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CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies ​[Music] hey guys welcome back to our live coverage of the origins summer preview you're watching the dice tower I'm Sam Healy this is Sean brown from mr. B game he's going to show us you just said it and I guess he knew Ian arquillian ox I think yeah helia not reacting our exit directive yeah very good so thanks for joining us man can see we appreciate it show us what's up with this game so I wanted to talk about the mercury protocol expansion which is the new expansion for the game okay we actually just went live a couple days ago on Kickstarter it's already like three times over funding which is awesome bonus we're repeating the core game for people to miss it it's a very underrated pretty cool little system that we always plan to do more expansions and things for very cool um so we're doing a deluxe version right now which will glued based game and the expansion so what I wanted to do is give you a quick rundown of how the base game works and then show you some of what the expansion adds very cool right the base games your typical dick builder 10 card you know starter deck right arm what's going to consist of is going to consist of mineral assets which are like your currency your basic space buck and I know you don't make a quick space buck I mean these panels which are defensive so every time essentially what we're trying to do is this really fine line of cooperative we kind of need to help each other but not really gotcha it's still I need to win like amaz points but what's happening is these are the planets in our solar system and there's going to be bad things happen to us via event bed and it could shut the planets down will be bad and so for us to get rid of them we got to play defense okay pulled or whatever the threat level is and then it can go away and I could do it all on my own and take all the points or you and I could cooperatively you know obvious you you do one let's split the points I got just a negotiation underslept what a basic deck is and then what makes your deck unique is a SAN head two special cards I have some special cards and the icon here denotes one of the four different types of things in the game that you can draft in your deck okay so I'm already geared towards transportation because I have the rocket all right these two cards will give me some kind of thing so some people like to seem their deck they like to just stick to movement other people like to diversify I offensive oh no I'm sorry I gave you the these guys attack the cybernetic driver nedick's alright you shuffle those up and you got yourself a base deck right you drop live just like any other elevated what's different here in this one though is you can play any all some none yeah whatever you cheap you can actually get to keeping your hand you just draw back up if you always draw five and then discard so kind of gives you a little bit of hand movement you know draw up to five you draw five and then you can discard sign it to catch us some time to time right exactly and so you can play two three four whatever you want it on your hand you'll play BAM that's cool and then the other twist is a you get an architect everybody starts out with a guy and we got these little crown counters those guys over there we've got a couple we like for this and so basically on your turn if you would like you can just put some cryo up on this character like this and bring him up and the character will grant you a special ability okay so like on this one if I put two on there it says like a discard a card and guiness you okay I can just pick something like this I go to an adjacent location so yours is good for movement so we're also tech building movement based so so we're all going to start out with ship over here on earth and then for you to go to the different flow systems you got to spend either movement card or space box okay to propel yourself with the year playing tiberius the special abilities you can just move without doing that kind of stuff cool you're going to be fast and nimble I'll be able to sit through my deck quicker I don't find our captain yeah and of course the base game has multiple of these architects the new one will have even more architects so your variety so something kind of cool so all right basic mechanic and then just like anything you're going to play your cards draft cards into your deck but the twist is now you can actually move to these different planets and we got some little ships over there these little guys right here dudes that guy right there okay so I'm sorry so like guys that would be my ship so now I have to decide hey do I want to move to an adjacent location with some of my money or don't want to use to do a special power wall at a location you can use its key access so each point it grant you a power while you're there cool so like right now I'm hanging out at the mining colony and if I use key axes I just need a buck they're a rich colony so I can use their their minerals along there and maybe that which you know what effects elders like hey this is four and I only got three in my

hand and you're like how do you get that extra buck yeah you move to the mine and all the extra buck right alright so nothing new there nothing earth-shattering other than we got some really cool movement we got some cool architects on a deck building so what makes mercury protocol cool is the events get harder alright and the expansion this is the expansion right so the events get harder cuz right now you got some basic events like this old world this would come out it would come on the old world it would turn and this would tell me if there's a social event on the old world and basically if you try to leave you have to pay money cuz you know risk people like money yeah so it's like a penalty to leave right that's what the event is so anybody could go here and as long as we play to defense will you just get rid of that okay and then the other thing an event does is it shuts down the key location so nobody can use key access on the old world the social event going on and everybody's very yeah so you know they're they're pretty cool in the base game they get really crazy and make fancy okay you know they just have some different things like this one is a raid for stolen good which let me back up before we talk about that event one of the things you got in here is you have a request deck so these are like missions these are going to tell you things like the belt you know the yellow planet or here this series mining colony they are requesting good delivered to Mars indicates margins next door so it's a pretty short trip pretty easy so all somebody has to do is go here pick up a piece of Mars cargo okay and the next time they get there they can claim that down or I'll read off a few bucks it's a little pickup and delivery behold yeah it's another way to earn victory points on top of all the other ways you could original that's not all that happens when you make the delivery you get a space puck okay but this isn't a space look on your card that you got to spend to do any turn or hold your hand this just hangs out on on here whenever you need it okay it's still a one-time use but it's but it whenever you need okay got it so it's just kind of like in the bank in your back pocket hanging all right but if you like to the gambling effect or it's early in the game you can opt to be paid in legal technology so every planet's got a couple depending on the number of players will see this with a couple okay I think in the true player you only do one of each type but are three and four you do - yeah and so like this is a new card that you get to add to your deck without buying it this particular card here I can't read upside down very well but it's the legal tech it cyber accelerants gain one the red thing one of these guys so those are infamy so we have right we have some points to make Minnesota may be sensei he's he's famous great for being a scoundrel that's consumed one card from your deck hand or discard pile removes one cry oh right so basically that's one of these things that's going to allow you to clear deck quicker or start to reload your you're architect right get it to burn that guy up super handy in this game but it comes with a cuff is that into the game at the end of the game that you have if you're caught with the legal track you lose more right at some point you got to call that card from your deck okay or you think you got a big enough lead you can hang with a little bit of legal tech definitely for the guy who plays this he does pretty good because man I just need an edge try some illegal text okay I love the illegal tag aspect for me I just take pickup and delivery in the illegal tech boom takeout at school I'm you know to be on that right you've got the events a couple of new cards obviously there's a few new defense cards basically the idea is you mix these in and write and then he's added cooperative mission so in the original game there was cooperative things to do as well so lots of other bells and whistles but at its core that's really what this adds is the pickup and delivering the illegal tax so it just takes them to another level this is basically and I'm not trying to strip it down here I'm just but basically this is a deck of competitive deck builder will pick up and deliver aspect to it yeah anymore I think that's where it goes that's pretty much where it goes yeah art is fantastic we were talking before we actually started recording but this is this is a guy's the first foray into artwork yeah there's uh one of these guys who didn't know he had a hidden talent of I can draw that is amazing it was like he's like I I think I could probably put some scribbles together for a prototype write it any kind of like going am I wish I could scribble like that alright yeah I mean obviously uh you know wish I could hone that skill stumble upon a an ability like that and well we got hidden abilities I guess maybe mines like burgers or something inside artwork come on Oh Sam capabilities we can find every smash Berggren we can eat burgers well good as the groom all right well thanks so much Sean for stopping by repeated Healy onyx or you know Healy anak Helia knocks from mister P games we're going to send Sean over to the Q&A here in just a few seconds so shooting some more questions over there otherwise we'll see you guys on the flip side hello everybody if you have any questions by the way for Sam and his burger eating ability we'll cut to that just a little bit for now we have Sean how you doing some there you guys for you and we all right we got a couple of questions for you here some awesome excuse me ok-hee leonov's is the expansion you said it's on Kickstarter right now it is is the expansion available on its own on Kickstarter is and the base game right well we have a deluxe version which would be somebody who didn't buy it the first time okay the first printing long sold out okay so it's the ability to get the game and the expansion comes in the game just in a big box with the map all the bells and whistles you know we call it a deluxe because the first campaign had a lot of little add-ons and things like that but this is everything we've ever made for it all in one definitive ball okay good plus or neither stretches or anything like that

that make them and then for any of the people that supported the first time there's just a here's the box with everything that's new to this campaign present you get a box to hold it all together right because there's a new ones going to be maybe three times the size of the original game because the original game was just a couple of decks of cards and some tokens and yeah we've added all kinds of garbage to it now and so yeah so the the new if you're just pledging for the expansion only it's just the box but it comes with any dijkstra cards or tokens or rules or anything that you need to the expansion is there a difference if I buy a base game right now on Kickstarter would it be any different from the base game I could get before No the same exact so the idea is that you are in any class you just buy the expander you're good and we're going to take your original cards and just throw them in the box okay okay cool that was that MSRP for the expansion when it's when it's out so the expansion is not going to be out like on its own it won't be for sale individually okay we're just only going to Ravens week because the SKU heliox itself is just going to add a print for right so we're only going to offer them to left to you so eventually a human if you back in now and you have the game you can get the expansion and you're good if you wait you get the base game in the expansion and that is the only product that is going to be a bit ok God make sense do you have any plans for different languages currently no ok cool and then final thing just a little looking towards the future kind of question anything else you can tell us coming up for mr. B in the upcoming months and years and decades month here's to go I'll go with month for long baby we're going date so in the coming month aviation tycoon which is like a pickup and delivery airline game from tetchy that's like on the horizon after that is a game called a hellenic ax which is what is it hellenic up but a ancient greece kind of like big giant dudes on that miniatures game so i'm hoping to do that in the year that's probably immediate on the horizon next year i've got a couple of couple things in the hopper but it's going to kickstarter those two or the the hellenic of game will maybe some ticket we've already went okay so that's just you know in the process is being made in coming out and then here at the show we just got madison midnight which is our our virtual audience cocoon like the game pray let's begin here and something else is here with it what's the MSRP on that one on Madison Bonita I believe it's a 64 99 okay this is the first show you have it at this is the first show I've had it available for sale it came out about a month ago I think it's just the backers and all that stuff and we put some of it out into distribution but not much what's your you said you've already funded on this like three times over on hylia Knox what's the projected delivery date on that you know I think we put it in for like have to remember maybe January February something like that you know if things go well say sunny if it goes well we'll try to get it out by Christmas but you know you never know what these things you think six months and it turns into two years and no we've never found any later than a month and a half I mean on anything we've ever done so okay cool all right sounds good man I think that's all I got for you I'll let you I'll let you go have some fun I didn't get any hamburger questions Sam I guess the hope of it was just percent yeah I'm sorry man with your with my favorite hamburger topic she she are you gonna anterior just complain oh I can overheat yeah I thought you were like gee John I look bad really bad alright just about man that's all we got it the first day okay yeah the jokes get better but not on the first day all right I'm just trying to stay like focused and away all right you like the time zone thing right I mean I was like literally in the group working swingin box all right and combat to comply mine is like get over to your interview you're going on in like five minutes my god buddy huh yeah I write because I'm like when slepping boxing and he's like I'm serious and I'm like I pull up my phone I hit my Google Calendar and I show it unless it look bro I want to be there for another two hours he's like you're in the East Coast but I'm from Mountain Time Zone I forgot to our change boom then you put it in and had a job in a mountain and if I don't I shouldn't do that well Calendar shouldn't do that can we can I'm out for burgers I've event 1 p.m. I meant 1 p.m. where I'm going to be I don't care that I'm noontime home and see my weird right I mean like no one schedules it taking that into account we're clearly going down a serious rabbit hole here but next on we're going to have someone from Apple answering your questions and our ethical big I pull it out mister D Apple perfectly target food [Music] Cazenovia College, Cazenovia.