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3 Proven Methods Of Getting Traffic Through Google Plus babanature

June 10, 2013

Ya know me; I am always looking f or ways of getting more and more web traf f ic to my blog and I have tried so many strategies which many are working f or me now. I just hope bef ore the year runs out I’ll be getting 20k visits per day .

Google plus social network has been out f or a while now and people have already started comparing it with Facebook and Twitter. Google plus is one great community every bloggers and webmasters should participate in and gain even more exposure with. Must read: 5 Things You Do That Makes You Look Like An Amateur Blogger We all know that Google is the number one search engine online, and they are the giant setting all the rules f or us bloggers to f ollow. So doing things right with Google will surely give you that traf f ic and quality backlink you need. But Bef ore I move f urther, let’s discuss the benef its of Google plus social networking:

→ You will get indexed way f ast er t han normal → You will get high qualit y backlinks → You will get qualit y t raf f ic f rom t he big giant t heir self → You’ll even get exposure t o likeminded bloggers and business associat es. Tell me, what more can you ask f or? So Google+ will surely help/ push your blogging carrier to the next level. But f irst bef ore all that, what we need the most in our blogging carrier is “traf f ic”, right? Af ter you read this post, go try it out and see if there won’t be changes in your traf f ic stat

3 Combined Ways Of Getting Traf f ic Through Google Plus Must Read: Google Plus Comment System For WordPress Blogs Today is the second Monday of the week, so I am not going to bore you with long talk, I’ll just share with

you, my little way of getting traf f ic to my blog using Google plus social network…

Use of hash tags: Ahhh… I just learned how to use harsh tag ef f ectively about 2 weeks ago and it f eels great using them. T he f irst time I used the hash tag on one of my posts, the impact I got was like x times two of what I was getting f rom my Google+ network.

One of the main reasons we use social media is to get exposed to a wider reach, right? Exactly like twitter, the Google plus hash tag gets your post f rom beyond your f riends, circles, communities to a wider audience. Take f or example; search f or #bloggingtips in your community search bar. If the result shows up, check and see how many users are in that hash search result. T ip: Use as many hash tags when making the comment to your post, like the example image above. Using more hash tag will cut your blog post to even more and wider audience… Hey! If you have not started using the Google plus hash tag, start using it now to help your blog reach audience you’ve always dreamt of and gain more traf f ic f rom what you have been getting

Join as many communities as possible: Must Read: How To Add Post Excerpt With Thumbnail On Blogger Blog Part2 I have joined like 10 active communities and these communities sure rocks . Some of these guys +1 your post, while some share the post to their cycle and while some comment and give you props (but only if your post is good). Tips on how to pick and use your communities ef f ectively: when joining a community, make sure you join the community with larger users and check if the community is that active. How do you know if the community is active: simple! Just check the latest post link, or comment made by it users. Af ter you must have f ind yourself a better community, make sure bef ore you drop any links read community guidelines so you won’t be f lag as spammer. Af ter that make sure you use hash tag (as a combination) in the comment area, so you can double your traf f ic you get f rom Google+

Linking your Site to your Google plus account: We all know what this last tip does, right? In case you don’t know, it helps an author claim his site, makes your site more visible and which we all know it’s a good thing, right?

Now with this, it goes beyond just your Google social network. Doing this, you can also be getting valuable traf f ic f rom Google search engine as well. Now tell me, who wouldn’t want that. Must Read: HOW TO PUT YOUR PICTURE IN GOOGLE SEARCH RESULT Last Note: Google plus is my new f ound place of valuable traf f ic which i am currently f alling in love with and I intend to dig deeper into the social network to see if I can f ind even more ways of getting more valuable traf f ic f rom them. A word f rom a wise: Remember in lif e that there is no such thing as limit; we are the people limiting our selves. Open your mind and soul and break that limitation… Now you have it, Google+ can truly help in getting more and more traf f ic to your website and blogs, but as long as you are doing it ef f ectively, accurately and well. Must Read: Top 20 WordPress Plugin I Just can’t Do without Do you have anything to add up? Do you like Google plus or do you hate Google plus? Please use the comment section below and drop your comment and let’s make the post as lively as possible. Do you have comment, question, thoughts or extra tips to add to the ones above? Please do by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and much appreciated. Was the post helpf ul? Please do click the like button, share us and recommend us to f riends because you will never know who among your f riends might be in need of wanting to know ways of driving traf f ic to their blogs.

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3 proven methods of getting traffic through google plus  

This method are very effective and can actually serve a purpose in your blogging carrier.

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