share with us? Please do by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated. Do you like this post or was the post helpf ul? Please and please, click the like button, share us and recommend us to f riends because you will never know who among your f riends might be in need or looking f or a post exactly like this one… Are you f ans of onenaija or you love what we do? T hen do not f orget to subscribe to our f eed f or your latest updates on the go.

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Active lists of google plus communities and hash tags you should know  
Active lists of google plus communities and hash tags you should know