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Ithaca College ​you're listening to the world at eight with lynne mozar nationalist news highlights of the news today friday the tenth of august UK to give five million pounds to rebels in syrian conflict we are paying for jails and jamaica and nigeria to be nicer iraqi living or fat of the land in UK turns to crime olympics war and a national festival threatened from the welsh valleys with nick griffin mep egyptian troops kill 20 in sinai former emam keeps russian children in dark for decade thought for the day am i on charitable and finally muhammad arrested for sodomy in copenhagen UK news the right thing to do has been quoted by Foreign Secretary William Hague as he prepares to hand over an extra five million pounds in non-lethal equipment to the Free Syrian Army this extra practical support for the rebels will include more radio and satellite equipment as well as portable power generators change Robbins of the BBC says that it is a significant shift in policy after frustration about syria's opposition a world date reporter comments if Hague thinks that most of this money will not go towards arms he is stupider or more devious than we already thought the extra radio equipment will do nicely for old propaganda pictures to the outside world this shows the powers that be thought this would all be over and the Islamic rebels in place much sooner than President Assad has allowed this is the writing on the wall for any free arab states left beware the west and the UN they will throw money at you that their countries can ill afford the UK government is paying to refit foreign prisons so that foreign criminals can serve their sentences in their homeland our ministers are desperate to assuage the Human Rights Brigade whilst trying to accommodate the rising numbers of foreign criminals in our penal system the true figures of how many ethnic varieties are in our UK prisons has never been truthfully published but the fact that the main foreign prisons to be refitted at our taxpayers expense are Nigeria and Jamaica throws some light on them apparently by march two thousand eleven there were eleven thousand one hundred twenty seven foreigners behind bars these are costing the UK public purse more than 420 million pounds this annual refit pot of 3 million pounds is because our jails are simply too full to accommodate many more a worst-date writer comments this is the other side of unmonitored immigration that of the internal structure of society breaking down at great expense to our own people our prison service is at the end of a long line of services which have been and are still becoming nun services but it will be money well spent if they actually send anyone back Nasir Wilson 18 claim to be so poor he had to loot and steal but in reality this teenager and his extensive family were given a 3 million pound flat in Kensington to live in and still he joined fellow rioters last summer found guilty of being part of a rampaging mob who terrorized the streets of London and robbed the customers with four star Michelin restaurant during the riots last year laughing as he was taken down for a six year jail sentence he's quoted as saying I want more I want to remain in prison his family trashed their six bedroom flat and it took 10 days of builders to repair it they are described as animals with worsen were a motley band of multicolored youths all with previous records Calum Heinz 26 jail for nine years yesterday ali abdul wagah 27 years aiming ebrahim 17 33 months Rico Meyers 16 for years Kareem land regas 16 three-year rehabilitation order jazz de da 18 18 months amid al jeff 19 nine years and tyler brewer 19 for years from the vale of glamorgan and the welsh dragon I give you Olympics and war with nick griffin mep well I'm Parliament shop for the summer I might normally use this rate yourself discuss things in the news but I'm at a disadvantage this week because I haven't really seen or heard very much news that's some time to avoid looking at newspapers by the way I mean online there's no nationalist the student newspaper and give money to the people who only have a lie about us and a grown-up walk to listen to broadcast media while the giant multicart bread and circus fest is on yes it is good that the victories of British athletes in a surprising number of sports we encourage a lot of youngsters to take them up to enjoy themselves to get fit there are the self-discipline and such an important part of sport but that's a great thing about participation sport if the mindnumbing phenomenon or overcompensated spectator sport that irritates me one rugby games fine so the motor race or a boxing match or indeed any kind of athletic discipline as a one-off well it will look at all it's just too much especially when the liberal vocalist corporate media take every possible opportunity to abuse their power to host these gigantic phrasing in core audience with multilateral it makes me want to enter trials for Neil then turn your TV out of the window having got that off my chest let me look at the bright side at least suppose in a breakfast again

terrorism haven't yet gone so far so to insist that no one should be like a wing of the Olympics on the ground that it might cover losses feelings that would imply having two solid weeks of TV showing nothing except synchronized swimming an evenly meant expression to confirm option enjoy look we've been subjected to the last week will be hard-pressed the audience ratings under most circumstances since the corporate sponsors we're going to take kindly to that and estately county sanitarium ethos of a heart of competitors broth can we stay for a while yet by the way I'm sorry about the background noise on this recording haymaking is in full swing here and there's nowhere to get away from the sound of tractors crumpling up and down the surrounding fields back to the Olympics taking the map out the fact that Britain's population is so much smaller than China's for America's we even beat them hands down in terms of medals people ratio a good thing about this with your success was a discomfort fell for the BBC over the simple patriotic pride this induced in the public the revolution at the BBC felt compelled to order its commentators to avoid sounding patriotic and to play up the successes of other countries are the expense of wins by team TV with rocker owner with millions of decent sports lovers we normally don't give a second thought anything that boost awareness of the institutionally racist anti-british nature of a blatant bias corporation has to be welcomes still when do you like the Olympics or not L so be over well partly controlled media I designed some fresh spectacle horse in the words of the old bearing even saw I think there was a war just keep us amused there are of course several suitable candidates being lined up with a neocon Zionist Saudi Arabian usual suspects anyone personal war into it how about an attack on Iran I'm pretty sure all of the people who want our soldiers and tax money with a particular venture won't be deterred by the fact that successive the US intelligence reports have concluded that Iran is not trying to make a nuclear bomb a controlled media his theories of the contrary is of course nothing more although re-run of the weapons of mass destruction lie focused us into the illegal and totally counterproductive war on Iraq the war is a racket such a profitable racket with the corporation's who owned most mainstream politicians that's one way or another we found to be involved in another one before too long and the moment i'm reading the winter of the world a searing anthology of poetry from the First World War many of the best poems in it by soldiers looking very few people and now ever heard others of my famous poets such a book sue Owen Thomas Salma jingoistic others by pacifists all speak across the ears of the great Holocaust of our kith and kin all in some way or another reminders of the need to expose and oppose the war mongers are out there still calling on the printing presses and into the airwaves a poison that citation against nation so they might have their way have their war and make their profits victory Ford's a fight to a finish pained in 1970 the Battle of Passchendaele claimed a quarter of a million British casualties and 400,000 Germans is every bit as topical today all right they get out the warlord said what said the dying among the dead the last man cried properties what's it the poor and the Starling is quite on the armament King was the sort nobody asked the winning thought one of those sorted during Passchendaele with 8th wing or Welsh language Kelly serving the Royal Welsh geezer is the fare on the 31st July on pilgrim rich hey if that submitted opponent about year's national I said that the world's cultural festival this entry one the poetry competition the since he'd already been killed in action the empty bards chair was great in black the assessment however lives on to this day in fact it was held this week available Morgan then hundreds of thousands of the world speakers gathered for three days or intense competition to extraordinarily high standards in song poetry dance art and literature the participation rate among youngsters is particularly high an enthusiastic wine made it to this main stage several times during their story is and seeing and competing so well in the language of some of my ancestors was a huge thrill but actually unknown amount of huge english-speaking majority in these small islands the I Stanford is a living gem of engaging a sculpture which lies with Ulster's 12 of July as the greatest non-commercial eyes folk festival in the whole of Western Europe and what it was but part of the resistance to a relentless assault on the world's language and culture there's a model the indigenous English now need to learn from and adopt as a multiple genocide machine crushes our identity into the dust so it was with anger I heard yesterday political and media elite are now using the inevitable funding crisis that the opportunity to demand at the I Stepford which might very nature is a shame agree Welsh and hence hideously white the BBC's Greg Dyke put it should become inclusive a multicultural open my bro friends and neighbors he making hey at the moment who have to try to keep themselves but the cultural wrecking ball an anti-racist globalism might stop at the Shocker border will now realize that their identity is next on the hit list I think they all realize that they cannot run and hide and thank the liberal totalitarians to leave them alone and I hope that they will see within the stand their ground on cycle because you see despite my sympathy pacifism in the European brother's war for 19 14 to 18 I'm not a pacifist I believe that sometimes war is justified and the fighting evil is always a cutie and believe me the thing that would wipe out the heritage and language hey blue and the breeze reign forever the England of the English a group of Brooke he's evil I must report all mean thank you very much Nick for your usual brilliant input thank you world news Egyptian troops killed 20 in Sinai early this week saw the first offensive action on the Sinai Peninsula since the Yom Kippur

War in 1973 Egyptian troops launched a military action against at least 20 Islamic extremists President Mohammed Morsi has vowed to restore order to Sinai which has become a lawless province since the revolution that toppled president hosni mubarak last year troops have raided hundreds of homes to track down terror suspects and seized thousands of weapons being haunted by Bedouin extremists over 2,000 Islamic extremists are thought to operate from Sinai where more than the six hundred thousand population of Bedouin and denied Egyptian citizenship a cruel Muslim former emam and self-styled prophet yet another phase rukh armin satyr of 83 of kazan in the eastern region of Tartus don kept 27 children in dark unheated cells some for over 10 years the children aged from one year to 17 years we're amongst 70 follows a satyr of order to stay underneath a three-story house with no ventilation or heating satyr off has apparently declared the derelict house an independent Islamic state and only allowed a few to leave the cells to work at the local market the children's parents are being charged with child abuse and Satre of faces charges of negligence sure thought for the weekend am I being uncharitable I'm sure my listeners would tell me if I'm being uncharitable or failing to see the needs of our immigrant population wouldn't you but I watched the ITV program last night on the Asian Ugandan and really had to be tied down for fear of inflicting injuries on the television itself the sycophantic tones of the sodding reporter and the airy fairy way in which the entire problem immigration starting with that one was as usual ignored I gather that things were not good in Uganda under a min but let's face it he got rid of the monkey from his back by passing them on to us and in a way that no one could really condemn he just would not guarantee their safety if they stay much like in India during partition for the anglo-indians and what goes around comes around the Hindus fared better over here with integrating because although highly aggravating at the best of times they are a gentler people usually than the Muslim Asians who came over here and immediately took over Leicester and various other northern cities or mass the program heart on about racism as if one people from one culture should immediately adore and accept peoples from totally different cultures into their land I had to turn off that recording because I was in serious danger a spontaneous combustion of course all that has been worn down now by the multicultural bollocks that I spoke about on Wednesday now it is not accepted by the authorities that anyone could have genuine misgivings about giving the ever-increasing Muslim hordes a foothold in our society without being a raving lunatic I'm trying to marry up the very nice Hindu and Muslim ladies who apparently left something akin to bergen-belsen in Uganda and arrived in the lovely unenriched England of the seventies they turned Uganda into prewar Berlin with their conniving and surprise surprise have set about doing exactly the same thing over here money makes the world go around and no one can deny them their success on the backs of the English and our successive governments I'm also trying to come to terms with a similar problem of the CM usen whose Muslim family apparently warranted a 3 million pound flat in a London upper-class block of flats on arriving in the UK which they of course subsequently trashed and he is in prison for looting when we in this country are paying huge amounts of foreign aid mainly to Muslim Indian and African countries even going so far to avoid deportation of their foreign criminals because the prisons that await them in their homelands are not yet fit for purpose until we lay out 3 million pounds a year just for that whilst our elderly and sick are denied medicines in a so-called postcode lottery of course it is not a postcode lottery it is a racist lottery an anti white lottery and it is so transparent obvious that it is never called what it is for fear of what upsetting the natives hardly there laughing my friends from their subsidized flats to their free education and health care on to university or linear is prison I am not afraid to say that most if not all these freeloaders however wellmeaning they appear or sound are just that freeloaders and opportunists it was the best thing in some way that I'm in did he reduced his country to a wasteland not by expelling thousands of Asians but simply by being mad perhaps it takes a madman to see the truth sometimes but I hope not although we do have plenty of madmen in government now but they seem hell-bent on having an Islamic state in the UK despite seriously running out of money to implement it thank God not Allah and finally Mohammed arrested for sodomy in Copenhagen please for rested two men accused of raping a 22 year old man in a park in Copenhagen early Thursday morning moneth enforced the victim to the ground whilst his pal raped him anally in spite of his ordeal the young man gave a good description of the criminals his rapist had the name muhammad tattooed on his arm he was about 25 and of Middle Eastern appearance of the two subsequently arrested both are from Iran and one is 25 years old with a tattoo a world date reporter commented I deplore this crime I supposed is understandable why homosexuals flee Iran but if you want to rape other men and do not want to be caught it's not advised to have your name tattooed on your arm you have been listening to the world date i am lynne mozar and i and the team at world date and radio britain wish you all a very happy and a very safe weekend Nazareth College, Pittsford, near Rochester.