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Attract more Ideal n 30 Days n Roe

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Ten Quick Questions with Coach Anita Fredericks

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Stop Hunting & Start Hiring Clients By Lorraine Hamilton

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Building Your Tribe of Cheerleaders By Nikki Smith

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By Jessica Donovan

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Helen Roe is a business success coach for women who are ready to lead an extraordinary life, doing work they love. She helps women step into their value, package their expertise, present it and generate lasting profit. With a background in international marketing management and business development, Helen’s passion is now empowering women entrepreneurs around the world to cultivate joy, connection, and abundance in their business and lives.

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Deborah Chalk is a Martha Beck Certified Coach. She helps female coaches and coaches in training be confident and happy in their work, get their work into the world, nurture family at the same time and use their love of writing to promote their business.  Sign up for her free ideal day meditation, based on the work of Martha Beck.

Lorraine Hamilton authentic personal b can zero in on what unique, special and their dream clients. the rules of engage coaches, consultants that they stand out uniquely, authentica that their competiti away.

is an insightful and branding whiz who t makes her clients d in demand by . Lorraine changes ement for talented s and therapists so from the crowd so ally and irresistibly ion seems to melt

Nikki Smith loves catching waves, being a mum and has an obsession for making life as great as possible - not just for herself, but everyone around her.  She’s a Psychologist career/ business coach who helps others work to their passions, interests and strengths; tapping into more energy, mojo, positive influence and income.  Join her on her ‘dream life, best fit role’ journey.

Jessica Donovan is a woman’s holistic health expert who helps mums get their sparkle back and become a more energetic, calm and joyful version of themselves. She is a one stop shop for all things nutrition, stress and hormone related. Jessica combines her deep naturopathic knowledge with a realistic, empathetic, inspiring and down to earth approach to empower women to look after themselves and take charge of their own well being.

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Editors Letter


ow much does love play a role in your coaching business? Does it inform your niche, the types of clients you work with and how much you charge? Does it impact on your boundaries and what you will and won’t do in the day to day of your business? It’s quite possible that you’ve never really thought about love like this before, preferring instead to leave it in the realm of relationships and the significant role they play in our lives. However all great businesses are built on great relationships, and most importantly of all the relationship we have with ourselves. Before I founded the Beautiful You Coaching Academy I was very blessed to have a long and prosperous business as a life and business coach. My greatest passion was working with women entrepreneurs (many of whom were coaches) who were beyond

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talented, skilled and inspirational, but who were struggling to get the real traction they wanted in their business that would then feed into their own definition of success. And the thing I noted after many years of coaching (more than 15 now!) was the crucial ingredient that was missing in their business was love. And more often than not self-love. A lack of love from within was causing them to dumb down their expertise, undercharge, hide from self-promotion, compare themselves unfairly to others, have seriously jelly like boundaries, never fully owning how truly powerful they were and the impact that they knew they could have on someone else’s life. And that was just for starters. Helping them tap into the love that was there with them all along unlocked so many things in their business, which was always a

joy for me to witness. As I know it is for you with anything special your clients achieve. And since then I’ve been madly in love with love and the role it plays in the entrepreneurial world. And so when I come across a fellow coach like Nitika Chopra who is also devoted to women’s self-love, relationships and empowerment – I’m a little bit in heaven. Nitika is our beautiful cover coach this month all the way from New York City, a place where we will be hosting our first Inspiration Day for 2015 for the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course. And I’m going to get a chance to meet Nitika in person while there at one of her highly coveted self-love events. New York. Nitika Chopra. New friends. All wrapped in love. Bring it Big Apple!

Julie Parker

Editor in Chief/ inspired COACH Magazine CEO + Founder/Beautiful You Coaching Academy

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By Helen Roe Photography by Tracy Lee Photography

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icture it, an abundance of your ideal clients, a wait list, all eagerly awaiting your coaching services. Are you ready to welcome more of your perfect customers? Great, read on. To be clear, there is no silver bullet to attracting more clients. We both know that kind of hypey marketing is not for you. Although there is no quick fix there are several steps you can take to amplify your client list, in the next thirty days. Before we dive into client attraction strategies, let’s revisit two key pillars, fundamental to attracting your ideal client.

Your People So you know who you love to work with, now what? You’ve nailed your customer avatar, you know what they read and where they hang out. This is super helpful but until you have the answers to what you desire and feel when working with these people, you are missing a piece to the puzzle. Just like your website or your branding needs refreshing and updating, so too does your target market. Let’s revisit your people and answer the following questions. Can I empathise with my audience, really listen and understand them?

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Would I like to have coffee with them? Can I have a two-way conversation with my prospective clients? If not why? Can I share and feel safe being vulnerable with them? Can I lead them to the result they are looking for? Your answers will guide you and redirect you, if needs be. If you answered no or are not sure to any of these questions then you may not be serving the client that is right for you. Perhaps you can tighten your niche, share more, and question more. You have to want to be with your people before they choose to be with you.

Your Offer As a coach, you are your offer. Working on professional global brands in the marketplace for many years, I was comfortable working behind the scenes. When it came to representing myself and what I stood for, I was quite out of practice! What’s my voice? My message? Am I ready to be visible? How do I package my expertise? If you have your signature system, that go-to program or offer you’re known for then you know how impactful it can be.

Package Your Skills and Irresistible Offer ++ Clarify your Value

What do you represent? Embrace it and own it. Your message will become clearer and you will start to attract the right kind of customer, without having to put it into words. Women’s empowerment is one of my guiding values and I express this through my branding and visual marketing. ++ Solve a Problem

What is it you help your people with? The more specific your can be, the better. Nobody googles health coach, they google things like ‘diabetes’ ‘lose 20lb’ or ‘paleo.’ Become known for that thing and then grow and expand from there. ++ Communicate the Benefits

The old saying ‘features tell, benefits sell’ is a true one. Your clients and prospects want to hear what your work will do for them. They are on the WIIFM channel, what’s in it for me? Focus on the results you can achieve for your clients, then your clients will listen.

Now that we’ve rejuvenated what you’re selling and to whom, it’s time to get out there and start looking for your clients. There is a time and place for complex

marketing strategies, SEO, landing pages, guest blogging, joint ventures, affiliate marketing, paid traffic and so on. Perfect if you’re experienced and have a regular client list. These are slow builds and take time to gain momentum and a return on investment. If you’re still in the early stages of business, keep it simple. Too many strategies can be a form of procrastination and delay you from action and seeing results. My advice is to always start with your first five paying clients and then course redirect from there.

7 Client Attraction Strategies ++ Follow Up

So often forgotten, follow up is an absolute essential for your business, otherwise you are leaving money on the table. I’m talking about following up with people who have expressed an interest in your work, or have worked with you in the past. Call, email or speak in person with previous clients and prospects, not in a ‘stalky’ way but in a ‘generous being of service’ kind of way. ++ Networking

Introverts, before you sigh, stick with me. It’ doesn’t have to be the elevator inspired COACH 15

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Helen Roe

inspired COACH 17

pitch type of networking. There are some great groups that offer a more relaxed environment for women entrepreneurs coming together to share and learn. There are numerous online forums and Facebook groups you can join too. It’s always good to get yourself out from behind the computer so challenge yourself to go to at least one live event every month. ++ Social Media

Before you go down this rabbit hole set some boundaries. Have a certain goal in mind, for a specific period of time and you will certainly see the benefits. It’s important to be present and contribute helpful advice, before you start offering your services. Create links to your hot free offer, blog, cheat sheet, checklist or latest online challenge and get people acting. Aim to transition your audience from social media to a deeper connection on your own real estate, your website. ++ Speaking and Workshops

I’m not talking about your next Tedx talk here. Start with what’s on in your area and approach the event organiser, if your work complements theirs. Or perhaps there’s an online summit, or an event being hosted through one of your online forums. If you know and love your subject matter you are an expert already and others can learn from you. Think inspired COACH 18

about hosting a free hour-long workshop to demonstrate your skills, share your expertise and then offer a special invite to work with you on a deeper level. ++ Discovery Sessions

You’re likely already implementing a form of exploratory or discovery session with prospective clients already. These ‘getting to know you’ sessions are not free coaching sessions. While you both get to see if you’re a good fit to work together, you can share a clear plan of action, the what, without coaching them on the how. Get creative and compelling with your offer. If you’re a relationship coach you might offer a ‘find your soul mate’ session with specific deliverables such as a next step action plan to uncovering connection and love in your life. ++ Referrals

There’s nothing sweeter than a previous client sharing your great work for you. But you have to ask them to! And yes, you can do this without appearing pushy. You can initiate your request by letting them know how much you loved working with them and how you’d love to serve more ideal clients like them. You can build in an incentive for the referral if you like, that’s up to you. Once you start it’s like the snowball effect and referrals then refer and your client base grows beautifully and organically.

++ Conscious Language

If you go around all day saying you’ve no clients well guess what, that’s what you will get. The universe has ears and your thoughts do become things. Detach from the outcome and believe, once you are taking your own inspired action, the universe will deliver. Let the ego go, that inner critic. It’s not about you, it’s about the work you do to transform the lives of your clients. Focus on including only conscious language in your day. Use sentences that lead with: I am, I can, I have, I will, I create, I choose, I love, I enjoy. Your high vibration and positive energy will in itself be a client magnet. Now commit to a sales figure for the next thirty days, write it down and put it somewhere you will see it every day. And go for it. All the greatest ideas in the world will fall flat unless you take inspired action. Focus on a couple of these strategies at a time, repeat, build momentum and you will see a healthy client list in no time. inspired COACH 19

By Debo

rah Cha

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’m wondering if you are reading this and you have not yet taken the leap of going through a coach training, the training that in your heart you know you really would love to do? I remember when I was a teacher in Prep Schools in England; I spent a lot of my spare time reading self-help books. I also spent a lot of my time listening to friends and intuitively understanding exactly how they were feeling and where they needed the help to take them just that little step forward. Does this sound like you? Even though I was earning a good wage as a teacher, I found it really difficult to invest in myself. The suits I had were not the L.K. Bennett wool ones that I really wanted to wear. Instead I bought cheaper ones from large department stores that had higher amounts of polyester in the fabric mix and fell apart much more quickly. I wasn’t investing in quality that lasted even though if I had made it a priority, I could have had a nice suit. It was the same when it came to learning more about coaching. I found a short (30 hours) distance learning coaching course that was offering scholarships at the time. I was only willing to invest in free! I loved the course and learnt how to coach myself with one very simple coaching model and then I signed up

inspired COACH 22

for the follow on course. I was told to go and find clients. I had no contacts, no marketing savvy, and so I put up a postcard in my local post office and waited for clients to come to me. Turns out that didn’t work. Yes, I know, you’re not surprised. I continued to teach and move teaching jobs every year and a half as my husband moved location with his career. I thought my dream of being a coach was far-fetched and anyway, I told myself, ‘it’s not really a proper job.’ Eventually I got fed up of changing jobs and feeling I had to prove myself over and over. I woke up one morning and decided I was going to be a coach, whatever it took and whether people thought it was a ‘proper job’ or not. The first step to becoming a coach is, I think, to get a coach. I got a referral to a coach who I am still working with now. She helped me spot the thinking that was holding me back. I realised that it didn’t matter if some people didn’t really understand what coaching was or what it could help them to do. A lot of people in the world did, and that number was growing rapidly. They ‘got it’. I realised that even though the price tag on my coaching certification was a really big one, that I could decide on how important that was for my future and how much I wanted to make it a priority. I had to learn to invest in myself.

inspired COACH 23


Being ready

Investing in myself was a new experience for me; it was exhilarating and scary, both at the same time. Martha Beck says that when you decide on whether to do something or not you think whether it feels more like diving from a height into crystal blue waters or it feels more like diving into sludgy muck. If felt like the cool, clear pool. It felt like freedom. I took the dive.

You don’t need to know everything. You don’t need to know your target market straight away; you don’t need to know all the online marketing information. They will come and you will learn them as part of the whole experience of growing your business and getting it out into the world. You will probably need to invest in these too.

Choosing No one coach training is right for everybody. If you are thinking about doing coach training turn up for the webinars, knowing that they are in some part sales calls. Find out what you will learn, what the underlying principles of your coaching certification will be, what kind of support there is when things get tough and get a sense of the kind of community that exists around the coach training.The community that exists is important as becoming a coach is really a journey that goes through your whole life. You are on that journey now, even if you have not already done your coach training, as who you are as a coach will come not only from your coach training, but also from all your previous experience. inspired COACH 24

Modelling Through going on this journey and investing in yourself to make your dreams come true, you also model this selfinvestment and self-belief for your future clients, you help them see their dreams as possible too. You tread the path before them.

Family decisions We made the decisions to invest in my coach training and marketing training as a family, so that I would have a way of working that was sustainable with all the moves that we make and also could have work that I am passionate about. In return I fully support my husband in his career and in valuing the things he wants

to do. To make the investments possible we had to communicate clearly about money and make the decisions together. I had to let go of guilt about the cost of the course and see it as an investment for my family. We chose and worked hard not to go into debt to make this dream a possibility. You don’t need to leave your job straight away to become a coach. The job could help fund the coaching course and can also help you find clients, as you will already have an established network through your work.

Freedom At the moment I am writing this in Hamburg, Germany and have my own business registered with the German authorities. I work with amazing clients from all over the world. In the Summer I will move back to England and will pretty much be able to pack my business into a financial file and a laptop case.

10 things to consider on your journey to becoming a coach 1) Get a coach 2) Listen to webinars of different coach training schools

3) Find out what coach training schools your favourite coaches went to

4) Find out about the underlying principles behind the course

5) Speak to people who have done the course

6) Know how much of the

course is coaching orientated and how much of the course is marketing orientated

7) What is the community of support like?

8) Decide if accreditation is important to you

9) Keep communicating with

your partner about what you are doing

10) Make a financial plan inspired COACH 25

Deborah Chalk

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Interview by inspired COACH Editor Julie Parker Photography by Paul Francis

Nitika Chopra is joyful, engaging and very real. And that’s important to note because when you are as successful in the coaching, speaking and online world as she is - it can be easy to lose sight of being real very quickly. With a passion for all things self-love and living a beautiful life, Nitika has carved out an inspiring business both online and by hosting popular workshops and events in New York City. Nitika’s coaching journey is a fascinating one for all coaches to dive into, but especially those who may be thinking how they can build a successful business beyond working with people one on one. Nitika has done that with authenticity and style, proving there are many ways coaches can turn up in the world and shine. Get on board Nitika’s #loveentourage inspired COACH 32

inspired COACH 33

TELL US ABOUT YOUR JOURNEY TO BECOMING A COACH I began my coaching journey when I was 19 after doing The Landmark Forum. It was about getting in touch with who you are and learning about blocks you have within yourself. It was the first thing that led me to even know that there were coaches, because you worked with them in the program. When I was 22 I then did Accomplishment Coaching which was a coaches training program for a year. It was great, but I honestly didn’t know at the time if I was going to be a coach where I practiced one on one or if I was just meant to learn the skills and do other things. I didn’t really have a set plan. I just knew that I really loved the conversation of coaching and learning more about myself, and helping other people learn about themselves too. And as it turns out now I don’t coach people one on one, but rather in groups with my program ‘The Love Entourage’ and at workshops too.

inspired COACH 34

W H AT A R E T H E M A I N S T U DY OR LEARNINGS T H AT H AV E M O S T INFLUENCED YOUR COACHING? Taking the Landmark Forum and then doing a lot of other Landmark Education programs for years was really impactful and transformative for me. And then when I did Accomplishment Coaching it took everything to the next level. It was a really intense program. I was one of the first classes to do it with eight people and four trainers for a weekend a month over a year, and then every week you’d talk to your coach. I felt like the training took me apart bit by bit and put me back together again. I analysed deep-rooted things about myself that I had never seen or thought of before and I really allowed myself to be put back together in a much more whole and complete way.

inspired COACH 35

Nitika Chopra

inspired COACH 36

inspired COACH 37

YOU HAVE A SUCCESSFUL SHOW ON Z LIVING CALLED ‘NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL’ WITH AN ENORMOUS PASSION FOR SHARING POSITIVE MESSAGES OF SELF-LOVE. WAS IT ALWAYS YOUR INTENTION TO DO A TELEVISION SHOW OR HAS IT BEEN SOMETHING THAT’S DEVELOPED OVER TIME? I have always been very clear that I wanted a television show. I say this a lot when I speak and make no apologies about the fact that I started my online magazine because I wanted a talk show.

And then it also became very clear that no one knew who I was and I didn’t have any money! And so as exciting as it was, it was also wildly depressing because I had such a huge goal and no idea how to get it. At the time I was also dealing with a lot of health issues and not feeling well. I was alone in the USA because my parents were living in Hong Kong, and it was really the opposite of where you would think anyone would have to be at to set something like that up. But I had decided that this was not only what I wanted to do, it was what I was supposed to do. So when I realised that I felt it didn’t matter what resources I had or what I had going on. This was it!

I was sitting in Gabby Bernstein’s living room in the West Village one day with eight other people and she was asking us questions about our future. I kept begging the universe to help me figure out what my future and purpose was meant to be. I was so frustrated because I had been acting for a while, taking voice lessons, and I also loved singing, but was never the best at it. I kept trying all

I worked my way backwards and realised I didn’t have anything like what Oprah or Ellen did when they were starting, and I didn’t really know what I was doing. But the one thing I did feel I could figure out was how to create a platform. And I prayed and hoped that platform someone one day would see as a potential talk show. And that’s what happened three years later.

inspired COACH 38

these things and missing the mark. I did a lot of meditation and reflection around Gabby’s questions and during that time it became clear to me that what I really wanted was to be an artist and to share my truth - but as myself. And I really wanted to do that with a talk show.


Little things grow into big things. Even today any time I start a new project I think about what I’m trying to create as the end result and work towards that.

They’ve been the backbone of my business. I now do events for around 200 women in New York City at beautiful venues across the city. And I have 10 to 25 sponsors at each event and it’s always a really incredible evening. But it started with eight women who were my friends in a living room!

My online magazine where I get to be a coach, especially in terms of the content I create and share. My clients now are my sponsors and partners who support my online and events work.

I literally begged them to come to my friends apartment as a favor so that I could practice hosting an event because truthfully - I had no idea what I was doing which seems to be the theme of whenever I try something new! I asked my friends to come and taught them how to create vision boards. I hadn’t launched my online magazine yet but I was, and am very passionate, about stepping into the role that you want to create in your life, whether it’s happening at that time or not. I wanted to be a host so I hosted events and things online and videos. I wanted to be the host I saw in the future.


One of the things I see is a real pitfall with new coaches creating their practice is they do a certification or take a course and expect themselves to have a full client load within months. And sometimes they even set themselves up to need that, without anything to fall back on. That’s a lot of pressure. I am super passionate about having a job at the same time you are building your practice when you start out. I worked in real estate for the first three years of doing my business. Getting my first clients and sponsors was a lot easier when I didn’t have everything financially depending on it. Everything is energy. If I didn’t have a job and was waiting to get clients or sponsors because I needed to pay my bills it would be a lot more challenging.

inspired COACH 39

Nitika Chopra

inspired COACH 40

I really started to attract people to my work because I had the space to be of service. All of my content has been and will always be free. There is absolutely something about that model that gives people what they really want, and then they will ask and even demand more.

W H AT D O Y O U THINK IS THE M O S T I M P O R TA N T Q UA L I T Y O R SKILL FOR A C O A C H T O H AV E ? I think there are so many qualities, but above all to me as a coach it’s being a good listener. Listening is the most healing gift you can give people. It’s so powerful. It doesn’t take a lot for us to listen. It really just takes us trying to be of service and getting out of our own way. If you can learn to be a good listener you’ll also be guided to ask the right questions as a coach and tap into you’re your clients might need but are not saying.


WHO ARE BUILDING THEIR BUSINESS? Give yourself the gift of grace in terms of having the time to go step by step in building your business. Don’t rely upon it as your only income source. Build your business in a way where you feel supported, especially financially. Also, know you’re not going to know everything right away! There is a lot of learning you have to do as you work with more and more people.

W H AT D O Y O U LOVE MOST A B O U T C OAC H I N G ? There’s so many things, but I think what I’ve learned to like most about this whole journey of being of service is really that you can access it in an instant. There’s something so powerful about how our ability to be more aware of our own needs allows other people to have their needs met too. And you can really access that in an instant. I say all the time that love is possible in any moment. People can be feeling so low and down and in just an instant of showing them that you love them or by listening to them, it can transform their life.

inspired COACH 41

Nitika Chopra

inspired COACH 42

inspired COACH 43

inspired COACH 44

inspired COACH 45


Personal Power is gracefully embracing your truth and oozing your love of life to create magnetic and inspiring connections.


Living your best life means adopting a practice of expanding self awareness and carrying on life with love at your core.


I love chocolate! As well as those moments when you witness your children experiencing pure joy.

4. 5.

Food consciousness is running enough experiments on yourself to understand how your food choices affect you and then listening to your body closely to be guided by what it tells you that you need.


My clients show me absolutely everything that I need to know for myself, in that moment! Creating vitality allows us the opportunity to expand the mind, advancing your connection to passion, purpose and joy.


Being a coach is sharing a journey towards presence, acceptance and peace.

biggest passion is learning about myself and my 8. My family.

9. Life is one heck of a school! I love coaching because it enables my 10. belief in a world where every person feels empowered to love themselves, create their own personal power and stand up for the greater good of our planet.

inspired COACH 46

Anita Fredericks is a chocolate-loving recovering perfectionist, Anita is an holistic food and lifestyle coach passionate about personal power and feeling good. She writes about mindfulness, vitality and all things wholesome on her blog. She is an event speaker on the topics of medicinal chocolate as well as the journey towards living with ease. This year she is writing her first book and launching a meditation toolkit for beginners.

inspired COACH 47

inspired COACH 48

inspired COACH 49

inspired COACH 50

If you would like to appear in inspired COACH Magazine email us at

for our guidelines

We would love to feature you!

inspired COACH 51

By Lorraine Hamilton

inspired COACH 52

inspired COACH 53


hy is it that some coaches seem to be fighting off highpaying clients while you are still searching from one client to the next… or at least that’s how it feels? Quite simply, those wildly successful coaches have a different attitude towards client attraction than many struggling coaches. They don’t hunt their clients down with backbreaking and soul crushing marketing strategies, they get their clients to apply to work with them, it’s not a done deal – their clients must qualify to work with them. Whilst these coaches are compassionate people who want to make a difference in their clients’ lives, just like you, they also know how to say ‘no’ to clients who are not perfect for them. Can you imagine that? No more objection-handling. No more explaining what ‘coaching’ is. No more not knowing whether you’re going to have any clients next month . No more working with people who want to pay bottom dollar and expect miracles. No more quibbling over your fees and justifying your hourly rate . All coaches are as susceptible to falling into this trap as each other; whether you are starting out and looking

inspired COACH 54

for your first client, or you are a seasoned coach attracting clients through word-ofmouth but find that your current price point doesn’t support your larger goals. So what’s the difference between you and those coaches who seem to have it all sussed? You might think that they have greater skills, massive marketing budgets, or are natural born superstars who thrive on the attention of promoting themselves, but it is actually much simpler than that: ++ They know who they can get the

most stellar results from ++ They say ‘No’ to any other client ++ They enroll their clients through a process that filters out the lessthan-perfect clients and gets them ready to buy ++ They position themselves by marketing only to perfect clients ++ They know that they can demonstrate best value to perfect clients and that those people will pay a premium for it And you can do it too. How? First up, Mindset shifts. There are 3 areas that I suggest that you explore from a mindset perspective: 1. Choosing a narrow niche 2. Truly believing that there are an

abundance of clients in your chosen niche 3. That making money is easy and work doesn’t have to be hard to be valuable If you are struggling to attract clients, or clients who will pay you what you are worth, then the great temptation is to try to be all things to all men, and widen your market with the hope that you’ll appeal to more prospects. Unfortunately this does not help position you as an expert in your field so that people will be knocking down your door to work with you. The first thing to consider is narrowing your market, not widening it. I know that this can feel counter-intuitive, so here are 6 reasons that will help you to see the logic behind a narrow target market:

1. finding clients becomes easier Once you know who you are looking for, it’s much easier to find them

2. your focus increases By focusing your marketing on a narrow market, you can position yourself

irresistibly far more easily than trying to appeal to a wide audience with different needs

3. you have the answers to their issues By understanding the issues facing a small market you can easily illustrate your expertise and create compelling reasons to be coached by YOU!

4. become a perceived expert in your field You will be able to speak and write with authority on the issues facing your market

5. it makes it easy for your network to help you find clients Help your network to help you by telling them exactly who you are looking to coach. Then, when they meet someone in your target market they will be able to send them to you, the expert coach for them!

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6. raise your fees By specialising in a particular market you can command specialist fees – in fact your clients will expect it! If the concept of a narrow market makes sense to you but leaves you worrying that there are not enough clients in your particular niche to attract, then this next mindset shift is for you. To move from worrying that there are not enough clients in your target market to support your goals, to realising that there are an abundance of potential coaching clients out there, you need to know how to speak to them so that they can clearly see you standing out from the crowd. It may sound clichéd but what you focus on expands so once you begin to really understand who your perfect client is, and what they need most, you will realise just how many there are out there. Also, you don’t need as many clients when they are paying a premium for your services. Finally, if you find that you struggle with accepting higher fees for your coaching then you need to explore your relationship with work and making money. Do you have a limiting belief that work should be hard in order to attract higher fees? If this is you then explore the ‘ripple effect’ of your work. High paying clients are not paying for your efforts, they are inspired COACH 56

paying for their results. What are the results of your work? What are the results of that for your clients’ emotional wellbeing, health, relationships, business? Keep rippling this out until you begin to see the true worth of the work you do. For example, you may be a health coach who helps your clients achieve better health through a number of modalities or processes. You may have a number of qualifications and tools that you can use to achieve this. But the results for your client are more energy which means greater achievement in their careers, better relationships, more fun with their kids, starting that business they always dreamed of which means more freedom, fun and finance. THAT is the value of your work.

creating your perfect client checklist ++ Who do you do your best work

with? – be as specific as possible ++ What makes the relationship work so well? – turns up on time, pays on time, similar personalities etc ++ What transformations do you facilitate when you are at your best? – ripple this out as far as you can

++ What type of person do you love to

work with so much that it doesn’t feel like work at all? – notice as much as you can about them

creating your enrolment orocess The purpose of the enrolment process is to get prospects to raise their hand for your services and apply to work with you rather than them automatically engaging you. A simple marketing funnel can work as an effective enrolment process. Set up a free offer on your website; a simple report that speaks to your perfect client’s greatest challenge is all you need, and simple means of delivering that report in exchange for contact details.

of detail about your process on your website, or try to sell coaching packages right there. People will base their decision on the price rather than the value of the results they will get from working with you. 1:1 enrolment conversations have been proven time and time again to be the most effective conversion technique, so base your enrolment process around that. I hope that you are now able to see that there is little between the coaches at the top and bottom of the earning scale, and how you can increase your fees by focusing on a narrow market with a clear picture of your perfect client and your enrolment process.

Follow up with your prospect with a bonus offer; perhaps a short training or something that goes into a little more detail around the same challenge. Then invite them to a conversation where you can decide if they fit your perfect client checklist, and you can introduce your high priced offer. You might even introduce an application form at this point to further filter prospects’ suitability for your perfect client checklist. Unless you are a kick ass copywriter with a huge following, you will kill this process dead is if you put a huge amount

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By Nikki Smith

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hy are cheerleaders essential?

Because behind every successful coach is a secret weapon… that’s right, a tribe of dedicated and enthusiastic and we’vegot-your-back cheerleaders. And if you’re ready to take your coaching practice to the next level then, believe me, you want this secret weapon in your toolkit. As coaches, we are dedicated to motivating and supporting our clients to play big by encouraging their actions and celebrating their wins. It’s easy for us to forget that we coaches also need and deserve a strong tribe of Cheerleaders to help us maintain our focus, confidence and energy.

Who needs cheerleaders? Whether you’re starting out or are a more established coach, this is for you. Even the most successful coaches who make it look so effortless have a team of supporters behind them. I recently asked Big Hearted Business founder and rockstar Clare Bowditch of the impact her cheerleaders have on her life. She said: “This support is probably the only reason I keep trying to do what I keep trying

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to do. It makes all the difference.“ Clare’s comment blew me away. It reminded me that even established coaches who appear so in flow from the outside, need the continued love and cheering of their trusted tribes. Let’s face it, it takes heart, sweat and soul to develop and build a business. We all need and deserve a strong cohort of dedicated cheerleaders.

Who are your best cheerleaders? Your cheerleaders can be from your family, friends, peers or collaborators. Cheerleaders also come in the form of clients who are grateful for your offerings, and spread the word about what you do and how you’ve impacted their lives. They are the people who bring energy to your efforts when you need it most.

How do you create your own tribe of cheerleaders? We know that your own tribe of cheerleaders will boost your energy, resilience and productivity. Here’s how to best create or grow your own cheerleading tribe:


Draw 5 circles and label them family, friends, peers, and clients


Write the names of people that already fulfill or could fulfill a cheerleading role in each circle


Highlight one person in each group that you would like to connect with


Decide whether you’ll meet up in person, call them, send a postcard, or email them


Ask specifically for some cheerleading on a) something you need encouragement on, or b) want to celebrate.

to jump on your cheerleading bandwagon. By sharing with them how much their positive feedback and energy empowers Yes, that’s right. You are going to actively you, they will likely be honoured to be seek out a cheerleader today and ASK them involved as a cheerleader.

Take Action:and connect with one cheerleader today.

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Books For Coaches Emotional Intelligence By Gill Hasson Mindful Work By David Gelles The Crossroads of Should and Must By Elle Luna Show Your Work! By Austin Kleon Creative Block By Danielle Krysa

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Books For Clients Resilience By Eric Greitens Come as You Are By Emily Nagoski Ph.D. Simple Reminders By Bryant McGill In This Moment By Kirk D. Strosahl, Patricia J. Robinson Discardia By Dinah Sander

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By Jessica Donovan

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This loaf is great for a quick, nutritious breakfast on the go or as an afternoon pick me up with a cup of herbal tea. It is a good balance of natural sugars for energy, protein to keep you satisfied and healthy fats for radiant skin.

makes 1 loaf or 8 serves INGREDIENTS 2 cups raw grated pumpkin 1 cup dates, chopped (I blitz mine in the Vitamix) 2 cups almond meal (I blitz my own almonds in my Vitamix and leave them chunky) 3 eggs Ÿ cup coconut oil 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon ½ teaspoon ground ginger Pumpkin seeds to garnish

METHOD Preheat your oven to 150 C fan forced or 170 C no fan. Combine pumpkin, eggs, coconut oil, cinnamon, ginger and sultanas. Add almond meal and mix through. Pour into a loaf tin lined with baking paper and sprinkle pumpkin seeds on the top. Bake for 1 hour or until cooked through. Remove from the oven and let cool for 20 minutes before turning out onto a cooling rack. Spread with organic butter to serve. inspired COACH 66

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These meatballs are packed with goodness and delicious Mediterranean flavours. They make a great left over lunch by simply wrapping them in a lettuce leaf. The carrot and pistachio salad is simple, colourful and has a yummy crunch.



500g grass fed lamb mince

6 carrots

1 eggplant

1 handful of fresh herbs such as parsley, mint and/or basil

100g feta Zest of 1 lemon

2 tablespoons of currants or sultanas

2 cloves garlic, minced

80g pistachios, shelled

Âź cup parsley, finely chopped

Juice of 1 lemon

Salt and pepper to taste

Splash of olive oil

METHOD Cut the eggplant into small cubes and roast in the oven with a little olive oil for 10 -15 minutes on 180 degrees. Meanwhile mix together the lamb, crumbled feta, lemon zest, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper. Add the eggplant once cooked. Form into patties with your hands and grill for 4-5 minutes on each side. Lightly roast the pistachios in a moderate oven for 5 - 10 minutes. Once cool, chop them coarsely. Grate the carrots and finely chop the herbs. Mix all ingredients in a salad bowl, add the pistachios just before serving. inspired COACH 69

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