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Traceability: a must for all






Connecting what matters Information Systems Goods ID

Supply Chain Traceability

People ID

Citizen Authentication

People ID value chain

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To what questions do we have the answer? I want to speed up the labelling of my packaged products

I want to fight theft and counterfeiting of my products I want to optimise my picking process I am looking for a way to prove that I made deliveries, and when I made them

I wish to serialise my products to fight counterfeiting I need to comply with new identification legislation

Packaging Execution

I want to prove my customers I have shipped the correct products

I want to ensure optimal shelf-availability in my shop I need to get better control over my returns

I want to reduce penalties from my customers for incorrect shipments

Logistics Execution

Delivery Execution

Track & Trace

I want to be more competitive by offering my customers flexible pick-ups and deliveries

In-store Management


Secure product identification and traceability along your packaging line

ZetesAtlas They trust us

ZetesAtlas What customers achieve

CampofrĂ­o Meat Producer

Bristol-Meyers Squibb Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Datamatrix marking with 100% quality control, up to 400 containers per minute

Barcodes labels of up 96 crates simultaneously captured and decoded in an instant We have now achieved 100% accuracy on all our shipments.

Thanks to Zetes, we are a step ahead on quality. This project has been highly innovative, which will enable us to make other advances in quality. We are ready for the future.

Tereos-Syral Food processor

Traceability from packaging line to logistics execution

The platform has an open architecture, which ensures it has a long term future and can evolve along with the rest of our business operations,


Efficient logistics execution in your warehouse

ZetesMedea They trust us

ZetesMedea What customers achieve Unilever


Système U Sud

Consumer goods company

Cosmetics Manufacturer


Voice picking, direct integration with SAP

Optimisation of goods receiving and dispatch operations

Seasonality under control with untrained voice picking

All operators have successfully adapted to working with the system, regardless of their technology skills and age (ranging from 30 to over 50 years old).

The solution has acted to improve the quality of all workers’ actions as well as saving time in the process.

Because of seasonal variations, many pickers are temporary employees who can be fully productive immediately. We save a lot of time on training.


Sell more

ZetesAres They trust us

ZetesAres What customers achieve

Texto Editores Publishing company

Pre / auto-sales including order registration, controlled assignments, returns and collections and competition analysis.

All information is transmitted in a fast and secure way, which has significantly reduced the delivery and invoicing, processes.

Puratos Supplier of ingredients for the bakery, confectionery, ice-cream and catering industries. Optimisation of van sales operations, including order intake, collection and deliveries


Full visibility on your delivery process

ZetesChronos They trust us

ZetesChronos What customers achieve


An Post

Express & Logistics Services Provider

National Postal Operator

8 distribution centres, 180 drivers, optimised collect & delivery processes

Zetes’ solution is sturdy and flexible, and the building blocks could be easily adapted to our specific needs.

4200 postal delivery staff, in-van scanning, mini track and trace and real-time traceability of consignments

Zetes delivered each stage of the project within budget and on time.

Torrestir Transport & Logistics Service Provider

Proactive, timely interventions boost service quality while cutting costs

Thanks to Zetes we can provide our customers with information in real-time.


Easy, cloud-based management of in-store applications

ZetesAthena They trust us

ZetesAthena What customers achieve

AS Watson

The White Company

Retail Chain

Clothing Retailer

Streamlined global logistics processes and optimised stock levels with inventory management module

Shrinkage cut by 38% thanks to improved stock auditing integrity

One of the major benefits of working with Zetes is the application´s high degree of user-friendliness.

The system is very thorough about detecting mismatches and gives us the integrity of results we need, available the same day a count takes place


End-to-end traceability along your supply chain

ZetesOlympus They trust us

ZetesOlympus What customers achieve


TNT Innight / Kramp

Manufacturer of components for aircraft industry

Overnight distribution services

Quick and efficient audits thanks to streamlined asset management within a complex industrial environment

Track & trace of 80,000 re-useable containers by TNT Innight (operating for Kramp), saving both businesses time and money.

Whereas before it sometimes took a month and a half to answer a customer’s request, today it’s just 24 hours

Ensure durability of your system Your auto-ID infrastructure always on Efficient, web-based infrastructure management Keeps maintenance and repair costs at a minimum Gives full visibility on your estate

Optimal services in a Managed Services Contract The service level you need, executed fast & efficiently Site surveys, monitoring of wireless infrastructure, process analysis, business consultancy, wireless security, service desk

Clear TCO and cost control Various delivery models (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) Flexible financing models

Zetes TotalCare A flexible, modular solution Asset Management Online Shopping list Mobile Device Management Reporting

Key features & benefits Optimised repair cycles: well defined workflows ensure Return Material Authorisation (RMA) is handled most efficiently and less mistakes are made Better asset-management: multi-level asset-management and centrally managed buffer stocks reduce loss of equipment and limit the initial investment Near perfect availability: well-defined procedures increase the manageability of your estate Improved ease of use: adapted to multi-user environments with various access levels, allows remote updates

Zetes TotalInfra Let your AutoID Infrastructure be managed by experts Wireless infrastructure & security Mobile HW infrastructure SW applications Database management

We manage availability of your infrastructure 24/7 Monitor pro-actively your total system and all components Alert and solve problems before they occur Includes services as site surveys, process analysis, business consultancy, security surveys, service desk, health checks, life cycle management, review meetings and periodic reports

Zetes TotalFinance One stop shop Comprehensive offer including financing, products, application, presales, aftersales & managed services

No big investment needed upfront Payments spread over the lifetime of the project Credit lines remain available for CORE investments

No CAPEX needed Assets are not in the Customer Balance sheet & appears as OPEX

Predictability Costs are fully predictable and always under control.

Flexibility in the repayment schedule: 3 to 5 years, fixed/variable amount ( pay per user, pay per transaction, pay per label, ‌) in the delivery model: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, HaaS

Secure & Eco-friendly solution: After lifetime of the project, Zetes advises on new solutions takes care of possible data erasing on the devices recycles the assets

Integrating innovative technologies Own IP

Enabling high performance untrained voice implementations

Manage applications centrally in multisite environments

Instant detection and analysis of 100’s of barcodes

Robust systems in line with market needs Automated ID stations

Item, box, pallet labelling High speed marking


(blank, coloured, eco, ...)

Robust models Wide range of accessories

All components to successfully enable the collaborative supply chain


EXPERTISE 30 years of Supply Chain expertise

= Peace of mind


PROXIMITY Local specialists at your service

Deployed in 1000s of projects STABLE PARTNER Interesting financing models, clear ROI

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Presenter email Presenter phone

Straatsburgstraat 3 1130 Brussels Belgium +32 728 37 11

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