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02 APRIL 2013

Construction Update Newsletter

New Views Spectrum Health - Gerber Memorial

Upcoming Milestones

»» Sign Wall Complete »» Storm System Complete »» Light Pole Bases Complete

Executive Summary THANK YOU!

FUN FACT The world’s longest traffic jam took place in Beijing, China in August of 2010. It was 62 miles long and lasted for 12 days.

In spite of Mother Nature, things continue to move along at the Gerber Memorial Hospital site. It’s been a rainy week and the workers on the North Parking Lot site have had to slow their work with some of the heavy equipment due to the soggy soil. But, even with these delays, work continues on both the underground storm water system and the electrical system. Crews from Highpoint Electric cast large concrete bases for the parking lot lights. Highpoint employs a unique approach to these bases by pre-pouring them and setting them into their final location at a later date. This approach allows them to, “get a jump” on the work, which is great, especially since the weather has kept us from moving forward. Other activity on the parking lot site included the installation of underground storm structures and piping. Also, the large

concrete retaining wall that will be the new welcome sign to the campus was poured. In addition to the North Parking Lot, we have started work inside the hospital facility. The renovation of the surgical waiting room and the new pre-admission testing offices started on April 8. The renovations are taking place between the inpatient nursing department and the surgical area of the hospital, so infection control and cleanliness are big concerns for the project team. We are also working closely with hospital staff to manage the noise interruptions, which is an unfortunate part of any project. In closing Elzinga & Volkers wants to thank all the SHGM staff for their patience and cooperation as we work to improve your facility. THANK YOU! - John Parker, Project Manager

Project Progress Photos

SPOTLIGHT ON SAFETY Whenever we work in an operational healthcare facility, we employ “negative air” machines in the construction site. These machine control air pressure and restrict dust from entering patient areas. Monument Sign Retaining Wall

QUALITY CONTROL All concrete that is poured on the construction site is tested at both the time that it is poured and at intervals following the installation. “Cylinders” of concrete are exposed to high pressure in laboratories to determine when they have reached full strength.

Wall Framing in new PAT Office

Light Pole Bases


SPOTLIGHT In each newsletter following this issue, we would like to take a moment to introduce one of our subcontracting partners to you all. Elzinga & Volkers

Two Week Look Ahead

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The next two weeks will see a flurry of activity on the North Parking Lot site. As the rainwater recedes, more soil will be removed from the site to create a stable surface for a layer of sand and gravel. This will give the pavement the additional strength it needs. Preparations for the concrete curb and gutter will also begin over the next few weeks.

Gerber Memorial Hospital

On the second floor, framing for new walls will begin and the electrical, plumbing and HVAC installation will take place right behind the wall framing crews. Once all the electrical and plumbing is installed in the new walls, local inspectors will be called in before drywall installation begins. Things will move quickly in these small areas.

contractors working on the

- Bob Glover, Field Manager 616.836.1806

project without these companies and their skilled tradespeople. The project were all pre-qualified before bidding and were selected based on their capabilities, experience and involvement with the

Project Progress and Major Milestones

local community. Many of the firms involved in the construction will utilize local resources and local businesses throughout the

Lobby Complete Endo Pre/Post Complete Endo Pre/ Post Start North Parking Lot Complete

project. We will report this activity to you all as often as

ED Complete

ED Enclosed

we can. North Parking Lot

ED Groundbreaking

Outpatient Surgery Nurses’ Station

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