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17 May 2014

United Methodist Retirement Communities HFA Expansion

Safety Spotlight Above the ceiling, pipes, conduits and ductwork crisscross and intersect walls throughout the facility. Where these utilities penetrate fire rated walls, special fire stopping is installed. Elzinga & Volkers is a certified installer of this special material and pays close attention to these critical details. Each “penetration” is identified with a special label that coordinates with an engineered system which protects the integrity of the fire wall system. Although you will likely never see this work above the ceilings, you can rest assured that your building is safe in the unlikely event of a fire.

Upcoming Milestones

»» Quadrant #1 Roof Complete P »» Quadrant #1 Drywall Start »» Quadrant #4 Painting Complete

Executive Summary Great Progress Everywhere

It has been another very productive two weeks on the HFA expansion project at UMRC. You may not realize it from the exterior, but we have the first coat of paint complete in Quadrant #4 and have started to install interior finishes in the building. This milestone of starting interior finishes is currently ahead of schedule. We are very thankful for all the hard working tradespeople onsite that are making this happen. In Quadrants #2 and #3, drywall is being finished and prepped for paint. In quadrant #1, in-wall rough-ins are being completed and, soon, drywall will be installed. The team is making great progress in these areas.


On the exterior of the building, DN Higgins has returned to the site and is completing the final

pieces of the storm drainage system. Higgins is also preparing areas of sidewalks around the building. With a few days of dry weather, the team really has the site looking neat and clean. In the existing Towsley Village Building, final touches are being installed in the new multipurpose space. Elzinga & Volkers will be performing a final clean on the space soon, followed by the installation of furniture and audio/ visual equipment. All around, it’s been a great two weeks of progress. Thank you to everyone involved! - John Parker, Project Manager

Project Progress Photos

Quality Control There are numerous items hung on the walls in any building. Most of us have experienced trying to hang something on the wall and missing a stub or having our fastener come right out of the wall as there was nothing for the screw or nail to attach to. To avoid these headaches later, Elzinga & Volkers installed blocking in the walls at locations which are predetermined for wall hung items. This blocking is either fire resistant wood or sheet metal. This material allows for secure fastening of items to the wall later on in the project. Our teams document in wall blocking with digital photos so that they know later where the materials were placed.

Masonry veneer progressing on the exterior of the building

Quadrant #3 wall ready for paint

First resident room wall tile, installed in shower in Quadrant #1


Two Week Look Ahead Crews will continue to shift around the inside of the addition. The MEP contractors will continue to stay busy in Quadrant #1 as they continue rough-ins of both the resident rooms and corridor mains. Wall board in Quadrant #2 will be taped, mudded and sanded to leave a canvas for B/C contractors to paint when they are finished up in Quadrant #3. In Quadrant #4 early stages of finishes will begin will resident restroom flooring installation by Commercial Interior Resources and ceiling grid installation in the corridors by Acoustical Ceiling and Partition. On the exterior, miscellaneous sitework will continue and sidewalks will be poured at the southwest corner, which will allow for access to the building without walking through the dirt and mud. BMC Masonry will continue to lay brick which will allow Kril Enterprises to shift from roofing In Quadrant #1 to installing siding in Quadrant #4. With the brick and siding going up, this structure will begin to look like it really belongs next to Towsley!

Millwork columns installed in the multi-purpose room

- Jordan Gougeon, Asst. Project Manager


SPOTLIGHT This week, we would like to highlight the efforts of B/C Contracting and decorating, our wall finishes contractor on the project. BC will be installing all the paint and wallpaper on the project. BC started on-site about two weeks ago and has already completed the primer coat and first coat of paint in Quadrant 4. Thank you for all your hard work so far on the project!

Project Progress and Major Milestones

Ready for Move In

Roof partially installed on Quadrant #1

Interiors Complete Drywall Complete Building Enclosed Steel/Wood Framing Complete Foundations Complete

Interior door and lite frames installed in the connecting corridor



UMRC HFA Expansion Newsletter  

Building Together, Issue 17