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Endangered Species Special– The African Black Rhinoceros Hunting– The European settlers in the 20th century posed a threat to the Black Rhino, because they were being killed to The Black Rhinoceros is found in eastern, central, Poaching– Rhinos are poached for their horns which either southern and kills them if their horns are completely taken, or leaves them eat, or simply for ‘fun.’ Rhinos were seen as a nuisance, and one that should be eliminated. western Africa. injured and defenceless if they have been sawed off. The Unfortunately, young calves are left orphaned, and the mother has nothing to Habitat Loss– The habitat of the Black Rhino is already the Black Rhinos protect them with if she survives. Their horns are used for me- scarce as it is. But unfortunately, it is still disappearing. This numbers have dicinal purposes, and is also very popular for dagger handles. is due to homeless people in Africa clearing their habitat to drastically deThese daggers became very popular in Yemen in the 1970’s. build homes. clined, leaving These daggers became a symbol of wealth, and the Black Rhi(Right– rhino speckled areas nos were suffering immensely because of it. Their numbers that has been with Black Rhi- were reduced form 40-90% in some areas of Africa during the killed to eat.) nos within those 1970’s when there was the amazing poaching epidemic. areas. Their numbers plummeted at the end of the 1960’s. The Conservation of the Black Rhino Black Rhino lives Wildlife Reserves- All poaching and trade of the rhino horn in generally has been prohibited. Unfortunately, there has still been some warm temperatures, and has tough skin to protect black market of rhino horn trade. America threatened to ban them from the harsh sun. They wallow in mud to cool legal wildlife imports from China if they continued to poach off and to apply a natural rhinos for their horns, and since then China has made trading, sun block and bug repelpoaching and transportation of rhino horn illegal. Rhinos have lent. The Black Rhino is been moved into wildlife parks and sanctuaries with the eleconstrained to areas phants, but that was unsuccessful because the government did within 25km of water. not have the money to be on constant patrol to keep out (Top left– Black Rhino, Top right– poached black rhino, Bottom right– poachers. They have since been moved into armed reserves, (Left– Black Rhino wallowing poached rhino horns and bottom left– rhino horn daggers.) in mud.) where they graze during the day with guards at their sides with rifles, and they sleep in cell-like chambers constantly protected by armed guards. Unfortunately, poachers have

Where is the Black Rhino found?

Reasons of Endangerment

even killed guards to get to the rhinos, because it is such a valuable material. Dehorning- This is when people protecting the rhinos tranquilize them, and saw off their horns, to give poachers no reason to hunt them. Unfortunately, this leaves the female rhinos defenseless for their young, and males defenseless in battle.

What is WWF doing?   

Improving management and expanding wildlife protection areas. Creating more wildlife sanctuaries. Improving the security and safety of the Black Rhinos from potential enemies. Enforcing international and national laws against rhino exploitation and poaching.