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Oct.16, 2012

Julie Nielsen Professional Growth Plan

(SMART) GOAL #1: I will increase my knowledge about disorders such as ADHD and ODD by attending a PD session and doing research on managing strategies. Rationale: I think it is important to be educated on these disorders as they are more prominent in today’s classroom. Understanding symptoms, medications and how to deal with students that have these disorders is crucial in today’s inclusive classroom. As a teacher, finding ways to differentiate instruction, rules and management strategies will be helpful with the effectiveness in my teaching. Strategies Timelines #1 Research and read October 2012- April about ODD and ADHD 2013

Resources Look at IPPs Articles through library Internet

Measure Read 2 articles in 6 months. Create a KWL chart.

#2 Attend a PD session on ADHD

RDC CARC schedule

Take notes and implement what I have learned into KWL chart.

October 2012- April 2013

Evidence for portfolio: Have a complete KWL chart with information that I have attained regarding ADHD and ODD and upload it to e- portfolio.

Oct.16, 2012

Julie Nielsen

(SMART) GOAL #2: I will expand my knowledge on the use of technology in the classroom. I will look into Smart technology, ipads, and smart phones by doing research on the benefits of technology, using educational apps and working with Smart boards. Rationale: I think it is important to understand the benefits of technology and how students can use it to explore learning in new ways. Also I think it is important because the 21st century is filled with technology, so learning as much as I can about it, benefits me and my students. Having technology incorporated in the classroom allows for the use of many different resources to excel learning. Strategies #1 Research Smart technologies and gain knowledge on the smart board while completing my IPT.

Timelines October 2012- April 2013

Resources Working with them hands-on in the classroom.

Measure Create a mind map that displays the benefits of smart technologies.

#2 Find website resources and add them to the mind map where applicable

October 2012-April2013

Articles through library Internet

Have a website for each heading in the mind map.

Evidence for portfolio: Have a Mind map that includes the benefits of technology within the classroom, how it can be use and websites that link to other resources and knowledge regarding technology, and upload it onto my e-portfolio.


Professional Growth Plan