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Welcome To Dare... Editor-in-Chief - Lauren Mysiw It’s the start of a new year and the beginning of a new era for magazines.

Welcome to DARE, your life is now complete! Love fashion, beauty and music but hate the celebrity obsessed trashy magazines that dominate shop shelves? Well then you’ve come to the right place, because the DARE team have been working their butts off to bring you something that steers clear from the mainstream. Instead we invite you to explore the world of the unknown- discover boutique shops, unsigned bands and up-and-coming artists. With every issue we vow to bring you something unique and exciting, because in all honesty, we’re not going to write about crap we’re not interested in! We avoid the shallow side of fashion most magazines focus on, so don’t expect any tips on how to get a flat stomach in just 5 minutes. And when it comes to music, we set out to take on the complicated, contradictory, messy world in all its glory and horror. We hope you love reading DARE as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Till next month, Lauren Mysiw, Editor in Chief

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News Meet The Broken Hearts

Hells Angels vs. Alexander McQueen

Welcome Back Pulp!

Ten years since the band’s last album ‘We Love Life’, the original Pulp line-up is reforming for performances this summer. Nick Banks, Jarvis Cocker, Candida Doyle, Steve Mackey, Russell Senior and Mark Webber will all be there - and fans are promised songs from all periods of their career. The band will play Barcelona’s Primavera Sound Festival in May and are headlining at London’s Wireless Festival on July 3rd. It’s the first time the original line-up will have been on stage together in over fourteen years. page 8

A new wave of female DJ groups whose e act is as much about the way they look as the music they play. The Broken Hearts (aka Nisha and Amber, both 25) are wellknown for their distinctive brand of spectacular DJing, playing tunes from the 1920’s to the present day. They have played some of the most exclusive venues in London, as well as shows throughout New York, Paris, Moscow and Milan. Their eclectic sets have been described as “a Hollywood musical on hallucinogenics.” Due to their unique style, the Broken Hearts were asked to collaborate with London boutique Beyond the Valley. Their A/W 10 collection (available from Beyond The Valley, and is inspired by costumes from the golden age of the circus sideshow. Keep an eye out from their S/S 11 collection and their hotly anticipated single, Count Those Freaks! They are both out soon.

Don’t mess with these big bikers or, as fashion house Alexander McQueen has found, you’ll be in serious trouble. The Hells Angels are suing the luxury fashion house for allegedly stealing their skull-andwings logo for profit. The “death head” symbol, which has emblazoned on the jackets of Angels since about 1948, appears in some pieces seemingly named with the motorcycling club in mind. McQueen’s £300 “Hell’s Four-Finger Ring” and £980”Hells Angels Jacquard Box Dress” are cited in a suit the Hells Angels have filed against McQueen. Apparently, this law suit is more about the bikers’ feelings and selfimage than the legal violation. “This isn’t just about money, it’s about membership,” said Hells Angels lawyer Fritz Clapp, a Los Angelesbased biker who sports a red Mohawk. “If you’ve got one of these rings on, a member might get really upset that you’re an imposter.” This fight will serve as a reminder to the fashion world that attempts to appropriate a rough and edgy aesthetic from groups like the Hells Angels does not come without peril – legal if not actually physical.

dare to wear

dare to wear


From Japan and Iceland with Love

The Dare fashion team has been scouring the streets to bring you something new and fresh. Our search landed us in Japan and Iceland; arguably two of the coolest places in the world. With many thanks to our style conscious, ever daring and über cool comrades in Tokyo and Reykjavik, we bring you: “Re-worked!” Re-worked is neither new nor fresh, it is in fact, the opposite. Think patches, patterns, knitwear, camouflage and denim. This style is all about reinventing vintage military items, college jackets, denim pieces and granny’s old woollies into new shapes and forms; street-wear is getting more ‘personal’.

Missoni AW10 (WGSN)



Pattern Blocking


Transform your bomber jackets and giléts and create vintage hybrids this season with pieced patchwork from military fabrics; re-working a blend of camouflage prints and military colours into a garment will produce a grubby green colour palette. Work with oversize garments, layering them to produce a true hobo feel. Pull the look together with a slim belt to the waist.

De-construct and re-construct knitwear, smart shirts and denim. For a truly remade style, fuse bold patterned materials with bold coloured fabrics; separate blocking of horizontal and vertical stripes on a garment work particularly well. This piece from Missoni’s aw10/11 collection is a perfect embodiment of this style.

Out with the new and in with the old. Mix and match denim shades and patterns. Misplaced but functional belt buckles, buttons, zips and pockets will create a quirky twist to your garment. Patch denim up with cotton and knitwear to produce a fabulously barmy and completely revised look.

So there you have it – Re-worked! Perfect for warm summer days and all the layers are sure to keep you warm in the cold winter months ahead. If you cannot be bothered to rip stuff apart and put them back together again, make a trip to your nearest vintage fashion shop; there’s always something ripped up and worn down lurking in the corners. Now you have a new reason to love recycling!! page 10

Make-up artist: Juliet Akobundu. Stylist: Juliet Akoundu. Photographer: Ewan Cawood. Models: Bola Metelewa & Kevan Thorpe. Dress: The Left Bank page - 11

dare to wear

Shirt & Pants: Best Vintage / Jacket & Shoes: Models Own page 12

dare to wear

Jacket: Best Vintage / Dress & Skirt: Models Own page - 13

dare to wear

Oversized Patchwork Cardigan: Best Vintage / Denim Shirt & Black Dress: Models Own page 14

dare to wear

College Jacket & T-shirt: Best Vintage / Trousers: Adidas Originals page - 15

dare to wear

dare to wear

Bola - Jacket: Best Vinatge / Jumpsuit: adidas Originals Kevan - Shirt: Best Vintage / Jeans: Best Vinatge page 16

Bola - Jacket: Best Vinatge Jumpsuit & Trainers: Adidas Originals Kevan - Shirt & Jeans: Best Vinatge / Shoes: Models Own page - 17

dare to wear

Sneak Peak

dare to wear


Booted Up


1 - Adidas x Jeremy Scott, price on request 2 - Puma, £130 3 - Clae Strayhorn, €105 4 - Converse x Dr. Romanelli price on request 5 - Adidas SLVR £150 6 - Supra Pilot, £69.99 7 - Adidas x David Beckham, £135

1 - ASOS, £80 2 - Aldo, £90 3 - Office, £125 4 - adidas SLVR, £92.99 5 - River Island, £64.99


2 3 2 4 5

4 5 6 7

page 18

page - 19

designer of the month

The Doctor’s In! Creativity and individuality are just a tip of the iceberg from what this L.A. brand has to offer. Darren Romanelli’s passion for re-working garments started out as a means for survival; while studying at University of Oregon he developed a thirst for an eclectic style. His student budget and his keen eye for design and attention to detail meant he spent a great deal of time at vintage stores in Eugene. He worked on old and established brands, giving the garments a new breath of life with a fresh perspective. Romanelli successfully turned his hobby into a lucrative career. He is a de-construct/re-construct genius; his hybridization of vintage styles with modern innovation creates an eclectic mix of colour palettes and shapes and brings new functionality to the garments. Each item of clothing carries his signature ‘mad scientist’ aura; patches, quirky words and colour blocks are staple in any Romanelli design. With an exhaustive list of established brands on his resume, it is safe to say that collaborations are his forte; Nike, Maharishi, Converse, Fafi – to name a few.

Founded: 2006 Founder: Darren Romanelli Location: Los Angeles Website:

dr romanelli aka drx laboration with Japanese brand Anachronorm. “The Japanese brand sent me a carefully selected batch of their premium vintage items from past seasons. I sat for two-and-half months with the pieces, getting in touch with them so-to-speak, and then deconstructed them to bring them back as a collection of bomber jackets and tote bags. They’re about 85 percent vintage Anachronorm and 15 percent new material, but they take on an entirely new life”. The collection is available exclusively at Anachronorm boutiques in Japan and Hostem in London.

There is no end to the Doctor’s talent. He successfully managed and marketed L.A. rock band Ima Robot; this led him to start his own boutique marketing agency, StreetVirus with an A-List clientele which includes but is not limited to Disney, Warner Bros, Fox and Converse. It’s not all about fashion brands for Romanelli; he has worked on collections for Looney Tunes, Disney, Hello Kitty and Fraggle Rock. Dr. Romanelli is a big hit in Japan which makes it no wonder that the DRx Fall/Winter 2010 collection is colpage 20

Hello kitty: Dr.Romanelli x Hello kitty

Darren is involved with every aspect of the creation of a collection from inception to design to marketing. Every collection is released with a highly artistic exhibition; this comes with his belief in creating a narrative for every design. He says: ‘My work is about connecting with consumers through the rich and authentic stories I tell via creating not only my spin on the newly designed product but the marketing that goes into the launch of the product’.

dare to listen

dare to listen stuff they currently enjoy. So they mixed it all together in some sort of ecstatic melting-pot of hardcore/ punk rock joy. In the words of lead vocalist Robert “it’s fast, it’s melodic and aggressive! We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, or do anything new. We just want to play the style of music that we all love!” The band’s latest album, ‘This Is What We Know’ is available on ‘Scratch Media’ and for any Hardcore lovers this is a must have in the collection. The production isn’t slicker than slick in fact it is gritty and intrusive, just as it should be. The gang chants, placed along the sliding guitar work and rolling snares to build momentum and validity, echo a resonance that is brought through the poignant and well thought out lyrics that don’t divulge into cliché. Vocally there is the shout come scream lyrically

posed questions accented by the backing gang chants made famous by the likes of Comeback Kid. Vocalist Robert has a great voice, that brilliant melodic hardcore style that remains somewhere between shouting and singing, which sounds powerful throughout the record. ‘‘I Thought You Said Global Welfare, Not Warfare’ is an example of the themes that are on offer for the Departed lads and third track ‘So Long And Thank You For The Chemicals’ really steps the album up a gear. Melodic riffs are accompanied by a pounding rhythm that is almost impossible to at least not bang your head to. The rest of the album continues in this vein, crusading its way through the twenty minutes of a thoroughly entertaining and at times provoking listen. It is refreshing to see a band such as

The Departed play what they play for the sole reason that it is what they love and what they want to be playing. You can tell they are genuinely passionate about what they’re singing about, “Lyrical content is extremely important to us as a band” says bassist James ‘Razor’ Raisbeck.” We’re not a joke band, or just doing it for the sake of it. Our lyrics cover real issues from our personal lives to our experiences and thoughts on wider issues, whether they are political, religious or otherwise. In short, we have something to say!” These five guys live & breathe their band, putting everything into writing and playing their music all over the UK and Europe. Their ambition combined with their pure talent definitely makes The Departed one to watch! Text by Lauren Mysiw

the departed Melodic hardcore has experienced a revival and upsurge in popularity in recent times. It has been taken away from just the straight edge enthusiasts and is slowly making its way into the public conscious. Bands such as Gallows, Your Demise and Dead Swans are beacons of popularity amongst the alternative masses, however it is surprising to learn that one of the UK’s brightest prospects, The Departed, hail from North Easterly Grimsby. It is hardly recognized as a breeding ground for the future prospects of alternative music, but that isn’t something that The Departed are going to let affect their goals

page 24

Having known each other from either previous bands or being involved in live shows together, The Departed was formed after five friends grew bored of sitting around doing nothing. The uniting factor is that the entire band grew up listening to fast, melodic punk rock, and so wanted to do something that included those influences, along with the newer hardcore

page - 25

dare to listen

dare to listen

Upcoming Bands

Egyptian Hip Hop Mancunian 4 piece band Egyptian Hip Hop are already hitting the music scene with a bang. With controversial opinions on the band it seems you will either love them or hate them. Their electro pop rock sound got them noticed by Radio1 DJ Nick Grimshaw and has already been his “record of the week”. Here is a band who seem to enjoy experimenting with different types of music, and are not afraid to try something different letting down all their boundaries. If your a fan of Klaxons or Battles these are a band to check out.

page 26

Freelance Whales The mix of electronicals and unusual instruments make their wholesome sound so comforting. Freelance Whales are an American band founded in 2008 and have already managed to make an impact on a large audience. They have channeled a dreamlike eerie sound. So if you are looking for an indie electro band with similarities to bands such as Postal Service and Passion Pit then Freelance Whales may just be your new favourite band. Essential Track: ‘Starring’

GroupLove LA based Indie/pop/rock band Grouplove’s story of how the five friends came together is alone enough to intrigue you. The groups Myspace bio explains how the five met on Greek island Crete and became so close they were compelled to reunite and continue writing music in LA. With such a unique story you would expect unique sounding music, and they do not let you down. With souring harmonies and a catchy sound you will be left wanting more. Their recent tour with Two Door Cinema Club could mean a UK tour could be on the horizon. Essential Track: ‘Colours’

Text by Robyn Siddall

Essential Track: ‘Wild Human Child’ She & Him Indie Folk duo She & Him consist of actress Zooey Deschanel (Summer in 500 Days of Summer) and guitarist Matt Ward. What started off as a no strings attatched collaboration in 2008 blossomed into an outstanding touring band. Their music is full of angelic harmonies and sharp, clever songwriting with a dreamy and romantic mood. They are the kind of band you are pleasantly suprised by. Zooey’s unique voice and Matt’s guitar playing and backing vocals make them a music duo made in heaven. It would seem critics are as smitten with this band as their listeners and they are definitely the band to look out for. Essential Track: ‘Thieves’

page - 27

dare to listen

dare to listen

Album Reviews

City and Colour : Bring Me Your Love Here is an album that was released over 2 years ago yet it seems to get no recognition by other music journalists. Front man of Canadian band Alexisonfire Dallas Green’s side project City and Colour is the total opposite to what you may have heard from him previously. His music is stripped back, with almost all of his songs consisting of just him and an acoustic guitar.

Text by Robyn Siddall She & Him: Volume 2 Actress turned singer Zooey Deschanel’s keeps on surprising us with her clever song-writing and vocal talent. This album takes on a folk rock, 60’s country classic feel to it, with Ward’s influence, mixing so many different styles into each of the songs.

Opening with “Forgive me” a song about falling in love, which may seem a little cliche but with Green’s use of just an acoustic guitar and his breath taking voice you can’t helped but be drawn in.

Everything Everything : Man Alive For a debut album Man Alive is pretty impressive as it manages to include ambition, intellect and power. Not many bands would attempt such a clever maybe even slightly pretentious first album. But Everything Everything seem to be able to win you over with their witty lyrics and catchy, fun tracks.

Magnetic Man : Magnetic Man An album mainly consisting of instrumentals seem to be interesting the younger generations a lot more lately, Magnetic Man being no exception. They consist of dubstep producers and DJs Skream, Benga and Artwood. The album has guest vocals from artists such as Ms Dynamite, Katy B, Sam Frank and John Legend. It starts out with a gentle beautifully crafted “Flying to Tokyo” and then moves on to its more heavier, full throttle dubstep with songs such as “Fire and “I need Air”. The stand out track on this album seems to be “Perfect Stranger” featuring vocals from Katy B.

page 28

They have managed to conjure up an exciting album which mixes zoned out dubstep with chart topping singles weighing up nicely on the polished 14 track album. Bringing back the Old school albums.

“Sleeping Sickness” is a stand out song with its catchy chorus and intensity. Dallas invites Gordon Downie (from Canadian rock band The Tragically Hip) to help out with the vocals making it one of the most gripping songs on the album. Although saying that personally I would say the most impressive song on the album has to be “What Makes a Man” which proves that all you need for a good song is a outstanding voice, a guitar and, in this case, a little harmonica. Overall this album shows what Dallas has created is sensational, setting a high standard for all other acoustically orientated albums.

My Kz Ur Bf sums up the band perfectly, pop background with spacey synths and operatic vocals and a catchy exciting chorus that you will subconsciously sing along to. Suffragette Suffragette is a little more heavy rock but still has the catchy chorus which seems to be a running theme throughout the album. “Leave the Engine Room” is one of the slower, calmer tracks which they do just as well as the heavier tracks. Overall they have managed to produce an intelligent, futuristic album which may just be the album of the year.

Zooey takes on the character of a romantic, sensitive young woman with lyrics such as “Sometimes lonely isn’t sad” in the opening 50’s style ballad song Thieves setting a high standard for the rest of the album. The album goes on to keep you tapping your foot and humming along. Zooeys vocals stand out and make an impact on tracks like “In the Sun” and “Don’t Look Back” teamed with Wards raspy voice and folk rock input keep the songs from sounding too indie pop. Zooey’s personality and vocal talent is a treat for anyone listening, along with Ward’s talent to assemble and fit the songs in with Zooey’s voice and songwriting makes sure that his talent is never overlooked.

Bring Me Your Love, released in February 2008, is one of those albums that you can listen to over and over again and is one of my personal favourites. It was the follow on album from “Sometimes” which had a lot to live up to and it would seem Dallas managed it with ease.

page - 29

dare to listen

dare to listen

Everything Everything Gig Review

Text by Robyn Siddall

With the release of new album Man Alive came a UK tour for newcomers Everything Everything. Tipped by NME magazine as a band to look out for this year it could seem like they have a lot to live up to. But with the buzz at Leeds Cockpit this evening you would think they are a band that has been around for a lot longer with such loyal fans.

They lived up to all their media hype and definitely left a lasting impression on all that attended. A gig with catchy songs, impressive harmonies and contrasting songs is rare to come across, leaving me and probably all the crowd wanting more.

Kicking off the night is support band Clock Opera. The bearded four piece band who spends the majority of the set routed behind their instruments put on a pretty impressive show. Appearing to be nervous and slightly reserved, they have nothing to worry about as the crowd get behind them and take a real liking to their set. They have a sound of experimental 80’s pop music. With intelligent and melodic songs, Clock Opera is definitely a band to keep your eye on over the next year. At past 9pm, on come the main act Everything Everything to an eager crowd awaiting their arrival. Dressed head to toe in black lead singer Johnny Everything (Known as Johnny Higgs off stage) introduces the band and they kick start the show with Qwerty Finger. They had the audience hooked within seconds with their catchy songs and incredible harmonies. They then go on to play the crowd pleaser MY KZ, UR BF, at which point the crowd go mental singing along word for word trying to hit those high notes which are physically impossible for any normal human being; Johnny manages to hit every single one of them perfectly. This is a band that obviously love what they are doing, smiling and thanking the crowd after each song. Their songs flitted from pop to rock to dance with keyboards and harmonies thrown in there to mix it all up, living up to their name Everything Everything, they are literally open to any genre of music, making it difficult to compare them to any other band around at the moment. Suffragette Suffragette and Schoolin’ are another two crowd pleasers getting all the fans dancing and singing along, though it’s difficult to pick a song that didn’t get the audience dancing and excited. With an hour long set, they came back on to do an encore of two songs thanking the audience for their great support and finally ending their set with the song Photoshop Handsome. all images form page 30

page - 31

dare to watch

dare to watch


The Other Guys Fans of Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy and Step Brothers will be happy to know director Adam McKay has teamed up with Will Ferrell again to produce the latest hit comedy about two New York cops forced to pair up.

Text by Robyn Siddall

Paranormal Activity 2 The newly released Paranormal Activity 2 is a slight improvement from its predecessor. The film shows a couple (and the husband’s daughter from a previous marriage) trying to save the life of their new born son, Hunter. The paranormal activities start off when they return home to find the whole house turned upside down. With no sign of a break in or any missing items they try to discover who, or rather what is behind this; installing security cameras around the house. But what they find out is: it isn’t just a simple break in; there is something out there that is putting their lives in jeopardy. With multiple unexplainable goings on, from slamming doors to people being dragged down the stairs, they link in Katie from the first film; claiming the activities to have taken place 6 months in advance.

The two, obviously, are at different ends of the spectrum with Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) a cop who’s more interested in the paperwork than firing a gun and Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg) a hot headed cop who wants to be out there in the midst of it all. The unlikely pair finally gets their shot at grabbing the glory when star cops Danton and Highsmith (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Samuel L Jackson) are killed in a freak accident, and they are left to save the day.

We at Dare recommend that this film is included in everyone’s DVD collection this year!

Some will find it terrifying, I personally found it humorous and a little disappointing. Apart from making you jump the odd time, the film is like watching an episode of Big Brother with pointless observational scenes of the family documenting the youngest family member, Hunter’s life. However, if you enjoyed the first one then you will probably like Paranormal Activity 2, it is definitely an improvement but still nothing to get any member of the Dare Team’s seal of approval.

The film is hilarious with witty one-liners that you will split your sides laughing at and not forgetting the typical Will Ferrell sense of humor. Lately there has been a lack of decent cop films making this film a breath of fresh air. Mixing humor with action The Other Guys is clever and funny and is sure to get some big laughs.


The film is about the creators of Facebook. Sound boring? You would be wrong. The film perfectly catches your attention as it takes you through the trials and tribulations that creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg faced. The Harvard drop out is sued by 3 other students for stealing their idea. Whilst also at the same time he is being sued by his best friend for unfair dismissal.

page 32

The film starts out with Zuckerberg being dumped by his girlfriend and in a rage of madness creating a website called Facemash in which other students rate 2 females against each other based on looks. Hacking into the universities system to get the information. Thus leading him to the creation of Facebook. Justin Timberlake manages to pull off a fairly impressive performance as Napster co founder Shaun Parker. But the stand out performance goes to Jessie Eisenberg who plays the creator himself Mark Zuckerberg. Definitely a film to purchase.

The film based on a classic comic strip is brought to life with the star studded line up of actors and actresses. The film shows retired CIA Frank ( Bruce Willis) become a target for assassination forcing him to reconnect with hi former associates CIA Joe (Morgan Freeman) Marvin (John Malkovich) and Victoria (Helen Mirren) to get to the bottom of the mystery. They come together to work as a team busting their way into CIA HQ. The cute but slightly awkward relationship between Frank and Sarah (Mary Louise Parker) gives the film some heart and a little more depth than the usual action film. RED shows comedy and action merging perfectly to form a chart topping film, which we at Dare definitely give our seal of approval to! Go out and buy this one, you won’t regret it!

The Social Network

page - 33

Dare-ing Opinions

‘Woooo....DOWN IT!!!!!!!!’

By Juliet Akobundu Ever woken up on a Saturday morning feeling like death and suffering from temporary amnesia, asking yourself that oh-so-famous question: What Happened Last Night? I’m sure we’ve all had at least one classic hangover moment in our lives. You will have to agree with me when I say that what makes a hangover truly epic is seeing the photos from the previous night. Excessive alcohol consumption is synonymous to youth culture and is has become the government’s worst nightmare and as history shows; an enemy of the government is a friend of the youths. Apart from the constant pressure to be rebellious, a great deal of teens and youths today say they actually enjoy binge drinking; it gives them something to do and it also get’s them noticed. But honestly guys, what’s enjoyable about getting so drunk you have can’t remember anything? And being sick is not exactly the most pleasant thing on this earth, so why in the world do we do it to ourselves? Why do we spend hours grooming ourselves within an inch of our lives, getting our hair perfect and selecting the ‘right’ outfit if we are just going to end up making right tits of ourselves?

what happened last night?

Beats the hell out of me, but one thing I can say is that you can’t help but laugh/cringe when you find out what you’ve been up to. Photos can be a blessing or a curse; they can help you figure out exactly who you got off with (not always a good thing!), what you were drinking and why you stuffed your face with a 1000 calorie doner kebab. However not all nights end happily, in some extreme cases laughing is the last thing you want to be doing. You’ve all heard horror stories about how badly a night can go: ending up in a hospital, police station or worse still, lying half dead in a ditch somewhere. We’re not saying “Don’t Drink!” because you would just ignore us anyway; we just want you to be careful when you’re out. After all, you don’t want to be one of the fifteen thousand people who die each year due to alcoholrelated incidents

We want to hear all about your disaster nights out and hangover traumas; email your stories to for a chance to win an all-expense paid clubbing for you and five of your friends in your town/city. Entrants must be 18 or over. Go to for full terms and conditions. page 36

‘I wonder what TO wear FOR uni tomorrow..’ ‘WHAT IS SHE DOING?!!!!’ mmm..what I’d do with those... WTF??!!

Photgraphy Ewan Cawood Graphics: Kaveh Khyabani

‘eurrrggghhh… the room’s spinning!!’

‘Get in!!!’

“F**k how did this happen?” “tough Luck mate!!”

to the Dance Floor...

‘TOILET, TOILET!! Where is the f***ing… Toilet!’

“euurrggghh…… Never drinking ever again…..”


‘gosh... i just want to go home now’

‘Carry your own damn shoes’ “what an idiot..” “ you tosser”

dare to try

Mens Hair

Male model: Joe Heg Hair: Juliet Akobundu Photography: Robyn Siddall Photo editting: Ewan Cawood

dare to try

text by lauren mysiw

The Quiff

Masculine yet edgy, this is a statement look which works well for all face shapes. Hair is pulled up high over the head, backcombed softly to create extra volume and height. This style is super-smooth and groomed to perfection. Fly-away strands are tamed down and held in placed with wax or hair-spray

Trevor Sorbie Mg Moulding Mud, £6.50 James Brown London Volumising Mousse, £5.99 Toni & Guy Daily Conditioning Ionic Hair Dryer, £19.95

page 44

Natural Waves

This style is all about looking natural and unkempt, choosing soft, wavy locks rather than tight curls. Waves appear to have been brushed through the fingers for a carefree bedhead look, with fringes sitting just above the eyebrows. Styling wax is worked into the locks to create a ruffled-up do.

Nicky Clarke Frizz Control Curling Tong, £14.99 Pantene Perfect Curls Defining Mousse, £3.19 Tigi Bed Head Manipulator, £10.20 TRESemme Extra Hold Hair Spray, £4.19 page - 45

dare to try

Side Parting

This masculine, grown-up look is all about groomed, neat and kempt hair. Hair is combed flat and swept to the side to accentuate a strong, defined parting. Use plenty of gel and wax to create a glossy, wet-look finish.

dare to try

The Mushroom

A modern twist on the classic mushroom cut. The fringe is pushed forward over one eye and the edges uneven to the point of jagged, with shorter layers on the crown. Product is kept to a minimum with a little wax pulled through to create texture.

Kent Pocket Comb FOT, £3.45

Kings Texture Hair Wax, £5.99

Brylcreem Wet Look Gel, £3.59

John Frieda Frizz - Ease Shape and Shine Flexible Hold Hair Spray, £4.89

Fish Strong Hold Hair Shaping Cream, £4.99 Toni & Guy Finishing Shine Spray, £6.99 page 46

Shockwaves Ultra Strong Heat Defence Volumising Mousse, £2.79 Boots Essentials Basic and Thinning Scissors Twin Pack, £6.95 page - 47

dare to try

Womens Beauty text by lauren mysiw

dare to try Female model: Saffy Bux Make up: Natalie Greenwell Photography: Robyn Siddall Photo editting: Ewan Cawood

Dramatic Lashes

For a flamboyant look, apply the lashes to the bottom of the eyes instead. Apply a light beige eye shadow on the eyelid and a soft thin line of eyeliner at the base of your real lashes. Curl your lashes and apply mascara, this allows them to blend in with the false ones. Place the false lashes as close to your lash line as possible, then press in place. If the lashes are too long, remove and trim with scissors along the outer edge.

Purple Haze

For a twist on the clasic smokey eye, use vibrant jewel-toned shades. Use a smoked lavender on the eyelid, extending it right up to the brows and out towards the temples. Make your eyes really pop with a brighter eyeshadow under the eye. Leave mascara and eyeliner to a minimum, allowing the colour to stand out.

L'Oréal Paris Colour Appeal 3 Eyeshadows in Beige Taupe, £7.99

Bourjois Smoky Eyes Eye Shadow in violet romantic, £7.99

Benefit BADgal eye pencil, £14

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara, £7.99

Eylure Naturalite Double Lash 205, £6.95

Benefit eye bright, £14 Bourjois Khol & Contour Eye Pencil, £4.29

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dare to try

dare to try

Glitter Bomb

For a gorgeous evening look, play up the eyes with heavy doses of glitter for maximum sparkly impact. Smudge metallic shades of copper into the socket and along the lower lash line, then highlight eyes by pressing molten-gold glitter into the inner corners of the eyes. For a more subtle approach, put a hint of gold glitter on the lower lash line. Keep the rest of your make up minimal in order to make your eyes really stand out.

Barry M Dazzle Dust in Bronze, £4.50 Max Factor Smoky Eyeshadow in 2 Bronze Haze, £7.99 L'Oreal Volume Million Mascara, £10.99 Clinique Kohl Shaper for Eyes 1.2G, £13 page 50

Statement Lips

A strong and striking alternative to the classic red lips. Prep your lips by bufing them with a toothbrush to get ride of any dead skin, then define with a pink lip liner. Apply your lippie with a brush to get a neat, precise shape. Blot your lips with a tissue and reapply (more layers = stronger staying power.) Finally, slightly dust you lips with a shimmer power for a glassy shine.

Barry M Face & Body Shimmer Powder, £7.99 Benefit D'finer D'liner, £13.50 Ruby & Millie Lip Brush, £7.50 Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick, £7.29 page - 51

dare to try

dare to try

body butters

Beauty Tried & Tested

lip exfoliators

Soap And Glory The Righteous Body Butter £9.79

Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Exfoliating Lip Salvation £10.00

Award winning body moisturising butter with softening shea butter and aloe vera. With a new dynamic moisture trap matrix to help hold hydration in longer. A body moisturising formula so virtuous you might swear you’re wearing velvet!

The Promise: Filled with emollient and conditioning extracts, this nourishes your lips to super soft, pucker perfection! This natural antioxidant lip salve smells deliciously fruity as you smooth it onto your pout. Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Exfoliating Lip Salvation

The Result: This smells A-M-AZ-I-N-G! It is quite thick but melts onto skin straight away. It leaves skin feeling hydrated and incredibly soft, perfect for dry areas such as knees and elbows

The Result: This smells good enough to eat! It makes lips feel soft, smooth and supple; exfoliating without feeling rough on application. It leaves a pinky red tint on lips that looks natural and sexy, perfect for a no make-up look.

Beauty Score: 5/5

Beauty Score: 5/5

Marks & Spencer Ingredients Lemon Body Butter

Boots Extracts Fairtrade Honey Body Butter

Beautifully Delicious Coconut & Shea Butterlicious Body Butter

Philosophy Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub And Facial

Jemma Kidd Perfect-Pout Exfoliating Treatment Balm

Clarins Extra-Firming Lip & Contour Gentle Exfoliator







The Result: This has an incredibly strong lemon sherbet smell and is very thick in consistency. It takes a long time to rub in, but it does brighten skin and give it a lasting fresh scent.

The Result: This smells incredible, and the scent lingers all day. It is very easy to rub in, sinking into skin quickly. It evens skin tone and leaves it feeling soft and silky

The Result: This is a very thick moisturiser which takes a long time to rub in. It has a lovely smell and leaves skin feeling incredibly soft. Highly recommended for those with dry skin

The Result: This is an extremely gentle exfoliator that removes any dead skin without leaving lips sore. Lips feel really soft and completely smooth straight away.

The Result: This 2 in 1 can be used as an exfoliator or lip balm depending on which end you use! Lips are left feeling soft & luscious. It also makes an excellent long lasting lipstick primer.

The Result: The consistency is a bit coarse, which leaves lips feeling sore with regular use. However, if your lips need some serious TLC, it is brilliant for heavy-duty buffing.

Beauty Score: 2/5

Beauty Score: 4/5

Beauty Score: 3/5

Beauty Score: 4/5

Beauty Score: 4/5

Beauty Score: 3/5

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dare to try

dare to try

skin moisturisers

face washes

Soap & Glory For Men A Mans Got To Dew! £5.99

Nivea For Men Sensitive Face Wash £4.25

The Promise: Provides instant antistress, special post shave facial moisturise balm. Engineered with special razor burn repair soothing system! Contains supersooth bio for nicks and irritation.

The Promise: Specially developed, mild cleansing gel with Vitamin E to clean skin, remove dirt and excess oil. The Result: Although aimed at sensitive skin, this is great for any skin type. It does not dry out skin or leave it feeling taunt; resulting in skin looking clean and feeling healthy.

The Result: This has a slightly minty, fresh & rich texture. It really soothes and cools the face after shaving, leaving a long lasting smooth feel on the skin.

Beauty Score: 5/5

Beauty Score: 5/5

L’oreal Men Expert Comfort Max Moisturiser

Bulldog Original Moisturiser

Nivea For Men Rehydrating Moisturiser

Botanics For Men Face Wash Normal And Dry Skin

Bulldog Original Face Wash

OXY Daily Face Wash







The Result: Does exactly what it says on the tin! Razor burn is banished with this moisturiser. It leaves skin feeling smooth and smelling gorgeous.

The Result: The all natural ingredients give an medical yet aromatic scent. It feels great on skin, leaving it moisturised all day. It can make skin appear shiny, but disappears after a few minutes.

The Result: Only a little of this moisturiser is needed and it is very easy to rub in, sinking into the skin quickly. It leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

The Result: Only a small amount of this deep clean foam is needed, as a little goes a long way. This leaves skin feeling nourished, supple and incredibly moisturised.

The Result: The smell is dominated by sea butter, which isn’t a bad thing. It is quick thick compared to the other scrubs so only a small amount is needed. It leaves skin feeling great and looking smooth.

The Result: This is brilliant for anyone suffering from acne, as skin looks blemish free within just a few days. However it can leave skin a bit dry and red with overuse.

Beauty Score: 4/5

Beauty Score: 4/5

Beauty Score: 3/5

Beauty Score: 4/5

Beauty Score: 4/5

Beauty Score: 3/5

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A Conversation With... Justina Bailey Text by Juliet Ann Akobundu

Justina Bailey is a London based Graphic Designer and Illustrator. > How did it all begin?

> Your work has been described as a ‘hybrid mix of innovation with old school flava’ ( How would you describe your work? >> Ha ha! I would say that maybe it could be a mix of innovation, but as far as ‘old school flava’ goes; my style varies from time to time depending on how I feel. At the moment it’s all about my illustrations either integrating with photography elements or holding their own with strong lines or detailed texture. > What’s your inspiration? >> My inspiration is many other artists that range from music to fine art and even cartoon; too many to list. I would definitely say that my main inspiration is 80’s-90’s youth culture and the London’s inner city of today. My surroundings and interactions play a big part.

all artwork by Justina Bailey

>> At my first day at primary school, our class was given chunks of colored plasticine to create something; I distinctly remember making this messy thing which I called a “Blabber Mouth”. It was pretty much a lump of plasticine with big eyes, small feet and - you’ve guessed it, a big mouth. Thankfully, much has developed since the days of the “Blabber Mouth”, but that has always been a fond memory of something that started a level of appreciation for what I can do creatively.

> It’s safe to say that a great deal of the work you do is digital. Do you create any paintings or free-hand sketches? >> Freehand sketching is something that I’m always doing; it is part of the ideas and development process so I wouldn’t have any of my digital work if it wasn’t for my handy sketchbooks. >With everything going digital these days, e-magazines and e-books for instance, do you think that computers will completely take over the Art world or will we always have paint canvas and easels? >> I think mediums like canvases will never disappear, that’s where predominantly the art world was first born. I think if that was to go and the digital age was to take over completely it would not be the same. Yeah, sure it’s convenient but it’s also expensive and not always accessible, it’s cool that someone could just pick up a pencil/paintbrush and have the freedom to produce something on a piece of paper or a canvas. > Are you working on anything new, collaborations, exhibitions..? Tell us, Tell us, Tell us!!

page 56

>>Haha! Well collaborations and exhibitions should take off as early as next year, but I am always creating new work. Stay tuned by checking out my website and follow me on Twitter at for my latest work and information.

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A Conversation With... Justina Bailey

A Conversation With... Justina Bailey

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B • Barry M Cosmetics:; 020 8349 2992 • Bell & Ross:; various Bell & Ross distributors • Beautifully Delicious: www.beautifullydelicious.; Sainsbury’s, Boots • Benefit Cosmetics: www.benefitcosmetics. • Best Vintage: 22 New Market St, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 6DG; 0113 245 5101 • Boots: • Bourjois: go to • Bull dog: go to • Brylcreem: go to

N • Nivea:; various pharmacies and supermarkets around the country • Nike: various Nike shops;

C • Clae: go to; Aberdeen; 01224 213 452 • Clarins: go to • Clinique: go to • Converse: go to D • Diesel: go to • Dr Romanelli: The Dr Romanelli Prescription Shoppe at Hostem, London, G • Ghd: go to; 0845 3301133 J • James Brown London: Boots; 82 Wigmore St. London W1U 2SN, 020 7486 6087 • Jemma Kid: go to; 02087402085 • John Freida: various supermarkets and pharmacies around the country L • The Left Bank: 2nd Floor, Byram Arcade, Huddersfield, UK; 07531642616 • Long Clothing: go to stockists for a full list of stockists around the country

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O • Office: various Office shops; • Ole Henriksen: go to for a full list of stockists • Oxy:; various pharmacies and supermarkets around the country P • Pantene:; various pharmacies and supermarkets around the country • Puma: R • Revlon: go to for a full list of stockists • River Island: River Island shops; • Ruby and Millie:; Boots stores and S • Soap and Glory: available in Boots and Harvey Nichols stores and online at • Supra: go to for a full list of stockists T • Thomas Sabo: go to for a full list of stockists • Tony and Guy: go to for a full list of stockists • Tresemme: go to for a full list of stockists • Trevor Sorbie: go to for a full list of stockists V • Vivienne Westwood: various Vivienne Westwood boutiques;


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