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09 JULY 2013

Construction Update Newsletter

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SPOTLIGHT ON SAFETY Extension cords are used everywhere on construction sites. Normal wear and tear on cords can loosen or expose wires. Cords that are not 3-wire type, not designed for hard-usage or that have been modified increase your risk of contacting an electrical current. Here are some guidelines that Elzinga & Volkers uses to regulate the use of extension cords: »» Use only equipment that meets OSHA standards »» Do not modify or use cords incorrectly »» Use factory-assembled cords and only use the 3-wire type »» Remove cords from receptacles by pulling on the plugs, not the cord. Elzinga & Volkers takes electrical safety seriously. If an extension cord is found to be out of compliance with the rules above, our personnel are instructed to destroy the cord immediately.

Upcoming Milestones

»» Work Begins on ED Addition P »» New Surgical Waiting and PAT Open P »» Foundation Walls Complete on ED Addition

Executive Summary

Building a Strong Foundation

It’s been an exciting two weeks at the project site. What was once the ambulance drive and drop-off area for the emergency department has now been transformed into a large excavation for the new building addition. Concrete footings for the 14-foot basement walls were poured this week, along with the continued installation of underground utilities. Off-site, our steel building structure is in the final stages of fabrication. We are scheduled to have steel onsite and begin installation by the end of August. On the second floor, the new Surgical Waiting and PAT Offices have officially opened, which has allowed demolition crews to take over the west side of the new Pre-Post OP and Endoscopy unit. This area will quickly be

stripped down to the building structure so that framing crews can start on new wall layout. We anticipate that this area will catch up to the east side of the floor in just a few short weeks. On the east side of the second floor, workers continue to install new utilities and reroute existing utilities through new walls and chases. This work requires careful coordination with other areas of the hospital, as some utilities may be disrupted temporarily. As always, the Gerber staff has been very understanding and helpful in this process and we thank them all for that. - John Parker, Project Manager

Project Progress Photos

QUALITY CONTROL Concrete is literally the foundation on which our whole project rests. Because it is so critical to supporting the building structure, concrete is tested before and after it is put

Setting Formwork for the East Foundations of the ED Addition

in place on a project. As concrete arrives onsite, technicians perform a “slump test,” which measures the mixture for moisture content. Technicians also take samples of the concrete while it is being poured. These samples are then exposed to pressure in a testing lab, and testing personnel document the

Sanitary Rough-in for a Toilet in the East Phase

concrete’s strength at regular intervals of time after the concrete is poured. Building materials such as steel and masonry cannot be installed on-site until a third party lab has verified that the desired concrete strength has been met. Completed Waiting Area

Completed Waiting Area Restroom

Two Week Look Ahead

With final inspections complete, we were able to turn over the Surgical Waiting Room and PAT offices on the second floor. This will allow crews to ramp up forces on the east wing. While rough in of mechanical systems continues in the east end of the wing, asbestos abatement and demolition will be completed to “wipe the slate clean” on the west end of the floor. Framing crews will quickly follow behind the demolition teams installing new walls. We have also finalized our order for the new windows that will be installed on the second floor. These are set to be installed in late August or early September The basement of the ED Addition will start to take shape as concrete walls are poured atop the structure’s footings. Over the next few weeks, concrete piers within the basement footprint will also be poured to create a foundation for the structural steel. The building steel is currently in its final stages of fabrication. Soon you will see it swinging through the air as the building rises from the ground. Hot and Chilled Water Piping in East Phase

- Jordan Gougeon, Asst. Project Manager



Thank you to the staff

at Gerber Memorial and everyone that attended the groundbreaking ceremony on July 16th. The event was a great opportunity to recognize the outstanding medical care that Gerber Memorial currently offers and celebrate the expansion

Project Progress and Major Milestones

Lobby Complete ED Complete Endo Pre/Post Complete ED Enclosed ED Groundbreaking North Parking Lot Complete

ED Groundbreaking Ceremony

Endo Pre-Post Start

Beam Signing at the Groundbreaking Ceremony

of the services that will be provided in the new facility.

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Spectrum Health - Gerber Memorial Newsletter - Volume 9

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