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November 2013

United Methodist Retirement Communities HFA Expansion

Quality Control Behind the scenes of the HFA expansion project, there is a very important aspect of quality control taking place. In the offices of Elzinga & Volkers and our design partners,

Upcoming Milestones

detailed product data and shop

»» Building foundation complete P »» First course of asphalt paving »» Underground utilities complete

drawings for all the components of the new building are reviewed by designers, architects and engineers for compliance with the design drawings and specifications. All products used on the HFA expansion must be approved by these professionals before they can be ordered and installed. When these materials reach the construction site, Elzinga & Volkers performs a second check to make sure they match what has been approved.

Executive Summary Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It’s been a wet few weeks on the HFA expansion project site, but it has not dampened our spirits or our drive to push forward on construction. With the completion of the building footings, Godwin Plumbing, Allied Electric and Quality Air are working hard to complete underground utility rough-ins ahead of the concrete floor pours. As piping and conduits are installed, local plumbing inspectors are visiting the site to approve all the underground work before it is buried. We are happy to report that these inspections have gone very well. Elsewhere on the construction site, the underground storm drainage and storm water retention ponds are nearing completion. As you all know, we have had plenty of rain recently to test the new system, and it is working just as planned! Our underground water main

is complete and has been tested and approved by the local municipality. Finally, curbing was installed on the new road around our addition. With the curbing in place, we plan to pave the road this year, which will give us a great parking and work surface through the winter months. Don’t worry; we are only installing the base layer of asphalt at this time to avoid damage to the final coat, which will be installed just before the building is opened.

- John Parker, Project Manager


Project Progress Photos

Safety Spotlight Hard hats are a required piece of personal protective equipment on all Elzinga & Volkers jobsites. This attention to safety, however, has certainly evolved through the years. In the early 1900s, shipyard workers covered their caps with tar and let them harden in the sun. This primitive hard hat protected

West road curbing completeted

workers from debris that dropped from the ship decks. In 1919, a cap made of canvas, glue and black paint was created. It was coined the “Hard-Boil Hat� due to the manufacturing process. Some of the first construction sites to mandate hard hat usage were the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge. Since then, hard hats have kept developing - fashioned from a variety of materials and able to support a multitude of accessories.

Installing stone base for asphalt

West road curbing completed


Two Week Look Ahead

With foundations complete, BMC Masonry will wrap up setting the grouted masonry block. Quadrant #1 is the only remaining section where this block needs to be installed. Godwin Plumbing will shift from Quadrant #3 to Quadrants #1 and #2 to continue the underground plumbing for resident restrooms. We are hopeful the sun will be shining soon, allowing Creative Cement to mobilize and begin pouring floor slabs in Quadrants #3 and #4 where underground plumbing has been completed. Once the concrete floor slabs have cured, Chelsea Lumber will start laying out the walls in anticipation of the wall panel deliveries! - Jordan Gougeon, Asst. Project Manager


SPOTLIGHT In this issue, we would like to extend our thanks to G2 Consulting Group and Metro Consultants. G2 Consulting Group performs all of our special materials testing on the project. During our foundations installation, G2 was on-site almost full time making sure that our concrete met all the design specifications. Metro Consultants, the civil engineer of record on

Building connector foundations

the project, performed elevation staking and building layout on the

Project Progress and Major Milestones

expansion. This information was used to place the building in the right spot. Both firms have been fantastic to work with, and both are dedicated to keeping the project on schedule. Thank you for your hard work on this project!

Ready for Move In Interiors Complete Drywall Complete

Installing storms sewer catch basin

Building Enclosed Steel/Wood Framing Complete Foundations Complete

Quadrant #4 underground sanitary piping



UMRC HFA Expansion  
UMRC HFA Expansion  

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