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Book Character Day

Book Week 2014 by 3c St.Constantine's International School

My name is Isenham and I like ninja books because they teach you how to be a perfect ninja and to kill people that try to kill your mum. This is a code 103290

My name is milo and I like ninja because they save the city and they are strong and cool. They use weapons and kill people that are bad.


I LIke rockkKKK!!!!starrRR books because then you can learn how to be a rockkkKKK!!! StarrRR!!!

I like Cinderella because it has a nice story and there are pretty dresses in it. By Antonia

The Wimpy kid is helpful and funny. By Bilal

I like to read books because they are fun and exciting. By Khadijah

By Sakina

Mathilda is a movie and a book.

It is my favorite book because I love horses and you should read this book.

By Rahima

Cinderella is a nice character because she is beautiful. By Preeti

By Gabrielle

I like Tiana because she is a great cook!

I like the princess because she is pretty. By Hope

I like Minnie Mouse because she is kind, pretty and helpful.

By Victoria

Captain America is a famous cartoon character. He's going to fight Hulk because Hulk is trying to kill Iron man and even Iron man is helping Captain America to kill Hulk. By Hiren

Do you see the omnitrex there? It is special so never mess with it in real life.

I like Ben 10 books because it talks about future.


Toy story is my best book because it has nice characters in it and nice toys and cars. My best character is the cowboy.

Puss in boots saves people. He is a hero. special so never mess with it in real life.I remember watching my DVD at home on the weekend. Puss in boots saved princess from the nasty ogre and turned the ogre into a rat. Please read this book. By YOAHN. Thanks for Reading.

My name is Ethan and my favourite book is about gymnastics.

I like books because they are really exciting.

By Brian

By 3C. March 2014 For the love of reading!

Photos were taken from google images for educational purposes.

Just for fun: here are some poems we can read aloud to you.

Taken from the book "Miles of Smiles"

I like fairy tales because I want to be one of the fairy. Thank you

By Fatema

Book character day 2014  
Book character day 2014  

3C writes about their favourite book characters. St. Constantine´s International School, Arusha, Tanzania.