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11 March 2014

United Methodist Retirement Communities HFA Expansion

Quality Control Gypsum wall board is susceptible to water damage. To ensure that the materials are not damaged during

Upcoming Milestones

installation, you will notice that we

»» Quadrant 1 Structural Steel P »» Quadrant 4 Gypsum Installation in Corridors »» Quadrant 1 Concrete Slab Complete

only install it in areas where the roof is complete and the building is water tight. As winter turns to spring, we will continually monitor the building for water infiltration to ensure that we have a dry building when we start our finishes.

Executive Summary Moving Along…

We had another two weeks of great progress on the HFA expansion, although you may not be able to see it from the outside. In Quadrant #4, the mechanical, plumbing and electrical work has reached a point where crews from ACP, Inc. can start to install gypsum wall board in the corridor areas. The wall board, most of which will be above finished ceiling spaces, acts as a fire separation between the occupied space and the attic. This wall board installation also allows us to start installing main utility feeds in the corridors, including water, ductwork and electrical lines. We are also making steady progress on the exterior. Framing has wrapped up on Quadrant #2, and the framing crews have dropped back to Quadrant #4 to start installing an exterior vapor barrier and some of the

detailed truss reinforcement and blocking. In Quadrant #1, structural steel has been installed and is ready for wood framing. With a break in the weather expected towards the end of March, we are excited to catch back up in Quadrant #1 and complete all the in-wall utility rough-ins throughout Quadrants #4, #3 and #2. Once utilities are complete, we will start transitioning the project into the next stage…drywall. - John Parker, Project Manager



Project Progress Photos

Safety Spotlight A term you might hear on our sight but may not understand is “PPE,� which stands for Personal Protective Equipment. Examples of PPE include such items as globes, foot and eye protection, protective hearing devices and hard hats. Some of these items, like hard hats and eye protection, are required 100% of the time on-site while others, like gloves, are required only when performing certain tasks. Elzinga & Volkers exceeds MiOSHA standards when it comes to PPE to ensure that all our workers return home safe every day.

Quadrant #2 roof sheathing installed

Insulation and furring channels in Quadrant #4

Structural steel set in Quadrant #1


Two Week Look Ahead

The number of crews is ramping up on-site as the building progresses. In the next two weeks, mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins will continue in the resident rooms throughout the framed portions of the building. ACP, Inc. will hang wall board in the corridor of Quadrant #3, allowing for the above ceiling MEP rough-ins to continue in Quadrant #4. Kril Enterprises will also continue moving forward up on the roof. Kril’s crews will install shingles on Quadrants #3 & #4 and the membrane roofing on Quadrant #2. Crews from Chelsea Lumber will shift from setting wall panels and roof trusses to installing building wrap and windows since the roof is complete. On the inside of Towsley, we will start to see some action as demolition and framing crews mobilize to begin the multipurpose room renovations. - Jordan Gougeon, Asst. Project Manager




We are excited to announce the addition of a new project team member! Ellison Marie Parker was born to John Parker, Elzinga & Volkers Project Manager, and his wife Mary on February 23. Ellison was 7 pounds, 2 ounces. Baby and

Framing in Quadrant #2 with backing complete

mom are doing great and enjoyed having dad home for a week,

Project Progress and Major Milestones

and big sister Macy is being an excellent helper. We welcome baby Ellison to the HFA project team!

Ready for Move In Interiors Complete Drywall Complete

Roof drains run in Quadrant #3

Building Enclosed Steel/Wood Framing Complete Foundations Complete

Attic fire suppression mains run in Quadrant #3



UMRC HFA Expansion  

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