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Construction Update Newsletter


Building Living Hope Hope Church - Renovations & Additions

Final coat of asphalt paving

The drop-off canopy is 100% complete!

New concrete floor in the chapel


Executive Summary Transformational Project Progress Another exciting month of progress has occurred on this transformational project. The drop-off canopy is now 100% complete and looks wonderful. In the chapel area, the roof and brick have been installed. This “drying in� of the building allowed us to pour the concrete floor in the space. Hidden under this floor are heating pipes for the hallway to the youth area, a hearing aid loop for the Chapel and a web of electrical power conduits. In the church office, demolition is complete and the new walls are roughed in. You can already see dramatic changes in the Gathering Area as demolition has been completed to make way for new HVAC, electrical and finishes. Another large item we completed over the past month was the installation of a new fire protection water main, which had to run all the way the north side of 10th Street. As soon as this was complete, the road was patched and at the same time, the final coat of asphalt paving was installed on the parking lot. Thanks to everyone for their patience as we continuously change your routes to different areas of the building!

The existing entry doors from 11th Street are not original to the building. However, the new doors will simulate the original doors as seen in historic photographs.

Best regards,

Joe Novakoski, P.E. Vice President |

Building Living Hope | Hope Church Renovations & Additions | September 2016

Looking Ahead Joe Shashaguay, Senior Field Manager | 616-610-9313

We are starting the demolition of the Gathering Area and Commons hallway, and rough framing of the new chapel and offices. Should be a very active month!

Code-required fire protection access

The canopy and parking lot in progress

Chapel begins to take shape

TEAM SPOTLIGHT: Who’s Who On Site Meet Deidre Remtema Deidre Remtema is owner and Principal Interior Designer at Deidre Interiors, a residential and commercial interior design firm in Grand Rapids. Deidre grew up in West Michigan and attended Kendall College of Art and Design. She loves the mix of modern, classic, and natural elements in her design work and appreciates diversity in architectural styles. This design philosophy is what fuels her inspiration and excitement for the Hope Church project. She is passionate about philanthropy and is on the Junior Board of Ambassadors for the Van Andel Institute, and a past board member for Artists Creating Together. Her two boys (7 and 10) and her husband stay busy with family, sports, a cottage up north, and school. Deidre finds joy in travel, great food, beautiful art, and the beaches of Lake Michigan. You can discover more of her design work, read her blog, or check out her Instagram at

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Building Living Hope | Hope Church Renovations & Additions | September 2016

A Living Hope Project Update From the Capital Campaign Team Lois Maassen, Project Lead for Hope Church |

The Thick of Things

While we’ve had a number of disruptions over the past few months (and results to compensate!), the upcoming phase of construction will be hard to miss. This week, the refurbishing of the Gathering Area began. This means that for much of October, you’ll do well to use the 10th Street entrance during the week, and borrow a hardhat from the office if you need to pass through the Gathering Area during the day. Elzinga & Volkers and Joe Shashaguay, our on-site construction manager, are working hard to be sure that access to the sanctuary, Commons, restrooms, and kitchen is unobstructed for Sunday activities and, as much as possible, for weeknight events, as well.

Chapel under construction

The project overall remains, for the most part, on schedule! We’ve encountered a few supply delivery issues that mean some loose ends remain to be tied up, but the new chapel is well on its way and the staff offices are progressing.


Appreciation for Hope Church Volunteers and Staff

Versatile, Willing Hands This month’s volunteer spotlight shines on Karen Hockett, who’s been a willing volunteer in a number of projects along the way. She helped to paint in the refurbishing of Room 106, as well as in the nursery and youth room. She was also willing to make the shopping expedition to the east side of the state for the new toy storage, rocking chairs, and side table (custom-painted to match our palette by volunteer Larry Helder) for the nursery. Thanks, Karen! We so appreciate what you do and the spirit with which you do it!

While Karen has been successful in ducking our project photographers, this furniture in the nursery is evidence that she delivers!

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.” – Ecclesiastes 3: 1

Volunteer opportunities: Contact the church office (616-392-7947) or Lois Maassen ( if you’re able to pitch in!

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SAFETYMatters Eye Injury Prevention

Everyday an estimated 1,000 eye injuries occur in U.S. workplaces. The financial cost of these injuries is enormous – more than $300 million per year in lost production time, medical expenses, and worker’s compensation. No dollar figure can adequately reflect the personal toll these accidents take on the injured workers. Because of the high frequency of eye injuries on construction sites, Elzinga & Volkers requires all tradespeople and visitors to wear OSHA approved safety glasses while on site. For more information about OSHA requirements for eye and face protection: requirements.html

Hope Church Project Progress Photos


Gathering Area Drop-Off Canopy

Chapel Church Offices

10th Street trenched for new water access

Parking Lot

Commons Youth/Nursery Room 106, 108 and office 2

Site of new water main for fire suppression

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Hope Church - Building Living Hope - August 2016  

Construction Update Newsletter

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