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08 JULY 2013

Construction Update Newsletter

New Views Spectrum Health - Gerber Memorial


Upcoming Milestones

»» Work Starts on the ED Addition P »» New Surgical Waiting and PAT Open »» Foundation Walls Complete on ED Addition

On most commercial construction projects, metal studs are used to frame walls in lieu of wood. Metal is both fire resistant and much more consistent in straightness and dimension. Metal framing can also be installed in ways that would be very difficult with wood. One major difference in the installation of metal framing is the use of screws to attach members together instead of nails. This allows for a tighter hold between the framing members. All walls on the Gerber Memorial project will be built this way.

Executive Summary Breaking Ground!

We hope that everyone enjoyed some time off over the recent holiday weekend. Our crews took a short break, but are back up to full speed this week. On the second floor, wall framing has begun, and you can start to get a sense of space as the rooms are defined. With the new walls in place, the electrical contractor and plumbers are starting to “rough-in” utilities and tradesmen are installing the fire protection lines and ductwork overhead. Work is progressing nicely in the new space. The more dramatic change over the past two weeks has been the installation of our construction fencing and excavation work on the new emergency addition. Crews removed the existing ambulance canopy and took

down parking lot lights. Excavation crews removed portions of the road and parking lot in the area that will be excavated for the building’s basement. For the next few months, we will leave most of the existing parking lot in place, as it provides us with a safe and clean surface to stage materials and equipment for the project. The project is taking an exciting turn with the beginning of the emergency addition. We are eager to start on this new phase of work and look forward to the major changes that will take place very soon. - John Parker, Project Manager

Project Progress Photos

SPOTLIGHT ON SAFETY An estimated 2.3 million construction workers, or 65% of the construction industry, work on scaffolds. Protecting workers from scaffold-related accidents may prevent some of the 4,500 injuries and 60 deaths every year. Faulty design and inadequate construction are sometimes involved; but in most cases, scaffold accidents are caused by careless maintenance and improper use. On our site, we ensure scaffolding safety by: »» Performing daily inspections prior to use »» Boarding, fencing and fastening all platforms »» Avoiding a stockpile of materials or overloading them »» Forbidding the use during storms or high winds »» Clearing the area surrounding the scaffolding

Canopy & Partial Parking Lot Removal for ED Addition

Waiting Area Restroom Wall Tile

Scaffolding will be used to install the brick and exterior finishes on the new emergency addition. All of the above safety measures will be used whenever scaffolds are being used at Gerber Memorial. Rooftop Hydronic Piping

Two Week Look Ahead

In the coming weeks, our team will begin excavating the basement and foundation walls of the 11,500-SF emergency addition. Crews will install concrete footings and start work on an under slab drainage system, which will ensure the basement stays nice and dry. This excavation and underground work will last for a few weeks. While it may not look like much from the street, a look from the existing lobby of the hospital will give you a completely different view of all the work happening underground.


SPOTLIGHT In this issue, Elzinga & Volkers would like to acknowledge the hard work of River City Mechanical. River City is performing the

On the east end of the second floor, crews will continue utility work in the new walls and overhead. After we relocate the surgical waiting and pre-admission testing areas to their new locations, our team will begin demolition on the west end of the future Pre/Post OP space. Crews will continue to work closely with departments on the first and third floors as we remodel the second floor.

plumbing, medical gas and

- Jordan Gougeon, Asst. Project Manager

facilities. Over the last few

HVAC work on the project, along with their partners, Target Construction. River City has worked at Gerber Memorial many times and is a strong partner of Spectrum Health in many of their other weeks, River City has made major strides on relocating

Rough Framing on the Second Floor East

utilities, installing hot and cold water piping on the roof and installing new ductwork

Project Progress and Major Milestones

on the second floor. Thank you River City for all your hard work!

Lobby Complete ED Complete Endo Pre/Post Complete ED Enclosed ED Groundbreaking North Parking Lot Complete

Endo Pre-Post Start

New Waiting Room Entry

Mechanical Units in PAT

Spectrum Health - Gerber Memorial Newsletter - Volume 8  

Spectrum Health - Gerber Memorial Newsletter - Volume 8

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