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Must Read Books for the Coach to Be! By Terri Connellan

24. Cover Coach: Jolinda Johnson 36. Must Listen to Podcasts for the Coach to Be! By Mirjam Ulbert 46. Trainer Wisdom: To Be Or Not To Be? Decision-Making Tips For Coaching Course Contemplators By Johanna Parker

UE 60. The Beautiful You Coaching Academy Inspiration Day Melbourne By Tash Spencer 68. Casework Corner: Choosing the ‘Right’ Coach Training Programme Sas Petherick

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Terri Connellan is a life coach, writer and creative change agent at Quiet Writing. A leader in adult education certified in personality type assessment based on Jung/ Myers-Briggs theory, she guides women through deeper selfunderstanding to create their unique stories. Wholehearted self-leadership skills, enhanced personality insights and reading as creative influence are key resources in her transformational toolkit.

Terri Connellan

Mirjam Ulbert

Mirjam Ulbert is a coach, writer and meditation trainer who is passionate about helping women live a life beyond their wildest dreams. Through her articles, podcasts, meditations, coaching and workshops, Mirjam supports her clients to choose love over fear, step into their authentic truth and find the purpose and courage to show up in their lives, businesses and relationships as the woman they most want to be.

Johanna Parke confidence + coach trainer, speaker, MC, a and founder o passion and li Sparks. Over th she has empow of adolescents an the world to confi their uniquenes speak their tru incredible, purp courage, confid unwavering sens

Johanna Parker


er is a life, speaker coach, , international active volunteer, of her greatest ife-work, Heart he past ten years wered thousands nd women across fidently embrace ss, honour and uth, and build poseful lives with dence and an se of self.


Tash Spencer

Tash Spencer is a certified life coach and writer for highachieving young women. She loves supporting type A twentysomething’s navigate the big transitions throughout their lives, careers and relationships, without being so darn hard on themselves. Through her online space and coaching programs, Tash guides her clients to cultivate kindness, wholeheartedly back themselves and create meaningful change in their lives - gently, joyously, unapologetically and at their own pace and speed.

Sas Petherick is unconditionally committed to your self-belief. She is a Coach for Thinking Humans & Mentor for Thoughtful Coaches and deftly guides her clients out of the mire of self-doubt. With a Master's degree in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University, and as a Certified Dr Martha Beck Coach, her approach is heartfelt and effective, deeply intuitive and immediately applicable to your life.

Sas Petherick

Editors Letter


elcome to inspired COACH Magazine for 2018.

After the milestone that was our 50th issue we’ve taken a small time out to rest, recalibrate, refresh, renew. All the ‘r’ words! As it so often does when we take a step back and fill up our cups we give ourselves the space to let come forth what is best for us. And we now know what is best for our mag is some fresh feels. We are committed to bringing you inspired COACH for free, however she’s now only going to be with you quarterly. I know for those of you who have been regular readers this may come as a disappointment, however we would not be practicing what we ‘preach’ (so to speak) if we kept the magazine going at the pace that a monthly output required. Thousands of words, umpteen articles, emails and social media posts every month were no longer sustainable. This now feels spacious and lush – all with a commitment to the same level of quality. You will also notice that the mag from here out is going to be themed. Each edition will focus on a particular topic, very much with

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a focus on those of you who are emerging or very new coaches, which have always been the entrepreneurs we have chiefly supported.

And so in this ‘New and Emerging Coaches’ issue we are bringing you the inside info that so many of us wish we knew when we first started out thinking about being a coach. What books to read? Podcasts to listen to? It’s all within and more. Oh and one more thing. All our cover coaches will now be graduates of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course. It’s so time. We want to showcase the very best of OUR best and we begin with the incredible Jolinda Johnson from Spain. All are going to be incredible ambassadors of our academy and coaching. And this is just another way for us to show them how much we honour the work they bring to the world AND them too. What a joy. Thank you for reading and being inspired along with us.

Julie Parker

Editor in Chief/ inspired COACH Magazine CEO + Founder/Beautiful You Coaching Academy



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By Terri Connellan

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ooks are the most powerful resource for coaches as we continue on our own growth journey, drawing inspiration from the experiences of others. As emerging and new coaches, we can grow in confidence, expand our personal development and explore options for shaping our business success through reading. At the same time, we also increase the repertoire of information and sources of knowledge we have to provide to our clients. Books are portable pieces of wisdom we can recommend to others to provide insight for their transformation journeys. Here is a summary of a selection of 12 special books valuable for any coach, but especially inspiring reading for new and emerging coaches to develop a strong skill-set.

1. ALL THE JOY YOU CAN STAND Debrena Jackson Gandy The more joy you can stand, the more of it you experience. This is a love-filled primer on sacred pampering and divine power. In the form of 101 short chapters or ’sacred power principles’, it provides steps for spiritual growth. A joyful tour through the practicalities of going with the flow of your life, the 101 principles are transformative tools to work through to help unblock selflove. Centred on joy as its sacred source, it is a beautiful journey in self-care and personal power to enjoy and share with clients. Read it to encourage yourself and your clients to: experience increased joy in your life.

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2. BIG MAGIC Elizabeth Gilbert

3. BODY OF WORK Pamela Slim

The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them. The hunt to uncover those jewels - that’s creative living.

Viewing your career as a body of work will give you more choice, financial security, and creative freedom.

‘Big Magic’ reminds us of the value of creativity in and of itself as a way of living, not just as a pathway to product. This book questions some myths of creativity such as the need to suffer for it and embraces how being creative means coming face to face with fear and moving through it. Exploring why creatives stall, stop or have never gone as far as they wanted to, it is inspiring reading for getting moving and showing up to do the work. Read it to encourage yourself and your clients to: live an unfettered creative life.

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It is so easy for us to leave parts of ourselves behind when moving on from one situation to another, whether it be job, relationship or location. ‘Body of Work’ helps you through this transition process, finding the threads that tie your story together. It is transformative as you reflect on those pieces and values you hadn’t quite connected before and is a constructive framework for working with clients on story and journey. Read it to encourage yourself and your clients to: move positively through transitions by realising the connections in your body of work over time.

4. MASTERING YOUR MEAN GIRL Melissa Ambrosini Every moment is a clean slate, a fresh start, a new opportunity to be your best. Give it your all, show up fully and choose love.

5. PLAYING BIG Tara Mohr Playing big doesn't come from working more, pushing harder, or finding confidence. It comes from listening to the most powerful and secure part of you, not the voice of self-doubt.

In ’Mastering your Mean Girl’, self-love teacher Melissa Ambrosini articulates how that fear-based, ‘not good enough’ voice inside our head works so we can gain mastery over it and choose love. Woven through-out is Melissa’s personal story of how she changed her life to one of glowing abundance. Based on her transformative coaching work and complemented by an online Activation Toolkit, this is a practical, love-filled resource to help face down inner saboteurs and thrive.

This book is life-changing for understanding how women play small often without realising it. Playing small is a feeling of holding back and not using our gifts and in response, there are practical strategies and deep wisdom for stepping up into life in rich ways. Key insights include: the power of listening to your inner mentor, rather than your critic; becoming aware of how we undercut ourselves through language; and two concepts of fear including one we feel when we are taking on new power.

Read it to encourage yourself and your clients to: identify the strategies of the mean girl within and counter this with love.

Read it to encourage yourself and your clients to: embrace your power and play on a bigger stage, whatever your focus. 17

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6. RISING STRONG Brene Brown If we can learn to feel our way through these experiences and own our stories of struggle, we can write our own brave endings In Rising Strong, Brene Brown shares her own narratives and experiences of working through “facedown” moments and rising up again. Writing about her own experiences with openness and authenticity, backed in by research on vulnerability, courage, worthiness and shame, this book is about healing and owning our stories. It is beneficial for its focus on the power of story in our lives: what we tell ourselves and how we can write a new narrative. Read it to encourage yourself and your clients to: identify how we can better empower our story lines for a more positive future.

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7. SEVEN SOULFUL SECRETS Stephanie Stokes Oliver Reaching your full unique potential– whatever it is–is your purpose in life. In ‘Seven Soulful Secrets’, Stephanie Stokes Oliver focuses on fulfilling our life purpose and mission. She provides a formula of seven soulful secrets around PURPOSE: Purpose, Ultimacy, Relaxation, Positivity, Optimum health, Spirituality and Esteem. Clear, inclusive and focused on authentic, soul-filled living where potential is maximised, this approach offers a practical framework for coaches seeking to define and refine their purpose and mission. Read it to encourage yourself and your clients to: shape their purpose and mission including unique potential and ideal client profile.


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9. THE BIG LEAP Gay Hendricks

You can turn your ideas into reality and build a wildly successful business, because if one person can do it, we can all do it.

Each of us has an unconscious tendency to trip our Upper Limit switch, and each of us can eliminate that tendency.

As coaches, we are often also creative entrepreneurs with big dreams we want to manifest. Carrie Green is a skilled mentor and coach in female entrepreneurship, starting her successful online business at age 20. She cheers us on with her encouraging approach and shares her wealth of experience on entrepreneurship from vision through to managing fear, understanding your audience and creating your brand. Complemented by a wealth of online resources including a ’28-Day She Means Business Challenge’, this is an actionable guide to entrepreneurship. Read it to encourage yourself and your clients to: be entrepreneurial in spirit and practice as you create and apply your vision for your work. inspired COACH |


Gay Hendrick’s ‘The Big Leap’ is premised on the principle of ‘The Upper Limit Problem’ where our inner thermostat sets how much enjoyment and success we allow ourselves to feel. Once we reach this limit, we tend to self-sabotage. With supporting evidence and case studies and practical strategies honed from years of coaching and corporate work, Gay helps us recognise this behaviour and step into our ‘zone of genius’. This book is a worthwhile addition to your coaching bookshelf for its transformative life strategies for abundance. Read it to encourage yourself and your clients to: recognise where self-sabotaging is playing out to limit abundance and success.

10. THE DESIRE MAP Danielle LaPorte Collaborate with the cosmos instead of dictating to the world. You’re stronger when you stand in your own power and dance with what’s around you. ‘The Desire Map’ is a framework for identifying how you most want to feel. As an emerging coach, your ‘Core Desired Feelings’ can help define how you would love your clients to feel as they negotiate life options. They provide clarity on the heart of your brand and are orientation points for creativity and content as we embody how we want to feel. This process is an important addition to your toolkit around personal wayfinding, brand and direction. Read it to encourage yourself and your clients to: understand the role of desire and how we want to feel in orientating life in powerful ways.

11. THE SACRED BOMBSHELL HANDBOOK OF SELF-LOVE Abiola Abrams When I say “own your bombshell,” I mean own what you believe about yourself, own your story, own loving yourself without apology, and own how you move in the world. Breakthrough coach Abiola Abrams’ mission is for us to own our stories and love ourselves without reserve. She uses ‘Sacred Bombshells’ as a lens and framework to discover unconditional self-love and divine feminine power. This book provides a transformative cache of secrets centred around feminine principles including creation, receptivity, authenticity and beauty as a spiritual practice. It sparkles with feminine energy and showcases historical bombshell mentors and current successful women who live these sacred principles. 21

| inspired COACH

Read it to encourage yourself and your clients to: embrace self-love and identify key sacred feminine principles and role models to create your own story.

12. TURNING PRO Steven Pressfield If you’re dissatisfied with your current life, ask yourself what your current life is a metaphor for. That metaphor will point you toward your true calling. Steven Pressfield’s ‘The War of Art’ is a classic work on resistance and ‘Turning Pro’ continues the theme, calling out the behaviours we engage in to keep from being professional in our personal, business and creative lives. Much of this is about fear, though it may not always look like it on the surface. An insightful concept is ‘shadow careers’ - careers we engage in when we’re afraid of pursuing what we really want. This book is a guide for becoming more

inspired COACH |


professional and achieving your goals where the rubber of your practice hits the road of your intention. Read it to encourage yourself and your clients to: gain insight into behaviours to be a more professional speaker, coach, writer or business person. A knowledge of key books is a fundamental part of the skill-set and toolkit of an emerging coach that can make all the difference. Just one concept, drawn like a piece of gold thread, or that special book that is recommended at just the right time, can be the magic point of clarity that shifts direction in your own or a client’s perspective. Now we all can read in a variety of formats - in hard copy, ebook and audiobook - personal wisdom and creative influence via reading has never been so accessible or pervasive. I hope you enjoy exploring these inspiring books as part of your developing coaching journey, personally and in your work with clients.


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Photography by Alexandra Gรณmez Pascual

Jolinda Johnson is a Fertility Coach who helps women make powerful changes in their diet, lifestyle, and mindset to maximize their chances of conception. She is a qualified Beautiful You Life Coach and a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and enjoys working with clients virtually from all over the world. You can connect with her on her website here.

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HOW DID YOU GO ABOUT RESEARCHING THE BEST LIFE COACH TRAINING FOR YOU? I came across the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy when I did a Google search hoping to find the “best books for life coaches.” At the time, I was working with my very first fertility client as a Holistic Health Coach and instead of solely focusing on her diet, our conversations always seemed to veer off in favor of topics like self-care, relationships, self-esteem and intuition. Whilst I absolutely enjoyed holding space for this client, I felt that I lacked the necessary tools to truly have an impact as a coach in these areas. That’s why I decided to seek out recommended resources for life coaches and the “Ten Best Personal Development Books for Life Coaches” was the first blog article to come up in my search. As soon as I read the article, I was compelled to learn more about the Beautiful You Life Coaching course and what it had to offer. I also searched and compared The Beautiful You Coaching Academy with other top coaching academies, but none of them seemed to resonate with me in the same way. Even the name - Beautiful You - struck a chord with me. I was at the start of my own journey to discovering how beautiful I was after years of convincing myself otherwise, and I wanted to share that feeling of confidence, passion, courage and joy with my clients. I knew that training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy would help me to do that. inspired COACH |


WHAT DO YOU FEEL IS IMPORTANT FOR EVERY POTENTIAL COACH TO THINK ABOUT WHEN DECIDING WHICH TRAINING IS RIGHT FOR THEM? It’s always a good idea to get in touch with your “why,” especially when considering becoming a life coach. Ask yourself, ‘Why are you considering a life coach training program?’ In my case, I wanted to learn an effective method for coaching women who needed additional support throughout their pregnancy journey. I knew that it wasn’t enough to focus on diet alone, and whatever food recommendations I made would be futile depending on my client’s level of self-love, self-worth, and selfcompassion as well as their fulfillment or lack thereof in other areas of their life. I also wanted to develop a heart-centered business and needed a concrete guide for how to do so. The Beautiful You Coaching Academy seemed like an ideal fit from the beginning because the instruction encompasses everything from coaching skills, to branding, to what you need to set up a successful business online. This is something worth considering for anyone who is looking to find the right training and start their own business too. It’s also important to consider the level of interaction that is required throughout the course. One of the things that made the Beautiful You Coaching Academy stand out to me was the level of participation that it asks

"Being able to complete a coaching series with my coaching buddy and try out newly learned coaching skills gave me that boost of confidence that I needed to reach out to my first pro-bono clients."

Jolinda Johnson


| inspired COACH

"Throughout my training I came to realise that you will get out of it as much as you put into it and if you are serious about pursuing a career as a life coach, you need to prioritise your coursework and organise yourself."

Jolinda Johnson

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of you. Even though the course is completed online, you are constantly connected through regular group calls, live coaching with your classmates, practicing with your coaching buddy and gaining feedback from trainers within the membership site and Facebook group. I can’t tell you what a difference it made in my progress to submit my work and receive personalised, meaningful comments from all of my trainers. Along that same line, it’s essential that your life coach training program allows you opportunities to practice your coaching. Being able to complete a coaching series with my coaching buddy and try out newly learned coaching skills gave me that boost of confidence that I needed to reach out to my first pro-bono clients. It was a truly magical experience for both of us because my coaching buddy had been trying to get pregnant for over a year when we started working together. By the end of our series she had a positive pregnancy test and is now the proud mother of a beautiful baby boy! In addition to the level of participation, genuinely consider how much time the life coach training program will require of you. Throughout my training I came to realise that you will get out of it as much as you put into it and if you are serious about pursuing a career as a life coach, you need to prioritise your coursework and organise yourself accordingly. Think about how much time you can devote each week to your studies and other commitments. If they have the potential to interfere with your training, that’s

when you can start to look at the changes that you would like to make to maximise the time you do have.

WHAT BOOKS, PODCASTS, AND RESOURCES DO YOU THINK ARE BEST FOR A POTENTIAL COACH TO READ, LISTEN, AND LEARN FROM? In terms of books, I would recommend The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein, SelfCompassion by Kristin Neff, I Thought It Was Just Me (But It Isn’t) by Brené Brown, Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini, and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks is also a must-read, especially for those who want to stop playing small and step into their greatness once and for all. Some of my favorite podcasts include The School of Greatness, Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations, The Brendon Show, The Melissa Ambrosini Show, The Marie Forleo Podcast, The Priestess Podcast and The Wellpreneur Podcast. Another resource that I highly recommend is the Sounds True website. They organise summits on a regular basis that you can tune into for free, as well as courses, ebooks and downloadable CDs on a wide array of topics that are of interest to current and prospective life coaches.


| inspired COACH


1. Connect With Your Coaching Peers From Day One Before starting my training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, I had participated in a number of online programs and always dreaded having to introduce myself to the other members - especially if a Facebook group was involved. I worried about being judged, not being perceived as good enough, or receiving negative feedback on what I chose to share. Even when I started my training, there were still remnants of these thought patterns that I had to fight against, but I made a commitment to keep connecting with the other trainees in my cohort. The wonderful thing about the Beautiful You Coaching Academy is that no matter what cohort you find yourself in, the Academy always attracts trainees who believe in collaboration and celebration. Don’t be afraid to cheer on your classmates for all of their hard work, let them know how they are inspiring you, or offer encouragement if they stumble. The more you do this for others, the more they will do the same for you. You will feel wildly supported as a result and build a network of cheerleaders across the globe. inspired COACH |


2. Make Your Coursework A Top Priority When I started my training, I had recently accepted a volunteer position as Vice President of a women’s organization in Barcelona. When I was offered the position I thought that it would be possible to manage both commitments at the same time, but after just six weeks, I was already spreading myself too thin. I had thought about resigning when my mother called to tell me that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time in three years. Added to everything else, I was worried about her health and having to make unexpected trips back and forth to the United States. In the end, I chose to continue with my training through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, to be available for my Mum, and to resign from the vice presidency. Training with the Academy was a life-changing experience, but that’s because I created the time, space, and effort for it to be so. For you, this may mean giving up other commitments for a while or being less available so that you can fully devote yourself to your own learning and development. Whether that means making hard decisions or simply making schedule modifications, do whatever needs to be done to show up one hundred percent.

3. Start Your Training With A Beginner’s Mind The more you convince yourself that you have everything figured out, the less opportunity you have for actual growth and development. Approach the entire training with an open

"Cheer on your classmates for all of their hard work, let them know how they are inspiring you, or offer encouragement if they stumble. The more you do this for others, the more they will do the same for you."

Jolinda Johnson


| inspired COACH

"You’ll be amazed at the progress you make when you start saying yes to your higher self, yes to unexpected opportunities and yes to new adventures."

Jolinda Johnson

inspired COACH |


mind whether you think the information applies to you or not - and spoiler alert: it does! This also includes surrendering the concepts around your own identity, which usually consist of made-up stories that are keeping you small. For example, if you have always told yourself that you’re a terrible public speaker, you may experience fear or resistance around learning how speaking engagements can further your coaching career. You may find yourself waiting until the last minute to open your course book, not making time for the content or the live calls. Do the best that you can to release the false perceptions that you’ve placed upon yourself and commit to exploring with a curious mind. Another example is starting a coach training with one niche in mind, but then realizing that you’re being pulled towards something completely different halfway through. Pay attention to your soul’s calling and be willing to make a shift. Remain flexible and know that everything will unfold exactly as it’s meant to.


1. Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable If you’re going to be a successful life coach, you’ll need to face the fear and do it anyway just about every day. When I started my

training, I was afraid of everything from accepting a compliment to introducing myself as a fertility coach. In fact, my first goal with my coaching buddy was to “confidently share my purpose with the world” because I was so worried about what other people might think of my new profession. Going after what you really want and leaving behind pieces of your identity that no longer serve you can be hard at first, but it eventually becomes fun to challenge yourself and find new ways to test your comfort zone. One of the best things you can do is start saying “yes.” You’ll be amazed at the progress you make when you start saying yes to your higher self, yes to unexpected opportunities and yes to new adventures. Whether it’s a small step or a giant leap, both will move you closer to where you ultimately want to go.

2. Commit to Collaboration Over Competition I remember when I used to look at what other coaches were doing years ago, I felt completely defeated. After completing my first coach certification in 2013, I was stuck in thoughts of how I would never be as successful as they were, rather than recognising the possibilities for mutual contribution. Adopting this kind of attitude as a coach means that you’ll have limited reach, less impact, and fewer clients. By joining forces and sharing with others on a regular basis, you continuously build meaningful connections which helps your business flourish. Collaboration can take any number of forms; from guest blogging, to doing podcast interviews, to developing 33

| inspired COACH

online programs together, or simply sharing each other’s content on social media. If you want to feel supported and celebrated in your own business, look for opportunities to share, support, and celebrate other coaches in theirs.

3. Keep Investing In Yourself If you want people to invest in your services as a life coach, you should be willing to invest in yourself as well. I am continually working with coaches, learning new skills, and completing additional coursework to further my selfdevelopment and better meet the needs of my clients. Investing in yourself can also take the form of traveling to make valuable connections for your business, purchasing new clothes that are in line with your brand, paying a professional photographer to take gorgeous pictures of you, or hiring a website designer who can provide you with the virtual

inspired COACH |


home of your dreams. By doing these things, you send a powerful message to yourself as well as your prospective clients that you take yourself seriously as a professional.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT WHAT YOU DO AS A FERTILITY COACH? One of my favorite parts of being a fertility coach is reconnecting women with their capacity for growth and development in all areas of their lives. When trying for a baby, it’s easy to start measuring yourself by the results of a negative pregnancy test each month. It can take time to fall pregnant, but most women hold on to the belief that it will be easy.

If conceiving becomes a struggle, it’s tempting to fixate on the one thing in your life that isn’t happening, which unwillingly cuts yourself off from your own happiness. Fertility coaching gives my clients the opportunity to make powerful changes in their diet, lifestyle, and mindset as they turn their longing to become mothers into action. By working on two to three concrete, measurable goals over the course of three or six months, they are constantly in motion and begin to realise that they are still the capable, confident women that they used to be. Whether it be learning how to select foods that support hormonal balance, or working on issues related to selflove, there is so much that can be done to not only maximize a woman’s chances of conception, but also enhance the quality of their lives.

Any time I can help a woman recognise her own greatness, surrender her fears, accept herself unconditionally and feel grateful for the life she has - regardless of her pregnancy status I feel like I have done my job. Of course I hope that each of my clients experiences the joys of motherhood, but my ultimate goal as a coach is that they learn to mother themselves first. When they learn to nurture themselves, operate from a place of love rather than fear, and when they realise they are enough, the experience of pregnancy and motherhood changes radically. How different would the world be if we were all born out of passion and joy, confidence and courage, from women firmly rooted in their own self-worth? My mission through fertility coaching is to help as many women as possible experience just that, and it is my honor and privilege to do so.

" I am continually working with coaches, learning new skills, and completing additional coursework to further my self-development and better meet the needs of my clients."

Jolinda Johnson


| inspired COACH

By Mirjam Ulbert

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don't think there is anybody out there who has not listened to a podcast yet. Why? Because listening to them is a fun way to get inspired, motivated and educated while you are out on a run, cleaning your house or even throughout your daily commute. Whenever you need, there is always the opportunity to tune in and feel inspired by a podcast you love or learn more about a specific topic. When I first started listening to podcasts, I was already building my coaching business and growing my online community. Podcasts have acted as such a valuable (and free) resource throughout my business and life, and I have loved being able to search and listen to so many great shows that have expanded my thinking and supported me alongside my spiritual journey too. I have been able to discover and learn more about the amazing entrepreneurs, writers, bloggers, spiritual teachers and more, just by listening to their insightful podcasts. If you happen to be thinking about becoming a coach, I have selected 12 incredible podcasts from women around the world that I believe are very worth listening to! I hope these amazing podcasters inspire you to take your personal and professional life to the next level and allow you to learn something new.

inspired COACH |


CONNIE CHAPMAN AWAKEN RADIO Connie Chapman's podcast was one of the very first podcast’s I started listening to and I am still so excited every time she releases a new episode with her insights, wisdom and truth. Connie’s approach is authentic and honest and it’s no surprise that her podcast has more than 20,000 downloads each month. Each episode is packed with inspiring guidance by herself or one of her beautiful guests and there are always helpful tips to shift from a place of fear to love. With each episode, Connie ensures that you reach your highest potential in life and if you happen to tune in to one of her episodes, you will soon discover why it’s been ranked in the Top 50 of the Health section on iTunes.


| inspired COACH



This amazing podcast is hosted by media entrepreneur and storyteller Elayne Fluker. Elayne is passionate about helping women amplify their story, launch their businesses, love their life and explore possibilities. Support is Sexy is a fiveday a week podcast featuring diverse and inspiring women entrepreneurs from around the world, who honestly share the ups and downs of their entrepreneurial journeys. You will learn about how they kick started started their businesses, when they struggled and what they did to overcome setbacks. With almost 400 episodes you will have so many insights and knowledge right at your fingertips whenever you need a motivational kick on your own unique entrepreneurial journey.

The Priestess Podcast is hosted by the Founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Julie Parker. Julie is not only one of the world's leading coaches and life coach trainers, she is also a Priestess and devoted to supporting women awaken to their spiritual gifts and talents. The Priestess Podcast is a must listen for any potential future life coach who feels they may like to bring spiritual elements into their work. Julie chats with incredible people from around the world like Rebecca Campbell, Gala Darling, Dr. Ezzie Spencer and Denise Duffield Thomas and she also hosts incredible business guests as well talking about business building with divine principles of grace, humanity and social justice.

inspired COACH |




The Black Girl Bosses (BGB) Podcast is a space for real talk, with real bosses to discuss both the challenging and the beautiful journey of entrepreneurship. The BGB Podcast is hosted by Tatum Harrison and Milan Mobley, two entrepreneurs from the Washington DC area. Tatum is a sassy and sophisticated speaker, marketer, and self-love advocate and Milan is a PR maven who is all about empowering women in business. Both Tatum and Milan approach their businesses like queens, and their interviews are honest and uplifting for any emerging coach who is looking for a refreshing approach to business.

The ‘Raise Your Hand’ podcast is all about the crazy and creative adventure of extraordinary people. Host Tiffany Han encourages her listeners to think bigger and go after their dreams. Her podcasts can be divided into storytelling, personal development and motivational input to get you started on your own coaching or entrepreneurial journey. Tiffany showcases incredible guests regularly on the podcast and the topics are aimed to support any person to course-correct their direction and follow through when times get rough.


| inspired COACH

JESS LIVELY THE LIVELY SHOW You will need a pen and paper handy for this one! Jess Lively’s podcast is one of the most inspiring podcasts out there for emerging coaches, and her show is based on her own lessons and learnings throughout her personal and spiritual journey. Jess also features the most wonderful guests on her show. From blogging and business to food and wellness, she covers a wide variety of topics and has had over 8 million downloads so far. No wonder Entrepreneur Magazine calls it “An exceptional woman hosted podcast for entrepreneurs.”

inspired COACH |


TRUTH TELLING ELIZABETH DIALTO Elizabeth Dialto's mission is to awaken your soul and fire up your senses by turning up the volume on your inner wisdom. As an author, speaker and coach, she will help you do just that. On her podcast, Elizabeth showcases a diverse range of guests who share their journey and thoughts on spirituality, business, womanhood, sex and money. Her guests are women who are already out there, living their dream life on their terms and it’s such a brilliant resource for any emerging coach who is wanting to learn about living and speaking your truth.


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This is a unique podcast about building a business or career and fulfilling your dreams with Amanda Miller Littlejohn as host. In her weekly conversations, Amanda helps you to find clarity and uncover what it is that you really want in life and business. As a Personal Branding Coach and speaker, Amanda helps women to find their voice is a brand problem solver, and creative powerhouse working at the intersection of public relations, journalism, marketing and social media.

Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson are self-proclaimed “business besties” and hosts of the top-ranked podcast “Being Boss”. They know what it takes to launch a business, do the work, and be boss in work and life. Both successful independent business owners, Emily and Kathleen started the podcast to share their combined expertise with other creative entrepreneurs. It is a fun, inspiring and authentic podcast to support you on your journey to becoming your own boss and they have interviewed motivational guests on their show such as Marie Forleo, Brené Brown and many more.


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Lisa Nicole's “Behind the Brilliance” podcast features smart and funny conversations with innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs. From creativity and craft, to business and biohacking, her show delivers unique stories and useful insight for anyone wanting to get more out of business and life. If you’re looking for something fun to listen to whilst navigating the biz world this podcast is a great start.

The “Untangled” podcast explores the lives of women who have questioned the social systems we live in, and who have taken the courageous step to live life in a different, often unconventional way. Alana Helbig`s show explores one question: “What does it really take to untangle from society’s giant rule book, move away from the mundane and embark on a search for something more?” Alana interviews ordinary women about their choice to live lives on their terms, touching on topics such as slow and simple living, alternatives to the 9-5, solo travel, activism, feminism and the patriarchy, indigenous cultures, spirituality, financial security and so much more.

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THE MIRJAM ULBERT PODCAST I’m finishing this list by sharing with you my own podcast! My vision is to help you become the person you have always wanted to be and the happiest version of yourself. In each episode with my inspiring guests from around the world, I share insights about happiness, meditation, motivation, creativity, productivity, love, health, mindfulness and being of service to the world. I cover topics from spirituality, business, selfhelp and offer a modern approach to ‘A Course In Miracles’, by turning fear into love and cultivating a positive mindset. I hope my podcast will inspire you as a (hopefully!) soon to be coach looking to uncover the life and business of your dreams.


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By Johanna Parker

Beautiful You Coaching Academy Senior Trainer

Photography by Eyes of Love Photography


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he decision to invest in yourself through studying to become a life coach can feel like a big one. Despite the years that have passed, I still remember that time of contemplation and preparation for a potential return to study like it was yesterday. Decisions like these can raise a lot of questions, and back then it felt like there were a million of them racing through my mind, at times completely drowning out the deep, gentle-yet-consistent pull of longing and the inner whisper that told me enrolling in a life coaching course was exactly what I needed to do. Questions like, “Is this really right for me?”, “What if I’m not good enough to be a coach?”, “Can I really fit study into my life right now?”, “What does a decision to become a life coach mean for my future?”, “What if I fail? Heck, what if I succeed?!”, and “What happens if I don’t use the qualification for anything after all of that study, and I’ve invested all of that time and energy for nothing?” Looking back on that time now as a fulltime coach, speaker and founder of my own coaching business, there are some things I wish I had thought to do back then that would have made my decision-making and my journey into study much easier and more celebratory. If you are considering studying a life coaching course, these are my best tips to help bring clarity to the decision-making process and to prepare yourself for the journey ahead, whether choosing to return to study or not.

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1. THINK ABOUT YOUR ‘WHY’ The best question I think any of us can ask ourselves when we are considering embarking upon something new is “What is my why?” That is, what would be the reason or motivating factor for you to get involved? Maybe you want to study life coaching because you believe in the potential for every person to live a happy and self-actualised life? Or because you long to support others in a powerful, meaningful and deeply empowering way? Or because there is a particular cohort of people you feel drawn to working with? Or because you are longing to immerse yourself in learning something as a student? Or because you dream of being a Life Coach and owning your own business? Or because you wish to expand upon an existing skill set that will serve your existing life or work? Or because you are feeling called to understand more about yourself and to embark on your own journey of personal discovery? Maybe your ‘why’ is a combination of these things, a strong intuitive feeling that you don’t quite understand yet or something else entirely? Any answer is okay, but knowing the answer is important. If our why is authentic and personally meaningful - being able to clearly define it and articulate it for ourselves, I believe, is one of the strongest forces of motivation there is. Not only does the answer to the ‘why’ question bring clarity to decision-making, but it can also act as a soulful anchor at times when we feel so far outside of our comfort zone, confused, challenged or disconnected to what we are doing.

"Thinking about how you want to feel in life and how you want to feel while studying and learning can bring an extra layer of clarity to what you really want."

Johanna Parker


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"You are your greatest asset, and should you ever create your own coaching or servicebased business, your business’ greatest asset as well."

Johanna Parker

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2. ASK YOURSELF HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL In a world where busyness can be glorified, todo lists can feel endless and our expectations of ourselves can be so much higher than Jack’s beanstalk, it’s no wonder we feel overwhelmed and fixate on the things that we want, or supposedly feel that we need to be, have or do in our lives. Thinking about how you want to feel in life and how you want to feel while studying and learning can bring an extra layer of clarity to what you really want. Once you know and can articulate how you want to feel, you can use that information as a check-in point when considering whether or not studying to be a coach will support you to feel that way. And should you choose to begin your coaching course, focusing on how you want to feel can also help you to decide the actions that you need to take on a day-to-day basis in order to feel the way you long to feel throughout your learning journey too.

3. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO INVEST IN YOURSELF You are your greatest asset, and should you ever create your own coaching or servicebased business, your business’ greatest asset as well. Honour yourself and know that you are worthy and deserving of investment. Always. Over time I have come to see that most people who consider studying to become

a life coach are people who care deeply and wholeheartedly about others and, at times, people who have a history of putting the wellbeing of others before their own. Making the decision to invest in something just for you may be difficult, or feel ‘selfish’ if you identify with the above, however please know that if you are enjoying your life and feeling your best, that will automatically extend to your relationships and the people around you as well. That old saying of “if you fill up your own cup, you can give to others with the overflow” rings true, and self care is an important factor to consider when it comes to being a great coach. Initially, that personal investment may look like the decision to enrol in a life coaching course. And if you do opt to study to become a coach, the choice to invest in yourself becomes equally important in the form of self-care and honouring whatever it is you need to be able to show up to your study as the best version of yourself.

4. CONSIDER WORKING WITH A COACH If you are curious about the wonderful world of coaching and empowering others to live their best lives, one of the fastest and best ways to get an honest insight into the coaching process is to work with a coach and experience coaching for yourself as a client! It was my own experience of working with a fantastic coach that fuelled my decision to study coaching and, because coaching was a relatively new profession back then, it also 51

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helped me gain clarity about what coaching actually is! Not only does working with a coach give you a first-hand understanding of what a coaching series can look like, but it is an invaluable personal development investment for any stage of life.

5. CHOOSE TO BE CURIOUS (RATHER THAN CRITICAL) Amazing things can happen when we approach new places, people and experiences with curiosity rather than criticism. Approaching decision-making and any new idea in this way allows us to see more possibility, opportunity and potential while promoting optimism and an open mind. Don’t be afraid to be curious in your exploration of coaching and life coaching courses. Ask someone who has studied the course about their experience, read reviews and testimonials, research thoroughly to find out what is included in the curriculum and training support, and look beyond the obvious hurdles to returning to study to consider solutions and workarounds that will give you the space you need. As you engage in study, curiosity is equally helpful. It can encourage your mind to wander beyond the obvious and seek answers in a way that is meaningful for you (more learning!), help you discover more opportunities and ideas, support you to remain motivated and also help you to be a better coach! As a side note, curious people make for excellent listeners and phenomenal askers of questions; inspired COACH |


both of which are key elements of being a great coach. Winning on all fronts!

6. LET GO OF THE NEED TO BE PERFECT Perfectionism kills joy...and potential. And connection. If you take the pressure off yourself to show up to a coaching course in any particularly ‘polished’, ‘learned’ or ‘perfect’ way and instead give yourself permission to show up as you are and relax into the uniqueness of all that you are (including your challenges), you can use all of the energy it would otherwise take to filter yourself and instead channel it into becoming the best coach that you can be. What you have is enough. What you have done is enough. What you are is enough - so enough. Nothing comes easily the first time and just like learning any new skill - how to walk, how to ride a bike, the works! - learning how to be a great coach takes commitment and practice. You don’t need to ‘get it’ straight away and you don’t need to have worked in a helping profession or even to have worked with people before to become a sensational coach. What you do need is an open-mind, a genuine care about others, an authentic voice, a willingness to learn and a commitment to yourself that you will have your own back throughout your journey. The question is not whether or not you CAN be a great coach, but whether or not you will LET yourself be the coach that you can be.

"If you do opt to study to become a coach, the choice to invest in yourself becomes equally important in the form of self-care and honouring whatever it is you need to be able to show up to your study as the best version of yourself."

Johanna Parker


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And did you know - if you are willing to be vulnerable enough to not be ‘perfect’, that can help to you to become even more relatable to your potential clients and even attract them towards you! Phew.

7. CREATE SPACE There’s no doubt about it, studying takes time. While I was studying to become a coach I also worked full time, volunteered on a large community initiative and travelled overseas. It was all very possible, but only when I was planned, structured and created boundaries' with my time. You may find yourself needing to say ‘no’ to things in order to honour your commitment to yourself and your study, so knowing what your non-negotiables are in advance is helpful. Once you know how much time you will need to commit to study each week, you can also begin to create as much of that space in your life as you can, before commencing study so that it is there ready and waiting to be utilised. Having the foresight wherever possible to create space in advance, rather than trying to find it as needed, makes for a MUCH calmer and more enjoyable study experience! If boundaries are in place, you can always flex and change them as you go, and if ever there was an excuse to treat yourself to some new stationery or a new planner, this is it!

8. UNDERSTAND FEAR FOR WHAT IT IS Stepping outside of our comfort zone can be scary, particularly when it involves

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starting something new. While fear comes with important messages, they aren’t always bad ones. Fear has such a negative connotation because we associate it with bad things happening, but just as fear can show up to alert us to potential danger, it can also show up as a telling sign that we truly care about something and are worried about it not working out for us. The truth is that if we are striving towards our highest potential and our best and most self-actualised life, we are always going to reach beyond our comfort zone and put ourselves in situations where fear is likely to show up, often for no other reason than because we are meaningfully growing, evolving and moving in the direction of things that truly matter to us. Fear will potentially always have a role to play. Rather than waiting for the fear to go away or using it as reason that something is wrong, ask yourself what the fear is truly telling you and lean into the answer. Sometimes focusing on what you need in order to begin, despite the fear, is more powerful than holding yourself hostage until the fear goes away.

9. BE CLEAR ABOUT THE REAL DECISION YOU ARE MAKING One of the reasons that the decision to study life coaching those years ago felt like such an overwhelming one for me was because I felt that by choosing to study life coaching, I was also committing to being a full-time

"Don’t be afraid to be curious in your exploration of coaching and life coaching courses. Ask someone who has studied the course about their experience, read reviews and testimonials, research thoroughly."

Johanna Parker


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life coach, and building a highly-active life coaching business. Am I doing all of that now? Yes (though I chose to continue working in my professional role as a Manager of Youth Services for a long time after graduating from the course before making the shift into my business full-time). What I didn’t realise back then, however, was that the decision I was making wasn’t about whether or not I was going to do all of that, or even any of that. It can sometimes feel like we are making decisions that will determine the rest of our

lives when, in reality, all we are deciding is what we are going to do next, in that moment. As it turns out, my decision to study life coaching was one of the best I’ve ever made and has led to the creation of a life I never dreamed possible for myself. Back then, I wasn’t deciding to live this life, I was simply deciding whether or not to learn new skills, completely taking the pressure off. If you are considering becoming a coach, whichever decision you make will be the right one, but remember that you are deciding what is next, not necessarily what is forever.

10. CELEBRATE I wish that I could go back in time and thank ‘pre-coach me’ for being brave enough to follow her heart and take that very first leap of faith, because I had no idea how worthy of celebration that decision was back then. If you decide to embark on a journey towards becoming a life coach, please don’t forget to celebrate your decision and investment! Every step you take - right from the moment of first contemplating undertaking the learning journey itself and right up until you graduate from the course and the next chapter of your life as a coach begins to unfold please know all of that is worthy of acknowledgement. You have the power to create the life you want for yourself, whatever those pieces may be. The magic happens when you bravely start putting those pieces together and give yourself permission to do the crafting.


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By Tash Spencer Photography by Fi Mims Photography


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Soulful conversation. Connection. Motivation. Inspiration. These are just some of the things that our Beautiful You Coaching Academy trainees and graduates receive when they attend one of our Inspiration Days - and our most recent day in Melbourne was no exception. After months of immersing themselves in their online studies, it was such a treat for our Beautiful You coaches and trainees to come together in person, meet each other and their trainers and listen to some incredible guest speakers. With the room buzzing with excitement, our Client Care and Communications Manager Liz Deanna kicked off the afternoon as our MC and our attendees were treated to a warm Beautiful You welcome by Founder and Lead Trainer Julie Parker. For many coaches, attending a day like this one involved jumping on a plane to sunny Melbourne and we were so grateful to not only have the presence of some of our Australian cohort of coaches but coaches hailing from overseas too. Professional artist and painter Brenda Mangalore was the first speaker to grace the stage, sharing how important it is

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for any coach to tap into their own creative spark despite the many fears that may show up along the entrepreneurial journey. Brenda explained how to embrace and find the beauty in the ‘messy middle’ throughout the creative process, and our coaches walked away with the inspiration to stand proud behind their efforts and find their own flow when it comes to putting their work out into the world. Our next speaker Kemi Nekvapil captivated everyone with her warmth, vibrancy and energy as she shared her wisdom in igniting your personal power. As a certified coach, speaker and author, Kemi’s stories and experience in guiding her clients to set loving boundaries and commit to their desires wholeheartedly had our coaches hanging on her every


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word. Kemi took everyone through the process of courageously ‘asking’ for what they want and our graduates and trainees were given a copy of Kemi’s book, ‘The Gift of Asking’ to put these concepts into practice with not only themselves, but their clients too. A special day like this would not be complete without the opportunity for photos and selfies, hugs, lucky door prizes and plenty of mingling and treats on the rooftop before diving into the final part of the day. Having Beautiful You Coaches Gina Tucker and Mel Jeffcott join Julie on our certified coaches panel was an interactive way for our attendees to ask questions and learn more about the topic of sacred coaching. Gina and Mel shared their insights into how they’ve been able to integrate sacred work into their coaching businesses and they generously shared their tips to help others tap into their own sense of self and spirituality. To close out our Melbourne Beautiful

You Inspiration Day, our Founder Julie Parker shared her final message which had our coaches feeling uplifted and inspired to see the unlimited possibilities that lay before them as new coaches. It was then time for our most recent graduates to celebrate with their official coaching certificates and our current trainees were able to honour the incredible progress that they’ve already made throughout their studies. Thank you to all of those who were able to join us for another soul-nourishing Beautiful You event. These Inspiration Day’s truly are one of the highlights of the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course and we’re already beaming with excitement and anticipation to meet more of our coaches at amazing locations such as New Zealand and Vancouver later this year.


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Sas Petherick is a coach, teacher and podcaster helping thinking humans and thoughtful coaches navigate through self-doubt. Find out more at and follow along @saspetherick on Instagram.

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eciding to invest in coach training takes a massive dollop of courage and faith.

You might be at the very beginning of your coaching career, drawn by a sense of ‘rightness’ to this work, or perhaps you are looking to go deeper into a particular aspect of the coaching you feel called to offer. As a lifelong learner, I have trained with the Coaches Training Institute, Dr Martha Beck, the Centre for Narrative Coaching as well as completing a Master’s degree in Coaching and Mentoring at Oxford Brookes University here in the UK. Training in this work requires a practical commitment of money, energy and time. Less discussed is the magical mystery tour through our own selfdoubt! What I have found after seven years of being a coach, is that there are a squillion opportunities to learn more, and your first coaching programme is unlikely to be your last. If you are feeling a bit tangled about your what coach training course to enrol in, here are some ideas to consider:

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YOUR FIRST COACHING PROGRAMME NEEDS TO MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE. When we are first starting out, we usually just want to help people. We want some proven tools and approaches, opportunities to practice and we want some help to find paying clients. A coaching programme that offers a broad toolset is perfect to get started. The content of a coaching programme will indicate the programme creator’s beliefs about humans and the role of coaching – their potential for knowing themselves, creating fulfilling and meaningful lives, and for making sustainable change. Review the curriculum, ask questions, ask for a reading list, get a sense of the fit with your own values and beliefs.

YOU COACH TRAINING SHOULD ALSO POINT TO WHERE YOU ARE GOING. We probably all know experienced, qualified and competent coaches making a very comfortable living from coaching, but this is a minority within the coaching industry. Both anecdotal and evidence-based research, suggests a high level of industry turnover, with many new coaches leaving the industry after two or three years.

It can be helpful to remember that while most coaching schools will make claims to the lucrative potential of coaching as a business, few include entrepreneurial training or skills development as part of their curricula. If you are new to self-employment, bear in mind that you are likely to need additional support (and a whole new skillset!) to run a business. Questions to ask before enrolling: ++ What research, ethos or personal values is this programme based in? Does that feel like a match? ++ What have previous students gone on to do after graduating? What are they doing two or three years later? ++ Is there an opportunity to trial a class? ++ What proportion of the class is dedicated to setting up a business?

WHAT’S NEXT FOR YOUR DEVELOPMENT? One of the reasons I find coaching so fascinating, is we are almost always at a learning edge. When we reach a level of competence, we tend to expand into some new realm of this work. I think it’s almost inevitable that in time, you will want to evolve the

kind of coaching you do. And looking around online, it’s easy to assume that business coaching is the inevitable pinnacle of this work! But that’s simply not true. ++ Extroverts may find working from home lonely and stifling and seek out work in an office environment. ++ A mindfulness coach may find that shifting from working with adult groups to classrooms of children provides the context that feels most like home. ++ A performance coach might find highflying executives no longer filling their well, and move into developmental coaching. If you are looking to shift your work into a new arena, training can help to provide you with a solid foundation and even a sense of legitimacy.

IS TRAINING A DISTRACTION FROM TAKING A COURAGEOUS NEXT STEP? Coaching qualifications can feel like such a necessity, but can also serve as ‘noble distractions’ from the parts of running a business we find most challenging. Some questions to ponder:


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++ Why does this training feel essential? ++ Can I achieve this in a different way? ++ What does my business require from me most right now?

WHAT ARE THE BEST CONDITIONS FOR YOUR LEARNING? Classroom based learning with the expert at the front of the room, was how most of us experienced our schooling. But these days we know so much more about how adults best learn. Adults tend to: ++ Be self-directed in their learning (they can recognise what they don’t know). ++ Have a wealth of life experience to bring to their learning. ++ Be interested in learning to solve reallife dilemmas. ++ Want to apply what they have learned to their personal and professional lives. ++ Need to know why they are learning something before they learn it. ++ Respond more to intrinsic motivators (increased self-esteem and quality of work/life) than to extrinsic

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motivators (better wages, promotions, qualifications). You might have your own ideas and preferences about the kind of learning environments that suit you best. Research suggests that most of us struggle with self-paced learning, especially if it is related to our own development. There are some key principles to how adults learn that are helpful to know: ++ It takes time to learn. Learning is not instantaneous. Adults need to revisit ideas, ponder them, try them out, play and experiment. ++ Learning is an active process. We need to take action and gain some evidence about a new idea, in order to see what we make of it. ++ Learning involves language. The language we use influences and is intertwined with our learning; adults need opportunities to reflect and discuss as they are learning. ++ Learning is a social activity. Our learning is intimately associated with our connection with other human beings; conversation, interaction with others and collaboration are integral aspects of learning. ++ Learning is contextual. We do not

learn isolated facts and theories in some abstract, ethereal land of the mind. We learn in relation to what else we know, what we believe as well as our bias and our fears. ++ Learning involves engaging with the world and extracting meaning from our experience. Adults don’t tend to learn through the passive acceptance of knowledge which exists outside us. Some questions to ask: ++ How do I prefer to learn? ++ What triggers my self-doubt in learning environments?

It’s so natural to want to know the outcome, to be guaranteed that things will unfold this way or that. One of my favourite teachers, Dr Martha Beck, once said on a coach training call that life can be so much easier if we just ‘lean into’ what is. She invited us to just hang on and ‘Ride the Dragon’. So wherever you are on your coachin-training journey, trust yourself. Show up. Practice. Stay curious. Stay on the dragon! You’ve got this. And the entire universe has you. With much love and deep respect, Sas

++ How will I take care of myself while I am learning? ++ What boundaries do I need to have in place to support my learning experience?

YOU CAN’T GET THIS WRONG. I’ve found that choosing this work is really about choosing to become more comfortable with ambiguity. As coachesin-training (and I’m not sure we ever give up this title!) we voluntarily dive into learning about, practising with and reflecting on, the very nature of what it means to be human.


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