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The Blessing that is Liam Marion William Marion’s First Year

William Julien-­‐Jean  Marion   8/4/10    2:36  pm      6  pounds,  11  ounces    20  inches   Mallorie  and  Julien   Ÿ



The Blessing    


The Blessing    


The Blessing  that  is  Liam  Marion   William  Marion’s  First  Year  



The Blessing    

The Blessing That is Liam Marion Mink Stork enjoyed his time off. It was the time of celebrating the birth of Christ, and he knew something special was coming his way. Just as he slid down a rainbow and headed off to bed in his hollow in the full moon, he overheard a conversation from down below. “When are you two going to have a baby?” The question was voiced to the newlywed couple, Mallorie and Julien Marion. They had only been married for four months, but Mink Stork knew the ambitious young couple would meet any goal they set. “We really want one,” Mallorie answered, gazing at her new husband. He smiled at her and agreed. Mink set to work. First, he chose the brightest star in the sky for his foundation, so that the baby would shine within and without. He plucked puffs of drifting clouds to mold the cherub’s cheeks and chubby arms and legs. Mink sliced tiny bits of dark night sky to fashion into thick, lush lashes. Underneath the sweeping darkness, he placed tiny bits of star dust, which formed the twinkle in Baby’s eyes. A falling star passed over his head, and Mink borrowed the tinkling sparks of star dust to make the baby’s voice. Then, he took a slice of the sleeping sun and curved it into a heart and placed it inside the cloud chest. This child would always be full of light and positivity. Mink turned his favorite rainbow into a blanket for the babe, so that he would radiate hope and beauty. Inside the little head, he placed a chunk of the full moon, which Mink knew would make the child wondrous and wise. He did not finish until the sun was gliding into the horizon, brightening the night sky with golden rays. Mink finished off by swirling his wing in the sun kissed sky, taking the ringlets and placing them on the babe’s head.


The Blessing    

“Father! May I please make the Marion delivery? With Your blessing, I have the perfect baby.” Mink presented his beautiful creation to The Heavenly Father. God nodded, and breathed Divine life into the body. The baby cooed and waved at the Father. “I bless you, son, with the curiosity to seek wisdom and peace of heart and mind. You will be the picture of My beauty and perpetuate My hope, on earth.” The Heavenly Father nodded His great head and patted Mink on the back. “You have done well, Mink Stork. With My blessings, pack your bags and dust off your cowboy boots. You’re heading to Houston, the land of rodeos, barbecue and football.” ****


The Blessing    

“We’re having a girl,” Mallorie stated. “The Chinese Gender Calendar says so. See?” Mink headed over to the computer screen, following Julien. “It’s a boy, Mommy.” Julien smiled.

Mink Stork watched the expectant parents, giggling because he could not tell either who was correct. “But I can do this.” Mink followed along to the doctor’s appointment when Mallorie was eighteen weeks along into the pregnancy. He sang to the babe, of blessed rainbows and sunshine, so that the child waved his arms and legs in glee. The doctor and Papa and Mommy could see clearly: they were having a boy.


The Blessing    

Mink loved it in the Marion household. “Father, please grant relaxation to the mother,” he prayed. “Rest now, Mommy Marion,” he whispered over Mallorie, to comfort her in the last days of her pregnancy. She slept, with the knowledge that everything would be fine. He massaged Julien’s feet as he paced the floor, anticipating the baby’s birth. “Father, please bestow respite to the father.” “Rest now, Papa Marion,” Mink uttered to the anxious father to be. He slept, positive that things would be fine. “Still, now, Babe.” Mink lulled Liam to sleep in his mother’s womb with songs of the infinite blessing of their Father God and his saving grace. Mink greeted the sun on August 4, 2010. “You have come out in full regalia to meet the child,” he stated. The temperature was almost 100 degrees. The Father showed His favor on this blessed day, indeed. He joined everyone else in their joy. Mink humbly requested of The Father protection for the hospital room and its inhabitants. “May we please have peace for this delivery?” His request was granted: the delivery was peaceful and only took four hours. “Hi, Mamou!” Mink waved at Julien’s mother, who was able to be present at the birth via Skype. He thought maybe she could see him, but he wasn’t sure.


The Blessing    


The Blessing    

“Here comes the baby.” The doctor worked with anointed hands the last pieces of magic required, and the baby emerged at 11:25 am. “Welcome to the world, baby Liam!” The Marions had a beautiful son. “Do you think he looks like the baby from Ice Age, all bundled up with slanted eyes?” Mommy asked. Papa laughed. “Yes, a little. But Liam is way cuter.” The Heavenly Father had made sure of that. The baby’s head was cone shaped for the time being, as a result of the delivery, but his parents loved him all the more for it. Mink knew the luminescent brain the baby contained would soon round out his little skull. “Welcome home, Liam.” Mommy and Papa brought the baby into the nursery they had lovingly prepared for him.

“Wait until Mommy and Papa leave,” Mink warned the little monkeys that adorned the room. “You will get to dance soon.”


The Blessing    

Liam loved the nursery that Mink had already warmed up for him. The color combination of green, brown and white gave the baby surroundings that promoted reliability and stability, self respect and well being, and purity and innocence. As soon as the Marions lay Liam down in his crib, Mink led them in a welcome dance and song for the baby. “We’re glad you’re here, Liam. We look forward to playing with you all the time.” Liam watched in awe. He already knew Mink, but he waved his arms and legs in greeting to his new monkey friends. In the beginning, when Mink and the baby weren’t playing, Liam would only fall asleep lying on his Mommy. He suffered from acid reflux in the early days, and was more comfortable wrapped in loving arms or wings.

“It’s amazing how happy we are.” Papa and Mommy enjoyed the family’s first few days at home. “We thank God for our little family.” There was only Mommy, Papa and Baby Liam. But Mink was there, too. He watched over the group as they all caught up on their sleep and loved one another in only the way a new family can. “Look at how calm he is.” Mommy and Papa were glad Liam was a calm baby. Mink thanked God that Liam was as peaceful as the drifting clouds. Liam was willing to sleep most of the day if


The Blessing    

allowed to sleep atop one of his parents in the bed. Papa had a special way to put him to sleep in the baby swing, bundled up and lying on his side. Being swaddled in this way reminded Liam of the time before he was born, when he was held securely in the arms of God the Father. When Liam was one month old, he began to smile. “I made him smile,” Daddy insisted, making a funny face. Wink laughed. “No, I made him smile,” Mommy countered, executing a perfect pirouette.

Daddy Marion and Mommy would argue pleasantly about who was the first one of them to make the baby smile and laugh. “I made him laugh,” Mink added. The entire time, Liam’s facial expressions were the result of Mink Stork’s tickling the baby on the tummy and bringing up the gas bubbles. Liam laughed soon, the tinkling of his chuckles singing through the room. “What do you think of this food, Liam?” Liam’s curiosity ensured he would be an equal opportunity feeder. Because of the curiosity and wisdom infused into his being, he welcomed all foods and loved them. “Are you making a mess, Little Man?” Mommy asked when Liam smeared food all across the tray. Liam smiled: he was actually offering his discoveries to Mink.


The Blessing    

“Delicious!” Mink would exclaim at every offering, eating every bite. “Look at Liam go!” Papa loved to watch the baby in The Johnny Jump Up, which quickly became Liam’s favorite toy. When he bounced in it, he could almost reach Mink Stork, as he flew around his head, tickling his ears. “Higher, Liam!” Mommy laughed. Higher and higher Liam would jump, until he could just about reach the very Heavens he came from. “Come get me, Liam.” Mink Stork would fly about the room and stay just ahead of Liam as the baby gave chase. It was no wonder that Liam’s first mode of self transport was the bear crawl, where he would place his hands and feet on the floor and his bottom in the air. The stance would place him higher, closer to the stork with whom he played chase. “You almost got me!” “Papa.” Mommy and Papa stared at one another. “Did Liam just speak?” “Papa.” Liam grinned. “He did. That’s a smart boy,” Papa grabbed Liam and hugged him. “Can you say ‘Mommy”, too?” Papa asked. The baby smiled.


The Blessing    

“Papa.” Mommy hugged Liam and Papa. “That’s okay. I’m sure Mommy will come soon.” She was right. “Mommy” was added by the end of Liam’s first year. Wink knew differently. The first word Liam actually thought was, “Light”, followed closely by, “Hope”, and “Peace”. These were his divine legacies in life, and he knew it. “Is it your first birthday, already?” Wink Stork flew around the nursery, while the little monkeys danced and sang the birthday song. Liam giggled. He had grown into a cheerful little boy, with sun kissed ringlets surrounding large brown, twinkling eyes framed by lush lashes as vast as the midnight sky. God’s grace was present in this little boy. “Let’s get soaked!” Mommy yelled as she splashed water on Liam. Mink enjoyed the birthday party which was held at the Marion’s home in Humble, Texas. All of God’s creations celebrated with the family. “Happy birthday, Liam!” the sun exclaimed, shining brightly on the celebration.


The Blessing    

“Happy birthday, Liam!” Shooting stars hid within the sun’s rays and peeked out to greet the birthday boy. “Happy birthday, Liam!” the sleeping moon awakened from his slumber to call out. “Happy birthday, Liam!” Wink sang, as he flew around Grandpapa and Mamou, Liam’s paternal grandparents, who were in attendance. Liam was also surrounded by Mommy, Papa and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. There were water games and a slide in the backyard.

“Look at how much he loves the water slide.” Grandpapa would throw Liam down the slide. Mink and Liam giggled with sparkling laughter and Liam came back for more, over and over again. Mink flew around above the slide, leading every splash. The birthday boy almost blended in with all the little kids running around enjoying the festivities. His inner light set him slightly apart, and his infectious giggle was easy to find. “Get the birdie!” the kids exclaimed. They all could see Mink, and chased him around the yard. The adults obliged them, though they couldn’t fully see Mink, they knew there was something magical about the day. “That is delicious cake, Liam. Thank you.” When it was time for cake, Liam had his own cake to dig into, and he obliged his guests by doing just that. As usual, he offered his meal to Mink, as well.


The Blessing    

“Look at the baby walk.” Mommy shone with pride as Liam took his first steps shortly after his first birthday. Mink tiptoed before Liam and the baby followed the stork.

Soon, Liam wanted to show off his new skills by climbing the stairs all the time. He would reach to top and grin down at his parents as if to say, “See Mink and me?” Climbing would be a skill he was master over, as he soon climbed playground equipment, park benches, and tables. Each high surface found him closer to his origins, closer to the Heavenly Father who gave him the light that shone in his heart. “Wait up, Liam!” Mink soon became the follower as Liam climbed onto everything. Mink often wrapped his protective prayers around the family. Liam could be often found snuggling with Mommy or napping with Papa, warm in Mink’s embrace. Liam also loved water. “Let’s get Liam clean,” Papa urged, waving the rubber ducky through the bath tub. Liam had great fun at bath time with Mommy and Papa. The water fun extended to the swimming pool, as well. Liam even worked out in the home gym with Papa. He was such as strong little man.


The Blessing    

“It’s okay, Liam,” Mommy cooed as Papa gave Liam his first haircut. Like the spring time storms that darkened the skies momentarily, Liam wasn’t too happy about the process. But, in an instant, Mink grabbed his hand in his wing and whispered quiet prayer. Mink wiped Liam’s tears with sheets of the clear, blue sky, and the storm cleared. Then Liam remained still so that Papa could complete the task. “We’re





independent little man Liam is becoming.” His parents were taken with the blessing of their beloved son. Wink was also proud of the baby. His shining smiles and inquisitive nature were leading him on his lifetime adventures. “What is this? Mommy Marion is expecting again?” Mink Stork was excited. He did not want to leave the Marion home, but he knew he would be back soon. He would go back to his hollow in the full moon and dust off his spurs for his upcoming delivery. This next visit would make Liam a big brother!


The Blessing    


The Blessing    




The Blessing that is Liam Marion  

Liam's First Year