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The Secretary is the Evolution

Much is said about the profession Desk, profession increasingly interesting and increasingly important in the life of a company. The secretariat is an essential function in any type of business activity, both in business and industry or the professions. The term comes from the Latin secretarium secretariat which means secluded, private counsel.

The Secretariat is represented by the image of a pen on a book and a snake wrapped around a stick. The sentence of the book is the story of the secretary, whose work has always been linked to the act of writing. The coiled serpent on the pole, representing the East, is related with the wisdom that can be used both to build and to destroy.

The origin of professional secretarial appeared in ancient civilizations, the activities of the scribes. The scribes had with a broad intellectual knowledge and above all dominated the writing, which at that time was a privilege. Scribes were assigned duties of the secretary, amanuensis, archivist, historian, and writer, and may also act as a warrior. However, its main landmark was the act of advising and especially storing sensitive information.

During the two world wars and the shortage of male labor, diverted to the battlefields and an industrial structure / business developed, companies had no choice but to use hand labor women in all areas.

In the early 30s there were three million jobs Desks and continued to rain, even during the years of repression. Promptly appeared as a young Secretary distinct, active at all. Came the first of the Executive Secretaries and the coffee break was born.

In the 50 years the role of the secretariat was limited to some of the techniques perform secretarial and shorthand, typing, filing, telephone answering and recording of messages.

In the 60 years, with the start of training management, secretaries had changes in the profile of managers and executives. The secretary, however, continued to play a simple auxiliary. This time have a desk has become a symbol of status in the Brazilian company.

In the 70 years significant changes started to happen in this profession. She came to be seen as an active member in the management, participating in development programs more elaborate. The role of associations, throughout Brazil, and his great work for the regulation of the profession, helped create a new mindset in the professionals. At the end of the 70s, we saw the desk with a more dynamic and comprehensive performance, gaining respect in organizations.

In the 80 years Brazil woke up to the era of quality. A moment renewing raided businesses. It was noticed that one of the first forms of participatory management is the joint action of the Executive Secretary. It began then, dissemination and training of executives and secretaries to a performance together, forming a team of two.

In the 90 years represented a major challenge for the profession of secretary. The pursuit of excellence has forced professionals to resize its operations. The profile of the elegant young woman, well dressed and good typist is replaced. Require up now professional business profile: people polyvalent and updated, producing profits and results.

The Current Secretary In today's times has changed the role of Secretary. To their traditional duties of shorthand and typewriting others were added, manipulate and write letters, arrange interviews, book tickets, handling modern office equipment, monitor your executive travel, attend meetings, cancel and reschedule visits and performance of a wide variety of small tasks like: writing ads, and choose to buy anniversary gift to the wife of the Executive in traditional terminology, is called the secretary who draft correspondence, prepare the minutes of meetings, resolves the issues of direction and directs an office. But in recent times, the concept of secretary has clearly changed, it has now become the perfect assistant of your head to the point of getting up to take credible some of the same responsibilities.

The Secretary Future According to some experts, the Secretaries future not need to take dictation or typing . Probably the government will dictate into a microphone connected to a computer that will record your words to transcribe them in letter form . The duties of the Secretary will be constituted primarily of Human Relations and Public Responsibilities Mechanical . She will need greater training in order that he may delegate services to highly sophisticated office machines . Thus , their functions are as Executive Assistant and less like office worker . It will work less time and realize an orderly greater , plus the other benefits . The decor of your office will include cabinets compact microphones and a real battery auxiliary electronics, many hours to subtract the current tasks of the Secretaries .