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Table of contents February 2014


Arts & Entertainment

Meet the Staff CALVIN FREEMAN Editor-in-Chief

RACHEL ROSENSTOCK Asst. Editor-in-Chief A&E Editor


ROLA ALASMAR Opinions Editor

LUKE HOLLAND Features Editor


ETHAN STONE Photo Editor


Getting to know the rappers of Shawnee Mission South


A look at LGBT representation on TV; Quiz yourself to figure out how mature your relationship is



Staff members review Battle Royale, Le Passe´, Lego Movie, and Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon




Senior weighs pros and cons of coffee vs tea; Netflix original series return for second seasons

TERESA HEDIGER Infographic Editor





Writer discusses horoscopes; Views on the social media trends “Man Crush Monday” and “Woman Crush Wednesday”











BROOKE HOLMES Photographer



Mission Statement The Patriot is a news magazine that aims to objectively present topics affecting Shawnee Mission South High School, as well as connect with readers on issues concerning the student body. Staff members reserve the right to express their views in the Opinions section. These pieces are labeled and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the staff as a whole, except the Lead Editorial, which represents the views of the editors. Under the First Amendment and Kansas Law, The Patriot staff is entitled to freedom of the press and neither the school nor district is responsible for any content or coverage. The staff encourages letters to the editor, but they will only be published if signed. The editor-in-chief reserves the right to refuse or edit any letters for reasons of grammar, length and good taste. For online news go to

Sophomore Rachel Ashcraft wins annual KSMS Rock, Paper Scissors Tournament PHOTO BY ETHAN STONE

News 04 05 06

New technology is coming to classrooms; Congressman Kevin Yoder speaks to government students Theatre puts on a musical performance of Peter Pan An in-depth look at the sexual beliefs and activities of students

opinions 07

Editors explain why schools should offer a sex-ed program that teaches about more than just abstinence


Staff members offer opposing viewpoints about dating in high school


A look at new anonymous Twitter accounts; Junior staff writer shares her view about being young and in love


Writer explains why it’s OK to have sex; Tips on how to avoid being labeled as a slut or a player

Sports 20

A look at students who are planning to play sports in college; Attending schools that rival your favorite team


Sports briefs on girls and boys basketball, swim and dive, wrestling, and bowling


Senior discusses why being an athlete makes you sexier


Sports with Garrett: Is the NFL prepared for a gay athlete?


Photo Essay Top photos from the past month

Features 11

Warning signs of bullying and violence; Kansas laws and quirky facts about dating, sex and marriage


Students share views about sexual relationships in high school


Q&A with longtime couple Reid Brown and Bailey Miller

Cheerleaders perform in front of the Crowd at the Feb. 14 Sweetheart basketball game against Leavenworth PHOTO BY JENNA FACKRELL



technology times

shawnee mission prepares for a big addition to classrooms



ext school year South students will have MacBook Airs to use at school and at home. The decision was made Jan. 27 during the district board meeting. While students will have to wait until August, teachers will receive a MacBook Air and an iPad Air in March. Students can expect another Apple Product as well. “All classrooms will be equipped with Apple TV boxes to allow the devices to interface wirelessly with the existing projectors,” associate principal Ryan Flurry said. Apple TV will make it possible for teachers to display applications such as PowerPoint through the projector and directly to a student’s screen. For obvious reasons, purchasing the technology will be expensive and there is a concern over where the money will come from. “The district had the money available from the regular technology purchasing rotation, which was about $2 million/year,” Flurry said. “They will be supplementing this with funds from the capital outlay budget, which can only be used for equipment purchases and construction.” The programs that will be installed on the MacBooks are still being finalized by the curriculum

and instruction department. Any programs installed have the purpose of enhancing the curriculum. While textbooks cost quite a bit to replace, the MacBooks will make those prices seem small in comparison. “The MacBook replacement cost is approximately $1,000. The student would be responsible for any loss or damage due to negligence. There will be insurance available for a reasonable fee,” Flurry said. Another change will be the transition away from programs like those in Microsoft Office and into Google Drive. One of the biggest concerns among students pertains to privacy on the MacBooks. “The district is investigating what type of filtering might be placed on the devices to help protect students from harmful materials in accordance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act,” Flurry said. “CIPA does not, however, require schools to track student internet use.” It has not yet been finalized, but students’ MacBooks would probably be checked in over the summer for safekeeping and upgrades. MacBooks already have a long lasting battery but there will be designated areas for charging. “We are setting up charging solutions for the library and other areas in the building; however,

students need to arrive with devices fully charged,” Flurry said. For the first year only 10 elementary schools, two in each feeder area, will have iPad Airs. At these schools, each student in third through sixth grade will receive an iPad Air that they will be able to take home. Students in kindergarten through second grade will have access to an iPad for daily classroom use, but they will not be taken home. The other elementary schools will have iPad carts for the first year and full implementation in the 20152016 school year. All middle school students will be receiving iPad Airs in the fall as well. The reason why high schoolers will be receiving MacBooks instead of iPads is simple. “We are preparing high school students for their next phase, which includes being well versed in the appropriate use of technology as a means of collaboration,” Flurry said. “The MacBook Airs will give high school students increased functionality to complete tasks in a collaborative environment, much like what students will experience in the college and career realm.”

kansas rep makes an appearance congressman kevin yoder speaks to government students BY RACHEL ROSENSTOCK



Kevin Yoder spoke to senior government students Feb. 18 in the auditorium. PHOTO BY ETHAN STONE

overnment seniors were visited by Overland Park’s own Congressman Kevin Yoder Tuesday, Feb. 18 during seminar to get a better understanding of Yoder’s role in Congress and ask questions. “He represents more than 700,000 people. You’re just not going to have that many opportunities to sit and listen to him talk and have him stand in front of you and ask him some questions,” government teacher Tony Budetti said. Yoder quizzed the 150 plus seniors who attended on basic government knowledge and some special Kansas facts, explained his basic role in Washington and answered questions from the crowd. “His views on what should be done in government are different than most people’s and I think it’s a good idea to know who you’re represented by and what their ideas are,” senior Nels Carlson said. Budetti’s goal in inviting Yoder was to make students feel connected to their elected official and realize how close they were to someone with an important role in Washington. “Part of the reason I’m here today is to encourage young people to vote, be engaged and let their voices be heard. There are a lot of issues that specifically affect young people; from student tuition to job opportunities,

the national debt,” Yoder said. “These are things, that frankly, affect the younger generations more than they affect the older generations, yet there aren’t many young people involved in the process.” Making kids excited about participating in local and national government is Budetti’s aim in his AP Government class. “I thought it was really terrific that he took questions and I thought his answers, at times, were maybe political, but for the most part I thought he did a really good job of being very honest and direct,” Budetti said. “He was a willing participant, he wanted to have fun and you can see he was enjoying it.” The atmosphere in the auditorium after Yoder’s presentation was buzzing with new information. Yoder left the crowd with honest and direct messages about his intentions in government. “I think I have the best congressional district in America. We have great public schools, great new job opportunities, a great university down the way at University of Kansas,” Yoder said. “I think Overland Park is a great place to raise a family and it stands for everything that the American dream symbolizes.”

spring sports begin

check your






state choir FESTIVAL

February 27, 28, 29


SOUTH’S SWEETHEARTS second attendants


the opening act of the winter musical Peter Pan, the cast performs a scene in which Tinkerbell (Carsen Schroeder) is frustrated with Wendy (Rose Smithson). PHOTO BY JENNA FACKRELL

sms flies to neverland winter musical takes audience on adventure



umping, singing, dancing, wrestling, cartwheeling and even flying; the dream childhood party was a spectacle to behold on South’s stage last weekend. The theatre department was flying high last weekend with their production of the classic tale Peter Pan. Students and patrons were brought back to their childhoods as they watched the beloved book and Disney movie come to life on the stage. “I really love Peter Pan. It’s my favorite Disney movie and I love the play, and it was all just super fun,” junior Hannah Bonifield, who played one of the Lost Boys, said. “It was so cool to play a little kid. We got to jump around and wrestle on stage and just have a lot of fun.” This time though, the musical went beyond simply pairing an endearing plot with a talented cast. A story about a flying boy would naturally necessitate some flying. Enter the fly system. “We hired a company that travels across the world; they’re known as Flying by Foy,” director and theatre teacher Mark Swezey said. “The flying system is a system of wires that we use to fly the actors and actresses either upstage and downstage or from left to right. They’re pretty locked in about the way they do Peter Pan because the flying is tied in with the music.” Swezey has used Flying by Foy in productions before and they never disappoint. No surprise,



tra s e O h c or O L al S stiv fe

considering their reputation. “They specialize in flying sequences in all sorts of productions. They originally flew Mary Martin who was the original Peter Pan on Broadway,” Swezey said. And boy was the fly system a hit. “Seeing how they handled the logistics of the fly system was so amazing and awe-inspiring,” junior house crew member Isaac Lanan said. Another crowd-pleaser of the shows were Nana the dog and the Crocodile costumes, both which were accurate for animal costumes. “We rented the crocodile and Nana costumes from Kansas City Costume, and we were very happy with them. They were exactly what we were looking for,” Swezey said. Praise for the production could be seen outpouring from students on social media following the shows. Shoutouts and compliments written in all caps were all due to the hard work of the theatre department. Of course, the hard work and fun is not over yet. Though Peter Pan has gone away to Neverland, students and patrons can look forward to the theatre department’s next play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, premiering April 30. An equally classic and just as magical play by William Shakespeare himself, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is sure to be a must-see as well.

3/10 spring

h 8



first attendants



Sweetheart court was announced Friday, Feb. 14, in between the girls and boys varsity games. PHOTO BY HANNAH HOLLANDER

SMSD choral ival] 4 st -1 e [f -11 3



making statistics sexy

a numerical breakdown of SMS students and their participation STATS COMPILED BY CALVIN FREEMAN in romantic relationships


of sexually active students said they used a morning after pill in order to avoid a pregnancy





72.9% 42.3%

e y ’v t e h t h ug at wh n ta ol o e be sch in son

a r re e h ot

12.6% 27.3%

(top line represents 50%)


alu v y il fam

(38.5% of all “other” answers were written in as something along the lines of “personal views”)




of students whose views were mainly affected by religion think that sex in high school is “an acceptable behavior”

years old

comprehensive sex ed

not taught at all

declined to answer

% that find sex in high school acceptable among Genders


ws vie s u

abstinence based


Acceptable Unacceptable

of sexually active students did not list any contraceptives they used to avoid a pregnancy

students said that their views on sexuality were mainly affected by: igi rel


preferred approach to sex education in high school



of sexually active students said they used a birth control pill in order to avoid a pregnancy

Student Response: is sex during your high school years an acceptable or unacceptable behavior?




% of students that admitted to participating in some form of sexting:

Overall: Freshmen: Sophomores: Juniors: Seniors:

33.4% 17.9% 23.5% 41.9% 50.0%

students that have been in what they would consider a “long-term’ relationship

of students are currently or have at some point been in a “long-term” relationship



months is the avg. length of a student’s “longest long-term relationship”

students concluded that a relationship must last about




of sexually active students said they used a condom in order to avoid a pregnancy




Avg. age that sexually active students became sexually active

72.9% 72.9%


Percent of student body that is currently or has at some point been sexually active


Percent of SMS population surveyed to collect this data

for it to be considered a “long-term” relationship


of the Freshman class answered “yes” when asked if they were currently or had at some point been sexually active


of the sophomore class answered “yes” when asked if they were currently or had at some point been sexually active


of the Junior class answered “yes” when asked if they were currently or had at some point been sexually active


of the senior class answered “yes” when asked if they were currently or had at some point been sexually active

Staff Editorial

should south teach an abstinence based sex-ed program? editors discuss why we need to learn about more than just abstinence



et’s talk about abstinence. Let’s talk about how about half of high school students have sex. Let’s talk about how 40 to 80 thousand new cases of HIV are reported in the U.S. each year in people under 25 years old, and over one million teenage girls become pregnant, likely due to being undereducated about the topic. Let’s talk about how our school isn’t helping the cause due to the fact that it currently only teaches an abstinence based sex-ed program. When it comes to the issue of what we talk about, and when we talk about sex, we need to realize that we need to talk about it all. Students need to be taught a comprehensive sex-ed program in order to learn what they need to know. So why do we have an abstinence-based program? Is it because the school doesn’t want to feel like it’s encouraging sex? Is it to prevent parents from being upset? Whatever the reason may be, first things first, teaching abstinence to students doesn’t mean students are going to abstain. If someone wants to have sex, they are going to have sex regardless of what is taught in school. As 15 to 18 year olds, we are not so impressionable that we are going to do and believe exactly what we are told. We are old enough to have our own opinions and make our own decisions on subjects such as sex. And no matter what kind of sex-ed program we have, some students will chose to have sex. By teaching only abstinence, students are not getting the information that they need to know about being sexually active. We aren’t learning about how to be safe and prevent things such as STDs and unintended pregnancies, things that could ruin someone’s life. We need a sex-ed program that will teach students everything they need to know about sex. Many parents don’t talk to their kids about the topic and students may have no way other to become aware of the consequences and how to prevent them. And despite what some may think, teaching about sex isn’t the same thing as telling students to have sex. Teaching about it gives students the option to make an educated decision about whether or not they want to be sexually active. But teaching only abstinence is the same thing as telling students to abstain. By teaching only abstinence the school is pushing a belief on students who may not believe the same thing. And if they don’t believe the same thing, it’s ridiculous to believe that they are going to



Mommy, Daddy, where do babies come from?

practice it. And whether or not a student chooses to be abstinent, is really none of the school’s concern. Expecting all students to abstain until marriage is just unrealistic. Sure, some may have personal views and beliefs and chose to save themselves for marriage, and there is nothing wrong with that. But those who don’t share that belief will have sex. And there is nothing wrong with that either. Many people wait a really long time to get married, and others chose not to marry at all. Obviously in these cases people are not going to abstain. And the fact of the matter is, everyone is going to have sex at some point, meaning that even for the students who don’t plan on having sex anytime soon, they still will need the information eventually. Schools need to teach a well-rounded sex-ed program so that when people decide to have sex, whenever that may be, they will be ready and educated. Honestly, it’s crazy that in the 2014 we are still being prudes about the topic of sex. Sex is a natural thing that everyone takes part in, and we should be able to openly talk about it. Parents shouldn’t get offended that their kids are learning about sex. We

editors agree with the views expressed in this editorial. For your voice to be heard you may write a letter to the editor and send it to Room 195.

guarantee that every parent would prefer their child having the “use a condom” conversation now in order to prevent the “mom, I’m pregnant” conversation later. Teenagers should be able to talk to their parents about contraception. They shouldn’t have to feel awkward about going and buying condoms. And the school should help with that. Now I’m not saying that the administration should go around handing condoms to everyone, but what would be wrong with encouraging safe sex by having a place at school for students to get condoms? Because we all know that when students are faced with having to go buy condoms, some will prefer to just not use a condom at all. At the end of the day, no matter what type of sex-ed program our school teaches, some students will chose to abstain and others will chose not to. And for those who plan on having sex at some point, which is a category that pretty much everyone fits into, we need to be educated and aware. So let’s talk about sex.

Go online to to read.... • Asterisk Next to Raider’s Loss in Lawrence • 5 Underappreciated Artists • And More! OPINIONS




Is dating in highschool really worth it? PHOTOS BY ETHAN STONE


ating isn’t that big of a deal but it can be nice. I mean, if you don’t date how will you control those unruly teenage hormones? Alone in your room, staring at your computer screen, then proceeding to scream into your pillow. The whole reason behind dating is to see what you like and what you hate, kind of like test driving a car. One day you might be going through your Tumblr dash and say to yourself, “Darn them football players are hot,” upon finding a ridiculously photogenic sports dude. Then you somehow end up with one of those football players and you suddenly go from thinking they are hot to not. What you’re really interested in is someone who spends his entire day playing video games and surfing the internet. In fact you meet them in a chatroom. It was love at first click. Not all of us end up with that sweet romantic love story though. For some

Pro: Teresa Hediger

of us less popular kids out there it can be hard. It’s even hard to think of anyone liking you sometimes. Dating doesn’t have to be serious in high school. It’s slightly better than being alone and doing nothing. Of course I myself am ballz to the wallz so I get all the booty. Sure, the reason most people date is to get married in the end, but that doesn’t have to be the only reason. Dating can be fun, help personality development and socialization and prepare you if you want to get married some day. When you’re in a relationship with someone, you can learn important things like manners, consideration for others and how to be more open around people. If you had a problem with self confidence before, having a significant other can make you feel important and like others care about you. Not like you can’t be confident without a person to kiss and junk, but it helps.

I know how hard it is to find someone; it can be almost terrifying sometimes. Dating does not have to be scary, intimidating, pressure packed, or anything else but enjoyable. If you like someone don’t be scared to tell them. Tell them you like them, even if they say they don’t like you back just imagine the confidence boost you just gave that person. That person feels hot now and he knows it because you told him. There are always more people out there you can ask out. The more outgoing you are the easier it will get. When all else fails, just accept the fact that no one likes you and think about all the things you can now do with your life. Walk down to your nearest animal shelter and give them a friendly hello. Adopt all the cats. Love all of those cats with the love you would of given your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Con: luke holland


know I’m taking the less popular opinion here, but I believe it is important to consider. So right off the bat, if you’re in a high school relationship, we’re still cool, and I would love for you to keep reading. If you’re not in a relationship, you probably have a lot of free time and might as well finish reading anyway. Here’s something to chew on. Around 2 percent of high school couples stay together and get married posthigh school. Now there are a number of possible thoughts that this may provoke in your mind. “Woah, man. Who said anything about marriage?” “Yeah but my boy/girlfriend and I are different!” “Eh. I was getting kinda sick of her/ him anyway.” Has the possibility of marriage ever entered the thoughts and discussions of you and your significant other? I know that thinking about marriage now is weird. Which is why I think the concept of high school dating is, well, weird. I believe the purpose of dating is to find a spouse. Yeah, I said it. If you are


not in a relationship for the purpose of finding a potential life partner, any other reason is selfish. Many claim that they are just trying to find out “what works” for them. So let me get this straight: you have now objectified another human as a means to find out more about yourself and your own preferences? Ouch. Put that on the list of things not to say on the first date. If that relationship doesn’t work out for you, you just wasted the feelings of someone else in your little quest to understand what you like and what you don’t. Other people are in a high school relationship solely because they can be in one, and they just want to have fun. I’m not going to go off into a bunch of teen pregnancy stats because I know many couples have decided against having sex, and those stats are probably in the center spread of this issue anyways. But I will argue that any emotional/physical connections you make in high school that don’t end up in marriage will have been for the worse, and not beneficial in giving you “experience.” Even if you are dead set on marrying

your significant other, I think we can all agree it’s not going to happen in high school. Why not just wait until you are ready to be married? My definition of being ready to marry is to have a financial plan for your spouse and any children that come, a secured housing unit, and, as a man, the maturity to support your wife physically and emotionally, and as a woman the ability to do the same for your children. I don’t think that any of the students here fit those qualifications. Basically, if you’re dating now, it’s not necessarily bad. I just see wisdom in waiting. Yeah, I know. Says the guy who’s never had a girlfriend. Believe it or not, it’s still fun to get to know members of the opposite sex, and find out who you are compatible with without the risk of hurt feelings or lost friends. If you are dating now, by all means keep caring for each other and growing together. But if you aren’t, don’t burden your high school years (arguably one of the most liberating times of your life) with the desire for a responsibility you really just don’t need at this stage.

Go online to to vote for your opinion

SMS secret admirers @SMSSecretAdmire


senior looks into viral anonymous twitter accounts BY MACKENNA BARKER


othing says “boyfriend/girlfriend material” like an anonymous declaration of love over Twitter. In late September of 2013, an anonymous South confessional twitter account sprang into being and within days, the phenomenon spread throughout the school like a virus. Accounts like @SMSSecretAdmirers, @ConfessionsSMS, @ smsouthcrushes, and even some of the more crass accounts, such as @SMSDirty, rose to popularity quickly, gaining hundreds of followers. And sure enough, soon all sorts of confessions, crushes, and dirty secrets came pouring out all over the internet. The idea of getting that secret that’s been internally tormenting you off your chest anonymously is thrilling. There it is, your darkest secret laid out for everyone to see, but no one knows it is yours. But as with anything, there is a certain degree of danger that comes along with the fun. The age of the internet brought with it endless new opportunities, it opened up the world in a way unlike anything before. However, this new power can be twisted and skewed for dark purposes. The

threat of cyber bullying was born as well as the possibility of over access to private information. When you’re behind a screen, anything becomes possible. People say things they would never dare mutter in the intimacy of face to face interaction. Things can become mean, nasty, and even dangerous very quickly. So naturally with the surge of the anonymous accounts, the question of whether the whole phenomenon was appropriate and safe arose as well. To a certain extent, the accounts were used for innocent fun and cute flattery. But then there would be those tweets that made casual insults or on the other hand, compliment a person but in explicit, lewd terms. Being someone who has been a recipient of both types of tweets, I can speak personally about what that’s like. On the one side of the spectrum, the really sweet and kind confessions are heartwarming and quite honestly, a great self-esteem booster. But then you get those tweets with the awkward sexual innuendos that leave you unsure whether to laugh or feel uncomfortable.

Of course the innuendos and objectifying probably won’t ever stop. We’re high schoolers, and though we’re all growing up, we have to stop and indulge in a little immaturity every now and then. The key is just knowing where to draw the line, and when not to cross it. So long as the tweets and accounts are always ran with good intentions, and they don’t put people in positions they don’t want to be in. For the most part, the accounts have all become idle. The sensation had it’s run, the people had their fun, but it all got tired. However, the concept continues to thrive and grow. New, more broad accounts, such as College Confessions or High School Confessions, have hit the scene, and even whole apps, like Yik Yak and Secrets, are being created for the purpose. People continue to get a kick out of the anonymous gossip, and I’ll admit, I’m a sucker for it too. But at the end of the day we still need to be conscientious about what we’re saying about people, even if our names aren’t behind it. Think before you tweet, friends.

young in love: junior discusses love in high school L BY AUTUMN MOCK

ove. Many different types of love exist. From family love, to friend love, to romantic love. Love is essential for happiness; it gives a person a sense of purpose and security. We are taught to love from a very young age, and even though it has its up and downs; it’s an irreplaceable feeling. So how young is too young to be in love? When this question arises, we’re not usually talking about the love we have for our parents, siblings or friends. We’ve experienced that type of love since day one and always will. When that question is asked, it almost always has to do with romantic love.

No one can know what that person is feeling.

Adults are always saying, “Oh, you’re too young to be in love,” but what age do they think it is appropriate? Maybe the term is thrown around too loosely nowadays, with people saying “I love you” after two weeks of dating, but no one can know what that person is feeling. Love is


an abstract emotion; it can be a sort of personal affection or attachment. Can an age really be put on that? Younger kids, who are still in the “boys/girls have cooties” stage, probably don’t have the capability of experiencing romantic love. Once kids have grown out of that though, there can’t be a pinpoint put on when is too young. It really has to do with maturity, and that varies from person to person. Once a person has achieved the maturity to which he/she can commit to someone and experience strong emotions towards another person, then who can say they are too young? While they are rare, there have been quite a few of serious relationships that have made it from middle school all the way until marriage and then death. At the same time though, there have been too many “relationships” to count that can barely stay together for a couple weeks yet still say “I love you.” Young love is not a new controversy; it has been around for years. it has been the topic of literary classics, such as Romeo and Juliet. The ongoing controversy is not likely to end anytime soon, but love is an uncontrollable emotion that cannot just be suppressed or have an age put on it.



“WHat you call Me?” tips on how to avoid being labeled



n the year of 2014 it’s harder for guys to play women like they used to. When the thirst is real you have to keep it on the down low. I can’t explain how it hurts my heart to see a girl blast a guy on Twitter with some photos of him being a little “sleazy.” In many incidents that I”ve seen, girls paint themselves as victims, but they’re not. I’m not justifying what guys are doing, but girls can make them seem worse than they actually are. With the difficulties of today’s generation how can you send a flirty text to girls without the whole world seeing it? And for the ladies, how do you hook up with multiple guys without getting that harsh label? These are questions that have plagued the teenage minds for months now and the answers are finally here. How do you show thirst without letting people know you're thirsty? In high school, teenagers have their hormones all over the place, checking each other out, wanting to touch anything that walks in front of them. Let’s stop pretending that people aren’t sexually active. It’s not like in middle school when it was the biggest gossip when a random two people kissed. While all this is true, our community still frowns on flaunting sexuality. Many males have taken it upon themselves to try to conquer the difficult task of wooing women without building a bad reputation. The problem is; girls like to talk and you can’t avoid that. Here are some quick tactics that I’ve noted from successful players in the field. Bring back the good old phone call. I’ve seen first hand watching a star basketball player call a girl to sing her goodnight. The results were priceless and made him seem like a sweet guy. Become a gentleman. How can someone trash your name when you hold doors open and pull chairs out? If you do these you’ll start to change your image. Obviously, there are many more tips and instructions. But, these were just a few to reverse your image and recreate yourself. So remember in the year of 2014 it’s harder to flaunt your sexuality without someone posting it on the web.


views on virginity

why having sex isn’t as taboo as it used to be BY EMILY WILKINSON


irginity comes with lists of distinct symbols, but in a world with sexualization around every corner, does virginity still hold any importance? Historically speaking, virginity has been used as a major condition of whether a woman was valuable enough to marry. Men, on the other hand, never had to deal with this problem. A woman who lost her virginity before marriage, put simply, lost her value. Today, even though you couldn’t trade girls for cows and shekels of gold, the social stigma of teenage girls dropping their virginity is just about as fair. If a boy has sex with multiple partners, he’s held in high regard as a “player.” A girl does the same and she’s brought down with labels like “easy” or “slut.” Slut should not be a word used to shame women. Being sexually active doesn’t dampen your self-respect or make you any less intelligent, because contrary to what society has told you, you can open textbooks and your legs. As hormonal as teenagers may be, your sex life is your own personal business, and having a really spirited one won’t degrade other pieces of your life. On the same token, being a virgin and planning to stay one for any reason is your own decision, and it’s no one’s business but your own. Being a virgin doesn’t make you a prude or make you any less understanding of sexuality in general. Abstaining from sex won’t make you grow up any slower and won’t undermine your maturity level. There’s so much more to growing up than sex, but at the same time, it’s marks a pivotal role in how society operates. Health class may have taught you that sex cells keep the world going, but marketing will teach you that it’s “sex sells” that really keeps it going. Try sitting through a commercial break, walking through the mall, watching a movie; the temptation to “do it” is everywhere. The truth is that teenagers can and will have sex if that’s what they want. And honestly, who cares? It’s not anyone’s business when you choose to lose your virginity. It doesn’t matter who you lost it to, or why, or with whom. Your sexuality is private and should be respected as such, no matter how many partners or how often you do it. As long as you know your risks, are being safe and put your happiness first, who can judge you?






$85.50 for a marriage license no same sex marriage 16 and 17 year olds need to obtain parental or legal guardian permission and judicial consent in order to get married. GRAPHICS BY NANAE URANO

29 %


25 %



20% of men lie about their height



Percentage of 16 year olds who are sexually active


it. It’s the perpetrator’s relationships with other people. Those relationships can include friends, family, peers, teachers and even strangers. Their motivations stem from how they were raised and how those around them treat them. A popular conclusion for why school shootings occur is because of bullying or mental health problems. But it is not always easy to be able to see the warning signs before the disaster occurs. “They’re people who were bullied, isolated, or maybe have mental health issues,” social worker Johanna Fredenburg said. “But I don’t think there is any way to predict a school shooting so I think we all have to be vigilant about taking care of each other so we can pay attention to those warning signs.” Earlier this month Desiree Freeman, a teen from Grandview Missouri, was honored for stopping a school violence plot. She had been friends with a student from Virginia for the past couple of years. The said friend confided to her his intentions to do harm against his schoolmates. She noticed the warning signs that he was likely to commit school violence and turned over his messages to her school resource officer. When the boy’s house was checked police found a cache of weapons. While seeing the signs will not always prevent tragedies from occurring,

they play the biggest role in dwindling their numbers. A few warning signs include changes in character, severe depression or aggression, talking about harming others and cruelty towards animals. But most importantly these do not necessarily mean that the person has any intention to harm anyone, that is why it is so hard to predict. Relationships can cause problems and they can solve them. “It’s all about relationships,” health teacher Jennifer Owens said. “We have to care enough to get involved in other people’s lives.” Just smiling at someone could ultimately become what stops someone from doing something regrettable such as violence or suicide. A little kindness can go a long way. The best way though is to establish friendly relationships. Show whoever needs it that they matter. If signs are noticed they should be reported. Students may be scared to report. They might fear a loss of friendship or retaliation from who they are reporting. The most obvious way to report is by contacting the police, but there are other ways too. South students can report bullying online at www1.smsd. org/schoolbullying/?bc=214. “There are lots of ways to report and leave names or report anonymously,” Fredenburg said. “We want to get the information out that people can report anonymously, that it’s a safer way to report. We want students to talk.” Since school shootings are occurring more often, schools have to prepare. South has plans too. “We talk about it all the time as staff; we are bringing bully awareness to the school so students can learn the warning signs about what that is,” Fredenburg said. ”We have police on staff and a response plan. I’d rather we continue to look for ways to keep our school safe rather than prepare for the worst.”


he news is almost always full of unfortunate woes. It feels as though every month a school shooting happens or domestic violence reaches a new level. It has seemingly become a trend, but why? While there is not always an exact answer for why criminals and abusers commit crimes against others, their relationships have a great deal to do with




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the importance of understanding both sides



ccording to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 47.4 percent of teens have had sex. And while some high schoolers are conservative in their views about sex, some think that it’s perfectly fine. But with so many messages about sex in the media today, it can be hard to find the perfect balance. One student who is finding that middle ground is senior Jackson Spencer. Spencer, like most students, has his own personalized views on sex in high school. “I think [sex] is perfectly fine as long as the people know what they’re doing and they’re responsible and it’s not dangerous I guess,” Spencer said. According to the CDC, 39.8 percent of teenage males who have had sex did not use a condom the last time they had sex and at the same time, 78.7 percent of females did not use birth control pills. With sex being a topic that is thrown around loosely these days, more students are thinking about having sex. Spencer, who is currently in a relationship, says that high school students should think long and hard about having sex. “Don’t throw [sex] away but it’s their lives and I really don’t have any control over it,” Spencer said. But does the way you were raised have any influence on how you look at sex? Spencer says it does. “I was raised liberally, but in a conservative household, so I’m pretty liberal on sex but

conservative on how it happens,” Spencer said. By high school, most students have been in a relationship or are currently in relationships. Spencer is part of that majority as he is in a relationship with junior Abbey Loewen. Also, with more high schoolers in relationships than middle schoolers, the chance of high school students having sex increases from middle school dramatically. According to the Guttmacher Institute, under 10 percent of middle school aged students have had sex as supposed to about 48 percent of high school aged students. Spencer says his views on sex have changed drastically since middle school, although he does not think his views will change that much in the future. “I didn’t have any opinions on sex in middle school. I barely knew sex existed back then,” Spencer said. Just like your family, it’s been said that your friends and the media influence you in whatever you do, but Spencer says when it comes to sex, he keeps his own views. “I don’t think [my friends] influence my views on sex. I associate with similar people,” Spencer said. With so many views of sex these days it can be hard to keep all the opinions straight, so even with sex becoming more and more predominant in the lives of teenagers, some would say Spencer is keeping a very level head.

evolution of a relationship

students express views on sexual relationships in high school

just the facts deciding based on convictions and statistics I


t’s the elephant in the bedroom… and the hallways. At what age should students be ready for sex? Does sex have to have a place in high school relationships? South students all have different perspectives on this. The answers seem to cover the spectrum. Freshman Melissa Larson, happens to have a strong opinion on whether or not sex should take place in adolescent relationships. “I personally feel like you shouldn’t have sex until you’re married,” Larson said. According to a Guttmacher Institute survey, older students tend to disagree with Larson’s beliefs. By the age of 18, just under 60 percent of students have had sex. However, at age 14 the numbers are much smaller. Only 10 percent of males and less than 10 percent of females have had sex. For Larson, the way she was brought up has had a big impact on what she thinks about sex in high school. “I’m actually a Mormon and one of our main beliefs is that sex needs to be saved for marriage,”

Larson said. Her decision to abstain from premarital sex is supported by Larson’s family and many of her friends. This decision can be hard due to sexual references in what seems to be everything these days. Media from television to the radio to the internet seems to be going by the motto “sex sells.” According to, in a study done by the Kaiser Family Foundation, 60 percent of parents are “very” concerned with the amount of sex children are exposed to on television. According to a study done by in 2009, over 70 percent of the top 20 teen shows contain sexual content of some kind and 45 percent of shows portray sexual behavior itself. With the average child watching four hours of television a day, this fact is alarming to say the least. Even with the inevitable pressures of sex that become inescapable as teens grow up, Larson has maintained her thoughts and plans to stay true to her beliefs on teen sex.

waiting for it

why some choose abstinence



espite common belief, not everyone is having sex in high school. More often than not, people greatly overestimate how many of their peers are having sex. According to Guttmacher Institute, by the age of 17 only 48 percent of teens have engaged in sex. Many teenagers have made the personal decision to abstain from premarital sex for a multitude of reasons, including believing the risk is too great, they want to save themselves for the right person, or their religious views. Junior Brandon Maxey has decided to abstain from premarital sex greatly due to his Christian religious views. He believes that participating in premarital sex is wrong, and should be something special between a married couple. Although, he does understand that everyone has the right to make his/her own decision regarding the topic and taking the risk. Even when disregarding his religious views, Maxey believes that sex in high school is still immoral and should be kept a special act between two people bound in marriage. “Putting aside my religious views, I still think there is too much that could go wrong and also because I think that high school relationships should not be built because you just want to have sex with your significant other,” Maxey said. Sex in high school can also lead to other problems in a relationship. Along with the possibility of pregnancy, which happens for 34 percent of teenage girls each year, sex before marriage could also lead the couple to have views of one another based off irrelevant things instead of qualities that are necessary in a serious relationship. Sex should be something between two people who are special to one another, and premarital sex takes away from

that and doesn’t allow the relationship to fully evolve. While being against premarital sex, Maxey is not against dating in high school. Maxey has been in a committed relationship with junior Melissa Kelley for a year and four months now. He believes that without the overhanging idea of sex following the relationship around, their relationship has greatly benefited. “I think that Melissa and my relationship has benefited because it’s now more about the other person instead of being about what the other can provide,” Maxey said. Such strong views are also a lot easier when given support from others. Luckily for Maxey, his views are supported by his family and friends who also share the similar views. Pressure to start having sex at younger age is everywhere nowadays though, from TV, to music, to movies. “It’s hard to get around it sometimes,” Maxey said. Sex has also become a huge conversation topic in high school. People hear it everywhere they go, there’s no escaping it. So who’s to blame for many teens making the decision to start having premarital sex? Still, the media. “I think people see this and think that sex is an appropriate thing at this age,” Maxey said. There’s no denying that the media and peer pressure have extremely strong influences on the adolescent age group, but there are still people like Maxey who have made the personal decision based off their religious views, upbringing and morals to abstain from premarital sex.


Baby Steps


Maybe some unintelligible small talk. Don’t plan on this going anywhere.

The key here is to imagine everything in your life as the events of a Disney Channel original movie.

puppy love

Playground rules. You know it’s real when both of your moms arrange a playdate.

Take it to the next level

The high school and early college years are characterized by failing to properly balance responsibilities and relationships. Probably because of hormones.

Taking the plunge

Drop the knee and pop the question. Prepare for the beginning of a new adventure and the end of all your free time.





Q and A


How long have you been together? RB: A little over a year now. How did you meet?

BM: Well, school. We were friends before because Olivia Feathers would go to dances with Reid and I was friends with Olivia, so we were in the same group, and we would have classes together. Bailey, how did Reid win you over?

BM: He paid me to go out with him. No, but really, he was really friendly and would text me sometimes, like “Hey let’s hang out.” Describe your first date.

RB: We more started hanging out in a group and then it turned into dating after a while.

Why do you think you get along so well?

RB: We were friends, we started liking each other and then we became more like best friends.

What advice would you give to other couples?

BM: It sounds so cliche, but communication is key. I’m not embarrassed to say anything in front of him or tell him the truth about things. We don’t fight very often because we talk a lot. RB: We always tell each other what’s going on, and we always talk to each other no matter what. What’s your favorite thing to do together?

RB: Watch movies, because our difference in movie interests is the one the thing we don’t have in common. BM: Yeah...we watch a lot of “Friends.” What do your parents think about your relationship?

BM: My mom likes Reid, although my dad doesn’t really compliment my boyfriend all the time. But my mom is always like, “He’s so cute and funny.” RB: My parents think she is pretty funny. What do you like most about each other?

BM: I can say something that is completely terrible and Reid will get it and he’ll think it’s funny, but if I said it in front of anyone else they would think I’m a complete awful person. RB: Being able to talk to each other about anything without that person being mad or judging the other one is important. I also definitely like that she’s a dancer and kinda athletic. What do you do for holidays?

RB: For Christmas we had our own little Christmas before the actual one, we went out of town at separate times and we got together before and went out to dinner and got each other some presents. Any advice for anyone else in a relationship?

BM: My advice for girls would be to bake food for him. He’ll love it. Whenever I don’t know what to get Reid, I always bake him something. Any funny memories?

BM: For Valentines day our parents invited us to go out with them, and we were like, “NO!” And we were going to go to the Melting Pot and get dessert, but everywhere was packed and by the time we got around to going someplace, we lowered our standards a we just went to Taco Bell at 11 o’clock.



WANTED: SOUTH RAPPERS local artists gain following for musical talents



enior Anton Bland sits on his velvet throne and bobs his head to the instrumental of his new song, “Player Hatin.” “This is it right here,” Bland says with a wide grin as he pulls out a pen and paper to start writing. Bland, also known as Trinidad Tobias, is new to the rap game, but his music is already making noise at South. His new track “Player Hatin” has 745 views in just two weeks. “I do this for everyone at South who supports my music,” Bland said. Music has always been an influence for Bland, especially R&B. “I’m kind of a Drake style. I like to talk about what’s going on in my life, and right now that’s girls,” Bland said. Junior Leo Moreno, who is famous for his performances during the annual talent shows, most recently tossing $25 in singles into the crowd, has been rapping since he was 13. “Watching my cousin, Beama Lucas, rap really made want to start performing. My cousin right now is getting well known over different states, and I’d like to be well known across the country,” Moreno

said. Moreno thinks the rap industry right now is in a state of revival, but that there are also some terrible artists out there. “I think it’s sort of messed up right now everyone is saying Eminem is the big guy right now, but there are a lot of these other rappers, like Chief Keef for example, [are] just garbage,” Moreno said. Moreno has always loved music, and loves the feeling when he gets in the “zone.” “Music gets my mind off things you know, I put my headphones in listen to the beats and just write down what I’m feeling,” Moreno said. “That’s what I like most about music.” Moreno’s main goal right now is to get local hip hop artist Tech N9ne on a song. “I want to get Tech N9ne for a feature. All these artists on Twitter always leave their e-mail for booking or other information. I just emailed him find out what the cost is, get the money right and all that and we can get it going,” Moreno said. If Moreno wants to be known across the country he says the key is to be featured on songs. “It all starts with features. If you have a small fan

base other artists’ fans will start to listen to your music and your fan base will eventually get bigger and bigger. I mean, you have to have money to make money. So you have to get a lot of features that gets their fans to listen to my music and it’s like a huge cycle,” Moreno said. Freshman Justice Dopson started rapping for fun two years ago, but now his love of music has made him take his talent more seriously. “I’ve got to see if people like my mixtape and then go off of that. For right now I’m just having fun doing it and I don’t see what’s wrong with that,” Dopson said. Dopson compares his style to an artist who is considered one of the greatest rappers of all time. “I’d say this is going out on a limb, but I’d say Eminem. I don’t know if I’m ever going to be as good as him, but that’s who I try to be like,” Dopson said. Soundcloud gives anyone the chance to release music. You can find Bland, Dopson, and Moreno all on Soundcloud. Bland, like most musicians, has one main goal. “My main goal is to make money,” Bland said.


Joey Bada$$ The 19-year-old MC from Brooklyn, New York is releasing his debut studio album this summer. Known for his double

entendres and unparalleled lyrical ability, Bada$$ will definitely be making waves this year. Chance the Rapper Famously suspended from school for10 days and in that span wrote his first mixtape10 day. His next mixtape Acid Rap is certified platinum. His psychedelic feel puts him as one of the most unique rappers in the game today. Earl Sweatshirt Back from boarding school in Samoa, Earl impressed critics with his debut studio album Doris. The best rapper in OFWGKTA, Earl’s rhyme schemes and lyrics make him one of the rappers to watch out for in 2014. Vic Mensa A former member of the group Kids These Days, Mensa released his first major mixtape INNANETAPE. He toured with Wale and J. Cole last year, and was featured on Acid Rap. A$AP Ferg A member of A$AP Mob, he released his first album Trap Lord last year. He had two songs that were hits last year with “Shabba” and “Work”. He also won “Rookie of the Year” at last years BET hip-hop awards.



THE YEAR IN HOMOSEXUALiaTVstep forward in lgbt visibility BY EMILY WILKINSON


s television writers step forward with new steps in creating gay and lesbian characters this television season, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) recently released their 17th “Where We Are on TV” report for the 2012-2013 season, revealing a record-setting year for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans*) visibility. “Representation is key in changing ideas, opinions and stereotypes,” sophomore MacKenzie Miller said. “There are several shows and TV programs that have characters of different sexualities than just straight, and that’s great.” The GLAAD report was created in 2005 with the purpose of organizing statistics on diversity in the media, including sexual orientation, ethnicity, and gender identity. Five major broadcast networks were used in the report including CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC and The CW. Among 701 characters that were counted this year on 97 primetime TV shows, an analysis of last year’s season indicates that 4.4 percent of all series regulars on television shows are LGBT characters. Compared to 2.9 percent in 2011, 3.9 percent in 2010 and 3 percent in 2009, the 2012-2013 season showcased an all-time high in queer visibility. In total, 31 programs

from these five networks featured LGBT characters, a step forward from last year’s 19. “More and more Americans have come to accept their LGBT family members, friends, coworkers and peers, and as audiences tune into their favorite programs, they expect to see the same diversity of people they encounter in their daily lives,” GLAAD president Herndon Graddick said in the report. “This year’s increase of LGBT characters on television reflects a cultural change in the way gay and lesbian people are seen in our society.” While gay and lesbian visibility took steps forward last season, other sexualities outside the commonly known LGBT acronym were noticeably missing from cable programming. “It’s not just straight or gay, and it’s not always that black and white,” Miller said. “It’s very important to have people see that it’s OK to be asexual, to not know, to like both, transgender, pansexual or whatever. There’s a gray area in there that freaks a lot of people out and it isn’t often shown. It’s important to show the gray area, and show these sexualities that are attached to people: people who are not just their sexuality. They are funny, silly, smart and human just like everybody else”

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK Being a transexual woman in Litchfield prison, Sofia fights for her right to hormone treatment and equality with the other women.



Your relationship might be going really well, but are you ready to go to the next level? Communication is the key to a good relationship; does your significant other share all the stuff that matters? Are you two attached at the hip? If you answered yes to any of these questions, take the quiz to see what you can do to build your relationship.

Last year, there were only two recurring trans* characters on scripted television, including Degrassi’s Adam Torres and Alice from Superjail!. Not included in GLAAD’s report is transsexual character Sophia Burset from the Netflix series Orange is the New Black. “People have this common misconception that all trans people are ‘just confused,’” Miller said. “[There are] a lot of misconceptions about the process or becoming trans, and it would be really nice to have a nice, relatable character who is trans (played by a trans person would be even better) and have that not be a plot point, but rather, just part of who they are.” With this season of television underway, students like Miller hope that viewers take more away from LGBT representation than just entertainment value. “You love who you love, and it shouldn’t matter who you like: if it’s the boy next door, or a girl you’ve known since middle school, or maybe no one at all,” Miller said. “A lot of LGBT kids and adults look to media, and if it takes a few gay characters portrayed as human beings who live normal lives for them to figure out their sexuality, that’s OK.”



Cam is a stay-at-home dad with his partner Mitchell (hilariously) going through the ups and downs of parenthood.

As a bisexual succubus living among humans, Bo must learn about her dark side to protect herself and the ones she loves.

event c) Through friends

How many days a week do you see your significant other outhside of school?

a) 0-1 b) 2-4 c) Almost every day

Were you friends before dating?

a) Not really b) Close friends c) Childhood friends

Which of these best describes your relationship?

Where is your ideal date venue?

a) House-party b) Movie c) Fancy restaurant

What is your favorite trait about your significant other?

a) Wild & Goofy b)Cute & Quirky c) Serious & Committed a) Attractive appearance b) Positive attitude c) Personality

How did you a) At a party b) School sporting meet?


16 A&E

a) Text b) Call c) Meet up


Mostly A’s: Your relationship is somewhat unstable and could improve on your connecting skills but with time your relationship can grow. Mostly B’s: Your relationship is quirky and cute, you can communicate and bond easily with and without friends. You might say it was meant to be. Mostly C’s: Your relationship is serious and you are committed, you work well together but setting a boundary or two will create a strong feeling of trust between you.

How do you communicate with your significant other?

FEBRUARY REVIEWS thoughts on movies, music and more



KOSHUN TAKAMI BY EMILY WILKINSON When a 9th grade study trip is sabotaged by the government, 42 students are ordered to fight to the death, for the amusement of the Republic of Greater East Asia. The one student remaining is crowned champion. Each student is given one weapon selected at random, with usefulness ranging from pistol to bulletproof vest to fork. Battle Royale is the solution for those who participated in the Hunger Games fad, but thought, “This could really use more gore, more competitors… and more freshmen.” Rarely does a book come along that makes me visibly distraught, but more often than not, I caught myself reading Battle Royale through my hands, sneaking peeks at the words only when I felt courageous enough to do so. Through gritted teeth, sweaty hands and several stunned facial expressions, I managed to finish each chapter more tense than the last. If the romance of February has left you with a sour taste in your mouth, Battle Royale is the palette cleanser you’ve been grasping for. Takami’s novel is graphic, upsetting and just plain gross, but on top of all that, Battle Royale is good: disturbingly good. Despite unheard of amounts of violence, Takami manages to capture the spirit and essence of each of the 42 competitors in ways that The Hunger Games never did. Each student has a unique backstory and motivation for either participating or rebelling in the games, which makes each death (especially near the end) more and more shocking. You will pick favorites in Battle Royale, and you will mourn them when they fall, but in the end, there can only be one winner, and Takami’s use of third-person narrative will keep you unsure of who that victor may be.



One of the most highly anticipated foreign films of the year, Le Passé, a French language film with Iranian elements from director Asghar Farhadi, did not disappoint. As a French student and lover of foreign films, I was excited to spend two hours or so immersed in the language and culture I love to learn about. Bérénice Bejo and Ali Mosaffa, as the estranged wife, Marie, and husband, Ahmad, whose impending divorce court date prompts Ahmad’s return from Iran, and starts a chain of emotional and mental revelations in their convoluted family. As the movie titles suggests, in English “The Past,” the film mainly reflects on how Marie’s affair with her new boyfriend, Samir(Tahir Rahim) has torn apart her relationship with her oldest daughter and possibly put Samir’s wife in a coma after she attempts suicide. Marie’s family and Ahmad come to terms with what actually happened with Samir’s wife and if they can even be a family anymore, or the affair has ruined the trust that barely remained after Ahmad’s departure year’s prior. The plot and acting in Le Passé were phenomenal, and not just by Academy Award nominated Bejo. Despite this, the film is not for anyone looking for anything more than dramatic fights, emotional monologues and lengthy scenes of dialogue between two characters. There is no heart-stopping accident or unexpected murder scene. My only complaint of the movie would actually be that it should have been more fast-paced; the beginning dragged and several scenes were artful and beautiful, but made the film about 20 minutes too long. For the viewer looking for a beautifully shot and brilliantly acted movie leaving them thinking about their own familial turmoil, Le Passé is the film for you.



The Lego Movie, featuring the voices of Chris Pratt, Will Arnett, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell, Charlie Day and Alison Brie, transported us into a world of adventure. In this blockbuster, bright and colorful Lego blocks splashed the screen with a combination of animation and stop motion. Although the movie was for a younger audience, it had laugh out loud moments for just about everyone to enjoy. The Lego Movie tells “the story about a nobody who saved everybody.” An ordinary Lego is chosen as “The Special” to defeat the antagonist, The Man Upstairs, and the Kragle. Emmet, the protagonist, meets interesting Lego-people along the way, such as a rebellious female Lego named Wyldstyle, a Lego Batman and a whimsical Lego named Unikitty. Emmet starts to believe he isn’t special enough to take down The Man Upstairs, but with help from his new and exciting friends, he starts to believe in himself and work as a team. This movie had everything from action, adventure and romance—in Lego form. There were quite a few slow parts of the movie. We noticed our minds drifting off when the movie started to get more genuine and lovey-dovey. The jokes and characters were hilarious and entertaining to watch, but the love story between the protagonists was unnecessary. There was no real transition from the comedy to the slower parts. Excluding the chuckle worthy beginning and adorable twist at the end, it was a bit lackluster. However, the ending brought the whole film together. It showed how creativity is what you can imagine, and you have to work together to achieve what you need.


Oh my glob, I love Adventure Time so I figured I’d buy the game. What a horrible mistake I made. I lumping hate this game and it should not even be for sale. As Lemongrab would say, this game is UNACCEPTABLE. On the 3DS version the game isn’t in 3D, which is a huge disappointment. The controls are all mixed up too, take your standard Nintendo controls, put them in a blender and those are the controls for this game. Why are you exploring this dungeon? You’re exploring this dungeon because Ice King himself made this game and he just wants to torture you. I am fine with old 8 bit and 16 bit graphics but only if the game is good. The 3DS offers a lot more and this game is just one giant let down. You get a selection of characters to chose from, but all of them suck except for Marceline, because she can fly over gaps in the dungeon. Once you get in the dungeon don’t expect to be seeing anything different for a very long time. The dungeon is 100 levels, same layout except a bit jumbled and the same enemies over and over again. It’s more repetitive than Flappy Bird. BMO is on the bottom screen but he doesn’t do anything to help you at all. He just sits there whining and spitting out stupid commentary on your gameplay. Please I am begging you, don’t purchase this game. It’s anything but algebraic, kids shouldn’t be exploring unknown dungeons anyway. If you ever play this game make sure you are getting paid for it. This is a PSA, watching paint dry is more fun than playing this game. Doing your homework is more fun than this game. Even cereal is more entertaining than this game, at least with cereal it goes from dry to soggy.




senior discusses an age old battle



he high school years are the ones that form the most avid caffeine junkies: late nights spent studying for tests, early mornings rolling out of bed for work and the energy boost for anytime in between. It’s a hard habit to kick and not one I see being able to get rid of soon, see: college 20142018/20. Coffee seems to be the go-to drink for situations such as these, but in recent years, caffeinated drinks such as tea and energy drinks seem to be making a come-back. Personally, I see no benefit in energy drinks, I prefer the marginally more natural form of caffeine and sugar provided by coffee and tea. Thus the question arises: coffee or tea? I’ll open with coffee, the undisputed more popular drink in the United States and more easy to come by in commercial forms, such as Starbucks or even at McDonalds. You can get it hot, cold, iced, frozen, blended, with shots added, with any flavor under the rainbow, in a portion as tiny as espresso or a trenta at Starbucks. If you don’t like the bitter flavor, mocha, caramel, vanilla, and many more options are available or popular seasonal flavors. It’s a doublewhammy of caffeine and sugar in many cases from cafes, and home-brewing leaves you with a variety of creamers and sugars to add in as well. The options are endless, and with a Starbucks, Scooters

or Caribou Coffee, not to mention McDonalds or QuikTrip always right around the corner, you never have to venture far for a fix. Of course, no simple pleasure is without its drawbacks and coffee is no different; tooth discoloration and even decreased blood flow to the heart are proven setbacks to this common drink. Fortunately, the pros outweigh the cons and regular coffee drinkers can expect improved short term memory and reaction times, a better protected liver and decreased chance of Type 2 diabetes. Now, tea; it’s not just for our friends across the pond. With our country’s recent seeming “obsession” with all things British, tea has been brought to the table as a daily staple. I have recently discovered the joys of tea, in the past I was scared off by its reputation for bitterness and dullness. I can’t get enough lately; green tea, mint tea, ginger tea, mango tea, I even braved chamomile tea. There are just as many options available for tea-enthusiasts as coffee. A wide variety of types, such as green, black, white, oolong, herbal, blooming and more along with any flavor under the sun. For the caffeine junkie, black tea is your go-to, it has the highest caffeine content of any tea. A drawback to being a tea-lover in a country largely devoted to coffee: limited selection of cafes and quick stops to get your fix. Starbucks and many

cafes will often have a selection of iced or hot teas or a variety of bagged teas to dunk. Unfortunately, finding a tea shop is a challenge, Teavana, at the Oak Park Mall, is the only one in Overland Park and if you are willing to venture to the Plaza, there is The Teahouse & Coffeepot or in Westport, Tea Drops. One of the many upsides to drinking tea are the wonderful health benefits. All types of tea are full of antioxidants that protect against heart disease, cancers, Type 1 diabetes, lower cholesterol and reduce the chance of heart attack. Drinking tea plain, like many drinkers do, without adding milk or sugar, like coffee, reduces sugar and fat intake. The drawbacks of tea are added pesticides, even if it has been labelled as organic and the large amounts of tanin present, that prevents the body’s absorption of iron and can lead to anemia. Personally, I call myself a devout coffee and tea drinker. Each has its own pros and cons for my daily lifestyle, coffee is best a midday pick-me-up and decaffeinated tea is soothing and calming right before bed. I love stopping by Starbucks to pick up my carefully crafted latte, made just to my order, but a two minute detour to the kitchen can produce a steaming cup of my favorite peppermint tea. The facts are here, now it’s up to you to decide.



ouse of Cards premiered its second season on Valentine’s Day to the delight of dedicated Netflix viewers. Despite being only streamed on Netflix, the premier garnered staggering amounts of viewers on the first day, far higher than viewership from season one. 15 percent of Netflix subscribers hit play on the second season within hours of its premier. Last year, this number was only at 2 percent. The season begins almost down to the hour of where it left off. With Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) nominated as the next vice president of the United States, it’s up to Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), Underwood’s chief of staff, to ensure the transition to VP runs as smoothly and with as little baggage as possible, including relocating former sex worker Rachel Posner (Rachel Brosnahan) and keeping journalist Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) out of investigating the death of congressman Peter Russo (Corey Stoll) from last season.


R 18 A&E

aise your hand if you watched Netflix’s original series, Orange Is The New Black in less than a week? For you fans out there, I have some wonderful news for you. Season 2 is coming June 6. The new season will be filled with 13 dramalicious episodes. Based on Piper Kerman’s book, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, director Jenji Kohan took the opportunity to make Piper’s real life story into a popular, “comedy-drama series” but changes slight details for the show, including Piper’s name, which they made Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling). Chapman, who is engaged to her boyfriend, is sent to prison due to an international, drug money smuggling

Spacey’s portrayal of Underwood as a man with an unstoppable thirst for power is brilliantly intimidating. Actress Molly Parker is a fantastic addition to the cast this season as Jackie Sharp, a war veteran and Underwood’s successor as House Majority whip. Season 2 is noticeably darker than last season, with themes ranging from terrorism to sexual assault to murder, murder and more murder. Extortion, corruption, and sabotage are widespread tactics used across the capitol and beyond, blurring the lines between the protagonists and antagonists. Relationships are tested by power struggles, sex is used as leverage and lives are ruined by the press. Sex is actually a recurring situation for the season, adding further to the collective shock and awe felt by viewers who, in the words of me yelling at the TV, “did not see that coming!” House of Card’s rewarding second season leaves audiences with only one setback: waiting for next season.

crime she did 10 years prior to the present with her exgirlfriend, Alex Vause (Laura Prepon), who ends up being in the jailhouse with her. Although it has been a long wait for season 2, OITNB fans are craving to find out the answers to all of those cliffhanger questions that season 1 left us with. SPOILER: What will happen to Pensentucky after getting beat up and stabbed by Piper? What kind of trouble will Piper get into? Koha confirmed that season 2 will focus more on side characters like Crazy Eyes and Taystee, who will be series regulars. Now all that’s left is to wait it out until June 6.


is love really written in the stars? BY MIGUEL PALOMINO



he vast Milky Way galaxy has been a home for the gods, a map for lost souls at sea and an easy pick for any iPhone wallpaper. Since the beginning of time, man has looked up at the stars for the answers to pressing questions from: Are we alone in the universe? When will I stop dining alone on Valentine’s Day? Millions of people wake up every morning to read their daily horoscopes, some biting their lips as they read those black and white worlds detailing the chances of finding their true love. Sagittarius watch out for risky relations. Aries looks like fate isn’t on your side for love, Scorpio looks like wedding bells are in your near future….. The list goes on and on, but is there really any validation in this ancient pseudo science? Is that invisible force called fate moving us on a path we need to find love or is the universe really just a big game of hit and miss and only a select few of us are lucky enough to hit a few bullseyes? The ancients believed in oracles. A person gifted with the ability to make contact with the gods and reveal a person’s fate. For the ancients, the oracle was your go-to guy or gal you consulted before making any big decision, and the oracle had a 100 percent success rate. Had the ancients bought so much into the oracle’s premonition, that they subconsciously made sure the oracles’ prophecy came true? Does it really matter what your horoscope says, because in the end we all want is to fulfill our own prophecy? One time one of my good friends, Kelly, found herself in a tumultuous relationship with John, a guy she met via a mutual friend. At first the pair seemed inseparable, but eventually, like most relationships, they began to have problems and after two or three long months they called it quits, but not before a rather dramatic and

climatic end. After the break up, John found himself talking to another friend who Kelly had introduced him to, Mia. Soon after, John and Mia started to hangout more often and eventually started dating. As I watched the new budding romance, I noticed how different she acted around him. She was always happier; they had this energy together that just meshed really well. The whole time John dated Kelly, was it actually fates card that had Kelly introduce him to Mia? Maybe all the hurt, breakups, and bad hookups in our life are really just a tool for destiny to prepare us for the ones we are actually meant to be with. As for my own experience with fate and love, we never seem to be on the right page. On the bright side, whenever I read something about my zodiac sign (Sagittarius), it’s on point describing my personality, actions, traits and faults. The similarities are so eerie it makes me question whether or not I should start going to a palm reader and get a horoscope app. Part of me wants to believe that all you have to do is look up at the sky to find the answers. But the world isn’t and never will be that simple. If fate is real and the world isn’t left to chance, then you surely won’t be able to find answers printed on the page of 50 cent newspaper.


woman crush wednesday and man crush monday BY ROLA ALASMAR n the world of social media, the possibilities of ways to express yourself and the chances to get to know others are unending. And one more way was presented with the upbringing of the recent trends “Man Crush Monday” and “Woman Crush Wednesday,” where sites such as Instagram and Twitter are flooded with people’s most recent infatuations. Every Monday and Wednesday, people post pictures of their most recent celebrity crushes, their boyfriends/girlfriends, or their friends. “I do it sometimes. It’s fun and it’s something to do,” sophomore Mimi Deluca said. According to Deluca, a lot of people like to participate in Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday because it gives them a chance to show off their significant others. Others enjoy it for different reasons. “I like it because it allows you in an indirect way to show what or who you like,” junior Tom Lundine said. While for many, Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday are highly enjoyable trends, others don’t seem to care about them as much. “I guess I’m indifferent towards it [Man Crush Monday/Woman Crush Wednesday],” senior Caitlin Duffy said. “I never do it and I don’t think the trend will last long. Trends normally don’t.” But those who enjoy it are more optimistic about the trend. “I think it will last awhile longer. Social media is a form of showing what you like and expressing yourself, and Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday are good ways to do it,” Lundine said. Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday may or may not be for you. While some look forward to these days of the week, eager to post their most recent crushes, others such as junior Isaac Lanan just sit there thinking, “Is that [Man Crush Monday/Woman Crush Wednesday] even a thing?”


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high school athletes make difficult college decisions



Senior Austin Giannola signs with Labette Community College to play baseball.


ith the end of the school year quickly approaching, upper classmen are starting to think about college and the athletes are starting to think about their future in sports. And one of the big questions is whether or not they want to be a sports star at a small school or just a student at a large university. Senior Nick Oliver, who will be playing football at Emporia State next year, said he would rather be a sports star at a small school because that’s the route he’s choosing to go. “I want to play sports and get to know everyone in that community. Hopefully after playing four years in college, I’ll enter the draft and go pro,” Oliver said. For some students, deciding which college to attend can be a difficult and stressful process, but Oliver says when trying to pick a college, try not to let the pressure get to you. And Oliver’s not the only student wanting to play sports at a small school. Junior Christina Mountain is also

Switching Loyalties

GRAPHIC BY THERESA HEDIGER looking to play sports, particularly softball, in college. “I’m probably leaning more towards a small college. I don’t really like big crowds. I just like that sense of community instead of being one in a thousand,” Mountain said. Junior Taylor Christie is also looking forward to attending a small college in the future. Christie, who has played soccer since she was four or five, says she would rather be a sports star a small school as supposed to just being a student at a large university. “My advice for someone who’s trying to choose a college is to not be afraid to put yourself out there and contact coaches,” Christie said. Ryan Sweat is a junior swimmer and another student working towards the goal of being a college sports star. Some students have chosen to pick the best of both worlds and play sports at a large college, like senior Jo Jones, who will be playing soccer at University of Arkansas.


attending your favorite teams rivaling school is never easy



s teenagers, there is a denial for help, there is a need to feel independent when making choices that change the direction their life is headed in. But what is one of the most important decisions a teen can make, coming out of high school? Is college an option or not, and if so, the question is this: should I stay or should I go? When choosing a college to attend this is where the need to feel independent comes in: teens can feel the need to venture far from the nest, and others sacrifice the exploration for a simpler way to study. The Washington Post states that the average cost of a public college for students paying in-state tuition is $15,213 per year. Traveling out-of-state to a public university is minimally $25,000 before financial aid is factored in. Attending a private school makes this


price rise to an average of $35,600 per year. What happens though, when your options are limited to attending your favorite teams rivaling school? Many fans of the Missouri Tigers may find themselves in this situation. It costs more money to attend Missouri, since it is out of state. But that leaves only a few options, one of which is Kansas University. The mention of KU to a Missouri fan will make their veins pop, so imagine actually attending the school you were raised to hate. “I grew up a Missouri fan, so going to KU wasn’t an option. My parents never told me not to go there, but it never even crossed my mind,” senior Andrew Zahnd said. Advantages to out-of-state colleges may provide that independence teens desire by allowing

them to explore a new city and state, creating an adventure for them. Traveling for college provides the opportunity to absorb new surroundings and to take on new responsibilities. Another advantage of exploring new areas is that certain cities may offer more internships and other opportunities in one’s chosen field, helping land a job more easily after graduation. By giving firm and constant support to a person or place, teens show hints of individualism; but should they place the loyalties in places to satisfy themselves, or others? Inevitably, it may come down to whether or not there are universities in one’s area that satisfy one’s academic standards, rather than trying to satisfy the collective opinion of someone else.

Winter Sports Catch-up an end of season look into the raider sports world





(AS OF FEB 24)


Record: 9-9 Standout Players:

Record: Boys 4-8 Girls 3-9 Standout Players:

Sierra Roberts, Allison Hines,

Josh Hasenleder, Terry Adams,

Chloe Matthews & Megan Stollsteimer

and Nia Madison

Memorable Moment: Placing

Memorable Moment: Hasenleder

Third at McPherson Tournament

winning the Shawnee Mission Tournament

Upcoming Event:

with a 651 series

5:30 p.m. Tonight vs. SM East

Upcoming Event:

Swim and dive

State Bowling Meet, March 6


Standout Players: Nico Caruso, Memorable Moment: Swimming at

Record: 5-6 at duals Standout Players: Seniors and 6

the 6A State Meet (10th Place)

State Qualifiers

Jackson Conrad & Ali Arab

Result at State Meet:

Jackson Conrad and Ali Arab qualified for All -American Honors. Nico Caruso Medaled in 100m Backstroke



Record: 15-3 Standout Players: Dainan Swoope, Devin Newsome and DeAngelo Bruster



Upcoming Event: State tournament tomorrow at Hartman Arena in Witchita at 9 a.m.

Memorable Moment: Beating Olathe East by 11

Upcoming Event: 7 p.m. tonight vs. SM East PHOTO BY HANNAH HOLLANDER

For SMS students BOGO cupcakes and coffee Free Wifi Expires 03/31



SOUTH’s SEXIEST sports student writer dives into the topic of sexy sports



ports Illustrated has its swimsuit edition, ESPN has the body issue and The Patriot now has a sexiest sports article. For entertainment, high school sports are the main attraction and what the students go to watch. Athletes, both in high school and at the professional level, stay in the limelight no matter what the teams’ record maybe. Like ESPN, Shawnee Mission South embraces athletes bodies and the physical physique they possess. Student athletes have to spend hours training and practicing which, in turn, makes the body more conditioned. With multiple workouts and repetitions athletes are working their bodies for multiple months, maybe even years, at a time. So sports are celebrated for having “sexy” athletes and those athletes are respected for defining the body to its most fit form. “To get the bodies we have, we run a lot during practice. We have a good weight lifting program in the off season. We just work hard for it,” junior and star basketball player Dainan Swoope said. “Basketball has sex appeal. Some of the things the players can do [are] sexy, we can do sexy moves and [make] sexy plays” In the past, public opinion of women has been that women don’t have to work as hard for success in their sports and that women’s sports are not as physically demanding as those of the male counterparts. However, some

female athletes disagree. They believe staying dedicated to their art and showing hard work is just as difficult for them as it is for the guys to achieve a sexy attitude and figure. Suitors have begun filling bleachers just to watch these athletes do what they do. “Dancers have a lot of fans because people know we work hard and we look good doing it. We have sexy outfits. They’re so sexy, people just have to stare at us. I mean, we’re girls who can dance, and are doing some sexy moves,” senior Pacesetters Captain Nia Madison said. “If you’re in the same room as a dancer you just have to look and see what they’re doing.” As the saying goes “Real recognize Real” and it definitely applies to athletes. Athletes respect each others crafts as they would their own. Take how in the Olympics opening ceremonies competitors would acknowledge and praise each others talents. High school athletes compliment others the same way. “I think a really sexy challenging sport is gymnastics. The way they flip and jump around is really cool,” state wrestler Zach McQueen said. Each sport has its fans and onlookers, most of them high school students. Some sports receive more spotlight than others. “Girls probably like wrestling because we’re not wearing a lot of clothes,” McQueen said. “Just how guys like volleyball. Volleyball is nice.”

DO SPORTS MAKE YOU SEXIER? the age old question: are athletes better looking than the rest of us?



Shawnee Mission South’s


he world is not generally a place where an average looking, 214-pound boy from Mobile, Alabama would ever stand a chance at having a relationship with the 2012 Miss Alabama. Unless said kid is the quarterback for the University of Alabama. Quarterback AJ McCarron and model Katherine Webb have had an off and on relationship for the past couple of years. And the pairing can only make one wonder: is athleticism a major factor when considering a potential partner? Senior Reid Brown has played tackle football since the sixth grade, and is also currently involved in bowling. He and senior Bailey Miller, an officer of the Pacesetters, have been dating for roughly a year and a half. Brown admits that to a degree, athletic people generally hold a higher level of attraction, but not purely because they are athletic. “Typically, athletes are determined to reach their goals,



1) Soccer, Swim & Dive, Gymnastics (Tied at 8 Votes) 2) Volleyball, Tennis, Golf (Tied at 4 Votes) 3) Baseball, Basketball (Tied at 3 Votes) 4) Track (2 Votes) 5) Football (1 Vote) As voted on by The Patriot staff

Everyone has a desire to be with someone who has good genes. -Math teacher Brendan Curran

and to be in shape for their sports,” Brown said. “That usually makes them overall more attractive.” However, he does not believe that those qualities should be the primary source of affection. “If you like the person it shouldn’t matter, but it’s just a plus if they are athletic,” Brown said. Senior Skylar Brennan, on the other hand, is more or less indifferent. She is not currently in any sports. She has been in a relationship for six months, and at no point has any athletic abilities or lack thereof played any part in her relationship. “(Athleticism) doesn’t really matter,” Brennan said. “That doesn’t have anything to do with how you judge character.”

Some traits that she feels are attractive are a sense of persistence, following one’s passions in their endeavors, and for that person to be intellectually stimulating. Former girls basketball coach and math teacher Brendan Curran is married and has three kids. Though he met his wife in college, he thinks that the sports he played in high school were beneficial to his appeal. “I think that whether they know it or not, everyone has a desire to be with someone who has good genes,” Curran said. Other factors he values are intelligence, similar interests, and good looks. When all is said and done, athleticism does appear to be a major additive to the attraction one might have toward another person; however, it rarely stands alone to make or break a relationship.

middle round pick. It’s quite obvious that the 6 foot 2 inch, 250 lbs SEC Defensive Player of the Year is ready for the NFL, but is the NFL ready for him? Since its founding in 1920, the National Football League has prided itself of being the one of the toughest sports, both physically and mentally. Many people are now asking how well Sam will fit in. There is no question that this defensive end, who amassed 11.5 sacks his senior year, can compete in the NFL, but will there be issues in locker rooms? After his big announcement, players and fans were quick to take sides. Many people, including President Obama, and the NFL itself showed their support for Sam, and his courage. Others, such as veteran New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma opposed having a homosexual in the league, and said that he would not want Sam on his team. “I think he would not be accepted as much as we think he would be accepted,” Vilma told NFL Network. The league, however, has a policy prohibiting ports have always played a role in political and discrimination based on sexual orientation. Despite social issues. The most prominent example this, many owners agreed that Sam’s draft stock being Jackie Robinson breaking the baseball dropped after the news of his sexuality broke. color barrier in 1947. More recently Jason Collins, an While a gay player in the NFL is uncharted NBA center, became the first openly gay professional waters, players in the past have come out after their athlete in one of the four major sports. It came at a retirement. Even without an openly gay player in the time where our nation was going through changes league, people have faced discrimination. as well. One report claimed that players were asked by Near the time that Jason Collins revealed scouts if they were interested in girls. Most notably, his sexuality, the Supreme Court struck down Chris Kluwe, former Minnesota Vikings punter said Proposition 8, which banned same sex marriage that he was subject to homophobic language from in California. This was a major statement by the coaches, and was pushed out of his job, all because Supreme Court, which mirrored the changing views of his outspoken support for gay rights. of our nation. One recruit out of the University of South Florida Now the National Football League is poised took to Twitter to express his views on the matter. to welcome its first openly gay athlete, after “I can’t play with a dude on my team knowing he Michael Sam revealed his sexual orientation. The wants what’s in my pants,” Vincent tweeted. announcement came roughly two months before the It’s comments like these that keep the tension NFL Draft, where Michael Sam is expected to be a high, and make it a bigger issue than necessary. Just

Is the NFL Prepared for a Gay Athlete?


like it does not matter whether an athlete is black or white, it shouldn’t matter whether he is straight or gay. Regardless of your views and beliefs towards the subject, you should take Sam for what he is on the field. Just another player. Sam’s announcement may have turned heads in the NFL, but his teammates at University of Missouri have kept his sexuality a secret since the beginning of their football season. “Michael is a great example of just how important it is to be respectful of others,” Missouri’s football coach, Gary Pinkel, said in a statement. “He’s taught a lot of people here firsthand that it doesn’t matter what your background is, or your personal orientation, we’re all on the same team and we all support each other.” If a group of college students were able to respect their teammate, and rally around him as a captain, professional athletes earning millions of dollars should be able to do the same. After all, at the end of the day, Michael Sam is here to play football, and win games, just like everyone else.

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SPORTING WITH STAFF predictions and review of the current sports world












Kevin Durant

DeMar Derozan

Kevin Love

John Wall

LeBron James

Wichita State, KU, VCU, Syracuse

Syracuse, Wichita State, KU, Michigan State

KU, Florida, Iowa, Syracuse

KU, Michigan, Arizona, Florida

Wichita State, KU, Louisville, Michigan

Racewalking (Speed Walking)

Synchronized Swimming

Any Figure Skating

Team Ice Dancing








1. Sophomore

Teah Nguyen, playing Peter Pan in Shawnee Mission South Theatre’s production of Peter Pan, poses proudly while sophomore Rose Smithson, playing Wendy, looks on admiringly. The production of Peter Pan took place in the auditorium Feb. 19 through 22.


2. Junior Emma

Walker sits atop the shoulders of her friends while they act as her “body guards” as she enters the gym for the end of KSMS’ Rock Paper Scissors competition during the Sweetheart Assembly Thursday, Feb. 13. Walker didn’t advance to the finals of the competition after losing to the RPS Champion, sophomore Rachel Ashcraft.


3. Senior Jenna

Foiles helps to decorate the senior hallway for Deck The Halls after school Monday, Feb. 9. Deck the Halls is a South tradition where students from each class have the ability to decorate a hallway with streamers, balloons, paint and stickers.


4. “Hey! Buy a quesadilla!

Only one dollar!” sophomores Remy Gordon and Jon Buenger belt loudly while students enter school the morning of Feb.19. The quesadillas were being sold by the South’s Spanish Honor Society to raise money for the club.


5. Taking notes in his notebook, senior Mack Jones pays close attention to Congressman Kevin Yoder as Yoder speaks about his life, his family and his politics. Yoder, who represents Kansas’ 3rd District where Overland Park is located, visited Shawnee Mission South Tuesday, Feb. 18 to talk to AP American Government students.




The Patriot: Issue Six