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On Location August 2013

Ridgeview Industries - 3 Mile Renovation

Welcome to On Location

We would like to introduce you to our construction newsletter, On Location. Over the next five months, this newsletter will be used to inform you on the current progress and upcoming milestones on your project. We will periodically highlight team members and project partners, and the project photos will give you a peek inside the construction areas. We hope that this newsletter will be helpful and something you look forward to reading. Now that you are properly introduced, please enjoy the first issue of On Location.

Upcoming Milestones »» Completion of masonry walls »» Installation of ceramic tile in the restrooms »» Completion of metal stud framing »» Overhead electrical and mechanical installations

The Look Ahead

As the masonry walls wrap up and metal stud framing continues, the new office space will begin to take shape. Overhead mechanical systems such as duct work, sprinkler piping and plumbing will begin to be re-worked to accommodate this new space. Ryan Geurink, Field Manager 616.821.0519

Executive Summary

Did You Know?

In the old restrooms, we have removed the concrete slab to allow for the new plumbing that will service the showers and men’s and women’s restrooms. Masonry walls for these new restrooms are nearly complete and ceramic tile will begin soon.


The new offices and fitness area at Ridgeview Industries’ 3 Mile location are becoming a reality! Phase I demolition started in late July, and the area that once contained administrative offices is now a wide open space. It has been stripped down to bare concrete floors and the structural steel is exposed. The storefront and glass along the south wall have been removed in preparation for the new full-height glass that will be installed in the new break area.

Clayton Martin, Project Manager 616.392.2383

For phase I demolition, X-Treme Demolition removed 160 cubic yards of construction debris and material including drywall, studs, conduit, concrete, masonry and steel. Of the debris removed, 12,400 pounds of metal and 115,000 pounds of concrete were recycled. It is now standard practice to recycle as much construction debris as possible. In addition to what has been hauled off, several items such as doors, cabinetry and plumbing fixtures have been salvaged for re-use and are currently being stored in the gymnasium.

SPOTLIGHT This month’s spotlight goes to the workmen of X-treme Demolition. Their strong commitment to safety and ability to execute demolition quickly and efficiently has helped get this project off to a great start. Thank you X-treme Demolition!

Ridgeview Industries - On Location  

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