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How to Clear Your Chakras to Manifest the Coaching Practice of your Dreams By Marci Baron

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Beautiful You Life Coaching Course Inspiration Day By Julie Parker

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Powerful Tools For Coaches! By Lara Ann Riggio

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Cover Coach Terri Cole

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Ten Quick Questions with Coach Rosie Rees

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Seeing is Be Visual Marke Simple By Vanessa

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Becoming C a Coaching By Ellie Hod

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Marci Baron is a Homeward Bound Guide, specializing in energy clearing and transformation. She believes that home means arriving at who you are, without the labels, without the roles, without the stuff. It’s the place where you finally land after searching outside of yourself for so long. Home means infinite peace, joy and limitless potential. And it’s waiting for you to return when you’re ready. Marci’s expertise includes integrated energy therapy, reiki, chakra clearing, and discovery Sessions.

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Lara Ann Riggio is the owner of The Lara Touch Wellness Center in NYC where she provides exercise based solutions for stress management, insomnia, fatigue, PTSD, pervasive negative beliefs, muscular and joint pain. In the Lara Touch classes, videos and private sessions, Lara has helped tens of thousands of clients receive the healing benefits of acupuncture without needles. She has been featured in the Daily News, Elle, Women’s Day Magazine and Fox News.

Vanessa Soleil is a partners with client to personal & spirit helps clients move th self-criticism, and d enjoy life in the he taking action toward To relax, she strolls in her home in Carrbo the sunshine, and c chihuahua mutt.


a life coach who ts on their paths tual growth. She hrough emotions, doubt to better ere & now while ds their dreams. n the woods near oro, NC, naps in cuddles with her

Ellie Hodges is a counsellor and coach and curator and creator. She is an ally to women who have been through tough times and are ready to live life their way. Ellie shares her own experiences of overcoming and thriving at her online hangout An Emergent Life. Ellie loves family life, stinky oozy ripe cheese and the funniest memory her husband has of her is the time she impersonated a Wookie.

Emily Holmes is a nutrition coach at Conscious Foodie. She is the author of Transform Your Life and Conscious Cleanse. Media features include Women’s Health and Fitness, Nature and Health, Good Health, Body + Soul and MindBodyGreen. Emily inspires countless people to use food for abundant energy, clear skin and a peaceful mind. When she’s not writing you can find her juicing, meditating and studying for her Masters in Nutrition.

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Editors Letter


re you doing enough?

Bit of a strange and possibly cryptic question I know; but an important one to ask. And I think especially important amongst the now numerous articles, books and even coaches we are being rightly inspired by on topics such as slowing down, stepping back and trying our very best not to get adrenal fatigue. Believe me when I tell you that I’m all for doing those things and not getting that! All for it. On the flip of sunny side up however I often see a lot of coaches and entrepreneurs feeling immense frustration that they are not getting the number of clients they want or that their business is not where they want it to be. Or both. As they are, of course, intimately connected. And I had such feelings too when I was in the building phase of my coaching business many moons ago when very few people even knew what coaching was. Believe me when I tell you that if you think it’s ‘bad’ now – you

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should have tried telling someone a decade and a half ago what a coach did! Oh to have had a polaroid camera to have captured the looks on people’s faces. The expressions, the raised eyebrows, the puzzled looks…every one of them utterly priceless! And I know it can feel like a hard slog to get clients when you just want to coach and help and inspire people. And you want it to be easeful and joyful. I really do get it and now that we are heading into edition twenty two of inspired COACH Magazine I can recall almost every single cover coach we have ever interviewed mention the word PERSISTENCE as being key to building a successful coaching business. And more than one who said that just when they felt like giving up as things were not flowing well for them, they picked themselves up, kept going, and then finally things started to fall into place. Like an amazing puzzle. Running a business is not for the faint hearted, even if it is full hearted. It takes time, money, extraordinary commitment, perseverance, persistence and patience. It does not happen overnight – no matter what those Facebook ads may say ok?

Ok. And so don’t give up if things aren’t feeling or are simply not where you want them to be. Keep going and ask yourself really, truly – are you doing enough? Are you doing all you can? Are you asking for help? Are you paying to get help? Are you asking your ideal clients what they want? Are you serving them deeply enough and making yours the expert voice in their world? Are you getting out from behind your desk and meeting people? Are you avoiding advancing your coaching, technological, blogging, sales, marketing or any other area of business acumen to be a better business owner? Or diving right in and making it happen? These are just some questions for you to ponder beautiful you, because no matter where you may in your coaching journey right now, particularly if the pieces of your puzzle are not quite all together. They will be you know. So keep going. That final piece to make it all come together may be just hiding at the bottom of one of those questions.

Julie Parker

Editor in Chief/ inspired COACH Magazine CEO + Founder/Beautiful You Coaching Academy

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By Marci Baron Photography by Corinne Louie

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espite your best efforts to get your business going, do you sometimes feel stuck and can’t move forward? Are you having difficulty getting clear on what you want and feel powerless in getting it? Imagine feeling clarity and being powerful and confident moving forward in the direction of your dreams! Chakra healing techniques can help remove blocks so that you can step into your power, embody the message of your brand and attract clients. How does this work? Everything that we see, touch, hear, feel, and think is made up of energy. Being comprised of energy, everything has a unique vibrational pattern or quality. Feelings and sensations are stored in the cells of the body much like information is stored in the hard drive of your computer. Negative or traumatic experiences, stress, unexpressed emotion, fear, anger, resentment or self-limiting beliefs can become “stuck” in the body and inhibit or disrupt the flow of vital life force at a cellular level. These energy blockages limit our experience of life and can weigh us down. As a result, these blockages can be directly related to what is holding you back from manifesting a successful coaching practice. When you clear the blocks, the suppressed charge of energy dissipates

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and your energy field is re-balanced. The more your energy body opens and vital life force can flow freely through it, your vibration rises and you are able to attract more positivity into your life. It is from the clearing and energizing of your chakras that you can get in touch with what your message is, reclaim your authentic power, and be able to move fearlessly forward.

Chakras: Your Energetic Portals to Your Energy Field Imagine a beautiful stream in the woods. Energy flows through your body like a stream flows through the woods. The Chinese call this chi or qi. This stream has many whirlpools where the water swirls around before moving downstream. These whirlpools are like the chakras within each of us. If nothing were to block them, the whirlpools would spin easily and effortlessly. However, all of life’s heavy experiences are the leaves, branches and boulders that block the stream from flowing. We need to clear out blockages to your chakras so that your energy can flow efficiently. The following energy healing exercises will help you operate for peak performance in your coaching business. Do them everyday for a week and you will shift the vibrational frequency of the

Third Eye, Solar Plexus and Foot Chakras. In turn, this will shift the results you are seeing in the areas governed by these chakras, and ultimately, your coaching business.

Energizing your Third Eye Chakra: Activate Your Intuition Your intuition is your greatest gift. Everything you need to know is inside of you, just waiting to be tapped into. Being authentic and fully aligned with your message attracts the right people and opportunities to you. But how do you get ‘in touch’ with who you really are and what your next steps should be? By tapping into your intuition, of course! However, most people look outside of themselves for the answers. How many times do you get insight into something to grow your coaching business and then you question it? You question it and doubt it so much that you always have to ask others their opinions and then need them to validate it for you. You often end up with conflicting answers and then feel stuck. This means that your Third Eye Chakra, located in the middle of your forehead, might be out of balance because you don’t trust that inner knowing or your intuition.

Problem: You feel disconnected from your intuition and feel lost when it comes to who you are, what your message is or what to do next in your business. Solution: Activate and energize your Third Eye Chakra: 1. Sit on your knees on a blanket or yoga

mat on the floor.

2. Take three deep breaths in through

your nose and out through your mouth.

3. Gently tap the space in between your

eyebrows while saying the following affirmations aloud:

++ “I am clear and I know my own


++ “I am connected to my true path

and purpose”

++ “I am connected to my own

inner vision”

++ “I have unlimited possibilities” ++ “I am seeing the possibilities and

bringing them into my reality”

++ “I am guided by my intuition to

know and trust what my next steps are”

4. Repeat the above affirmations several

times while tapping.

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5. Gently press your forehead into the

blanket or yoga mat (child’s pose) and take two deep breaths.

6. Go inward and ask to hear the voice

of your intuition. What is it saying to you? Ask it to guide your next steps. Stay in this pose for five minutes allowing your intuition to talk to you and guide you.

7. Sit up, take a deep breath and say, “I

hear and trust my intuition. And so it is.”

Energizing your Solar Plexus Chakra: Reclaim Your Authentic Power Think of a powerful bird. Got it? I bet you said eagle or hawk. These birds are very forceful. Yet, while these are very powerful birds, the most powerful bird is a hummingbird. How is that possible? A hummingbird can go in any direction it wants, can flap its wings easily and effortlessly, and pollinates - which is basically creating life. A true mark of power is doing

something with grace and ease, like the hummingbird. It isn’t forcing or controlling like the eagle or hawk. Surprising, isn’t it? The Solar Plexus Chakra, located two inches above your navel, is the energetic center for your ability to be confident and in-control of your life. This is the place where your self-worth and self-esteem are energetically housed. When your self-esteem is high, you are confident, in your power and easily take action. When your self-esteem is low, you are filled with doubts and have no momentum. The shift of this chakra is away from control and force. Instead, you want to move to a place of grace and ease- just like the hummingbird! Problem: You feel powerless to other people and the circumstances of your life. Solution: Activate and Energize your Solar Plexus Chakra: 8. Sit in a comfortable position with

your arms and legs uncrossed. Take three deep breaths.

9. Start gently tapping three inches

above your belly button while saying the following affirmations aloud:

++ “I stand confidently in my

authentic power”

++ “My power is heard and makes a

inspired COACH 17

positive difference” ++ “I easily and effortlessly reclaim

my personal power”

++ “I give others the power to

appreciate me and support me”

++ “I am worthy of being powerful” ++ “I am confident, in control and

claim my power back now”

10. Repeat the above affirmations several

times while tapping.

11. Close your eyes, sit still and visualize

yourself sitting in your power.

12. As you sit, see a beautiful, brilliant

yellow sun energizing your Solar Plexus Chakra.

13. Feel its energy and bask in the beauty

of your personal power.

Energizing your Foot Chakra: Manifest Success Success is not being able to multi-task. Success is being present in each task, time after time. In a world full of distractions and ever-shrinking attention spans, it is hard to stay present. Most people have never heard of the Foot Chakra, yet it is an important

inspired COACH 18

energy center. When it is blocked, you have difficulty manifesting what you want in your life, feel ungrounded and have trouble staying focused and accomplishing things. When it is energized, you have a clear sense being present and creating a path that is your very own. You have the power to create a unique footprint to stand in, be present, and light your way to success! Problem: You feel distracted and unable to move forward and manifest what you want in your life. Solution: Activate and energize your Foot Chakra: 14. Stand up and get grounded by

focusing on your feet rooting down into the Earth. Take some deep breaths to get present.

15. Think of what you desire and want to

bring into reality. Use the clarity you gained from the Third Eye Chakra exercise.

16. Some other examples are: ++ “I am grounded in my space” ++ “I am successful” ++ “I have an abundance of clients

and revenue”

++ “I am living my soul’s purpose”

++ “The universe brings me the

right people and opportunities to support my coaching practice”

++ “I am ready for this new space

and walk confidently forward”

energy that is stored in your energetic hard drive. You can delete the file filled with blocks, powerlessness, and inertia. Instead, you have the power to re-program your energy to be clear, powerful and confident! And isn’t that a much more beautiful place to be?

17. Speak these affirmations as you

march in place and imagine a light lighting up under each foot (like in Michael Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’ video).

18. Keep marching and imagining the

light under your feet getting very bright and powerful as you speak and repeat your affirmations several times. By doing this, you are grounding your energy to manifest it physically.

19. Stop marching, bend over, and bring

this energy up from your feet with your hands. “Wash” your body with this energy you created.

20. Throw your hands up over your

head, sending this energy up into the heavens to manifest for your highest good.

21. Place your hands in prayer at your

Heart Chakra (the center of your chest), bow your head in gratitude and appreciation knowing you are co-creating what you desire.

By repeating these three exercises each day for a week, you can change the

It is from the clearing and energizing of your chakras that you can get in touch with what your message is, reclaim your authentic power, and be able to move fearlessly forward. MARCI BARON

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By Julie Parker Photography by Monika Tschirch Photography inspired COACH 21


he Beautiful You Coaching Academy recently held its second Inspiration Day for 2015 on a divine winters day in Sydney. It was hard to believe it was winter actually as the sun shone all day as our trainees joined us from all over the country and the world including the UK, New Zealand,

inspired COACH 22

Thailand and Singapore. With the sparkling backdrop of Sydney Harbour we were inspired by world class guest speakers and a chance to meet in person; many for the first time on their journey to becoming a Beautiful You Life Coach.

Our wonderful trainers were there to inspire and support everyone on the day including Sue Muller and Johanna Parker.

inspired COACH 23

For many trainees it was a chance for them to meet their trainers or coaching buddy in person for the first time or catch up with someone they had studied with previously to find out how they are finding the amazing world of being a life coach!

inspired COACH 24

The brilliant Dr Ezzie Spencer spoke to us about Feminine Abundance and the power of the moon cycle. She sparkled on stage and was barraged with questions afterwards!

inspired COACH 25

We had an amazing on stage chat and question time with our recent cover coach Megan Dalla-Camina. Megan was incredibly generous in sharing the story on how she has built her coaching business up to be so successful and gave everyone who asked her a question a copy of her brilliant book ‘Getting Real About Having It All.’

and Col Rhian been since hav amaz so

inspired COACH 26

Our CEO & Founder Julie Parker hosted a panel with three of our graduates d Certified Coaches in Rhiannon larossi, Jo Kendall and Lisa Miller. nnon, Jo and Lisa shared what it has n like to be a coach in the first year graduating and all the lessons they ve learned along the way. It was zing to hear from them and we are proud of all they have achieved with their clients and in their businesses too.

inspired COACH 27

And with the divine backdrop of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour break times were for soaking up the winter sunshine, making new friends and building lasting connections.

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By Lara Ann Riggio

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ave you ever felt stuck in procrastination mode?

Ever have a client get excited by the action plan you have created but stall on doing it? You know the value of Life Coaching. It is an amazing way to figure out what you want and to make a plan to accomplish it, but there can be a breakdown between knowing what to do and actually doing it.  Your client’s inertia or procrastination is most likely caused by some fear or emotional resistance, which is immobilizing action. Change is challenging for anyone. Our bodies can actually have a physical FightFlight-or-Freeze/Sympathetic nervous system response to it. If your clients have ever expressed feeling anxious amidst talking about any change, a physical stress response has been activated. Our FightFlight-or-Freeze/Sympathetic nervous system response is your body’s primal mechanism for staying safe. When the squirrels in Central Park sense my dog getting closer, they freeze hoping to blend into the terrain and to avoid detected. If my dog barks or pursues the squirrel, it runs for its life.  When in the presence of a predator, the squirrel freezes or flights for its life. Physically, it has some of the same responses we have when stressed: heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, temperature rises, respiratory rate

inspired COACH 32

increases, blood flows to the skeletal muscles from less critical regions like the gut; digestion slows down or stops completely, pupils dilate. Ever feel any of these symptoms yourself when you get some upsetting or stressful news? Although most of our modern day stressors are not life threatening, our bodies are still programmed to have the same physiologic responses to them. While we are able to employ deductive reasoning, to utilize abstract thought and to contemplate things beyond our senses, we have the same physical reactions as squirrels to even non-life-threatening stress. And change of any kind can be a huge stress. If that same squirrel needed to move its home because its tree was being torn down, it would find a new place to nest, then hide out there, until it felt safe to venture out in small, short trips, running directly back to it’s home base, if it was threatened.  After being there for some time, the squirrel would likely have expanded its territory, as it got to know the terrain and felt safe. Creating a new life plan is like moving trees for us. While our external environment may or may not change at first, our relationship to it is now very different.


Recognizing and assessing your clients’ physical stress response to life changes and teaching them effective exercises to overcome such stress will enable them to take action with greater ease and less resistance. LARA ANN RIGGIO

inspired COACH 33


We can train the body and the brain to heal itself and to be comfortable having a life that feels fulfilling. LARA ANN RIGGIO

inspired COACH 34

A new life direction often changes… ++ How we think about ourselves ++ What we are actually doing in

our lives

++ From where we are receiving our

resources (from where do we get our nuts now?)

++ How our friends and family

react to us

Any time we threaten the status quo or move beyond what we feel is familiar, we face a new reality and many unknowns that can kick our Sympathetic Nervous System into over-drive and cause symptoms such as stress or anxiety, muscle tightness and pain, insomnia, indigestion, constipation, panic attacks, fatigue, depression, and headaches. Recognizing and assessing your clients’ physical stress response to life changes and teaching them effective exercises to overcome such stress will enable them to take action with greater ease and less resistance. They will ultimately be able to control their physical stress responses, and clear fear and anxiety about change as it arises. Terri Cole, psychotherapist and coach who graces the cover of this issue, refers clients to me to help them overcome their fears and physical resistance to taking action.

The stress relief exercises I use in my practice are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Indian Chakra System. Both of these healing modalities have been a trusted form of medicine in the Eastern world for thousands of years, and they affect physical ailments, diseases and emotional stress. While acupuncturists study this system extensively for years in order to master this healing art, you can now utilize some of the same positive effects of stimulating the meridian system with your own fingertips, and without needles! I discovered these exercises when I was suffering from chronic fatigue 10 years ago. I was struggling feeling exhausted all the time and life was tough. I had no energy without caffeine and after my adrenals had gotten exhausted from that, I was out of luck and getting flu like symptoms every month. Like most people with this awful condition, I invested thousands of dollars on firsttime appointments with doctors who were supposed to be able to help…but they couldn’t. I even changed my diet, and took tons of supplements, which helped a little. However, I was still struggling. I had to find something that worked. So eventually, I decided to look beyond the “conventional” medical model. I found Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), started doing the exercises

inspired COACH 35

daily, and saw an EEM practitioner once a week. In a couple months, I had my energy back. On stairs that I would usually have to stop to rest, I bounded up with vigor! I was amazed and excited that I was actually getting better and began noticing other positive side effects of doing my energy exercises, like an instant cure for procrastination and anxiety. As I regularly incorporated these stress-relieving exercises into my routine, I realized life got easier in many ways. And, as I consistently noticed and released my anxiety about anything that was bothering me, I was achieving goals, which had been stalled for years. And, within just 2 years of using these tools regularly ++ I opened my Wellness Center in


++ Got married ++ Doubled my revenue in my first

year of business

Having lived this and helped thousands of clients get over the physical barriers or emotional fears that were stopping them, it is my belief that we can train the body and the brain to heal itself and to be comfortable having a life that feels fulfilling to us. Supporting the body and balancing it in the face of stress, teaches it how to adapt to it and overcome it. The same way marathoners inspired COACH 36

train by adding little distance and speed increases weekly, you can balance your body, as you think of your stress and get comfortable with new changes in your life exercise by exercise. Moving forward is so much easier with these stress-relieving tools! Each of these exercises takes under 3 minutes each to do, and they help alleviate stress immediately. There are descriptions and links to videos of my most utilized stress relief exercises for you to try. Please bring up a stressful thought. Rate your stress level on a scale of 1-10, 10 being high and 1-low. Do each exercise and re-rate your stress level after each one to see how they work for you. You can use these with your clients in the same way. Stress relief and emotional freedom are at your fingertips!

The Easiest Stress Relief Exercise This particular exercise is easy to do anywhere, as you are simply crossing your arms and legs in a specific posture. It alleviates stress because it gets your brain working bilaterally. When you are in a Fight-Flight-or-Freeze state, your brain utilizes your more dominant side, right

or left brain, to conserve energy. Doing this posture forces the brain into bilateral function overriding a stress response and putting your body in a restive or Parasympathetic state. 

Tapping for Stress Relief This exercise is based on a technique called the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and it helps your body digest uncomfortable emotions by stimulating meridian points from traditional Chinese Medicine. With tapping, you can literally tap away stressful feelings and bring your stress level down from a rating of 8-10 down to a 1-2, in a matter of a few minutes!

Protect Yourself from Negativity This exercise is an ABSOLUTE MUST for coaches, as it is easy to take on the energies of our clients at times. Doing this exercise before every client will protect you and keep you from picking up their stress. This exercise strengthens your energetic field and helps you feel safe and grounded even when people around you are emotional. Click here to connect to all of the videos that will take you through all of these exercises listed above.

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inspired COACH 42

Interview by inspired COACH Editor Julie Parker Cover Photography by Jones Crow Story Photography by Fred Jonny

When I was first introduced to Terri Cole I knew instantly that I wanted to feature her as a cover coach in our magazine. And I loved even more when she said she wanted to chat via Skype before we did her official interview so we could have a chance to get to know one another first. And what I came to quickly know about Terri is that she lives life to it’s absolute fullest - big throaty laughter, an open heart, travelling the world and coaching her elite clientele to extraordinary heights. And when you lean in further to learn more about the experiences she has had with fear, trauma and tragedy it makes her all the more remarkable. Enjoy soaking up Terri’s many years of therapy and coaching wisdom that makes her now one of the world’s leading authorities on fear and empowerment. Terri’s new podcast ‘Hello, Freedom with Terri Cole’ launches September 14th 2015.

inspired COACH 43

TELL US ABOUT YOUR JOURNEY TO BECOMING A COACH. I became a psychotherapist in the 1960’s and from there - a coach.

in third grade that’s stopping them from accomplishing what they want now. I’ll go back to wherever there’s a block and then we connect the dots often to an original injury that we can figure out and get unstuck and in the now.

I’m a close friend with Kris Carr and I mentored her for many years before we both had cancer and then came into this incarnation. Kris’s story was getting out in the public and I became her right hand. I was the Crazy Sexy Life Coach on her site and when she went on Oprah we went around the country doing Crazy Sexy Boot Camps.

There are a lot of therapists who feel like you must always go back and I don’t discount that. But I just feel like in today’s climate it’s really important to be able to have a short-term power punch as well, and be able to really accomplish something in a certain period of sessions.

I became a coach because I knew there was no way to be a therapist publicly the way that I could be a coach. With coaching I saw expansion. In my practice even when I was only considered ‘a psychotherapist’ I always coached stylewise because that’s my personality. I liked concrete steps and quantifiable results where that was an appropriate course of action for a client. Some people came to me where that was not an appropriate and they needed me to hold space, listen and tell their whole story. And I wanted to hear as much of their story as I needed to know to help them accomplish their goals. When a client has a goal that is specific, there’s no reason for me to talk about third grade unless something happened

inspired COACH 44

WHAT DO YOU THINK HAS BEEN THE MAIN STUDY OR LEARNINGS THAT HAVE MOST INFLUENCED YOUR COACHING? I’ve studied a lot with Deepak Chopra and David Simon and davidji from the Chopra Center. Deepak Chopra and his body of work have had a profound and influence on my work. davidji who was the head of education at the Chopra Center has became a very close friend of mine. He has a book out right now, ‘The Secrets of Meditation’, which is a fabulous for anyone interested in dipping their feet in the pool of meditation when you’re not positive about it at all. He makes it super accessible and I’m doing a masters teacher’s program with him learning about all of the wisdom texts that I’m most interested in, like the Bhagavad


We all have important, dark night of the soul moments that really give us the impetus to become who we become, or are the catalyst for our own transformation. TERRI COLE

inspired COACH 45

A meaningful life is when you’re attached to what you’re doing in a meaningful way and proud of it. TERRI COLE

inspired COACH 46

Gita to the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying to a lot of Pema Chodron and Thich Nhat Hanh. I’m very interested in eastern and ayurvedic philosophy, Hinduism and Buddhism. Although I don’t feel compelled to become a Buddhist, it is what’s influencing me right now. The Secret, The Law of Attraction and Abraham Hicks and Meg Dooley have all helped me understand the power of the energy of the universe more succinctly too.

HOW DOES YOUR WORK WITH PEOPLE DRAW ON PSYCHOTHERAPY AND COACHING? DO YOU USE THEM IN A BLENDED WAY OR DO YOU USE THEM SEPARATELY? I always go where the client is. The client dictates what is in my tool belt and what tools I begin with and use. I don’t have a lot of straight therapy clients now because I’ve got high profile clients that require a certain amount of traveling with me needing to be flexible. I have more coaching clients where I work on retainer and use all of these techniques. In my past I was a talent agent and I’m drawn to artistic types and performers. I understand what your life is if you are a person in the public eye. I’ve become

an expert at how to negotiate that system without believing your own press and completely losing your mind, because it’s really difficult to live in a fish bowl like that. Each person has a very unique set of circumstances, which dictates which of these tools I use and how I use them.

YOU LOVE WORKING WITH PEOPLE AROUND FEAR AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO THAT. WHY IS THIS WORK SO IMPORTANT TO YOU? I got what I call my PhD in Fear in 1997. I had a series of events happen in a short period of time that completely transformed my relationship to fear and my life. I met my husband and what I call my three sons. They found me and I found them after their mother died when they were little. Very soon after I found my family my father died suddenly of a heart attack, then I was diagnosed with cancer and then diagnosed again, which is what my husband’s wife died of. And then we were held up at gunpoint in our home. I wouldn’t change any of it because it was what was meant to be. This was my agreement or my dharma. I went from being a fearless go-getter and being super successful at a young age in the entertainment world, to being afraid to inspired COACH 47

be alone in my house. The experience made me super interested in figuring out fear because I knew there had to be more to it than what I was reading and learning. I was in therapy and I did everything that you could imagine to heal myself, but I knew that there was more, so I started doing unofficial research in my practice. My practice for the last two decades has basically been researching the mind body connection to fear. I have stayed committed to this exploration and my own evolution because I could not believe how effective it was in liberating people from belief systems that they didn’t even know were informing their decisions. Out of those terrible experiences was born a passion and a connection. It is so often the way it is in life. The things we never expect and never want go on to be our greatest teachers and now for me a source of abundance. I actually did a TED Talk called, “What if fear were just a feeling?” and I explained the connections, what I’ve learned and what I know for sure. All of the experiences that I’ve had are just part of the fabric of the tapestry of my amazingly beautiful life. I’ve got a zillion stories, but none of them defines me in any way. We all have important, dark night of the soul moments that really give us the impetus to become who we

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become, or are the catalyst for our own transformation. And hopefully if you’re a good teacher then you can share them.

YOU SAY THAT THERE IS A SWEET SPOT WHERE REAL SUCCESS AND A BALANCED, MEANINGFUL LIFE MEET. WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT AND HOW DO YOU HELP YOUR CLIENTS ACHIEVE IT? You teach what you most need to learn. Danielle LaPorte loves to say that balance is a myth. I know what she’s saying and I also know the way she lives and the way she creates, and so that makes sense for her. My demographic is mainly very successful women. CEO’s, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs and a lot of people who’ve left corporate America or want to, like I did. The people who mainly come to me know how to work but they don’t know how to prioritise their pleasure. They don’t know how to put self-care anywhere near the top of their actual to do list. Business-wise they got it, but in their personal life they continue to say yes when they really want to say no. These women are overworking and over functioning and have a perfectionist streak. A lot of them are married and

You can’t keep giving from an authentic place if you never stop to fill you up. TERRI COLE

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You must be a visionary to be able to see your clients in their highest form. TERRI COLE

they’re worried about threatening their husbands because they’re more successful than them. A meaningful life is when you’re attached to what you’re doing in a meaningful way and proud of it. The sweet spot where real success and a meaningful life meet for these women is when they’re taking care of themselves. The power of personal self-care makes you better, it gives you something to share and it nourishes. You can’t keep giving from an authentic place if you never stop to fill you up. I help clients prioritise their own importance, prioritise how they actually feel, and teach them how to speak authentically and truthfully. Women in general are very socialised to be nice and not want anyone to think they’re mean or bitchy. I feel like niceness in this culture is a virtue that’s held above almost all others for women.

WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE BEST OR THE MOST IMPORTANT QUALITY OR SKILL FOR A COACH TO HAVE? You must be a visionary to be able to see your clients in their highest form and hold that space and hope for them, even when they may not be able to hold it or

see it themselves. When I see clients I can immediately see their highest self. I know they can do what they want to do because the truth is if I feel it, I know it’s true. Anyone can do anything if they want to do it enough.

WHAT TIPS WOULD YOU LIKE TO SHARE WITH NEW COACHES WHO ARE BUILDING THEIR BUSINESS? 1. Do the work. Figure your own stuff out. You cannot be a gaping wound. We don’t need any more wounded healers. I want to encourage young coaches to really look at why do you want to coach? Are you trying to heal yourself by helping others? Is there a compulsion? Is this your role in your family system? If it is, that’s ok, but you need to be conscious of it. You need to know what is driving your behavior so you don’t need anything from your clients, because if you need something from them you will not be a good coach. 2. Instead of seeking people out to say, “How can you help me?” I would love to inspire new coaches to seek out people that they respect, people whose business model they like, or people they look at and go, “Wow. I really want to do

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my own version of what these people are doing” and then reach out to them and say, “How can I be of service to you?” Give generously of your time to other coaches who are on the same level as you and to coaches who are more advanced than you. Be of service to others. When you’re in that mindset the universe will pour opportunities on you. 3. Know what you’re dealing with. You may not have the skillset to handle someone who is psychologically unbalanced. Have an intake form so people can give you lots of information. What is their biggest struggle right now? What are three things they’re proud of right now? All of those types of questions tell you where they are. It’s important to really screen who you work with as you don’t want to learn a hard lesson of having something really dramatic happening to someone who needs a therapist as opposed to a coach.

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT COACHING? There’s so many things, but to feel like I’ve been any kind of a catalyst in people’s transformation and seeing their happiness and joy in them stepping into their lives is such an honour and a privilege. It never gets old. I’ve been doing this a long time now

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and I’m getting to see my early clients having huge TV and film careers or having someone who was ashamed to be gay and telling me they don’t want to be ‘labeled’ being married, being out, having two children. Happily being the poster boy for parenthood and being gay. I love my clients so deeply, which is wrong according to the powers at be if you are a therapist. I would always say to my supervisor, “Oh my God! I love this kid so much” and be told “Terri - stop saying you love your clients. You do not love your clients.” But I do! I really do. Which is why I became a coach, because it’s a lot easier to and it’s ok to love your clients. When you meet someone and you see this amazing potential in him or her there’s an itch. I see them and I know where they want to go and I want to help them get there. There is truly nothing more satisfying than seeing a client step into their dream. It never gets tired.

Be of service to others. When you’re in that mindset the universe will pour opportunities on you. TERRI COLE

To feel like I’ve been any kind of a catalyst in people’s transformation and seeing their happiness and joy in them stepping into their lives is such an honour and a privilege. TERRI COLE

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Coaching is...a

phenomenal medium which aims to support clients to find the answers within them, rather than advice-giving or leading them to their own conclusions. My coaching is an empowering, client-focused, holistic and a beautiful, embodying process.

My clients are…open-

minded, spiritual, spectacular beings who are ready to take a leap and make the change. They are dedicated to their selfdevelopment, self-expansion and selfgrowth on all levels. I hold them in my bubble of love before, during and after the process.

Good sex is…connecting with

another being on a physical, emotional and energetic level. It’s when you’re present, deeply aroused, oozing passion and you’re meeting each other on the same level.

Nude Yoga is…an incredibly

empowering, liberating, freeing experience for the mind, body and soul. My classes are designed to allow women a safe, honouring space to strip back not just their clothes, but their fears, selfjudgement and insecurities.

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I desire…my partner. Nutella. A

beach holiday in Thailand. To be able to play guitar. Black lacy lingerie. Rose Quartz Crystal pleasure wands. Dinner parties. A delicious Soy Latte with honey. Mulled wine at the Christmas Markets in Prague. Snowboarding. A gorgeous bush walk.

If I could share one piece of advice with women…be yourself. Don’t try to be anyone else. Your uniqueness is what makes you amazing! Be your own lover, mother and BFF. Follow your heart. Be bold. Be brave. Love yourself first and foremost. Forgive yourself. Honour yourself. And just be you.

The question I get asked the most…How do I have an orgasm with my partner? A lot of women are able to bring themselves to orgasm during self-pleasure, however many women struggled to surrender, be vulnerable and let go enough to climax with a partner. I love helping women with this!

My most incredible place I have traveled… is a tie between Niseko, Japan (picture me bathing naked in hot springs in the snow), and rural Italy (picture me sipping on wine at a Castle after a cycle tour!).

Abundance…is your birthright.

It’s what we are all worthy and deserving of. And you know the good news? It’s a frame of mind, not a place! Therefore, you can CHOOSE it…now.

My greatest wish is...

for all women to love them selves and their bodies just as they are right NOW. If more women loved themselves and believed in themselves, and more men respected and honoured the feminine, the collective consciousness would rise up, creating a better world to live in. Rosie Rees is a Relationship & Singles Coach based in Perth, Western Australia. Rosie also teaches Nude Yoga for women and couples and is going on a National Tour this September to spread her message of self love, empowerment and liberation of body image issues. Rosie also teaches Kundalini Yoga and blogs about all things love, relationships and sexuality.

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By Vanessa Soleil Photography by Courtney Long

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n our superconnected world of online networking, blogging and social media, it can feel like we coaches need to compete with a lot of noise on the web in order to stand out from the crowd and reach the right clients. With such a proliferation of online businesses it can be tempting to try to find a magic formula to follow in order for our practice to thrive—and there are many marketing programs that prey to that logic to get coaches and other entrepreneurs to drop big money out of fear that their strengths and talents are not enough. For me, though, today’s abundance of online offerings only bolsters my belief that the real winners are those who stay most true to who they are and get noticed by being their unique selves rather than those who most convincingly copy the success of others. When it comes to website design, visual content creation, and choosing images that inspire, there are certainly ways that are more skillful, stylish and effective than others. However, more than savvy social media strategies and clever site architecture, these are some of the smartest things you can do for your online presence as a coach: ++ Develop a style that reflects

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who you are and feels like you, emotionally and spiritually ++ Trust your taste and follow your own preference rather than conforming to trends ++ Be cohesive and consistent in your messaging so that words, meaning, and visuals mesh well Being skillful and effective in communicating our message is an essential part of getting our business where we want it to be. Rather than helping us to recreate what’s already been done with some slick design that is disconnected from the heart and soul of who we are, tools and techniques can aid us in being more real and bringing our best selves to our business. Compelling visual content is a hugely important part of our message as coaches. Clients often learn about us and our offerings through our website, social media, or build relationships with us through our newsletters. And because visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text, we will get more engagement with interesting and inspiring images than we would with words alone. Beyond just generating more views and likes, imagery helps to build an emotional connection with our clients.

a thematic photo pack.

According to Entrepreneur, people remember 80% of imagery they see compared with 20% of text they read. When someone enjoys our visuals and finds an emotional resonance, they are more likely to feel a connection to our offerings and to continue to read and follow our work.

++ Gratisography. Gratis means free and its Latin root means kindness. How kind of photographer Ryan McGuire to offer up his quirky & offbeat photos for free!

While some may choose to hire a professional to help package their brand, with so many free and affordable userfriendly tools out there, creating visual content has become quick, fun, and easy for online entrepreneurs.

++ Pixabay. An enormous catalog of free photos.

These days, there are so many accessible resources and tools for photos, editing, and graphic design to help you make your coaching business look and feel like you. Here are some of the highlights. Get online and start experimenting!

IMAGES High quality images with no copyrights? Way more unique and interesting than your typical stock photos? These sites have got the goods: ++ Unsplash. Subscribe to receive 10 free photos every 10 days. ++ Death to the Stock Photo. A free monthly subscription that comes as

++ IM Creator Free. Browse and use the collections of free images on this website builder.

++ Creative Commons search. Search for images you can modify and use for commercial purposes. ++ Picjumbo. Some of my favorite totally free photos that are searchable by category and keyword. ++ Your own camera. Go on, go ahead! You can always crop and edit to totally transform your photos!

PHOTO EDITING & GRAPHIC DESIGN ++ Diana. Take two images and create a totally new one-of-a-kind double exposed photo. Free with ads and watermark, pay to access ad-free

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and lose the Diana logo on your image. ++ Instagram. I mean, of course! This can make a so-so image into something gorgeous. ++ A Beautiful Mess. Doodles, fonts, filters, collage crafting fun, all for $.99 with add-ons if you want to purchase more. ++ Pixlr Web Editor. Powerful photo editing and image design. Tons of features for quick photo fixes, more complex edits, and the tools you need to create from scratch. ++ PicMonkey. Very user-friendly photo editor and image creator. This is my favorite to get really creative with overlays, textures, shapes, filters, collages, and text. Free for basic but a low cost upgrade to Royale unlocks great features and fonts. ++ Canva. Graphic design made simple and beautiful. Put your words across a gorgeous image. Canva has templates tailored for particular social media platforms, free or low-cost‌or upload your own backgrounds. Canva also makes it easy to collaborate with others on a design.

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++ WordSwag. Available for Apple only. Add an uplifting or clever quote to an striking or stunning background then tweet or post to Facebook or Instagram. A huge library of images available. ++ Quick/Over. Quick is the free and stripped down version of Over for when you’re in a rush to create an image. Over is $3.99 and has more fonts, features, and lots of flexibility to add art and words to your pictures without the watermark on your final photo.

EXTRAS ++ Pictaculous. Upload an image to see what color palette best complements. ++ Chrome Palettab. With each new tab you open, get a color palette with hex code and typography inspiration and a link to embed Google Fonts into your website. ++ Chrome Eye Dropper. Pick any color from an open webpage and copy or store it for future use. ++ Pictochart. Customizable themes for infographics when you want to visualize data and design eyecatching reports.

BONUS TIPS ++ Even though free image sites don’t require credit or payment to use their photos, think about donating and supporting these resource next time you have some extra cash flow ++ Don’t crowd or clutter your design-use white space to make the image more striking and memorable and give your viewers a sense of ease and relaxation rather than chaos ++ Check out your design on multiple browsers and devices to ensure it translates well across different tech platforms ++ Be patient, bold, and expect your message and visual style to change and evolve as your business and your perspective grow and shift ++ Find a trusted colleague or friend to brainstorm and share ideas with and compare your work and offer feedback before you launch something big ++ Have fun and feel free to make mistakes. You’ll learn a lot and maybe take a few risks that will lead to unexpectedly awesome results!

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By Ellie Hodges inspired COACH 70

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As coaches it is critical that we have rituals and practices that bring us back to ourselves; so that we are centred and so that we may best serve the people we work with. ELLIE HODGES

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veryone has days where they feel out of sync in life. Days where you feel like you have lost your groove in your work or where other people’s energy and pain points push you off balance. As coaches it is critical that we have rituals and practices that bring us back to ourselves; so that we are centred and so that we may best serve the people we work with. No matter what. The following five power tips will help you to show up and deliver your best.

1. Pause & Release. Become still and ‘check-in’ with yourself. What is on your mind? What are you feeling in your heart? What is your body telling you? How is your spirit? Identify the areas where you feel at peace and nourished. Honour and appreciate these and create more space for them in your life. Identify the areas that feel overflowing or deprived with need or where there are energy imbalances. Ask yourself what unmet needs or desires these link to and what small steps you can take to help yourself. Put aside and let go of what you don’t need right now. It can always be picked up later. I do this best with a cup of tea and notebook in hand. Candles, yoga mats and gentle music assist the pause and release too.

2. Find Your Centre. Know the quick and easy to access practices that connect you to your centre. The space within where you are calm and grounded. The space within where you know who you are and what you stand for. To ground yourself focus on three things you can see, three things you can hear and three things you can feel or touch. To calm yourself breathe deeply into the belly area and allow the tension to release. To nourish yourself do Legs Up the Wall restorative yoga pose. Remind yourself of your purpose and your capacities.

3. Set the Environment. As a coach the environment you create has the power to change everything for yourself and your clients. The way that the physical environment is set impacts the emotional space that opens between you both and the possibilities that arise. Relationship is everything. Consciously set your space to meet your own needs and those of your client. Ensure the atmosphere is congruent with your practice, your intentions and the wished for outcomes of the client. It starts from the very first contact and unfolds over time.

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4. Anchor to Your Client. Your gift to the client in every session is your presence. It is about being intentional in how you show up and how you support them on their path. It is not only about what you do with your clients, it is also about how you want to be with your clients. What qualities are central to your practice? How do you want your clients to feel during and after session? What is your role in making that happen? How do you show up best for them and for yourself (because it’s not about giving all of you in a way that leaves you depleted).

5. Reflect on Your Broader Practice. Reflect on the bigger picture of your coaching practice over time and make adjustments that support your own wellbeing and growth areas. Understand your natural rhythms and preferences and have routines in place that align with them. You may be a person that likes to have ‘client days’ and ‘project days’ or you may like a mix. You have the power to decide what your days look like. Think about whether you are working with your ideal client group and working on inspired COACH 74

projects that inspire and motivate you. If this is more of a no than a yes how can you change that? Regularly have turn off and tune out days, breaks and space for your own development. Having systems in place and being clear with clients about how to work best with you can make all the difference too.

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Books For Coaches Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life by Annie Lamott

To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth about Moving Others by Daniel H Pink

Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple by Russell Simmons

The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber

Rework : Change The Way You Work Forever by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

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Books For Clients The Education of Millionaires: Everything You Won’t Learn in College about How to Be Successful by Michael Ellsberg Overcoming Underearning: A Five-Step Plan to a Richer Life by Barbara Stanny The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch I Heart Me – The Science of Self-Love by David R. Hamilton I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was: How to Discover What You Really Want and How to Get It by Barbara Sher and Barbara Smith

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By Emily

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y Holmes

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Cinnamon Bircher Muesli Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Refined Sugar Free Serves: 6 Prep Time: 5 minutes I make this muesli on Sunday afternoon and store it in an airtight container in the fridge ready to enjoy for breakfast during the week.

Ingredients ++ 1 cup almond milk

++ 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds

++ 1 cup orange juice

++ 2 tablespoons chia seeds

++ 1 cup gluten free oats

++ 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

++ 2 tablespoons sultanas

++ 1 green apple grated

++ 2 tablespoons goji berries ++ 2 tablespoons pepitas/pumpkin



Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until well combined. Store in the fridge overnight or until the oats, seeds and fruit have soaked up most of the liquid. You may wish to stir this mixture occasionally. Serve muesli with coconut yoghurt and fruit.

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Raw Choc Brownies Gluten Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Refined Sugar Free Serves: 6 Prep Time: 15 minutes These brownies are super rich and perfect for when I’m craving a sweet treat. I press the mixture into a small plastic container to set. The recipe doesn’t make a huge batch (which is great, otherwise I’d eat it all in one sitting!).container in the fridge ready to enjoy for breakfast during the week.

Brownie Ingredients

Icing Ingredients

++ 1 cup almonds

++ ½ cup cashews

++ 1 cup walnuts

++ ½ cup coconut cream

++ 2 tablespoons coconut oil melted ++ 10 fresh dates pitted ++ ½ cup cacao powder

++ ¼ teaspoon vanilla powder ++ 1 tablespoon cacao powder ++ 1 tablespoon maple syrup ++ Strawberries (or other berries) to serve


Process almonds, walnuts and cacao until the nuts turn into a fine meal and the cacao is well combined. Add dates slowly until the mixture combines and starts to stick together. Finally add coconut oil and process until well combined. Press the combined brownie mixture into a small tray or container. Place in the fridge while you make the icing. To make the icing, process all ingredients until smooth and then spread on top of the brownie. Cool in the fridge for 3 hours, then cut into squares and serve with strawberries (or other berries). These brownies are best stored in the fridge. inspired COACH 83

Superfood Chickpea Patties Serves: 2 people Prep Time: 15 minutes Check out these easy to make, delicious chickpea patties. For a vegan option replace the egg with 1 tablespoon chia seeds which have been soaked in 3 tablespoons water until they form a gel-like consistency similar to the texture of a raw egg.


++ 400mL tin of chickpeas ++ 1/2 onion diced ++ 1 zucchini or carrot grated ++ 1 clove garlic crushed ++ 1 teaspoon ground cumin ++ 1/2 teaspoon ground fennel ++ 1 teaspoon ground paprika ++ 1 egg (or chia seed ‘egg’ if

vegan – see above)

++ 1 tablespoon chia seeds


++ 1 tablespoon pepitas/pumpkin


++ 1 tablespoon sesame seeds ++ 2 tablespoons flaxseeds/linseeds ++ 1/4 cup besan/chickpea flour (or

your preferred flour)

++ Coconut oil for frying ++ Himalayan salt and pepper to taste ++ Rye wraps or sourdough bread and

salad to serve

Process all ingredients (except coconut oil) in a food processor (or mash with a fork) until combined. It’s nice to leave it a bit chunky. Form the mixture into patties. This recipe makes 4 large patties. Fry in a little coconut oil over medium heat until golden brown on both sides. Serve the patties on burgers, wraps or with a salad. Enjoy! inspired COACH 84

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Grain Free Herb Bread Serves: 1 loaf Prep Time: 45 minutes including baking This bread is best served with butter, hommus and avocado. If you don’t have the herbs handy feel free to leave them out and add flavour with toppings.

Ingredients ++ 2 cups almond meal

++ 1 teaspoon baking powder

++ 1 cup buckwheat flour

++ 1 teaspoon Himalayan salt

++ 2 tablespoons psyllium husk

++ 3 eggs

++ 1 teaspoon fresh rosemary

++ 2 tablespoons coconut oil

++ 1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves

++ 1 teaspoon sesame seeds

leaves finely chopped finely chopped


Method Combine all ingredients except sesame seeds. Mix well and pour mixture into loaf tin. Sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 35 minutes. To check the bread is cooked through, insert a skewer into the centre. If it comes out clean, the bread is ready. Note, this bread doesn’t brown on top due to the buckwheat flour.

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