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On Location May 2014

Michigan Blood Lab Renovation

Upcoming Milestones » Install Structural Steel, May 12 » Set Therapy RTU, May 14 » Start Phase 2 Drywall, May 19

Executive Summary Over the past month, we have transitioned from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of the overall construction plan. The multipurpose room is now a temporary home to HLA until we complete with Phase 4 of the project. With the release of Bulletin #1 last month, we have been able to move forward with framing and MEP rough-ins in the therapy space. We have also started to hang the drywall, so you are will start to see the space line up. With the HLA relocation complete, we have started demolishing the Phase 2 space, which included installing a temporary contraction traffic pathway. This pathway was intended to be an ANTE room to help negatively pressurize the construction zone, but maintaining negative pressure in the space continues to be a struggle. Our site staff is keeping a close watch on the situation to ensure we are not subjecting construction debris to the staff and labs. We are now ready to start installing the structural steel that will be required for the new door location to the Pre DNA room. Doug and all the trades are building momentum in Phase 2 to maintain our original schedule goal! Dustin Kuzeè, Project Manager

Contraction access to Phase 2

Phase 7 Distribution

The Look Ahead

The focus this month will be on starting finishes on Phase 2, Pre-DNA Amplification/HLA and continuing to push forward on the Therapy space. Once the plumbing is in the ground, EV can start pouring the concrete back in place, allowing D9 Systems to start installing the metal studs.

Phase 6 Component Lab Part 2

In the Therapy space, we will install door tracks that were added in Bulletin #1, and D9 can finish the drywall that is currently hung. In the next week, we will set the new roof top unit for this space. -Doug Eddy, Field Manager

Phase 5 Component Lab Part 1 Phase 4 HLA/ Reference Phase 3 Post DNA Phase 2 Pre DNA Phase 1 Therapy and Multipurpose

E&V starting to install temporary partitions between the Cord lab and Phase 2

Track the Project’s Progress as the Blood Bag Fills!

Therapy space has been framed out based on Bulletin #1 drawings

On Location | May 2014


SPOTLIGHT Elzinga & Volkers would like to recognize Allied Electric as this month’s spotlight subcontractor. Allied has been a part of the team since last October assisting Progressive AE with the design of these spaces. Their attention to detail and flexibility was a true asset to the project through the design process. In addition to the design help Allied provided, their field work has followed suit. Their foreman, Justin Tolhurst, has proved to be an asset with his ability to forecast work and ability to work collaboratively with other trades on-site. Great job guys; keep up the excellent work!

Phasing Plan

On Location | May 2014

Michigan Blood Lab Renovation  

On Location, May 2014

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