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More Gratitude = Incredible Coaching By Clare Desira

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CLARE DESIRA Clare Desira is a speaker, life and confidence coach and founder of the Top Five Movement. Clare’s approach to living a practical, positive life is described as inspiring, engaging, uplifting, thought provoking and remarkable. Her ideas have been shared with thousands through a TEDx talk, corporate workshops, leadership programs, education curriculum, blogs and magazine articles, resulting in a movement of happiness and generosity across the world. inspired COACH 6


The Freedom Seeker’s Business Mentor, Caroline Cain helps women define the lives they want to live and build profitable businesses to support them. Mother, practicing Buddhist, and successful entrepreneur, she is doing her part to create an exceptional new generation by traveling the world with her family and living a life she is totally in love with based on the principles of freedom of time, location, expression.

Cara Phillips is a pas a life coach empower create a lifestyle that to experience vibran a greater sense of connection. With year in psychology and Cara seamlessly ble the wisdom carefully her professional a experience with he nutrition and natural provide an integrated holistic health and wel



ssionate health ring women to t allows them nt health and purpose and ars of expertise social work, ends together y crafted from and personal er studies in l medicine to d approach to llbeing.

SYLVIA CHIERCHIA Shannon Lagasse, certified holistic health coach and emotional eating expert, helps women struggling with emotional eating and yoyo dieting to ditch the diet, love their body, and lose weight. By coming from a focus on pleasure and getting to the heart of their issues, Shannon’s clients are empowered to find freedom from food fears and live a fantastically awesome life. To learn more about working with Shannon, grab your complimentary Food Freedom Kit, and to receive her free weekly coaching on health and happy ways to get the body and life you want, visit Hunger for Happiness.

Sylvia Chierchia is a financial coach

and bookkeeper who combines her extensive financial background with her NLP training to help female entrepreneurs get a grip on their finances. Her passion is to help women get their head out of the sand and wake up to their true worth and financial potential. She provides a combination of practical financial strategy with powerful mindset reset to break through unhelpful beliefs around money so that women in business can create the income and growth they desire. inspired COACH 7

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ell…hello there!

I know you weren’t expecting to receive your next copy of inspired COACH Magazine until next month. We are after all a bi-monthly magazine. Well…we were! The reason you are receiving this edition in September is because you are now going to receive inspired COACH monthly. High fives!

less impactful in inspiring you to be the best coach you can be. And what better coach to be inspired to do that than our cover coach this month Debbie Spellman. Beautiful, giving and gracious, Debbie is carving out her own special path in the coaching world. And I hope you love our other articles on helping your clients improve their body image, harnessing the power of gratitude as a coach and the gorgeous Cara Phillip’s recipe for healthy icecream!

I can’t tell you how over the past year I have been truly moved and thrilled to receive your incredible feedback about inspired COACH. You have told me how much you love it, read it and want to be in it!. And most of all you have let me know how much you feel this magazine has been needed for coaches. And I surely do agree. As a coach I know you are passionately serving your clients every single day. Your showing up for them. Guiding them. Being focused and present. And so this little digital beauty is my way, and our way at The Beautiful You Coaching Academy of giving back to you and saying…’Keep going,’ ‘You’re amazing,’ ‘There’s so much more to come.’ And so in flipping through inspired COACH monthly you will note that it is a little lighter with features – but we believe no

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inspired COACH Editor Julie Parker

Beautiful You Coaching Academy

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By Clare Desira Photography by Ramona Lever

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What would it take to capture 10,000 moments of happiness in your life? Through a simple daily routine I have done just this, so am no stranger to the benefits of a positive thinking routine and a gratitude practice. In fact, I could talk all day about the benefits of gratitude!


Over the last ten years while supporting people to set goals and move into inspired action, I have seen that even a little more energy, self-confidence and happiness can go a long way. I also know that coaching clients often seek feelings of relaxation, creativity and balance, and are keen to explore better health, stronger relationships and how to have more fun in their busy lives. Research shows that all of these feelings and more can be accessed through the cultivation of gratitude. Gratitude can also strengthen positive thinking muscles and help people see their world through a lens of opportunity.

Would the goals you set be different if you had more energy, optimism, courage, confidence and emotional balance? I bet they would. Encouraging your clients to have a gratitude practice builds their capacity for beautiful and brave goals not only now but in the future well beyond your coaching sessions together. More gratitude provides a platform of possibility and encourages a mindset where decisions are made out of a feeling of abundance, not fear or worry.

As a coach, you no doubt have your own positive mental health routines and are familiar with the potential of gratitude, but have you thought about the power it can bring to your coaching? Here are a few tips on how gratitude can strengthen your coaching relationships, client outcomes and also your business too.

inspired COACH 12


As coaches we support our clients to go after incredible and meaningful goals. Every goal has a starting point, and supporting clients to frame the start positively provides a strong foundation and can help take the fear out of change. To make those first steps of a new goal easy, encourage clients to spend some time gratefully reflecting on the people, networks, tools and resources they already have to support them along their way.

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STRONGER SELF= AWARENESS AND MORE MEANINGFUL GOALS Grateful people often have a higher level of self-awareness. A higher level of self-awareness can propel clients and their goals forward into positive action. Self-awareness is particularly valuable when working on feeling based goals. For example, if your client has set a goal to feel the proudest and most confident they have ever felt, a reflective gratitude practice will help them build awareness of the tiny moments and simple actions that give them access to that feeling. They are then in a position to take practical, positive action to layer more of those moments into their lives and feel that pride and confidence more often.

MORE GRATITUDE = LESS SHOUDING AND SETTLING Don’t let your clients mistake the idea of gratitude with feeling like they “should settle” for what they have because it isn’t so bad after all, or feeling guilty for wanting

more when they “should be grateful”. Cultivating genuine gratitude isn’t about stifling innovation, settling for a mediocre life or staying in unhealthy environments and relationships. It’s about paying attention, embracing the present, and being open to the positive moments in your life even if you have plans for change. Life is all about the journey right?

MORE GRATITUDE = A STRONGER BUSINESS Coaches are naturally interested in personal growth and the best coaches invest in their own personal development. Personally for you as a coach if a gratitude practice isn’t in your routine, did you know that it can be a powerful business strategy too? Business benefits for you and your team include less sick days, stronger relationships, more fun and positive energy rippling to your clients and those in your life. Now who doesn’t want that in their coaching business? Lastly, as a coach you’ll know how incredibly far clients can shift in just one session with the right mix of support, encouragement and accountability. So you’ll be stoked to learn that grateful people can also live up to nine years longer…imagine how many more beautiful goals (your own and clients’) could come to life with that much extra time! inspired COACH 15

By Caroline Cain Photography by SamuiPics

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We women play many roles: business owner, mother, mentor, friend, partner, and we’re living in an exciting time where as coaches and Mums, we’re forging a new way of being, living, and working in the world. We want to be able to have meaningful work whilst choosing how and when we work, so we enjoy the space, time and connection with our family that we know is so important in raising a generation that is connected, conscious and equipped to make good choices. It’s no longer either or. You know women who have this level of freedom in their business and life and you want this for yourself, but HOW? Being a Mum is the hardest ‘job’ in the world and yet the one that has the greatest impact in changing the future of the world. Add to that being a business owner and coach, and you’ve got your hands and social responsibility full to the brim with the most fast track spiritual practice you could find! No wonder it can feel so overwhelming to actually get to that place where you experience the freedom you’re after. The thing to understand here is, even though it might not seem that way, you get to choose how you spend your time.

inspired COACH 18

If you want to: ËË spend time with your children, carve that time out. ËË spend time on your business, carve that time out. ËË enjoy time for yourself and for your relationship, carve that time out.

You must take the time, not find the time. The way to do this is to get crystal clear on your weekly schedule. No, this doesn’t mean that there’s no room for flexibility - life happens - and you want to factor that in. And yes, this will work for you - even if you’re the spontaneous type - especially if you’re the spontaneous type. By not taking control of your time you find yourself constantly in a state of catch up, feeling that you’re falling behind, you fall into the comparison trap or, you stay stuck like a deer in headlights not knowing which way to turn. To combat this, I’ve laid out a 4 step plan to get you from confused and busy to clear and productive.


Get clear on your ideal day This is not about looking at what you feel is possible, it’s about taking it one step further and having fun exploring what you visualize your ideal day to be. Allow yourself to dream!


Take inventory of what tasks drag your energy down daily

What are your mornings like, who are you with, what is the energy like, what are you doing, eating, talking about, who do you see supporting you, what hours do you work, what are you doing when you’re not working, how do you feel at the end of the day?

Look at your tasks from an energy standpoint and decide which daily to-do’s in your business and personal life bring you down. Be honest with yourself. You may find you’re telling yourself stories about what you ‘should’ be doing, and that’s OK. Right now, all you’re focusing on is noticing what feels heavy, hard, annoying or out of alignment with how you’d like to feel in your ideal life.

Next time you’re writing out your weekly schedule, program in time for you first (yoga, reading, bath, massage) as well as contingency time (because life happens). When you have space in your week, it’s not such a mad panic when you suddenly find you have more on your hands to do than you had originally planned. It’s about slow, simple living. That doesn’t mean boring. It means you create more freedom for yourself and get to choose how you want to feel every morning when you wake up and every evening when you go to bed. This is success. This is freedom.

Once you’re clear on what’s not supporting you, you have an opportunity to outsource. What doesn’t lie in your bliss zone? What are you doing out of necessity but know you aren’t enjoying? Look through every area of your life and take an inventory: accounts, social media programming, cooking, cleaning. Where can you hire a VA, accountant or childcare to take over an activity or time that you know you need to let go of a bit in order to focus on the tasks that light you up and support your goals and vision? Take one immediate action to get you bringing on support where you need it most. inspired COACH 19


Re-focus your calendar and batch your activities Schedule in time to do this ASAP, it’s literally a life changer. You’ll re-configure your days to be set up in chunks of time.

working on what activity, and it takes the pressure of feeling like you’re throwing things against the wall to see what sticks out of the equation permanently. You’ll have a plan in place to prevent Facebook distractions and fearing that everyone else is doing ‘better’ than you. You’ll have total confidence in yourself and in your process moving forward. Trust me, this one simple task will skyrocket your productivity.

For example: ËË Set aside 2 hours each Friday to set up your social media for the following week. ËË Make Tuesdays your ‘writing days’ and schedule in newsletters, blog posts (maybe even a month ahead), sales pages. ËË Schedule client calls all on the same day each week and commit to sticking to this. ËË Schedule ‘creative time’ one afternoon per week in which you’ll allow yourself time and freedom to brainstorm and dream up your new project or program. ËË Handle all payments, invoices and update sales templates first thing every Monday morning. What you’ll want to do here is batch like activities with like. Soon you’ll know on which day and at what times you’re inspired COACH 20


Simplify and systematize your life and business This last step is really important because it will support you by not feeling like you’ve got to re-create the wheel with every task you need to complete. I nstead, you’ll have systems in place for tasks that come up regularly. ËË Set out the breakfast table and kids’ clothes every evening (that’s a step too organised for me, but if you’ve got several kids and that can help make life easier, do it). ËË Automate newsletters ahead of time.

You’ve got to be the CEO in your business and life. Caroline Cain inspired COACH 21

If you’re serious about growing a successful, sustainable business, you’ve got to shift your mindset and believe that you can have this now, today. Caroline Cain

inspired COACH 22

ËË Upload social media for the week or month ahead. ËË Use organisational systems to keep track of your tasks and ideas (having 5 notebooks scattered around the house doesn’t count). Check out Evernote! ËË Create a system of templates and procedures for events that often happen in your business like signing on new clients or customer service best practices, for you and/or a VA to use. How many times have you heard these suggestions before? Have you tried any before? If you’re struggling to get things done you haven’t tried these changes yet. Or, you’re having a hard time saying no. If saying no is a challenge

for you, remember that with every no you say moving forward, you’re saying yes to what really matters to you. That’s the focus here. You’ve got to be the CEO in your business and life. No more blending hobby business with laundry. If you’re serious about growing a successful, sustainable business, you’ve got to shift your mindset and believe that you can have this now, today. You’ll do so by taking your business and your personal freedom seriously. The way to do that is to set clear boundaries and know when work time is work time and play time is play time so you can have the freedom based lifestyle you desire.

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Interview by inspired COACH Editor Julie Parker Photography by Bayleigh Vedelago Debbie Spellman is an in demand coach, speaker, magazine columnist and retreat host. Her unique blend of mindset techniques and empowering coaching is seeing her coaching business blossom and grow in its impact. Debbie’s life however could so easily be very different to what it is now. Finding herself in the midst of what seemed like an incredibly successful and glamorous career prior to becoming a coach, Debbie had to do some extensive soul searching to come to the realisation that her true path was going to take a little longer to find.

inspired COACH 26

inspired COACH 27

Debbie Spellman glows with energy and confidence. She has a unique way of making every person in her company feel special and important, making you wonder how truly transformative it must be to be her client. Debbie is fearless in her desire to get beneath our ego surface and into the workings of our mind, to find the real intuitive soul within all of us. Talking with her is at once challenging, illuminating and courage filled. Tell us about your journey to becoming a life coach.

It was February 2009 and I had just left what I thought was my dream career. I was General Manager in the Australian arm of a global concierge company. It was everything I thought I had ever wanted wealth, status, success and importance. I grew up with very little and when I was introduced to the world of personal development at nineteen, I discovered I had a deep seated poverty belief and scarcity mindset that kept me stuck in a fear of lack and attracting to me a life of struggle. I spent much of my twenties sourcing out books, information and attending seminars on wealth and success in an effort to clear this belief and make money, because I thought success and wealth would make all my problems go away. So it was no coincidence that I attracted to me a position with the worlds leading concierge to the rich and famous, because to me it meant ‘success and significance’ – the two things my ego craved. However this wasn’t my

inspired COACH 28

dream, it was my ego’s dream based on a foundation of false beliefs – the belief that I wasn’t good enough and that money equaled importance and success defines worth. Because I had defined myself by my business title, a global brand, designer clothes, wealthy acquaintances and status, when I left that world I found myself asking, “Who am I? Who am I without these labels and the definitions of success, worth and value I had placed on myself? I couldn’t answer this question and that was when I hit rock bottom. My fear of poverty fuelled a striving and achieving all through my twenties that became so focused on wealth and success that I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted anymore. I worked so hard to reach my ‘ideal life’ and when I got there I still experienced the same issues because the problem was within me. I went underground for two years studying all I could on the mind, personality structure, identity and emotions in order to heal myself and that was the when I launched my business. I now look back and see how my past was perfectly

inspired COACH 29


When you walk your talk and share a message that is true to your heart and inspired by your past, it eliminates any competition. Debbie Spellman

inspired COACH 30

knitted together to sculpt me into my true purpose, because it was during these two years of intense study and self-discovery I came to the realisation that I had always compromised who I was for others. As a teenager I was incredibly insecure and would limit food to be skinnier, as I thought this would make people like me. In my twenties I stayed in a relationship far too long despite it not working because I was afraid too leave. My fear of lack and the unknown kept me stuck. And then there was the concierge company, the final straw, where I also stayed despite my health deteriorating and my values and morals being compromised every single day. Again, I was too afraid to leave out of fear of what others would think and how they would behave. Fear, struggle, selfdoubt and scarcity dominated my life! I could clearly see throughout my entire life how my deep lack of selfworth and my desire to be liked and accepted, combined with the fear of what others thought of me, resulted in huge compromises to my own health, happiness and well-being. As I begun to work through these issues, the mission behind my business unfolded. Looking back my biggest trial became my greatest testimony. A lack of self-worth infiltrates every area of our lives - relationships, career, health, money and happiness. The more I

worked with women, the more I realised how our past has such a hold on who we are, what we believe we deserve and what we are capable of. I now mentor women along the exact path I walked to help them heal and transform the way they see themselves, so they too can step into their true potential and no longer compromise who they are. What study and learnings do you feel have most inspired and supported your work as a coach?

What really got me started in coaching was Sandy Newbigging. I saw him on the Discovery Channel one evening and decided at that moment I wanted to study his teachings. His work revolves around finding the emotional and mental root cause of a problem so the body can heal itself physically, mentally and emotionally. I was fascinated by the mind-body connection and went on to study the Mind-Detox Method. This miracle method finds the exact root-cause event in a client’s past causing the undesirable thought pattern, behaviour, illness/ physical symptom or negative result in their life. It is the main technique I use with clients.

inspired COACH 31

NLP was also helpful. I completed my NLP practitioner and master practitioner training which really helped me as coach to be able to listen to someone’s story and hear the embedded beliefs in their words. I’ve also studied EFT and life coaching. Lastly, books. I have thousands of books. I love learning and don’t think there’s ever a point where I’ll stop. I think it’s so important to source mentors, coaches, programs and books continuously that serve your craft as a coach. Your coaching is focused on helping people develop positive self worth and happy minds. Clearly this is important to you because of your own life journey but why else?

I believe we have a spirit, soul, mind and body. All suffering begins in the soul (or heart) and comes out into the mind and body. When the soul/heart is wounded and damaged, harbouring hurt, bitterness, unforgiveness and negativity, it results in an unhealthy mind and sick body. Previously I really struggled with negative thoughts and therefore my coaching began with helping people shift those thoughts. It’s so important we learn the tools to manage our minds so inspired COACH 32

our true gifts and talents can be brought out to the world. I think to be the best version ourselves it’s our responsibility to take ownership of our mind. As my development deepened so did my work, as I only teach the path I have walked. Now I focus on self worth around a woman’s identity and healing the heart/soul. I truly believe based on the work I have witnessed with my clients that our childhood and the beliefs we develop based on events which have occurred early in life can change who we are as a person. Until a woman heals her past, heart and soul, it can be difficult to move forward. The same repeating patterns, self-sabotage and behaviours that are driven from a hidden root-cause will show up again and again until this root-cause is healed. This is so important to me because I see so many women holding hurt within themselves. Whether it’s from childhood, a past relationship, a life mistake or simply the heaviness (including anxiety and depression) that comes with hating on themselves. This weighs on my heart so strongly and fuels my desire to get up every morning and do all I can to heal women’s hearts.

inspired COACH 33

Tell us about how you got your very first paying client and what the experience of coaching them was like.

My first paying client came from a feature in a local eastern suburbs magazine called The Beast. It makes me shudder thinking about it. I can barely remember because I was so afraid! I don’t even know if I helped them get results. It was just too much about me and my fear, and not enough about how to serve. This was a huge learning curve for me. Slowly my confidence shifted when I owned my past story weaving these lessons into my message and mission. I was then able to say authentically, I’ve come from a similar place to you and can help you get to where you want to go. . My advice for new coaches is to just get started because practice really does make perfect. You do a lot of public speaking as well as coaching. Tell us more about that part of your business and how you’ve gone about getting speaking engagements?

It’s a part of my business that I was thrown into at first and then fell in love with as I realised how speaking has the ability to influence and inspire so inspired COACH 34

many people at once to make a positive difference in their lives. In terms of getting those engagements, it really is about putting yourself out there and saying yes when asked. I am blessed that all of my engagements so far have come from being requested to speak. However in the future I desire to create more of my own opportunities as well. To actively go out and find women’s organisations that I resonate with where I can give my time and inspire others. What do you think has been the three most significant things that you’ve done to build your thriving coaching business?

The most significant thing that I’ve done is be authentic. My story and message is my own, and I believe when you walk your talk and share a message that is true to your heart and inspired by your past, it eliminates any competition. I’m certain this is the reason why I am booked out consistently. As a coach, please don’t copy anyone else. Look to others for inspiration but really look within to your own journey and how you can weave your story through your coaching to make it truly authentic. This in turn will ensure you feel so much more comfortable as a

coach. You will then attract clients to you that really resonate. I believe your ideal clients are those who are one to two years behind where you are. The second thing would be my YouTube Channel, Detox Your Mind TV. When I first put up YouTube episodes I remember thinking to myself, “I’ve had three views. This is never going to work.” And only recently I went back to some of those videos and saw I have 3000+ views. YouTube allows you to set tags to help people find you. It’s a set and forget system that drives traffic to your website and is another platform apart from your website that can really inspire people. Video communicates your message in a way where people really feel connected to you. The comments I have received on some videos bring tears to my eyes. The difference you can make to a persons life, somewhere across the world as they sit in their home is phenomenal. Never underestimate the power of video to share your unique message. And the third would be online marketing. In coaching female entrepreneurs I recognized how valuable my online marketing experience has been to my success. I previously owned an agency specialising in internet marketing, website development and social media strategy, and bringing these skills into my coaching business was invaluable during my start up years. It’s not enough to be

really good at what you do, you must communicate this effectively to your ideal clients. Through social media I really focus on giving value and sharing relevant messages. The majority of my clients come via my Facebook page and the remaining are word of mouth. There is a psychology that people go through before they buy called “know me, like me, trust me”. Social media is the ideal way for people to develop a relationship with you by getting to know you. They begin to like your information, and lastly develop trust with you. And the moment that trust comes in is the moment they send you an email asking to coach with you. What gems of wisdom would you like to share with new coaches who are looking to build a thriving coaching practice?

1. Don’t make it about you because the moment you make it about you is when fear and self-doubt creep in. Just love people. Care for your clients. Give them 100%. Really listen to them. When you come from a place of love with the intention on how you can serve, add value, and exceed expectations, your business will grow.

inspired COACH 35


When you come from a place of love with the intention on how you can serve, add value, and exceed expectations,, your business will grow. Debbie Spellman

inspired COACH a

2. Be consistent. There will be times when you don’t feel like showing up but you have to show up every day for your business because it’s that sort of persistence and passion that equals success. It’s very easy to not want to do something like put out a blog post or call that lead back, but self-discipline is a must for any successful coach and successful business. 3. Continue learning. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. That is around 10 years. Start where you are, do all you can with what you have and continue to better yourself every day by learning from your clients, listening to what they need most, then creating solutions that best serve them. Give yourself permission to do things differently than those in your industry. Do what makes your heart sing. For example if you dislike writing, don’t force yourself to do a blog, launch a vlog instead. This will see you enjoy your business so much more! What do you think is the most important skill or quality that a life coach can have? As a coach I think it’s so important to challenge your clients on their intentions and get to the root cause of where their behaviors come from. You have to listen so intently for the real reasons of why they are doing things, especially if they’re experiencing struggle or self-doubt,

because they could be on a path that is completely inauthentic to where they’re supposed to be. As an example, I worked with a client who at the time had three coaches. She was writing a book, studying life coaching, and launching a pilates website. She was stressed, broke and not sleeping. I challenged her true intentions, stripped back her ‘shoulds’, let go of her desire to earn fast money and dived into the heart of who she wanted to be. Ultimately her desire was to be a film producer yet her reasons as to why this wasn’t possible led her on a journey to find something more ‘achievable’ in her eyes. When I dissolved what she thought she ‘should’ do, (despite years of study and thousands of dollars down the drain), and encouraged her to follow her heart, she had tears of immense joy. I was the first coach she had hired who actually took the time to dig into her soul, revealed her God-given gift and give her permission to follow her heart. What do you love most about coaching? Coaching is so incredibly fulfilling. I’ve seen women literally transform before my eyes when they’ve let go of the binds around their soul, healed their past and embraced their authentic self. Allowing a woman to discover who she was born to be; her God-given gifts, purpose and true self. That truly lights me up.

inspired COACH 37


I love to...ask people ‘Are you?


Being authentic in public is congruent with


I am most passionate abou ‘have to’ statements in our a and vocabulary. I love to experts of their own life an need most?’


Building relationships wit health and growth of you establishing and maintain accountability, collegial su resource networks.


I love being both a psych ability to help people has ex than one style, framework my role finishes when the c coach I operate more from largely focused on the clien

Kristen is a registered psyc and 25 years experience to services for coaches and th a passionate life. She belie inspired COACH 38


Quick Q’s with Coach Kristen Barnes

you living a life that is essentially

eing true to myself, and who I am who I am when no one is looking.

ut...abolishing the ‘should’ and the assumptions, beliefs, expectations remind people that they are the nd to ask them, ‘What is it YOU

th fellow coaches is...vital to the ur coaching practice in terms of ning a foundation of transparent upport and dynamic referral and

hologist and a coach xpanded by being able to offer more k and practice. As a psychologist client no longer needs me, but as a a paradigm of possibility, which is nt’s desire to move forward.


My favourite time of the day is...early spring mornings at Flemington racetrack watching horses preparing for the Spring Racing Carnival.


Studying to become a coach changing in unimagined and delightful ways with the realisation of my full potential, thus allowing me to dream dreams, action goals and live passionately both personally and professionally.


I love it when my clients...realise that they are not defined or limited by the beliefs, expectations and needs of others and that they don’t have to settle for anything less than a passionately lived life.


My perfect day consists of... family, friends, horses, dogs, yum cha and my head thrown back in uproarious laughter.


I love coaching...those who are ready to model self respect and self care by choosing to follow their long forgotten or unrealised heartfelt dreams in order to live a life reflective of their true selves and passions.

chologist and certified life coach in private practice. She draws on her psychological training o provide counselling, her uniquely therapeutic coaching service, and supervisory support herapists. Kristen helps people discover, claim and value themselves, so they can carve out eves you are most passionate and powerful when you simply dare to be yourself. inspired COACH 39

By Shannon Lagasse inspired COACH 40

So, you’ve got a client who comes to you with body image issues or, over the course of time, you realize that your client is really uncomfortable in their own skin. What do you do? It’s easy in this day and age to brush it off, thinking, “Everyone’s got these issues,” or to leap to their defense with words like, “But you’re so beautiful!” or “It’s not what’s on the outside that counts, but what’s on the inside.” But the thing is: Body image issues are never just about the external. They are deeply rooted in a desire to be loved and accepted and in the belief that someone is not worthy or not good enough as they are. And you’ll see those basic core issues spread into other areas of life as well. You’ll see it come up in relationships, when a client keeps sabotaging and they can’t figure out why. You’ll see it in business, when a client comes to you because they have no clients and don’t realize that they are subconsciously pushing them away with their fear of not being good enough as an entrepreneur and business owner.

So how do you work with a client on their body image issues? 1.

Your first step is an understanding of the above, that body image is about much more than size, weight, and shape and that it is actually a problem rooted deep beneath the surface of our skin.


Second, ask questions. Often, as coaches, we believe we have the answer. Certainly because of our coaching and experience, we have a great deal of knowledge, but we can never truly know the inner workings of another’s mind. So ask questions. “What don’t you like about your body?” “When did you first start thinking these thoughts about yourself?” “Who else in your life says this?” “How do you feel about that?” “What’s going on in your life, or what’s on your mind, when you start thinking self-loathing thoughts?” The point here is to get curious about what’s going on for them, because once you know where the thoughts are coming from, you can nip it in the bud, which is the only real way to handle emotional issues. inspired COACH 41


Third, empower your client to become their own best expert, their own advocate. Encourage them to find what makes them truly feel alive and connected to their body. Often that’s through an activity like dance or yoga. But when you encourage a client to start moving into and living in their body, instead of perpetually being in their head thinking, you give them the opportunity to actually CONNECT with their physical being. Their body is no longer someTHING. It is a part of them.


Fourth, there are many great exercises for helping a client develop a loving relationship with their body. There’s mirror work, where you have your client look themselves in the eye in the mirror and say, “I love you.” You can have your client write about the history of their relationship with their least loved body part. This kind of release can be really helpful when helping them move forward. You can have them express gratitude to different parts of their body for what they DO give. (“I am grateful, legs, for how you hold me up, allow me to walk, and carry me everywhere.” “I am grateful for my arms, which allow me to embrace my loved ones, hold my child, and do the work I love.”) There is so much we take for granted with our

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bodies. When we take time to appreciate them and acknowledge them, we build a relationship with them.


Fifth, and this is something that happens outside of your practice, is to encourage your client to make friends with other (wo)men who are body positive. So much of our relating to each other, especially for women, is about complaining, focusing on the negative, and picking apart our bodies. You can hardly go into a ladies’ room anymore without someone sucking in their stomach in the mirror, poking and prodding their thighs, or complaining about arm jiggle. Worse, many bond over picking apart the bodies of other women, which we see in many of today’s magazines. Instead, help your client to surround themselves with a sisterhood of women (or a brotherhood of men) who love and accept themselves as they are. These steps are crucial in helping your client overcome negative body image. This problem is about so much more than what we can blame on the media or on how society runs today. It is so easy to point fingers and cast blame elsewhere. But when we start to look at we can do, individually and as coaches, to change the way we look at our bodies, that’s where the real change starts to happen.

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By Sylvia Cherchia Photography by Renee Bell

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Many people are so scared of what they will find if they really look at their financial situation, that they often turn a blind eye. Pretend it’s all ok. Bury their head. But without a good hard honest look at your financial situation, you can’t really hope to attain the financial abundance that you might be after. You won’t build that nest egg, or you won’t save for that trip / house/ lifestyle you have dreamt of. And you probably won’t build the business of your dreams either. Money honesty is hard. But it’s a must do. If you aren’t being honest and aware of exactly what you are earning and what you are spending, you will forever be spinning your wheels. It’s really important to come clean with yourself. So open your statements check your accounts, track the spending. Work out what your spending habits and triggers are. It’s time to get real. Lay the foundation on which to build.

They say Cash is King for a good reason. Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business so it’s really important to keep a close eye on the money flowing in and out of your business. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype. You want to build the business of your dreams RIGHT NOW and you will sometimes spend blindly and unconsciously. The fear of missing out has made impulse buying a nightmare for many new business owners. Obviously you must invest in your business, but maybe not all at once. Watch the cash flow and pay attention to what you are spending.

HAVE A BUFFER For your peace of mind and for the times when you have a rough period in your business, it is really important to have some sort of buffer in place. This is a cash savings that can be used should you absolutely need it. How much of a buffer you need will vary from person to person, but generally speaking, about three months income works for most people. Once you have that amount in your mind, you need to save that money and put it away somewhere safe. Somewhere where you won’t be tempted to dip into! inspired COACH 45

SET FINANCIAL GOALS Whatever your business visions might be, you can set a financial goal to help you achieve the things you want to achieve. What are your plans? Do you need more clients, a new e-book, e-course, seminar, webinar or program? If you do, how are you going to market it? How much are you going to charge for it? How many of these do you need to sell to reach your financial goal? What do you want to achieve dollar wise in 3 months, 6 months and 12 months? Set small short-term financial goals as well as larger long-term goals. This is the point when your business goals and financial goals work together hand in hand to propel you forward.

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KNOW YOUR NUMBERS Once you reach a certain point in your business, a really good accounting system is a must. Not only does it keep everything neat and accurate but it also lets you see your financial position at a click of a few buttons. You can see your Profit & Loss and you can see what your Revenue is for any given period. You can see what your Gross Profit is and what your Profit Margins are for the e-products you are selling. These are numbers that you need to know. Not only will you feel so much more empowered if you have these figures on hand, but you will be able to make smarter, quicker and better financial decisions as your business grows.

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Miracles Now

The Magicians Way

Gabrielle Bernstein

William Whitecloud

The Law of Divine Compensation

Radical Forgiveness

The Artists Way

Red Hot and Holy

Leaping From The Ladder

Mind Over Medicine

Marianne Williamson

Julia Cameron

Jessica Nazarali

Collin Tipping

Sera Beak

Lissa Rankin

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Made with legumes, amaranths seeds, fresh herbs and vegetables, this delicious nutrient rich Spring time give you a great serving of dietary fibre and protein, as well as minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium and ma


3 tbsp coconut flour


2 cups chickpeas (soaked or, use 2 cans)

1 tsp baking powder

1/3 cup amaranth (soak

1/2 red onion (diced)

1/4 cup olive oil Beetroot

2 large tomatoes or 4-6 c tomatoes

1/2 cup parsley (finely chopped) 1/2 cup coriander (finely chopped) 3 cloves garlic (finely chopped) 1 tsp cumin

2 medium sized beetroots 2 tbsp raw cashews (soaked) 1 clove garlic (finely chopped) Juice of 1/2 lemon

Juice of 1/2 lemon 1/4 cup parsley 1/4 cup mint 2 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp cumin


1/2 red onion (diced)


Blend the chickpeas until fine then, in a bowl Prepare the beetroot by dicing into quar combine with onion, parsley, coriander, garlic, roasting in the oven for 20 minutes at 180 cumin, coconut flour, baking powder and olive oil. Blend with cashews, lemon juice, garlic and Make 12-20 round falafels (depending on your size preference). Place on baking paper and bake for approximately 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees turning halfway to ensure they get an even golden brown colour.

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Combine amaranth with 1 1/2 cups of w bring to the boil. Boil for approximately 20 until amaranth seeds are fluffy in appearanc amaranth seeds and allow to cool. Once combine with tomatoes, lemon juice, parsl and olive oil. Serve falafels with a dollop o organic yoghurt.

e lunch will agnesium.



rters and degrees. d cumin.

water and minutes ce. Strain e cooled ley, mint of natural

Baked Falafels

with Beetroot and Amaranth Tabouli inspired COACH 51

n a t i l Neapo ream

C e c I inspired COACH 52

A healthy version of an old favourite, using bananas, strawberries, and cacao for a boost of fibre, vitamins B6 and C, potassium, folate and manganese. These ingredients are recognised for their mood enhancing and digestion soothing properties, in addition to improving nerve and muscle function.

INGREDIENTS (SERVES 2) 2 bananas 1/4 cup almond or rice milk 1 tsp organic vanilla bean powder 4 large strawberries 1 tbsp cacao powder TO MAKE Thinly slice bananas and place the slices flat on a tray and put in the freezer. Once frozen, take bananas from the freezer and blend with the milk and vanilla bean powder. Divide ice cream into thirds. Blend one-third with the strawberries to make strawberry ice cream. Blend or mix another third with the cacao powder. The remaining third is your vanilla ice cream. Enjoy together or separately!

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