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MARCH 2014

Construction Update Newsletter

New Views Spectrum Health - Gerber Memorial

QUALITY CONTROL Before paint is applied to the newly-hung wall board,

Upcoming Milestones

“finishers,” as they are

»» Emergency Addition Drywall Complete P »» Emergency Addition Metal Panels Complete »» Emergency Addition Painting Complete

commonly called, review every wall surface with a bright spotlight to look for imperfections. Typically, temporary construction lights are still in buildings during this stage of work, so it is important that the team review all the wall surfaces under conditions similar to the final lighting. After the first coat of paint is applied, the walls are reviewed again before the final coat of paint.

Executive Summary The Finishes Start!

The sun has started shining again in Fremont and just in time for some major milestones on the emergency addition project. Inside the building, the large clerestory windows above the nurse’s station and the visitor’s entrance were installed. These windows allow natural light to flood the center areas of the department and deliver light to both patients and staff.

parking and landscaping that surrounds the new emergency department. While the weather appears to be taking a turn for the better, there is still a considerable amount of frost in the ground that will make excavation work difficult. Our crews plan to restart excavation work midApril, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that the coldest weather is behind us.

Throughout other areas of the project, paint is being applied to the walls and preparations are being made for the floor materials. Special care is being taken by all trades to avoid damaging newly-installed finishes as they move excess materials out of the building. Ceiling grid is completely installed throughout the project, and lights will be installed soon.

We are about two months from completing the interior finishes. There will be exciting changes happening everyday on the project, so keep your eyes open for the next issue of New Views!

On the exterior of the building, preparations are being made for crews to begin site work,

- John Parker, Project Manager

Project Progress Photos

SAFETY SPOTLIGHT In this issue, I would like to highlight a major safety milestone that was reached by Elzinga & Volkers. On March 20th, Elzinga & Volkers achieved 2,500 days of work without a lost time accident. This milestone represents almost 1,000,000 man hours of work in trades from demolition to steel fabrication. To celebrate, Elzinga & Volkers is hosting Alive:365, which is a full week of free safety training for subcontractors in West MI. During this week, over 300 skilled tradespeople will receive training on subjects such as scaffold safety, aerial lift certification and powder actuated tool certification. All of these trainings are focused on one goal – sending all tradespeople home to their families safe and healthy.

Roof membrane installed on the ambulance canopy

alive365 safetyweek2014

First coat of paint in corridor

Bulkhead above nurse station finished and primed

Two Week Look Ahead ED Addition: In the next two weeks, construction will begin to transition from rough-ins to early finish work. With ceiling grid complete,Target Construction will set the mechanical grilles, registers and diffusers while HighPoint Electric sets and wires the lay-in lighting. Paint will continue to go on the walls, which will allow carpenters to install wall protection. The vinyl wall protection that is installed on the lower half of the walls help reduce damage from medical carts, stretchers, etc., while providing an easily-cleanable surface. Carpenters will also begin hanging hollow metal and wood doors within the building. As West Michigan’s weather slowly warms up, crews on the exterior will wrap up the metal wall panels and metal flashings, which will pull the exterior finishes together. Forecasted just outside the Two Week Look Ahead, the site work is scheduled to ramp back up midApril.

Barrel vault ceiling wall boarded and translucent panels installed

- Jordan Gougeon, Asst. Project Manager


SPOTLIGHT We would like to again recognize the efforts of D9 Systems, our acoustical contractor on the project. D9 did a fantastic job hanging and finishing the wall board on the project and kept us on schedule with the interior finishes. D9 performed their work safely and delivered a high quality product. Thanks

Project Progress and Major Milestones

Lobby Complete ED Complete Endo Pre/Post Complete ED Enclosed ED Groundbreaking North Parking Lot Complete

Hollow metal door installed on the exterior

Endo Pre-Post Start

Tile backer board installed for restroom ceramic wall tile

for all your hard work, D9!

Spectrum Health, Gerber Memorial  
Spectrum Health, Gerber Memorial  

New Views, Issue 23