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When it comes to gas garden tools, a gas hedge trimmer may not be the safest, but they usually do outperform most electrical ones in both speed and power. Unlike electric hedge trimmers, gas powered hedge trimmers are not currently manufactured according to any sort of enforced or voluntary U.S. regulatory standard. Voluntary laboratory underwriters have recommended that the gaps between blade teeth are small enough to keep out a 3/4-inch finger-sized probe. On the other hand, gas trimmers have thus far not been accorded such safety specifications, although companies such as Craftsman, does manufacture the Craftsman 22 in. Gas Hedge Trimmer, a 25cc hedge trimmer that meets this safety guideline. Other companies that choose to manufacturer hedge cutters with wider gaps produce tools that can cut thicker, denser branches and shrubs, as well as cut a greater amount of smaller ones with a single pass when compared to electrically powered ones. For the most part, these gasoline powered, wider gapped blade teeth trimmers are sold to professional landscapers. Aside from the physical safety aspects concerning fingers, both electric and gas trimmers omit very high sound decibels. It is recommended that hearing protection be worn when using all power tools with 85 dBAs or greater. While most people might associate gas-powered tools as sounding much louder than electric ones, both omit decibels above 85. Plug-in electric trimmers run at approximately 91 dBAs, while gas-powered trimmers range not much higher at between 97 to 103 dBAs. According to Consumer Reports, electrical trimmers also are much more popular - outselling gasoline-powered ones by more than four to one, but this probably has more to do with product availability than performance. Cordless garden tools underperform both electric and gas powered ones when it comes to cutting capability. Additionally, cordless tools can only run for a maximum period of 45 minutes before they have to be recharged, which can take as long as 24 hours. When compared with gas garden tools, corded electric trimmers are lighter and require far less maintenance than gas models. Pricewise, most corded electric trimmers run about half as much as gas ones. In the case of Craftsman, their 22 in., model number 79442, weighs 6.2 lbs., comes with a General Warranty of 2 years, and retails for about $49. Features include a dual action blade, a 3 sided adjustable handle, and a lock on button for reduced fatigue. When considering gas garden tools, Craftsman is one of the most trusted and leading manufacturers. The Craftsman 22 in. Gas Hedge Trimmer, manufacturer model number 358-

796340, weighs 14.6 lbs., comes with a General Warranty of 1 year, and retails for about $199. Per the manufacturer's website, the only special features it offers is a reduced vibration handle. Overall user ratings on the site ranked the gas hedge trimmer with 3 stars and the electric hedge trimmer with 4 &frac12; stars; each had an equal number of reviews. If I were to recommend a hedge trimmer, I would agree with a leading consumer magazine's rating of Best Buy of 2009.

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