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Tap Into Acadian Maple

Recipe Challenge

By: Julie Hallett

Introduction The Tap Into Acadian Maple Recipe Challenge calls on food bloggers to create an original recipe using an Acadian Maple product. The challenge allows bloggers to promote their posts to their individual networks and audiences using any type of media they choose, as long as they’re directing traffic to the Acadian Maple website where the voting takes place. The contest runs from June 1st to June 30th with the winner announced on July 1st, Canada Day.

Target Audience

A profile of the target audience The target audience is the food enthusiast. They seek out quality ingredients to eat and cook with. Hey visit farmers markets and search the web for new and interesting recipes. They prefer healthy alternatives to processed foods and may be inclined to spend more money for a quality product. Leveraging food bloggers will help reach the target audience through their individual networks.

What’s in it for voters? Once they’ve voted, a promo-code will appear to receive 10% off of an online purchase of Acadian Maple products. This is noted on the coupons.

What’s in it for food bloggers? The prize will entail a week-long feature on the Acadian Maple website, their winning recipe featured on the website’s recipe page, and 2 tickets to the next Acadian Maple brunch in Upper Tantallon, N.S.

Contest page

Promotion Similar to an old-fashioned bucket hanging on a maple tree collecting sap , makeshift taps and buckets will be placed on telephone poles and trees in select areas around Halifax, N.S. They will be carefully crafted to hang on trees without harming them. Inside the bucket will be promotional coupons encouraging people to visit the Acadian Maple website and vote for their favorite recipe.

coupon option 1

Associations like Farmers’ Markets Nova Scotia, Taste of Nova Scotia, and the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia could all be approached to promote the contest via social media.

The contest will also be promoted via social media by providing a link to the voting page when posting on Facebook or Twitter. Whenever a new recipe from a blogger is posted to the website, it will then be posted via social media. The official hashtag for the contest will be #tapintoAMP.

Did it work? Website traffic and online purchases can be monitored. If a promo-code is entered during a purchase, this will be tracked. The use of the #tapintoAMP hashtag on Twitter and likes and shares on Facebook can be also be monitored to gauge the reach of the campaign.

coupon option 2

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