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Julie Estrella Future Lions 2012 Submission

CLIENT Performance apparel company Under Armour.

STRATEGY Under Armour is an established and well respected company within the world of athletic apparel. With company interest growing in the athletic footwear niche it makes strategic sense to target runners with an Under Armour branded mobile application.

WHAT An Under Armour running application that allows runners to link up and train with other runners from around the world.

WHY Because running alone can be boring. Running with others can make it more fun. It also holds you accountable for actually running in the first place. It’s harder to make an excuse once you’ve committed to others. Under Armour’s Run With Me wants you to succeed.

HOW Run With Me empowers runners with the ability to coordinate runs with other users. Start a run, join a run, review running routes, make friends and stay healthy.

Launch Screen

Runners from around the world can connect through Under Armour’s mobile application Run With Me. Share your passion for running with others in the next city or thousands of miles away.

Start a run and invite other runners. Set start time, distance and decide who to invite. Join a run that another runner has initiated. View routes, distance and runners who joined you on prior runs with Run Tracker.

Home Screen

Home Button returns user to Home Screen or if running, returns to Active Run Screen. Friends Button view your Friends List. Run Tracker view routes, distance and runners who joined you on prior runs.

Home Screen

Start a run and invite other runners. Set start time, distance and decide who to invite. View your scheduled run as well as other runs. Select your run.

Enter info.

Start A Run Screen

View all scheduled runs.

Join A Run brings you to the same Scheduled Runs Screen. Join someone else’s scheduled run based on distance, start time or friend preference.

View all scheduled runs.


Join A Run Screen

Displays countdown ticker and run distance. View other runners as well as map your running route by run distance and starting point. Chat with other runners before the run. Offer words of motivation or get some.


Joined Run Screen

Enter your distance and starting address to map your running route.

Map Route Screen

Press Motivation Buttons to get or give motivation during the run. Runners can set up sounds or vibrations to act as motivators to encourage each other throughout the run just as they would if they were actually beside you.

Mapped route is synched with GPS to guide you.

Run Screen

Job well done! Signals the end of the run. Add runners to your friend list to invite them to new scheduled runs. Route is automatically added to Run Tracker

Return to Run Tracker, Friends List, or Home Screen and Run again!

Run Complete Screen

Keep track of your running buddies. Send messages and run invites.

Prior runs organized by distance, with route links, runners who joined & date.

Friends Screen

Run Tracker Screen

Main Screens Overview

Julie Estrella I Future Lions 2012 Submission

Run With Me Mobile Application  

Mobile application concept for Under Armour.

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