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You want to purchase a set of luggage. Maybe your nephew or children have asked for a set of luggage as a gift. What exactly comprises a set of luggage? Originally, sets of luggage were four or five pieces of nested luggage. The smaller sizes would all fit inside the larger size piece of luggage. They were lightweight and generally not very good quality. They were replaced often and were not very expensive. Since the innovation of upright wheeled luggage, the pieces are usually sold individually rather than as a set. There can be so many sizes available in the series, you could not probably use or need them all. Some companies make an 18"Pullman, a 20" Pullman, a 22" Pullman, a 24" Pullman, a 26" Pullman and a 28" or 29" Pullman. They also may offer all of the sizes in expandable or nonexpandable pieces. There may also be several sizes of garment bags on wheels, garment bags without wheels, tote bags, tote bags with wheels, and duffels. Duffels can be without wheels in the smaller sizes, but also with wheels in the 22", 25", 26" , 29", 30", 34" and 42" sizes. That's a lot of pieces of luggage! Some families may want all larger pieces of luggage, others may desire all of the smaller sizes. So you need to determine what pieces will make up the "set of luggage" that is best for you. Decide if your travel is usually for extended vacations, short vacations, or business trips. You will also need to decide how many are traveling with you and how you will need to share your set of luggage. Another question to ask is if you usually prefer warmer climates against colder climates. All of these factors will decide how much clothing you will need, and how much luggage you'll need to hold everything. Casual trips can usually get away with less. Duffels on wheels are great for casual vacations. Business travel often needs a garment bag. These hold men's suits and sports jackets the best, almost wrinkle free. They also pack dressier clothing with less creasing if your travel takes you to fancier resorts or cruises. Overnight trips can usually use wheeled carry on luggage and sometimes a smaller garment bag. The garment bags that fold as a trifold will usually fit the airline template for carry on luggage. Overnight trips may be able to use a tote bag or one of the tote bags on wheels. We're at the airports for a long time, and they are larger than ever to get around. Having your luggage on wheels has become a necessity rather than a luxury now. Important features to look for in your luggage set are inline skate wheels which can wheel smoothly over many different

surfaces. The better wheels are also able to handle the weight of piggybacking one or more pieces together for ease in rolling. Strong durable fabrics such as nylon or ballistic nylon is another good feature. These are virtually abrasion and tear proof. Lift the pieces in the luggage set. You want to choose something that's lightweight so you can avoid the airline surcharges. Many of the airlines require cases of fifty pounds or less to avoid the surcharge. Be sure to check with each individual carrier as the airline restrictions keep changing. Also, watch the size of your pieces. Many of the airlines now charge extra for oversized luggage. Most airlines consider anything larger than 62" linear inches to be oversized. This is the height plus the width plus the depth. There's a new handy travel accessory that has a scale and a tape measure to keep you within the airline restrictions. If you want to avoid any surcharges, this is a great gadget to travel with. Many travelers choose black luggage because it can always be matched and will stay cleaner longer. However, black can be hard to spot at busy airport carousels. However, if you choose a "fashion" color, it may not be available for very long. It makes sense to purchase more than a few pieces of an unusual color at a time, before it becomes difficult to find. Additionally, sometimes dye lots will change. Many couples choose to mix and match their luggage set. That sometimes makes it harder to know what to look for at busy luggage carousels. No matter what you decide for your "set of luggage", remember, there's nothing quite like arriving at the hotel with a matching set of luggage monogrammed with your initials!

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