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On Location May 2014

J.O. Galloup Company - New Distribution Center and Warehouse

Welcome to On Location

We would like to introduce you to our construction newsletter, On Location. Over the next seven months, this newsletter will be used to inform you on the current progress and upcoming milestones on your project. We will periodically highlight team members and project partners, and the project photos will give you a peek inside the construction areas. We hope that this newsletter will be helpful and something you look forward to reading. Now that you are properly introduced, please enjoy the first issue of On Location.


Upcoming Milestones »» Complete removal of unsuitable materials »» Installation of site utilities and storm drainage »» Grading of building pad in preparation for footing installation


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The Look Ahead

The only evidence of our crew’s hard work is pile upon pile of dark, organic peat that we have been removing from the building area. However, once complete, the new soil will offer an excellent base to support the entire 88,000-SF building. As we complete the grading operations and start up the utility installation, the concrete subcontractor will mobilize and begin footing installation and site concrete. Ryan Geurink, Field Manager 616.821.0519

Executive Summary

Welcome to On Location, the J.O. Galloup project newsletter! We at Elzinga & Volkers are truly excited about the opportunity to build this important project for J.O. Galloup and Kendall Electric and hope you find this newsletter both informative and entertaining. As you can see, we are mobilized on-site and grading operations have started. While Connan is hard at work with grading and excavation, a lot of activities are happening behind the scenes. Both Kerkstra Precast and FCC General Contractors are working together to engineer the precast concrete panels and the metal building. This closely-coordinated effort takes team work and constant communication, and both companies are up to the task! Clayton Martin, Project Manager 616.392.2383

Did You Know?

»» More than 300 million Rubik’s cubes have been sold worldwide. If stacked neatly, 360 million Rubik’s cubes could fit in the new J.O. Galloup warehouse! »» In 2008, Erik Akkersdijk set a world record by completing the cube in 7.08 seconds. E&V’s own Assistant Project Manager, Brett, has a Rubik’s cube in his office. Next time you’re here, ask him if he can solve it in under 8 seconds!

SUBCONTRACTOR Connan is the first subcontractor on-site and has hit the ground running. They started milling the existing asphalt and haven’t looked back. Thanks to the hard work of the crews at Connan, this project is off to a great start.


J.O. Galloup - New Distribution Center and Warehouse  

On Location, May 2014

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