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Stages Of Child Growth Baby and toddler early period - Rapid growth in the first two years of life depends largely on how well the growing fetus in the uterus during pregnancy. During the first year of life grows mostly about 25 cm, for the second year of 10-12 cm.

Children period - Growth is driven primarily by growth hormone. If the body does not produce enough growth hormone, growth will drop from the usual 5-7 cm per year to 3-4 cm per year or less. The lower growth rate but may also have children who suffer some serious chronic diseases or children whose bones are less susceptible to the action of growth hormone. “CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS about Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review” Adolescence - During adolescence, there is a catch-up growth (spurt). Growth is driven by growth hormone and sex hormones (estrogen in girls, testosterone in boys), who’s concentration in the body during adolescence significantly increasing. In the peak growth velocity in puberty girls usually grow around 9 cm per year. Boys tend to have pubertal growth catch-up, on average, two years later, and their growth rate is slightly higher - in the highest growth rate of up to 12 cm per year. Due to this situation, later adolescence and pubertal growth catch-up boys are finally on average 13 cm higher than girls.

Finally, adult height - The adult height of a child may be approximately the same as for the parents, but it depends on the course of adolescence and also on the age at which started growth hormone treatment if the child is treated with this medicine.

Stages of child growth  

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